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Seb Janiak, is a French–American photographer, director and artist. Janiak has directed several music videos, which feature songs by musicians such as Janet Jackson and Draft Punk.

“Mimesis” 2012 – 2014 (Mimesis is a Greek word meaning imitation)

Mimesis is an adaptive imitation strategy.
There is a major difference between mimesis and camouflage in terms of evolution: camouflage capability, involving colour in particular, can appear and develop very quickly in a species through the interplay of mutations and selection, but mimesis by contrast is a complex co-evolutionary mechanism involving three species: the model, the imitator and the dupe.

  • Technical note: This serie has been created without any special effects or retouching, but using techniques of analog photography, namely superimposition and photomontage.

Lost | Emile Hussell by Emile Hussell