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scenario where the fire alarm in your apartment building goes off (at 3am may i add) and now jay park, in all his glory, is standing next to you clad in only boxers and looking around awkwardly, only to find out that the fire alarm was accidentally activated by a drunk person, but god damn you never knew you had a hot neighbour.

“Sorry, excuse me!”

“Could you move aside please, sorry!”

People were basically shouting into your ear as you limped slowly down the staircase having sprained your ankle. As if waking up to the shrilling sound of the fire alarm at 3am in the morning wasn’t bad enough, now you were practically holding on to the handrail for your dear life as people jostled past you down the stairs, brushing against your shoulders in the process. Yeah you knew you were hogging up the line of anxious residents behind you, but you were injured and for them to not even offer their help yet continuously rush you wasn’t comforting at all. Yeah fine no one was in the mood with their sleep interrupted but hey, at least some help would’ve been nice.  So much for being neighbours…

It took you forever to get to the ground floor and to the open space opposite the building where everyone else was gathered and you felt a sense of accomplishment looking at the flights of stairs you’ve conquered. There was a problem now though – you needed a seat, or any form of help preferably.

You wandered around looking for a medical staff or someone who looked like one but your ankle wasn’t able to take you very far, causing you to be a little breathless from all the extra effort of dragging your handicapped leg with every step you took.

“You…feeling okay?” A voice coming from beside you said.

But you definitely weren’t mentally prepared for what your eyes were about to grace.

Lo and behold stood a pale skinned man in front of you with just a pair of boxers on and nothing else, revealing his perfectly carved body. For a moment you gulped, feeling intimidated by the amount of tattoos that covered half his upper body but as soon as you looked up…well then again it’s not like you felt any better seeing how handsome his face was.

“Hey…” He said, waving his hand in front of you seeing how you were caught in a daze.

“O-oh yeah I’m fine…!” You stuttered. “I mean not really, b-but it’s still fine…!”

Fine. Well of course you were, now that a neighbour was finally showing some concern. A hella hot one at that.

“Well I don’t think you are,” He looked at you with an amused expression on his face, unable to hold back a laugh. “Is your leg okay? I saw you limping for a bit.”

“Oh I sprained it while walking down just now. You know…people pushing and all…but it’ll be fine as soon as I find a medical staff or something.”

He then brought you over to a random ledge not far away that was good enough to sit you down before squatting down to examine your ankle, gently helping you to rotate it, not without you grimacing and smacking his shoulder every time it hurt and you weren’t really conscious of what you were doing until you heard him laughing at you once again.

You were actually touching his bare skin. Of someone whom you had just met minutes ago. Correction: A hot someone you had just met minutes ago.

You abruptly pulled your hands back, feeling your face heat up, causing him to look at you as he wondered why you’ve gotten so quiet all of a sudden and it was then when your eyes met and the both of you simply stared at each other, neither of you saying anything.

It stayed like that for a good three seconds until he finally looked away, awkwardly clearing his throat to break the silence, “C’mon, let’s get help.”

“B-but…I can’t walk very far…”

“Easy, I’ll carry you,” He said, a little too excitedly and he realised this too as he quickly regained his composure. “I mean, if you don’t mind.”

You giggled, and of course didn’t hesitate to take up the offer cos why wouldn’t you?

The both of you engaged in small conversations as he piggybacked you through the crowd, getting to know each other and that’s when you found out he was new in the area, explaining how it was only now that you noticed him cos there was no way you’d miss a cute guy like him staying in the same building.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked now that you guys had gotten comfortable with each other and the fact that you were in such close proximity to him, your bodies only separated by the thin cloth of your pyjama shirt.

“Well not when you’re literally hugging me and warming up my body.”

“Hey, I’m not hugging you…!”

“Of course you are!” He teased, obviously having fun with the way you were being so shy. “Why are you getting so worked up anyways…?”

“I’m not…!” You said, flailing your arms in embarrassment. “You’re being mean, let me down.”

“But I like it like that.”

Your heart skipped a beat in response to his words and you froze for while, staring at the back of his head with your arms still clinging onto him, still trying to digest what he just said. H-he…he liked what?

A cheesy smile made its way to his face as he turned around to look at you, the blush on your face only making him more sure of what he was planning to say next.

“And I think I’d also like a date too, when your ankle gets better. Would you?”

“Yeah, and I think that would only happen if you stop walking around aimlessly and actually start looking for help.”

“Fine I got caught, but that’s a yes from you so it’s all good.” He said, cheekily sticking his tongue out at you. 

“For real though. I need help. Like right now.”