a firefly

  • The Regretful Soldier [to a new recruit]: First rule of battle, little one… don't ever let them know where you are.
  • [Cut to the Bishop of Southwark, firing behind himself as he runs toward the two.]
  • [He lands with a grunt behind some nearby rubble.]
  • The Bishop of Southwark: Whoo-hoo!
  • The Regretful Soldier: 'Course, there're other schools of thought.

FIREFLIES ;) Submitted by @impala-dreamer

“Lay him on the bed! Now!” You were yelling. Sam thought you were crazy, and you probably were, but Dean was hurt. You weren’t taking any chances. 

“I’m perfectly fine,” Dean grumbled, “I’m using words like perfectly. That’s fancy and smart. My brain is fine.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” You pushed Sam to the side as you checked on Dean. He had a nasty gash on his head from falling on a rock. It was going to require stitches. “Lay still. Don’t fall asleep.”

“Why would I sleep? I can’t sleep with all your yelling.”

“Go get the stuff for stitches,” you told Sam. You grabbed ice out of the freezer, then a washcloth from the bathroom to wrap it in. You took it to Dean and Sam came over with the supplies. 

You quickly got to work, cleaning up the wound and sewing it shut. It wasn’t anything worse than what you’ve dealt with before, but you knew head trauma could have serious consequences. 

You sat on Dean’s bedside and handed him the ice. “How are you feeling? You seeing spots? Is your vision blurry?”

He put the ice to his head. “No, I’ve got like, 20/20 vision, like Superman. But I see fireflies.”


“Yeah, fireflies. There, in your eyes.” His finger came dangerously close to your eye, so you grabbed his hand and put it back down. “They’re pretty, like little lights dancing in your eyes. I like it. Have those always been there?”

You blushed, holding his free hand down so it wouldn’t float back up to poke you in the eyeball. “I don’t know. Maybe we can look again later. You stay here.”

You got up from the bed and turned to Sam. “Your brother needs some serious medical attention. Like, right now.”

“Nah,” he laughed, “He’ll be fine. He’s just admitting his massive crush on you in the best way. I’m never going to let him live this down.”

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Fireflies (Jumin x MC)

You go outside to find Jumin where he’s lit up.

Word Count: 611

I’ve had an exciting day ig. I competed in a news writing competition, I didn’t end up placing but there’s always next year ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk. Anyhow, I actually quite like the use of fireflies in stories and what not just with how gentle and fun-loving they are. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! (ृ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ृ )ु


“Jumin! Jumin?” You stepped outside curiously from the small cabin you were staying for a small amount of time, night dripping down from the sky onto the long and tall wisps of grass.

“MC!” You heard his voice call out to you, his form oddly somehow lit up even being far away from you. “Darling come here!” 

You narrowed your eyes confusedly but followed his voice nonetheless,

And what you saw left a smile stretching from ear to ear upon your face.  

He was drenched in fireflies, the insects fluttering about him but never seemingly drifting away.

“O-Oh my goodness!” You laughed slightly, rushing forward excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you were a firefly magnet!” 

And even despite his laughter, you couldn’t help but admit how your heart melted as the light shone on his eyes, intensifying that gentle warmth that swarmed him. 

“I didn’t know honestly,” He chuckled lightly. “It’s a bit peculiar honestly.”

He took a few steps towards you, raising a curious brow as the fireflies still continued to follow. 

“How long do you think they’ll follow me?” He asked, tipping his head. 

“Maybe you have to outrun them,” You snickered. “You know, like play hard to get?”

“Perhaps. Like an experiment I suppose?” 

“Exactly,” You smiled, taking his hand as you began to lead him. “come on!” 

You began to run, leading him on as you both expectantly watched the fireflies float blankly for a moment before chasing after him.

A few began to trail about you, twirling and tying around you like a ribbon upon a dress.

Yet as you looked at your new friends, your feet skidded against a rock, knocking you off your feet as you accidentally pulled Jumin along with you.

He pulled you into his arms before you crashed down, pressing you close against him before thudding against the ground.

“Are you okay…?” He muttered, still the smallest grin on his expression as you turned to face him as you breathlessly sniggered. 

“Y-Yeah, what about you?” You curled his wave strands of hair through your fingertips, fearing you’d feel a hint of blood or the bump of a bruise. “You’re the one w-who really took the fall.”

“Of course love, I’m okay. Don’t worry.” 

You pressed a tender kiss to his nose, smiling sweetly. “My hero.” 

“I’m honored…” His voice began to drift off, tapping a delicate finger along your spine.

Until he noticed something.

He pointed up, your gaze turning up to find a twirl of familiar fireflies still swirling a little above you, oddly enough almost sinking beside the stars. 

You leaned back, resting your head in the crook of his neck, your fingertips weaving through his strands.

And despite being on the cold hard ground, the two of you lay on the spot, simple smirks decorating your faces as it almost appeared to be a light show.

And yet even with the fireflies, that wasn’t what lit up the world.

It was the utter adoration and devotion that painted your husband’s eyes when he looked to you.

And the love that filled both of your hearts.

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Do you happen to have the comic panel for Damian going to the graves? Thanks!

I would include the next few panels, but in it Damian kills a teeny firefly and I get sad, so yeah. This is from Batman and Robin vol 2 issue #4 by the way :) 

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I was tagged by @celinamarniss. I don’t know what fandom facts are so I did my best??

1. Most of my earliest fandoms can be blamed on @afgurri, who was and always has been excellent at knowing just what he needs to say or show me to get me hooked on something. He got me into Firefly by showing me “Shindig,” for example. He started me on that, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, literally all anime, and Sandman (and thus: comics). I’ve gotten him into plenty of nonsense in return.

2. The earliest fanfic I wrote was for Gundam Wing. I wrote two little fics, both of which are still out there. I reread them every few years, and stand by them.

3. The fic I’m proudest of is Extra Whip, but my fave thing I’ve written is currently the ace attorney fic. Whenever it gets kudos I want to find the person responsible and hug them.

4. The most prolific period of my fanfic writing career was when I was the loneliest I had ever been. Wrote a shit ton of Parks & Rec and Inception fic tho. It was also when I really started interacting with fandom on LJ and tumblr! Thanks for keeping me alive, Parks & Rec and Inception pals.

5. When I got into Stargate, i did it in the most ass-backwards way imaginable. I decided to pick SGA up when Jewel Staite joined the cast, so I went to borders to get a box set (HOW WE DID BACK THEN), but they only had season 2. Bought it anyway, which started with a Part 3. We watched it anyway, then continued on to the new season on tv, then later doubled back and watched season 1. Still later, I saw the SERIES FINALE of sg-1 on tv, decided I’d like to watch it after all, and through a combo of box sets Adam already owned and me shelling out for the giant complete series box, watched all 10 seasons of the show in about a month. While also working retail full time. It was extremely foolish, probably.

Ok that’s enough of that I’m tagginggggg @scullyseviltwin, @spicycheeser, @notcaycepollard, @bookgeekgrrl, and @ratherembarrassing

OKAYOKAY. We’re getting back Jervis(?), Fries, Firefly(?), Barnes, Zsasz, Fish AND the Gotham usuals: (Jim, Bullock, Ed, Os, Barb, Butch, Bruce, Alfred, Selina, Ivy etc.).Where on God’s Green Earth™ is Harvey fucking Dent

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