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Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.

I finally FINALLY drew fanart from one of my favorite fanfictions from my favorite fanfic author author in general. :) 

@thelastpilot I hope I can draw more stuff for all of your fanfictions, I love every single one of them, they’re incredible! The stories are always written in perfect character, the ideas are clever and new, and you have an amazing talent for developing characters in your fics so that they learn and grow while still maintaining who they are. And with all of that, you make me laugh really hard. You have a pretty fantastic humor. XD 

Thanks for all the amazing stories you share with us, they’re wonderful! <3

I hope someday you can publish some books, I know I’ll be one of the first people to buy them! <3


This is from (well okay, this scene hasn’t EXACTLY happened yet, but this ship is appearing) The Weight of Jade, which is a sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul.

And you all need to read it ASAP.

deathofashonenhero  asked:

Hey man have you bought zoids from mandarake? if so, how much did you pay for shipping? I'm kinda interested in buying from them.

Actually this is the first I’ve heard of this site so I’ve never used them. I’ll probably browse through the site now that I’m aware of it though. If I buy something I’ll let you know how the shipping is

The Miniatures Gaming Market

In this space I’ve talked about television, about politics, about my hope for a better humanity. What I haven’t ever talked about in this space is my work.

For the last five years I’ve been the General Manager for a tabletop gaming store; Total Escape Games, in Broomfield, CO. During the course of my job I buy and sell board games, miniature games, role-playing games, and various geek accouterments (said with all love and respect, I collect many of those things myself). To buy the many things I sell I must first buy them from distributors, including purchasing direct from Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, and the past makers of games like Dread Fleet, Space Hulk, and, of course, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Games Workshop is the big old guy on the block when it comes to minis games, but in a conversation with a Games Workshop rep recently I was asked why I felt like the sales numbers for their games have fallen so much in the last twelve months.

First, Games Workshop cancelled Warhammer Fantasy Battles and replaced it wih Age of Sigmar. In doing so they replaced a mass battles game that appealed to an older crowd with a clone of 40k in a semi-fantasy setting. To call AoS a flop would be generous, despite all of the effort and time we put into demoing it, the game is a tough sell.

During the Summer of Sigmar, the people at Games Workshop ignored the fan base for 40k for most of four months. 40k is, according to every human being I speak to and my own sales numbers, the reason that company exists. I like Warhammer Fantasy, and can never see myself playing 40k, but I’m in the minority. So why, or how, can a company ignore its primary product line for four months and expect people to still care.

So, my Games Workshop rep, being who she is, asked me what I would do. It was my pleasure to tell her. First, release 9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and announce that Age of Sigmar was a joke, like New Coke. Beg the forgiveness of your player base. Make sure you have a fully tested and balanced rules system.

Second, fix the 40k rules. I haven’t played them, so I can’t offer personal opinions. I can tell you that my player base complains about balance issues, and they complain about those balance issues while they play other games; Star Wars Armada, Star Wars X-Wing, Warmachine.

Third, fix the system by which you ask retaiers to purchase things. We carry all the products you ask us to in each module, and it’s overwhelming. Worse, your “Best Sellers” module is no longer all that best selling. During the post-Christmas restock I took the time to look at turn rates on many of the things I’m forced by the retailer agreement to carry.

There was one item that was restocked ½/2015, and sold 12/24/2015.

That’s a best seller?

There were 11 items in their Best Sellers range that I restocked on 2 JAN, 2015, and sold in the week before Christmas. It’s possible that GW is not in touch with their turn rates.

Over the last three years our business has more than doubled in size, yet Games Workshop is down something in the vicinity of 60% in that period. They’re not my best selling minis line by any metric anymore, and have been eclipsed in dollars by X-Wing, Armada, and WarmaHordes.

I frequently think about how I would do things differently if I ran certain companies. I believe that certain companies have a problem that boils down to something that is major, but should be easy to fix. For Games Workshop the issue is one of competition. The big boy on the block was able to gorilla smash each company that dared to rear its head. That’s no longer the case though, and Games Workshop is a company that doesn’t know how to behave in an environment when they have real competition. GW has to rethink everything they do, and stop behaving like they’re the only option now.

That’ll do it for me and my NyQuil induced writing. Next time let’s talk about Privateer Press, the company that doesn’t seem to have a full handle on how to behave with success..


Oh my goodness I am so late so late so late! I finally have a bit of downtime to sort and go through all my Momocon pics. #squadcon was GREAT again this year. I had fun being awesome and dank AF with my usual squad and new friends! <3 I still have a TON of photos, mainly from the Fire Emblem shoots to upload so please look forward to it! :D

Kana and Morgan are @tipsy-scales We tried to recreate a portion of the Velour and Kana supports! Kana wants an adventure and Velour wants nothing to do with it. Haha.
Kagero is @storytellermage
Velour is me! @drandis

Images were taken and edited by all three of us!

Corrin is @voca1oid she was really cute and made an excellent Corrin!

The Nohrian clips (although you can hardly see them in these images) used to fasten my cape were made by the ever so lovely @dangerous-ladies! This was my first time buying from them and it was a smooth transaction! The clips are very well made and sturdy and look lovely with a nice coating of spray paint! Will definitely go to them for future needs! <3

Working on two new Fire Emblem cosplays so please look forward to them and let’s take photos together if we ever meet each other at a con everyone! :D

I kinda hate that the brand Punk Rave is so popular now.:/ Back when I first started buying from them literally no one knew about them and everything was like a third of the price.-_- 

Like it was so great to have REALLY amazing goth clothes available that were also super affordable but now that everyone knows about them their prices are insane.D: