a fish in the sea theme

So from what I can tell:

  • Kaltenecker is alive and well bless, something good to come out from this show since s2
  • I want about 10 of those same creatures that attacked shiro because I want to feed them biscuits
  • Keith’s mom seems to be hanging back
  • Lance has his own seaspace horse
  • Shay and Allura are married
  • That one BoM galra is a big motherfucker and I want him to hug me, killing me instantly.
  • Hunk has a fangirl and she’s pretty cute
  • Kaltenecker looks fucking tired are you okay baby? Keith weighs like 2lbs you can’t be tired from that.
  • Sea creatures everywhere???
  • Laika’s still looking gorgeous and compared to Lance she’s fucking godzilla fucking damn. Need me a pupper like that.
  • Baby taujeer??? Fuck he cute????? Like a little slug on momma fuck.
  • Galra paul blart’s still here
  • My mermaid daughters are still alive and well everyone is okay
  • There’s a bunch of sea themed aliens so I automatically expect more Lance so they better fucking deliver
  • Haggar’s tryna be edgy and not show her face
  • Lance let his boyfriend ride his cow???? Goals honestly.
  • Thace is alive because good and pure things never fucking die
  • Shlav is canon????
  • Emo edgy mall teen is here apparently
  • There’s some galra looking dude top right that looks like he may have some significance to future episodes
  • Jellyfish fucking everywhere man
  • Hunk is still a shining beacon of light and hope and made a new chef friend
  • Seriously I know it smells like some kinda fish market
  • Apparently the two posters from s2 and this one go together to fit a lion in the bg so maybe they’ll do some gravity falls shit and form fucking voltron like that by the end of s8.
  • I’m convinced they are inside an aquarium

He may be overjoyed if you go for a swim in the sea, but don’t let your sharkfaced boyfriend sneak up on you if you don’t want a decade shaved off your life.

When Your Song is the Jaws theme tune…

Not that sharks would come within 5 square miles of you if he’s nearby….

Thanks to @haku23 and her fic: A fish by any other name

Nickelodeon is planning on building an underwater theme park in my country. Sounds fun, right? But it’s not. It’s going to ruin the ecosystem there, no matter how much they say it won’t. You wanna know why? Because the place they want to build it on is inhabited by numerous species of fish, corals, and other marine life. IT IS FULL OF LIFE. And building an underwater themepark needs space, right? How will they hold it in place? But securing it on the sea floor, and in effect ruining corals. By doing so, they are going to destory corals to secure it in place and once the theme park in built? It’s gonna be a limiting factor because less than the initial amount of life will be able to get through. Which also kills corals. Which results in the destruction of the habitat. It’s the first and most important step in killing off the ecosystem. The government tried to stop it initial but there was a change in the head of the environment agency of our country and they are now very much excited to allow NICKELODEON to ruin one of the last untouched marine habitat in our country. Please help us save our environment. Please help spread the word

So, I’ve been finishing up my DA and came up with a bunch of room decorating ideas to help me! I thought they might help you guys too, so here’s a list: 

  • cutesy bedroom
  • messy bedroom
  • laundry/wash room
  • spa/bathroom
  • themed living room
  • nintendo room
  • mario/zelda room
  • pokemon center room
  • nursery/baby room
  • green room/plant room
  • flower shop/garden room
  • mushroom/toad room
  • classroom/computer room
  • cabin/camping themed room
  • gold/temple room
  • dungeon/creepy basement
  • gaming/video game room
  • space/galaxy/starry room
  • library/reading room
  • rainbow room
  • kitchen/bakery room
  • doctor/hospital room
  • zombie/blood/monster room
  • coffee shop/cafe room
  • bug/fish museum room
  • villager appreciation/pic room
  • food/restaurant room
  • candy shop/sweets room
  • fruit store/room
  • royal/castle room
  • art studio/craft room
  • music/band room
  • sewing/fabric room
  • zen/harmonious room
  • clothing store/clothes room
  • mermaid/underwater sea room
  • entertainment/movie theatre room
  • church/funeral/shrine room
  • icy/winter room
  • creepy/spooky/haunted room
  • gyroid room
  • sports themed room
  • pink explosion room
  • 711/gas station room
  • playground/outdoor room
  • balloon room
  • tropical/island room
  • prince/princess room
  • vintage/antique room
  • fossil display room
  • fairy/magic room
  • toy/play room
  • modern decor room
  • fantasy room
  • mall/boutique room
  • beach/sunny room
  • forest/tree room
  • computer/work office room
  • toy shop/room
  • spaceship/rocket room
  • karaoke room
  • disney/movie theme room
  • dental office/room
  • bar/pub room
  • hotel room
  • bank/bells and money room
  • judge/court room
  • science lab/room
  • murder/mystery room
  • tool shop/work room
  • pumpkin/halloween room
  • gym/exercise room
  • ballet studio/dance room
  • beauty parlor/hair + makeup room

These are just in a random order of me thinking of them! Feel free to add to this list, and hopefully it can help you if you’re stuck on decorating.

Spiritual Alchemy : Polarity

~~This is the 1st in a series of alchemist emblems that I will attempt to explain from my own experience and knowledge. It will focus on polarity and have a common theme. ~~   

Definition: Alchemy -is not the process of turning base metal into gold. It is the process of turning the lead of the ego into the shining gold of a pure soul. To do so takes effort. As I said in previous posts, there is no easy button, but worth every effort.

Two fish swimming in opposite directions in our inner sea. The sea is the body, the two fish are the polarity within. These two polarities coexist though work in different ways.

The 2 fish are taken from the Zodiac. Pisces. Water is always seen and an element that is movement, so it is fit that this would be the 1st emblem in the series. The movement of 2 opposite ideas. It is the Ying and the Yang of the Oriental tradition. It represents the transition time between the depths of winter and the beginning of spring, when snow turns to rain, and the streams and rivers begin to run again. It is the final sign in the zodiac 12 month period. It would also carry the significance of the beginning of something new.

One must begin the Great Work by examining your inner being. One that is spiritual & one that is concerned with the material. The Ego & the soul. Reflection and meditation upon transmuting the desires for the material and instead directing that energy to focus upon your higher self. Through the process of refining the soul and taking out the impurities of the ego we become connected to God. We battle constantly with our spirit as this is what free will is all about. Decisions. We ether align with our soul purpose or not.

Now this in no way is in opposition of the dogma of religion but in fact sheds light upon the teachings of every great master. Many teachers speak of leaving the material. Looking for the light of love. Walking the path. Why? They question us to make us think about what is truly important.

Conclusion:   Meditate daily. Be the watcher of your thoughts and ego. Transmute what is not in alignment with your true purpose. Only you can know that purpose, but without self examination and connection to your soul you are merely existing instead of living. 

anonymous asked:

can you recomend any comics with a mlm relationship with a merman?

Yup! Both mermaids and mermen have been popular themes over the last year or so for some reason.

Until Sunset: Isaac has resigned himself to being stuck alone in his family holiday house for 2 months – that is until he meets Derek, a merman that got wounded when swimming too close to a fishing boat. Now Isaac gets to spend his holiday nursing his new friend back to health, and finds that he wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

Acquine: Acquine tells the unusual love story between Nicco and Suhn, an aspiring pirate and a lost merman, and his adventures at sea!

Semiaquatic Love: A young merman wants to get out of the sea and go on an adventure on land. Will he succeed? Maybe with the help of a certain pirate…

The Meeting: A short love story about a Merman and Centaur.

Out of the Blue: A short bit of experimental nonsense about a boy and a fish monster.

German Sea/Beach Vocabulary

@rnrmurden requested Coast/Sea vocabulary

Water - das Wasser
Wave - die Welle
Lake - der See
Sea - das Meer 
River - der Fluss
Ocean - der Ozean
Island - die Insel

Beach - der Strand
Beach Towel - das Strandtuch
Sand - Der Sand
Coast/Shoreline - die Küste
Sun screen - die Sonnencreme
Sunburn - der Sonnenbrand
Sunglasses - Die Sonnenbrille
Seashell - die Muschel or die Muschelschale
Lifeguard - der Rettungsschwimmer
Lighthouse - der Leuchtturm
Beach house - das Strandhaus

Octopus - der Oktopus or die Krake 
Squid - der Kalmar
Jellyfish - die Qualle
Fish - der Fisch
Coral - die Koralle
Seal - der Seehund
Whale - der Walfisch
Sea creature - das Meerestier
Deep-Sea Creature - das Tiefseetier

To swim - Schwimmen
To snorkel - Schnorcheln
To dive - Tauchen
To drown - Ertrinken
To sail - Segeln
To Take a vacation - einen Urlaub machen
To tan - Bräunen
To fish - Angeln

mermaid/pirate!AU because i love sea themes so much

Adrien Agreste is a well known, very dangerous and unearthly handsome pirate called Chat Noir. Marinette is a mystic, beautiful and innocent mermaid, who becomes a woman at night.

Kind of a “Little Mermaid” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” mix.

Oh, and Adrien’s ship’s named “La Coccinelle” ;w;

Plus: Chat’s got a cat on his ship, he’s called Plagg ofc and Marinette is friends with this adorable fish Tikki. Hehehehe~

It’s Marichat AU, even though Adrien looks more like Adrien than like Chat. But he behaves like a slightly worse version of Chat Noir (meaning, he’s the bad boy of the seven seas or sth, idk, Sindbad-like).

Sea-faring Fantasy meme

Change pronouns to fit your muses! Inspired from all sorts of sea myths and legends!

  • “Things go into the water, they don’t come out.”
  • “Only 6 out of the 47 species of merfolk and river spirits are benevolent, the other 41 want to tear you apart and eat your bones.”
  • “Take the blood oath on this boat or you will be tossed to the ocean as an offering!”
  • “We only steal from other pirates that stole from us, or we never live to tell.”
  • “Never take the treasure of a captain that has eyes everywhere ashore.”
  • “The kiss she gives will let you breathe for a day underwater, but if you stay past sunset you will drown.”
  • “Whales are the old mothers and fathers of the sea. They saw everything at the beginning and they will see everything in the end.”
  • “From the waist up they are the most beautiful being you’ll ever see…”
  • “The closer you sail/swim to the shore, the more violent the beasts.”
  • “The deeper you go the stranger and more primitive the sea-folk.”
  • “Witches on islands are not the saviors that you hope. They are isolated from land for a reason.”
  • “Plug your ears and do not try to make out the lyrics to their song!”
  • “The most valuable treasure is not buried in box, it’s a hidden civilization.”
  • “Harm one Kraken, and 3 others will come to avenge it.”
  • “Seafaries pretend to help you see past the mist, but they created it to rob you blind.”
  • “The Captain is not of sound mind anymore. He’s lost the map, and his mind.”
  • “I split nothing with no one, finders keepers!”
  • “Did you hear the tale about the ghost ship that sailed 40 years with no flag?”
  • “She led her pirates to avenge the Irish on land, and angered the Queen for decades.”
  • “Child’s face, body of a crab… don’t follow them into the cove… “
  • “If you see a frog-like man that has bowl-shaped skull filled with water, do NOT take his hand.”
  • “If you catch a giant fish made of gold, he has to grant you 3 wishes, but you must release him for them to come true!”
  • “This sea is cursed, below us is a graveyard of fools that thought they could pass.”
  • “Eat from this island, and you will forget your crew and never leave here again!”
  • “The only force that can police the sirens are the Gods that enjoy seeing us crash.”
  • “Poison the waters, and the people under the water will send hurricanes.”
  • “The only reason the sun and moon are so high above us, is that they invited the sea to visit, and she flooded them there forever.”
  • “Good soldiers that drowned in the presence of sea Gods were turned into dolphins.”
  • “Any island that is never in the same place twice is no island.”
  • “The Great Tortoise knows all, and loves all. So if you are lost in her waters, she will save you from the typhoons.”
  • “Don’t capture a sea nymph, her father will flood the lands until you return her!”
  • “If you are fishing near the inlet and smell rotting flesh and hear water splashing toward you, paddle fast!”
  • “Giant monsters live on this island, and a mad wizard controls them to steal our gold!”