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But what about the ones that already exist? Can't we do anything for them, as it's not their fault that breeders are doing this for money only?

Its much more bigger picture than that. As I said earlier, if the animal is from a legitimate rescue or private owner that doesnt breed, its absolutely fine to adopt the animal. However, also as described in the first ask, if you are buying them from breeders and pet shops you are literally part of the problem because youre telling people with your money that is 100% ok to breed these animals.

It’s not about saving one animal’s life at this point (although it is important to do that when you can), it’s about preventing any other spider morphs/ other problem morphs from being bred. Purchasing a spider morph from a breeder or store is irresponsible and selfish. Purchasing an animal, no matter how poor their condition is, is still a PURCHASE, not a rescue. Its all down to basic economics- supply and demand. Money speaks louder than words. By handing over your money to someone you are saying- whether you intend to or not- “hey this is okay because i give you money” and they will say “since this got me money, i will make more available for sale.” So the more you buy, the greater the feedback loop becomes.

Coincidentally, this is why you should NEVER purchase animals from petsmart/co/land. Its not a rescue- no matter how much you tell people it’s a rescue- if you give them money it is a purchase because you put another poor animal in the same crappy conditions as the first one you bought. They will only replace animals they are selling, not fix what they are doing. If we boycott poor husbandry and breeding then that sends a stronger message.

And for those of you that argue that animal rescues also require adoption fees- thats entirely different. Adoption fees go back towards taking care of other abandoned pets, where as the money you give to a breeder or store goes into the owner’s pockets.

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hey! i pre ordered Dream Part.01 (both versions, yay!) on aladin us before i was able to really do any looking into where i should pre order them from. (this is my first time buying a kpop album ever) i got a confirmation email and everything, but i just haven't seen any links to aladin on any posts about pre ordering dream part.01 and i was wondering if maybe i should have got them somewhere else or if there's a better site for future reference. thanks so much for your amazing blog! ♡

I have personally never heard of Aladin, and through Google searching I wasn’t even able to find the website?  Would you mind providing a link so that I can check out the website?  Thanks!

So… You want to buy a kpop album.

The best places to look for will be well organized and will likely sell only (or mostly) KPOP goods.  The most popular places for overseas fans to buy their albums are KPOPTOWN, KPOPMART, and MWAVE when signed albums are being arranged.

When buying your album, always check that it counts towards the Hanteo chart.  The Hanteo chart ranks albums by how many copies are sold.  Most music shows use the Hanteo chart to award points to artists, and this affects their ranking on the show.  If you buy an album from a place that does not count towards the Hanteo chart (or the Gaon chart, at least), then you are kind of cheating the group out of their album! :(

These are examples of banners that you will see on a website if they count towards the Hanteo or Gaon chart.

Tip:  Read EVERYTHING before you purchase the album.  Some sellers have specifics about shipping times/places they ship to.  If the album (or other goods) are pre-ordered and you order them with good that are not pre-order items, they may handle the order in a certain way.

Hopefully this can prepare you for any future album buying you do!


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Heyo new blog! Could we have some headcanons about Giorno Giovanna reuniting with a childhood friend/crush whom while Gio recognizes them, they don't (initially) recognize him (What with him going under a different name, and otherwise looking quite different form his younger self)? Thank you!

Hey there, of course you can! :D

I hope you like it! This was a really sweet request. I enjoyed writing it a lot :)

Again, thank you @jotarohasadirtysecret for proofreading! I appreciate it a lot! <3

  • Giorno sees them for the first time standing outside of a flower shop in Naples as they look at the huge variety of flowers, smelling them but seemingly indecisive about whether to buy one or not. He knows from first glance that it’s them. It’s been several years and the last time they saw each other they were just little kids. Still, he knows it’s them, either judging by some features he simply recognizes or by instinct.
  • He approaches the shop as well, coming to a stop next to them. They seem totally oblivious since there are a lot of people around and are still looking at all the different flowers.
  • With a soft smile Giorno picks a small bunch of daisies and says their name. He was right. It was them because now they were looking directly at him, a questioning look in their eyes. They didn’t recognize him. He can’t say he blames them. They were kids and were on the other side of the world then. He looked different; He was older, his hair had changed, even his name was new…
  • “Do you know the meaning of daisies, my dear? They are considered to be the flowers of children and innocence, people often associate tender memories with them.”
  • They stare at him for a long moment then, their wondering gaze never faltering as they take the daisies from him. They were now staring at the flowers but obviously thinking about what he said.
  • “Do… I know you?” they ask and Giorno’s smile is just barely visible. He tells them that his name is Giorno but they may still remember him under a different name, so they stare at him again for a while longer. A few moments even pass until the realization gradually hits them-
  • “Haruno?!” he nods. The resulting surprise and smile on their face are something he hopes to remember for a long time to come. He doesn’t know a lot of people who are happy about remembering him and there definitely aren’t many he’s shared fond memories with.
  • They start asking him a lot of questions, the flowers still in their hands, still in front of the shop, surrounded by a lot of people. They ramble on asking; How high the chance actually is for them to meet again, why he isn’t called Haruno anymore, why his hair is blond, why is overall posture is so different… much more confident somehow, how he’s been doing, why he knows the meaning of flowers in such detail- It’s a lot, but Giorno is incredibly grateful for them being obviously happy about seeing him again.
  • He buys the flowers for them - the daisies and some other flowers they looked at - and suggests leaving the streets to settle somewhere quieter, somewhere where they can talk without so many people around. He’s just as surprised as they are about meeting each other again, but it was a pleasant surprise for once.

one of my favorite things you could do in Dark Souls 1 was bank your souls in Dung Pies

for those unfamiliar, souls are used as currency in the Dark Souls games. they’re used to buy things and to level up. When you die and die again before you can make it back to the same spot where you initially died, all of your souls that you were carrying disappeared and were lost forever

except, there was a way around this 

a merchant that specialized in poison items sold dung pies, literal gobs of human excrement that you would throw at enemies to poison them, for 100 souls

another merchant (a giant snake monster) a short walk from the first one would “buy” items from you, in the sense that he ate them and repaid you in souls for the meal. he would buy dung pies for 100 souls. 

meaning if you wanted to keep your souls without spending them and without the risk of losing them, you’d go buy human shit from a woman that lived in a sewer, and if you wanted your souls back to spend them you’d feed the gobs of shit to a giant snake

video games are great 

Received my order today. Spent just under $1,000 in accessories from Alice Collections. Including PayPal fees etc. First time not buying a doll from them. Everything is individually bagged in a box with a dead roach at the bottom. Guess he was a free gift too. By the way, the free gift was a one inch square magic eraser sponge. I don’t think buy from them again. I’m very disappointed. When you buy 3-6 dolls at a time you’d think they could be nicer. Most of my collection came from them. Oh well.


A little mad

I was trying to order a diffuser stick online on this website, but they wanted me to make this ridiculous password for an account, so i just bought it through amazon pay. they took the money out, but it doesn’t show up in my orders. Okay, it’s not exactly on amazon, so I would assume that’s why it doesn’t show up. But I have to wait for my order to be tracked after 48 hours, and I’m a little skeptical since it’s my first time buying from them. I heard a lot of good reviews, however, I would prefer they didn’t have me do such a fucking ridiculous password just to make an account.

I hope I’m not being scammed by this and they actually deliver the product to me. If not, I’ll get an earful from my mother, and that’ll stress me out even more, and I’m hanging by a thread as it is with avoiding another relapse because I had one 3 days ago. I’m not emotionally ready to be disappointed, and having all fingers point to me for blame when it wasn’t my fault.

I need a hug…


Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.


Fish are living breathing creatures deserving of the same love you would give a cat or a dog. They may not be as intelligent as cats or dogs but they are on the same level as lizards, snakes, and small rodents/mammals. They can recognize their owners if you care for them properly, they can learn tricks and can intentionally sabotage things to get more food or to break something in their tank.
Fish aren’t dumb creatures that you can own for a few months or years and then toss when they die. Most fish will live several years, even past a decade or two if you actually bother with caring for them. Goldfish are one of the hardiest fish out there, they can grow several times their size from when you first buy them and they will live past 15 years sometimes.
I’ve heard stories of goldfish surviving after being out of their tanks multiple times, electrocuting themselves, getting fin rot, and having large tumors removed from their bodies.
You know why goldfish are considered the most disposable fish? Because they’re plentiful and can easily be replaced so people will feel less guilty about taking shit care of their fish by placing them in cruelly small tanks, rarely feeding them, not cleaning their tanks, and not making sure that things like pH balance and temperature are adequate for the fish to survive. That means your goldfish all died so quickly because you are a shitty owner with a sick mindset that it can just be replaced and isn’t as worth caring for or saving as a cat or a dog.
Fish will feel pain and when you don’t take care of them or wait out for them to die rather than saving them you’re doing the same thing as letting your dog die from cancer. Even as a chinchilla owner I would care for my babies as much as my brother cares for his cat because both are intelligent animals who feel pain and deserve the best care.
Stop taking shitty care of fish and treating them as disposable.

I finally FINALLY drew fanart from one of my favorite fanfictions from my favorite fanfic author author in general. :) 

@thelastpilot I hope I can draw more stuff for all of your fanfictions, I love every single one of them, they’re incredible! The stories are always written in perfect character, the ideas are clever and new, and you have an amazing talent for developing characters in your fics so that they learn and grow while still maintaining who they are. And with all of that, you make me laugh really hard. You have a pretty fantastic humor. XD 

Thanks for all the amazing stories you share with us, they’re wonderful! <3

I hope someday you can publish some books, I know I’ll be one of the first people to buy them! <3


This is from (well okay, this scene hasn’t EXACTLY happened yet, but this ship is appearing) The Weight of Jade, which is a sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul.

And you all need to read it ASAP.


Oh my goodness I am so late so late so late! I finally have a bit of downtime to sort and go through all my Momocon pics. #squadcon was GREAT again this year. I had fun being awesome and dank AF with my usual squad and new friends! <3 I still have a TON of photos, mainly from the Fire Emblem shoots to upload so please look forward to it! :D

Kana and Morgan are @tipsy-scales We tried to recreate a portion of the Velour and Kana supports! Kana wants an adventure and Velour wants nothing to do with it. Haha.
Kagero is @storytellermage
Velour is me! @drandis

Images were taken and edited by all three of us!

Corrin is @voca1oid she was really cute and made an excellent Corrin!

The Nohrian clips (although you can hardly see them in these images) used to fasten my cape were made by the ever so lovely @dangerous-ladies! This was my first time buying from them and it was a smooth transaction! The clips are very well made and sturdy and look lovely with a nice coating of spray paint! Will definitely go to them for future needs! <3

Working on two new Fire Emblem cosplays so please look forward to them and let’s take photos together if we ever meet each other at a con everyone! :D

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Why cancel the preorder and not buy anything from them?

First of all, why would you want to support an organization that responds so horribly to a really positive article about supporting LGBTQIA+ people? That’s not someone I want to give my money to. So stay away from the merch, full stop.

Second, cancel your FOUR pre-order to send a message to Sony. I want them to see dollars draining away. That will make them angry. Angry is good. I want their lawyers to be working 100 hour weeks.

Books & Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge ~ July

Day 26: Black and White

I was so deliriously happy when they re-released the series in omnibus editions you have no idea


My order from kittensplaypenshop showed up in the mail today. I was so happy. I ordered them for Karkitty (homestuck) I love the quality in the collar, tail, and ears. They are wonderful. I have they great calico for the fur and I am surprised when they told me this was their first pair they’ve made. I will defiantly buy more from them later. 
By the way for any Dave’s seeing this….Yes I hijacked your “cool” shades. I still don’t see why you think these are so cool.

The Miniatures Gaming Market

In this space I’ve talked about television, about politics, about my hope for a better humanity. What I haven’t ever talked about in this space is my work.

For the last five years I’ve been the General Manager for a tabletop gaming store; Total Escape Games, in Broomfield, CO. During the course of my job I buy and sell board games, miniature games, role-playing games, and various geek accouterments (said with all love and respect, I collect many of those things myself). To buy the many things I sell I must first buy them from distributors, including purchasing direct from Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, and the past makers of games like Dread Fleet, Space Hulk, and, of course, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Games Workshop is the big old guy on the block when it comes to minis games, but in a conversation with a Games Workshop rep recently I was asked why I felt like the sales numbers for their games have fallen so much in the last twelve months.

First, Games Workshop cancelled Warhammer Fantasy Battles and replaced it wih Age of Sigmar. In doing so they replaced a mass battles game that appealed to an older crowd with a clone of 40k in a semi-fantasy setting. To call AoS a flop would be generous, despite all of the effort and time we put into demoing it, the game is a tough sell.

During the Summer of Sigmar, the people at Games Workshop ignored the fan base for 40k for most of four months. 40k is, according to every human being I speak to and my own sales numbers, the reason that company exists. I like Warhammer Fantasy, and can never see myself playing 40k, but I’m in the minority. So why, or how, can a company ignore its primary product line for four months and expect people to still care.

So, my Games Workshop rep, being who she is, asked me what I would do. It was my pleasure to tell her. First, release 9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and announce that Age of Sigmar was a joke, like New Coke. Beg the forgiveness of your player base. Make sure you have a fully tested and balanced rules system.

Second, fix the 40k rules. I haven’t played them, so I can’t offer personal opinions. I can tell you that my player base complains about balance issues, and they complain about those balance issues while they play other games; Star Wars Armada, Star Wars X-Wing, Warmachine.

Third, fix the system by which you ask retaiers to purchase things. We carry all the products you ask us to in each module, and it’s overwhelming. Worse, your “Best Sellers” module is no longer all that best selling. During the post-Christmas restock I took the time to look at turn rates on many of the things I’m forced by the retailer agreement to carry.

There was one item that was restocked ½/2015, and sold 12/24/2015.

That’s a best seller?

There were 11 items in their Best Sellers range that I restocked on 2 JAN, 2015, and sold in the week before Christmas. It’s possible that GW is not in touch with their turn rates.

Over the last three years our business has more than doubled in size, yet Games Workshop is down something in the vicinity of 60% in that period. They’re not my best selling minis line by any metric anymore, and have been eclipsed in dollars by X-Wing, Armada, and WarmaHordes.

I frequently think about how I would do things differently if I ran certain companies. I believe that certain companies have a problem that boils down to something that is major, but should be easy to fix. For Games Workshop the issue is one of competition. The big boy on the block was able to gorilla smash each company that dared to rear its head. That’s no longer the case though, and Games Workshop is a company that doesn’t know how to behave in an environment when they have real competition. GW has to rethink everything they do, and stop behaving like they’re the only option now.

That’ll do it for me and my NyQuil induced writing. Next time let’s talk about Privateer Press, the company that doesn’t seem to have a full handle on how to behave with success..

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Hello dear. I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me how you did your Sans cosplay? My friends and I are going as skelebros and frisk but your Sans cosplay is perfection. Can you maybe help us out?

Of course, my friend! I’ve done small tutorials on all the parts of my cosplay but I realize now I don’t have a complete set so now’s the perfect time to do that lmao

Here’s the head. I used @squigglydigg’s tutorial for this part, but covered everything in fabric instead of acrylic paint.

- Here’s the hands!  There’s a link to a written tutorial before the photos so be sure to check it out. (these are the gloves used)

- And the Legs.  There’s a link for a written tutorial in this post too. (these are the tights used)

- Here is where I got the faux fur jacket, but I suggest trying to find a Puffer jacket first.

- My slippers came from Walmart. You can buy them online here.

- I used leftover fabric for this, but i highly suggest getting a black or white scarf of sorts to cover your head and neck. Here’s kinda what I’m talking about.

- I used a white turtleneck sweater that I already owned for his shirt. But here’s one you might be able to use! (You should get one with a long neck to cover where the scarf ends.)

- And finally his pants. I got mine from my mom, but here’s what you should be looking for.

I hope all of this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions ^v^

also thank you for liking my cosplay, aahh  /)///w///(\ 

I fell in love with this man and his music when I was 13 years old. My parents were/are fans so I’ve always been around his music, but never really paid any attention until then. I can’t remember why or what caused me to want to listen to Purple Rain that day, but I asked my Dad if I could listen to his album. His Prince albums were all on vinyl, so I had to listen to it on our record player which was set up in our living room. I had to plug in my Dad’s headphones to not disturb anyone and stay glued to that area just to listen. It started to play and I did not move from that spot until the entire album was through. Right then and there my life changed. I would race home from school just to listen to it again and again. Eventually I forced my Dad to bring out every Prince record he had. I can vividly remember sitting in a sea of records, completely fascinated and obsessed with everything I was listening to. He didn’t really have any of the albums past SOTT, so I took matters into my own hands and that’s when I started buying them myself. From his very first album until his most recent at the time (a year before Musicology). Prince was unlike any human being I’d ever seen. The most talented musician to ever walk this earth. It’s hard to put into words just what he meant to me…”Love is too weak to define just what you mean to me”…His music makes you think. It opens up feelings, thoughts, and ideas you never thought you’d explore. April 21st was the worst day in my 26 years of life. A man that I’ve loved for literally half of my existence was gone. Just like that. It took me weeks until I finally could go a day without crying. My heart has been broken ever since that day, and nothing seems to be quite the same ever since. I feel blessed that I was able to see him twice in my lifetime. For a “younger” P fan, I’m fortunate to have seen him at all. But twice was not nearly enough. I’ll never be able to accept the fact that I will never lay eyes on him in this life again. But I’m forever grateful for the love he has given me through his music and through who he was as a person. He’s helped me discover myself in many many ways. I owe so much to him and I wish I had the chance to tell him that. Prince, I will celebrate you today, tomorrow, and every day to come. You came into this world 58 years ago today and I thank God for you. I thank God that I was able to witness your genius in my lifetime. I can’t wait to introduce your music to my children someday, your music will always be alive as long as I’m still alive. Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson. I will always Love U 2 the 9′s.

“…Don’t use the magical, mysterious, intoxicating, joy fantastic, fascinating word called love unless u love me 2 the 9’s.This is the only kind of love that I’ve been dreaming of, the kind of love that takes over your body, mind, and soul. Love 2 the 9’s…