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Ok so here’s that lengthy race recap I promised. Grab a coffee.

If only you could snip up your life. Cut out the wrong parts, the parts that kill you inside. But then, maybe Noor wouldn’t want to run a marathon now. She would not be capable of what she is now.
- a quote from the book that I read when I was 15, the book that made me want to run a marathon

I’d gotten a ticket for the latest starters, those aiming for a time above 4:30. Upon arrival I saw to my big relieve that there was a pacer team for 4:45, my most realistic finishing time. The pacing lady advised me to hang out with them until at least halfway and then only accelerate if I still felt like it at 30k or so. So I made that my plan. (I really have to laugh here, it was just the best, as if there was a chance in hell I’d be accelerating at 30k into my first marathon)

It was clear from the start that sticking with the pacer group was the best decision I could’ve made. No need to check my watch and worry every other minute if I was going out too fast or too slow. All I needed to do was to follow along and keep up with the three bouncing 4:45 balloons.

The whole first half, I was smiling so big. I realized that I would never ever be doing my first marathon again. My friends, my family and even a classmate were coming. They were all coming to see me doing my first marathon and it made me feel so loved. Each time I saw my boyfriend (he was travelling the city to cheer on five different spots), it was just the best. My mom, the seasoned runner, came with the perfect things at the right time (a cap to protect me from the rising heat). I was running super consistent easy going miles. The pacing team was outright heartwarming. They were like running guardian angels. Each water stop they’d take extra sponges and water to hand out to other runners that could use some extra. They kept an eye on the runners that surrounded them and chatted me up to see how I was doing.

Passing the 21k mark, I was doing quite well with some mild soreness in my joints and no desire to leave my beloved pacers at all. We just strutted along happily and consistently as a family of people who did not know each other at all.

I saw my mom again, with another perfect gift, handing me a banana. It was again exactly what I needed. But it fell at the next water station. I peed behind a container and shared my toilet paper with another girl.

30k passed and I could feel the temperature rising every fifteen minutes. The pacing lady had reminded me that this was only where the marathon begins. To be honest, it was savage. I saw a runner flat on his stomach, aided by the police. There was a woman crying. Uphill on an overpass, I felt the wall on my shoulders. I worried. The last thing I ate should’ve been an energy bar, but it was only half of that banana I’d dropped. Was it too little? My best response was just to stuff in half a caramel-salt-sesame bar. I think it helped. There was barely any saliva to chew it with. I’d brought electrolyte solution but it had heated up to a nasty warm mixture of salt and sweetener. I may have asked for a taxi.

Then pacing lady yelled: “Everyone is going to drink two cups of water here!”. There was a water station coming up. With sponges! And bananas! I spit out what was left of the energy bar, guzzled down the water, took two sponges and a banana. Thank god for bananas. So full of minerals and soft and easy to eat! This is probably where pacing lady saved my life. She asked me a mile further how I was doing and all I could reply was “better than a few minutes ago”. She said that had been the worst and we’d passed the hardest point. I wasn’t sure if I believed her. After all, according to her, the marathon had just begun.

I hadn’t really done so before, but I started ticking off the kilometers. Only ten to go. Nine. Eight. We passed 35 and I was running further than I had ever before. Another member of the pacer group cheered that I was PR-ing with every step and that if I’d run a few steps after the finish, then technically I would complete an ultra today.

Not only was I running further than I had ever before, I was also hurting more than I had ever before. I was looking in every direction to find an excuse to take a break. I just could not find one relevant enough. I knew I’d see my friends, my family and my classmate once more before the finish. I did not want them to come all the way to the city center of Amsterdam on sunday morning, only to see me walk. I wanted to pee but I was in the bloody city center with no porta potti in sight. And I did not want to lose the pacer group. By now, I had no clue how I’d make it to the finish without them. All I had to do was follow the bouncy balloons and the taped legs of pacer lady. It was all I could do.

I passed my boyfriend (sign: “only 5,5 km we love you!!!”), I passed my mom and brother (sign: “#vera #yolo”). The closer we got to the finish, the more I looked for reasons to stop, the less reasons I could find. I could not believe my eyes that my classmate was actually there at 40,5 km, running the last kilometer to the stadium with me. I almost got caught between two runners, forcing me to sprint away, making me realize that there was power in my legs for a sprint. I came in the stadium so fast that I almost got confused for a fast half marathon finisher.

The actual finish is a blur. All I remember is that I realized that I really did just finish a marathon. I hugged pacing lady and I hugged a Frenchman that had carried a wheelchair (with a person in it! the whole marathon!). I thanked the two other pacers and went to lie in the grass, in the sun.

Sunshine / Racetrack x Reader

Imagine request? How bout race fallin in love with a complete hufflepuff-like character, n they’re super tactile and lovey dovey, n then it hits race that he LOVES her? Take it from there, work ur magic!!

A/N: This request is so cute and fun to write and I often get confused for a hufflepuff a lot (I’m a Slytherin) lol. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 765

Warning(s): none??? Really adorable Race?!? And like one curse word

  (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was an absolute ray of sunshine even on the gloomiest days. Her smile just lit up everyone around her like she put some ‘happy’ spell on those near her. Every positive thing about her was contagious from her laugh to the way she’d start to snort when Albert told her a bad joke. Hell – (Y/N) could even make the Delancy brothers crack a smile.

           But (Y/N) smiled the brightest when she would hang around her best friend – and longtime crush – Racetrack Higgins. The two were inseparable pair and were 100% loyal to each other and their friendship. So it was no surprise whenever (Y/N) would sleep over at the lodging house or wait for Race to get to his selling spot so that she could buy a pape from him first. Everyone around them could see how much the pair loved each other and it either made them want to throw up from how adorable they were or smash their faces together so that they would finally kiss. And today was no exception.

           It was around 3 o’clock when Race sold his lost pape and started to make his way to the lodging house to see if (Y/N) was there waiting for him. Yet not even 2 blocks from the house, (Y/N) jumped onto Race’s back from behind “BOO!”

           If you don’t think Race could scream so high pitched, than you’re wrong. (Y/N) scared the shit out of Race, yet when he saw it was her, he giggled and calmed down. She hoped off his back then sauntered next to him.

           “Gooood afternoon, Race,” (Y/N) face lit up.

           “Afta’ noon, pumpk’n,” He smiled as he laid an arm across her shoulder. (Y/N) snuggled into Race’s side and laced one of her arms around his waist. The two walked all the way to the lodging house, talking about how their days went or making jokes with each other and even about the weird headlines Race made up today.

           “The best one I’se mades up was dat a family in Flushing hads a real bads tarantula problem,” Race chuckled, shaking his head at the memory which made 3 people buy a pape from him, “And ‘ow did ya day go so far?” he inquired.

           “Well,” (Y/N) smiled and faced Race, “I went to the theatre and Miss Medda let me see a show for free! She just sings so well, ya know?!? And oh, there was this sister act that…” she continued to talk about all the wonderful talent but Race couldn’t pay attention to her words. No - Race caught himself watching (Y/N)’s eyes light up each time she talked about how wonderful someone sang or the little smile and giggle she had each time she remembered a minor detail that she found important to share.

           Racetrack found himself drowning – no – basking in the ethereal beauty of (Y/N): both physically and in the personality. She was so kind, so sweet, so… perfect that he couldn’t believe he had the privilege of being her best friend.

           And that’s when it hit him – hard. Racetrack Higgins was head-over-heals for (Y/N) (Y/L/N). He loved his bestfriend. He wanted to hold her hand, take her on cute dates, snuggle with her after a long, and even feather kisses across her rosy cheeks.

           “Race, you okay? Are you listenin’ anymore?” (Y/N) waved her hand in front of Race’s face.

He blinked for a second before smiling and nodding, “I’se all ears, beautiful.” (Y/N) blushed as she continued to ramble over all the little things and how she loved the weather that day because the sun was shining so brightly.

But (Y/N) was cut short in the middle of a statement when Race pecked the corner of her lips. His slightly chapped lips sent a shock through her. (Y/N) face flushed a peachy-pink tone, the tops of the ears burning red though, before she cupped the boy’s cheeks and laid a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Wows,” Race said once the two pulled away from each other, his voice sounding higher than usual due to his flustered state.

“You could say that’s again,” (Y/N) would giggle at her friend – best friend – more than friends – boyfriend?

“Golly, (Y/N), I’se don’t knows what’s gone overs me but I – I’se just so happy that you’re my best goirl and, oh, I just realized how much I really cares for ya and I – I” he couldn’t continue because you had kissed him again.

“You were rambling,” (Y/N) explained her actions.

“Well, I’se gonna keep rambling thens if you’se gonna kiss me everytimes I do”

mysticwolfcub  asked:

I'm a first generation college student and I was wondering what above can you give me for what to bring to dorms? //Microwaves, refridgerator, stripper poles, parachutes, and hot plates are on a banned list of items for where I'm living v

Omg no way I honestly couldn’t live without my stripper pole 😂 For real though, I hope you have a communal microwave on each floor or something like that because you’re going to have a pretty hard time otherwise.

Personallly, I did not bring that much to college and I didn’t have any problems. Like if you need something, you’ll just ene up buying it. That said, here are some things you  should probably have in the first week.

  • A mini fridge is not essential but it does make a world of difference if you’re trying to not eat crap every day for a whole year like I did. Definitely try and split the cost with your roommate because let’s be real, you’re both gonna end up using it anyway.
  • A power strip
  • If you have your own bathroom, get a suction cup shower caddy (and tbh, even if you have a communal bathroom, it’s great to not have to not leave your caddy on the floor). WARNING - they do fall from time to time so don’t leave anything that could shatter in there.
  • An electric water boiler - that way you can make College Food™ (aka instant noodles) even without a microwave.Also obviously great for tea and such.
  • Also an electric coffee maker
  • Hangers - even if your dorm comes with some, there won’t be enough, trust me. This is the kind of thing where if you don’t buy them your first day or bring them from home, it will sit in your shopping list for a whole semester.
  • If you have a preference for warm or cool light and your dorm provides a desk lamp (if it doesn’t, get one), definitely check out the light bulb and get one that suits your preferences if that one doesn’t (it sounds like such a silly thing but personally I was miserable the first week until I got a cool light bulb).
  • Laundry basket - honestly carrying your laundry in your hands is unconfortable af and pretty much impossible.
  • HAMPER - literally if you take something away from this, get a hamper before you get there or as soon as you get there. It will save your room. Tip - get one with a lid to prevent the smell from spreading.
  • Cups (at least two), at least one knife, fork and spoon (you can get the plastic ones but honestly just bring them from home because they work way better) and a pack of paper plates. If you do have a communal microwave, bring a normal plate too.
  • A mini fan if you’re going omewhere where it’ much hotter than your current location.
  • A stapler
  • A mattress topper
  • A thermos
  • Command hooks
  • A drying rack if your room doesn’t come with one. (If you intend to use the dryer, WHY? js but you’re for sure gonna have to iron after that).
  • Extra underwear - look, doing laundry sucks and underwear is the first thing you’re gonna run out of.
  • Flip flops
  • Ear plugs
  • One of those tiny af handheld vaccums

That’s all I can think of! Hope it helped a little. My best tip is to not overpack. You’re not going to a desert but to a college campus that’s probably full of shops. 

(PS - so sorry this took me so long to get to. Hope it’s still relevant)

anonymous asked:

But what about the ones that already exist? Can't we do anything for them, as it's not their fault that breeders are doing this for money only?

Its much more bigger picture than that. As I said earlier, if the animal is from a legitimate rescue or private owner that doesnt breed, its absolutely fine to adopt the animal. However, also as described in the first ask, if you are buying them from breeders and pet shops you are literally part of the problem because youre telling people with your money that is 100% ok to breed these animals.

It’s not about saving one animal’s life at this point (although it is important to do that when you can), it’s about preventing any other spider morphs/ other problem morphs from being bred. Purchasing a spider morph from a breeder or store is irresponsible and selfish. Purchasing an animal, no matter how poor their condition is, is still a PURCHASE, not a rescue. Its all down to basic economics- supply and demand. Money speaks louder than words. By handing over your money to someone you are saying- whether you intend to or not- “hey this is okay because i give you money” and they will say “since this got me money, i will make more available for sale.” So the more you buy, the greater the feedback loop becomes.

Coincidentally, this is why you should NEVER purchase animals from petsmart/co/land. Its not a rescue- no matter how much you tell people it’s a rescue- if you give them money it is a purchase because you put another poor animal in the same crappy conditions as the first one you bought. They will only replace animals they are selling, not fix what they are doing. If we boycott poor husbandry and breeding then that sends a stronger message.

And for those of you that argue that animal rescues also require adoption fees- thats entirely different. Adoption fees go back towards taking care of other abandoned pets, where as the money you give to a breeder or store goes into the owner’s pockets.

anonymous asked:

Hey Mama Cass, I recently moved to Florida and Irma is going to be my first hurricane ever. I know you've lived here your whole life, do you have any tips?

oh absolutely, dove! i’ve been around this block a few times so i definitely have it down by now. i am sending millions of good thoughts to every florida resident. may we find a way through this. 

if you want to reblog and share this, please do! it may help someone.

  • evacuate
    • do it early and do it fast. once irma’s path is confirmed and you have the means to, get out of florida. there’s literally no reason to stay as most people won’t be able to work anyway.
    • stay away from the east coast.
    • if you don’t want to go too far, the north-west georgia mountains are perfect.
    • PLAN YOUR ROUTE NOW. roads are going to be crazy. be safe. be smart.
    • call your bank now so they don’t freeze your account if you begin using your cards out of state.
  • water
    • get it N O W
    • i went to our local publix, target, and walmart today and everyone was completely out of water.
    • if your local stores are out, keep checking back with them to see when they will be getting more.
    • buy freezer strength ziplock bags and fill them up with water from the sink or your fridge dispenser and freeze them. if you run out of water during the storm this will be helpful.
    • fill up the bathtubs in your house ( clean them first !! )
    • please do not buy water from someone selling it on the side of the road. trust me.
  • food
    • if you do not have a gas grill (preferably with a burner) buy one now.
    • eat all of your perishables quickly.
    • stock up on things like bread, peanut butter, potatoes, crackers, dehydrated camping food, and jerky.
    • fill several coolers with ice for essentials.
    • if it’s bad, for the first few days coolers will keep meat cold (to cook on your grill) but do not count on that to last you all the way through.
  • animals
    • if you are staying and have animals that live outside (horses, cows, goats, pigs, etc.) go grab some grease paint from your local feed store and write your phone number on them.
    • most feed stores will also be selling i.d. cards that you can braid into their manes/tails.
    • make sure you have enough food and water to see them through as well.
  • house/car/others
    • if you have outdoor furniture either sink them in your pool or bring them indoors. 
    • keep towels on all of your windowsills in case it floods.
    • a generator is great but if you don’t have one, don’t panic.
    • candles, flashlights, and batteries are essential.
    • if you have a portable radio those are great to listen to the news for weather updates.
    • fill up your car’s gas tank every day until the storm. if we lose power you will not be able to fill it up until it’s over.
    • check your tire pressure and your oil.
    • get cash out of the atm as soon as possible.
    • screenshot all of your important documents
    • put heirlooms and such in plastic bins and place them in a high place.

tried to make some DIY charms with my art!!

SuitSupply Lazio

Don’t know if SuitSupply changed their patterns or what but when SS opened their store here in Mexico I remember trying on some suits and none of them fit correctly. I think part of it is that they didn’t have the long sizes available.

Now they reopened a few montsh ago their store and they have some long sizes and this Lazio fit perfectly. Seriously, they only needed to take in 1 inch from the trousers and make the cuffs. The jacket and waistcoat were perfect and I really enjoy how it looks on me.

Looking forward to use for the first time this suit and definitely will be buying more from them if they keep a nice stock of long sizes.

shadow-vent  asked:

Heyo new blog! Could we have some headcanons about Giorno Giovanna reuniting with a childhood friend/crush whom while Gio recognizes them, they don't (initially) recognize him (What with him going under a different name, and otherwise looking quite different form his younger self)? Thank you!

Hey there, of course you can! :D

I hope you like it! This was a really sweet request. I enjoyed writing it a lot :)

Again, thank you @jotarohasadirtysecret for proofreading! I appreciate it a lot! <3

  • Giorno sees them for the first time standing outside of a flower shop in Naples as they look at the huge variety of flowers, smelling them but seemingly indecisive about whether to buy one or not. He knows from first glance that it’s them. It’s been several years and the last time they saw each other they were just little kids. Still, he knows it’s them, either judging by some features he simply recognizes or by instinct.
  • He approaches the shop as well, coming to a stop next to them. They seem totally oblivious since there are a lot of people around and are still looking at all the different flowers.
  • With a soft smile Giorno picks a small bunch of daisies and says their name. He was right. It was them because now they were looking directly at him, a questioning look in their eyes. They didn’t recognize him. He can’t say he blames them. They were kids and were on the other side of the world then. He looked different; He was older, his hair had changed, even his name was new…
  • “Do you know the meaning of daisies, my dear? They are considered to be the flowers of children and innocence, people often associate tender memories with them.”
  • They stare at him for a long moment then, their wondering gaze never faltering as they take the daisies from him. They were now staring at the flowers but obviously thinking about what he said.
  • “Do… I know you?” they ask and Giorno’s smile is just barely visible. He tells them that his name is Giorno but they may still remember him under a different name, so they stare at him again for a while longer. A few moments even pass until the realization gradually hits them-
  • “Haruno?!” he nods. The resulting surprise and smile on their face are something he hopes to remember for a long time to come. He doesn’t know a lot of people who are happy about remembering him and there definitely aren’t many he’s shared fond memories with.
  • They start asking him a lot of questions, the flowers still in their hands, still in front of the shop, surrounded by a lot of people. They ramble on asking; How high the chance actually is for them to meet again, why he isn’t called Haruno anymore, why his hair is blond, why is overall posture is so different… much more confident somehow, how he’s been doing, why he knows the meaning of flowers in such detail- It’s a lot, but Giorno is incredibly grateful for them being obviously happy about seeing him again.
  • He buys the flowers for them - the daisies and some other flowers they looked at - and suggests leaving the streets to settle somewhere quieter, somewhere where they can talk without so many people around. He’s just as surprised as they are about meeting each other again, but it was a pleasant surprise for once.

anonymous asked:

Are there such things as truly fake tarot cards or tarot cards cursed by another? I want to buy myself some but i don't want to be cursed or given something fake, so I'm not sure where to buy from.

I don’t think there can be fake tarot cards, no. 

Like, people use packs of playing cards to divine with; they’re not exactly tarot cards, but they are a legitimate form of divination regardless, it’s just done a bit differently. 

I don’t feel like mass produced curses are a thing, and that’s often what tarot decks are nowadays. Like, maybe if someone handmade you a tarot deck and put a curse into each individual card, but I doubt that the cards you could buy from, like, a Chapters are cursed. Too much energy, and what’s the point? 

If you’re overly worried about it, cleanse them heavily before your first use. 

I honestly think you would be fine to buy them from anywhere. I have bought tarot decks from Green Earth, two different local metaphysical shops, a Chapters, a local bookstore, online… And all of my decks work just fine, and are sans curses. 

Guess who just blew another £115 on Jiyong’s vinyl LP for Coup D'Etat

wanna-b-your-star  asked:

hey! i pre ordered Dream Part.01 (both versions, yay!) on aladin us before i was able to really do any looking into where i should pre order them from. (this is my first time buying a kpop album ever) i got a confirmation email and everything, but i just haven't seen any links to aladin on any posts about pre ordering dream part.01 and i was wondering if maybe i should have got them somewhere else or if there's a better site for future reference. thanks so much for your amazing blog! ♡

I have personally never heard of Aladin, and through Google searching I wasn’t even able to find the website?  Would you mind providing a link so that I can check out the website?  Thanks!

So… You want to buy a kpop album.

The best places to look for will be well organized and will likely sell only (or mostly) KPOP goods.  The most popular places for overseas fans to buy their albums are KPOPTOWN, KPOPMART, and MWAVE when signed albums are being arranged.

When buying your album, always check that it counts towards the Hanteo chart.  The Hanteo chart ranks albums by how many copies are sold.  Most music shows use the Hanteo chart to award points to artists, and this affects their ranking on the show.  If you buy an album from a place that does not count towards the Hanteo chart (or the Gaon chart, at least), then you are kind of cheating the group out of their album! :(

These are examples of banners that you will see on a website if they count towards the Hanteo or Gaon chart.

Tip:  Read EVERYTHING before you purchase the album.  Some sellers have specifics about shipping times/places they ship to.  If the album (or other goods) are pre-ordered and you order them with good that are not pre-order items, they may handle the order in a certain way.

Hopefully this can prepare you for any future album buying you do!


queerrogues  asked:

I bought the Halloween bag the first time it came around, and as my first purchase from stimtastic (ive always wanted to buy but i cant afford them usually) I cant be happier!! The fidget spinner is nice and textured and spiders were one of my earlier special interests. I like the Halloween themes of it all, because Im very spooky, so its calming to have spooky stim toys. Ive also never owned a chewable, but ive always wanted one, and now that i have one i dont bite my tangle!!! Thank you :^)

Yay! I tried to make them affordable while including a good variety/number of items so this makes me so happy! 

one of my favorite things you could do in Dark Souls 1 was bank your souls in Dung Pies

for those unfamiliar, souls are used as currency in the Dark Souls games. they’re used to buy things and to level up. When you die and die again before you can make it back to the same spot where you initially died, all of your souls that you were carrying disappeared and were lost forever

except, there was a way around this 

a merchant that specialized in poison items sold dung pies, literal gobs of human excrement that you would throw at enemies to poison them, for 100 souls

another merchant (a giant snake monster) a short walk from the first one would “buy” items from you, in the sense that he ate them and repaid you in souls for the meal. he would buy dung pies for 100 souls. 

meaning if you wanted to keep your souls without spending them and without the risk of losing them, you’d go buy human shit from a woman that lived in a sewer, and if you wanted your souls back to spend them you’d feed the gobs of shit to a giant snake

video games are great 

I finally FINALLY drew fanart from one of my favorite fanfictions from my favorite fanfic author author in general. :) 

@thelastpilot I hope I can draw more stuff for all of your fanfictions, I love every single one of them, they’re incredible! The stories are always written in perfect character, the ideas are clever and new, and you have an amazing talent for developing characters in your fics so that they learn and grow while still maintaining who they are. And with all of that, you make me laugh really hard. You have a pretty fantastic humor. XD 

Thanks for all the amazing stories you share with us, they’re wonderful! <3

I hope someday you can publish some books, I know I’ll be one of the first people to buy them! <3


This is from (well okay, this scene hasn’t EXACTLY happened yet, but this ship is appearing) The Weight of Jade, which is a sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul.

And you all need to read it ASAP.


Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.