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Do you have a list of your personal favorite female directors of all time? :)

Fun question!

My individual list of favourites changes all the time and I tend to favour individual movies over individual directors because so few women have been able to put out enough movies to have a real body of work I can point to and say “OMG amazing!”

That said I really enjoy Kathryn Bigelow (particularly Strange Days, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty and Point Break), Claire Denis (Beau Travail, 35 Shots of Rum) Agnès Varda (Cleo de 5 a 7, The Beaches of Agnes, The Gleaners & I, Black Panthers, Mur Murs, Uncle Yanco, Vagabond) both of Cate Shortland’s films (haven’t seen her latest yet), both of Sandra Goldbacher’s films, and Lina Wertmüller is an unparalleled genius and I love every single one of her films that I’ve seen and I wish more were available with subtitles. 

And there are so many directors who have made only one film yet that film is very near and dear to my heart: Aurora Guerrero, Victoria Mahoney, Maja Miloš, Rama Burshtein (haven’t seen her 2nd film yet), Jennifer Kent, Ana Lily Amirpour (again haven’t seen her 2nd film), Chloé Zhao. 

Phew! What a list! And already I can see so many people I left out who I do admire like Céline Sciamma, Deepa Mehta, Valérie Donzelli, Susan Seidelman, Campion etc.

Gonna stop here but I could easily come up with 100 names that I’m passionate about. 

Some rather underrated/kicked under the rug Disney films I hold near and dear to my heart
  • The Black Cauldron (1985)
  • The Great Mouse Detective  (1986)
  • Oliver and Company (1988)
  • The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under (1977/1990)
  • A Goofy Movie/An Extremely Goofy Movie (1995/2000)
  • The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
  • Treasure Planet (2002)
  • *Lilo and Stitch/Stitch! the Movie/Lilo and Stitch 2/Leroy and Stitch (2002/2003/2005/2006)
  • Brother Bear (2003)
  • Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Several of the listed films have yet to have a restored re-release on even DVD, let alone Blu-Ray, which is quite a shame considering they all deserve it. Films like The Black Cauldron and Treasure Planet were box office bombs (to my surprise, the latter more than the former) despite having excellent innovative art and story. They just weren’t fitted well for the market, in most cases.

I could go on forever about the treatment of these films, like how Kida and Eilonwy have all of the qualifications to be Disney Princesses, and how Treasure Planet  deSPITE BEING THE WORST “BOX OFFICE FLOP” FOR DISNEY WAS STILL NOMINATED FOR BEST ANIMATED PICTURE IN 2002 (ALONG WITH LILO AND STITCH), only having lost to Spirited Away! THAT shows that it could have had much more appreciation than it got! (there was lots of competition in 2002) True, it was the steampunk/scifi/nonmusical/action angle that was probably hard to market at the time considering Atlantis’s lack of decent marketing for similar reasons, but still! At least it has a decent Wikipedia page and re-releases on DVD. Can’t say the same for Black Cauldron and The Great Mouse Detective… (don’t get me started on any of these other movies- )

*sigh* I really could go on forever. But, for the sake of sanity I’ll leave it at that. I love these movies (And nearly all Disney movies) very much and to finish off, if anyone wants to talk about these movies ever I am all up for it! Headcanons, plot things, fun facts, random things, anything! :3

*(Lilo and Stitch as a whole is loved by its fans very much, but many of its aspects are still glossed over by most of the modern-Disney-loving society. Pleakley is one of the most diverse Disney characters ever ESPECIALLY  considering how strict Disney was/is about “controversial” things in their productions!)

that’s all in my little spiel! sorry if I sound too weird about these things but I’m very passionate about this stuff.

This show left me speechless but I somehow wrote all of this and I don’t know if it even makes sense but SAB is by far one of my favorite shows and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been watching this show since it premiered and haven’t missed an episode. It will also be so near and dear to my heart because I would walk by when they were filming this show and get annoyed that I was never able to meet the cast or just catch a glimpse of them. Also, considering how long the final season took to premiere, it was well worth the wait and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. OH and speaking of the ending, the ending scene made me cry like a little baby.

P.S. sorry for the messy writing. These words (or these tears) will never express how much this show means to me.

By: Kristen Welch, Manager of Editorial, Turner Classic Movies

Tonight kicks off the first night of programming in TCM’s Trailblazing Women: Behind the Movies, Ahead of Their Time spotlight that looks at women’s contributions to the film industry from its very beginnings through to modern times. It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, because the history of women in film is a fascinating one that is so rarely looked at or highlighted, especially when it comes to early directors’ work. In film school, I learned about many great directors but I never heard or even watched the films of Alice Guy-Blaché or Frances Marion or Dorothy Arzner until I went to Grad School. To be fair, there were quite a few more modern women directors that I was aware of growing up—Amy Heckerling, Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow spring to mind—but there was an entire rich history of women’s contributions to film that I simply didn’t know about because I’d never encountered or stumbled upon them in my early studies. And it is for this reason that I am so excited and proud that we are doing this initiative, and specifically why I wanted write a post about our first night of programming.

This evening, you’ll be able to see the work of a few women who were truly pioneers in the field. At a time when film was new, and no one really knew what the medium would become, women were able to find a place not just working on the films but holding leadership positions as well (for more on this, I urge you to read Cari Beauchamp’s article at http://trailblazingwomen.tcm.com/about/, she is also co-host for this evening of films).

Alice Guy-Blaché was one of those women, and we’ll be airing 6 of her films (5 shorts and a feature) tonight starting at 8pm. Blaché was not just one of the first female directors, but one of the first directors period. Her films were coming out alongside the more well known and, today, more frequently taught movies of the Lumière brothers and D.W. Griffith. Her lifetime output of films is often estimated in the 1000s (yes, you read that right, no typo here), but the majority of them have been lost due to neglect, and Blaché herself has faded into obscurity. Yet, I encourage you to tune in tonight to watch these early films because, like her contemporaries, Blaché is truly playing with film technique and testing the boundaries to see what will work, because at the time there were no established rules.

I know that silent film is not for everyone, but to watch these films is to see how movies, as we know them today, came to be. And beyond being the first female director, we need to remember Blaché as the movie pioneer that she was—on par with Griffith, Méliès, DeMille and other directors we learn about today. I especially encourage you to tune in for her 1896 film La Fée aux choux, not only her first film but also the first film directed by a woman. I have never had a chance to watch the film, but you can be sure I’ll be sitting one my couch ready to watch it tonight, and I hope you’ll join me!

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Might we be blessed with some commentary from you on this WM quote from facebook?: "What I like most about him, I think, is that Leonard Snart is Leonard Snart 24-7. He's always himself. Always in alignment. Unlike some other characters who spend their days running around in a mask (cough, cough), Snart's not keeping secrets. He's not wrestling with identity issues or a divided self. If you ask him who he is, he'll tell you. And in that respect, despite his evil deeds, I think he's heroic."

Hey! Love that you write this like “might we be blessed” haha, sitting here blushing. Tbh, I’d love to talk about this.

I’ve actually seen your post on this and it’s been percolating in my head in the past few days since then, not to mention that it’s been rolling around up there for about a year now, because Wentworth has talked about Cold “not being a divided self” both in that mailbag quote you mention and in other places

I’ve talked about it once before, and brought it back up for more analysis in my discussion on how Len acts as a foil to Barry, but I think I have a better understanding of it now than I did before and there’s so much more we know about the character, so I’m glad to have this brought up again.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart too, because it’s so fundamental to understanding Len, and understanding how Wentworth is portraying him, so I’ll dig in with where my thinking is at on the matter.

I think Wentworth’s comment is best understood if we look not just at the mailbag quote but also his quote from the May 2015 PKO Off film festival:

“[Leonard] is totally in alignment, and by alignment I mean: what I think it’s what I say it’s what I do. So, you ask Captain Cold who he is, and he is going to tell you “I’m Captain Cold”. He is never not Captain Cold. And in that way I think he is heroic, because he is speaking his truth…”

So to me, in conjunction with the quote you posted, this indicates that Wentworth sees Len as a person who knows himself and is honest with himself, and honest about who he is and what he’s capable of, and honest about how he sees himself. And we’ve seen that.

We’ve seen it on the Flash.

We’ve seen it at the start of Legends.

We’ve seen him be honest with himself about his motives.

And his priorities. Time and again.

We’ve even seen him admit to changing, even if he took a while to vocalize it, waiting until he was pressed.

So… Len is in alignment with himself, in a lot of ways; the evidence stacks up. He admits to being a criminal, he happily takes on the mantle of being Captain Cold when given to him, and doesn’t deny that he’s an opportunist, doesn’t pretend to be more noble than he actually feels. For the most part, he accepts himself, and even if some things give him pause, he doesn’t outright deny them when they’re true, like having no rejoinder to being a ‘lousy villain this week’, which Barry calls him out on being in 2x09.

But I think confusion about this alignment comes in when we see him saying things like:

Which is so obviously disingenuous. Or even things like:

Which don’t appear to be his true motive. But note that when Len says things like that, it’s to convince other people of something or it serves some end. And while there may be some ring of truth to lines like this (particularly that he probably does want a chance to steal things across history), that doesn’t mean he’s not in alignment in himself, only that he has multiple motives that converge, and isn’t sure yet even why he’s been invited on this trip to the future so he latches on to the motive that’s most accessible to him, especially when it comes to convincing Mick to join him.

And when he does change? When his motives have shifted? Len doesn’t deny it when he’s called on it.

So it’s not that Len can’t or won’t lie (he does), or that he’s always forthright with people (he’s not), it’s that he doesn’t tend to lie about who he is and how he sees himself, to himself or to others (when pressed). He isn’t in denial or self-deception, and he resolves his own internal conflicts by making a choice and going forward with it and owning it.

And though he doesn’t see himself as a hero, even if he feels a sense of honor (which he doesn’t ever deny), Len does experience a change, a desire for more, and he admits to it, sets himself on that course. And he’s admitting he wants the legacy involved, the notion of being a Legend, even if he’s saying it in his own way:

Len is also almost always upfront about his motives for doing something, whether he’s only somewhere to save Mick or whether he’s pushed to admitting why he really wants the maximillian emerald, he only lies in order to manipulate and get his way, not to obfuscate the truth from himself. So he always knows why he’s doing something, even if that motive ends up changing. Again, when it comes to who he is, he’s not a character out to deceive others (unless they’re a mark and he’s working a job), because he’s not interested in not being himself. He’s Leonard Snart, he’s Captain Cold, and even if he protects his emotions and makes sure to have a tough front, he’s never gonna’ wear a mask and hide who he really is.

He’s also not gonna’ lie about what side he’s on, even when that side has changed: whether it’s Mick’s side, his own side, or the team’s side, once he’s made up his mind, the rest of him is in alignment with that choice and the consequences of it.

Beyond that, on an identity level, I think some people don’t quite know how to examine this apparent ‘alignment of self’ within Len in the sense that we see his Cold Persona, his ‘Snart’ self, and then the more vulnerable Lenny/Leo side, and we might interpret that as: he’s not aligned, he has all these different aspects of himself. But having different aspects doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t mean he’s not admitting who he is. He’s always admitted that he’s had a “rough childhood” and his father was (tongue-in-cheek) a “sterling role model” and that he does what he does in the city he does it in simple because he loves it, the city is his home, and he’s “very good at it”. Len’s not denying his identity or his history to anyone who asks, even if he’s not about to show them his vulnerable side. His Cold Persona is still part of him, still something he enjoys, a tool but genuine, an expression of self. It’s not hiding any of him, it’s just augmenting what’s already there.

Finally, on the notion of how Len is conflicted over becoming a hero, denying it but doing heroic things, I don’t know if that’s the same as not being himself. Len is on the Waverider because he wants to be. He’s on this team and doing what he chooses to. He’s aware of what he’s up to and when his aims start to change (I think that he cares more about the future once he sees the potential destruction of Central City the first time they mess up the timeline, realizing what’s truly at stake). And he’ll always tell you who he is and why he’s doing what he’s doing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t layers to it, pieces of the puzzle he’s still working through in his head before he’ll vocalize them to others. But he tends not to deny things when asked outright. 

And while it may be easy for us who analyze him to try to see contradictions of a self divided, to try and find those gaps, consider him in relation to others. Consider Barry, who wears a mask and lies about being the Flash when asked to his face if he’s the Flash by someone with evidence that he is. Consider Cisco, who tried to hide his powers because he was afraid of the implications and didn’t want them. Consider Rip, who lied to the whole team about his aims and goals and continues to do so. 

Were any of those people Leonard, he’d tell whoever accused him of being the Flash “yes that is who I am” and accept and investigate his own powers if he had them, and tell the team his goals up front if he intended to work with them as a crew (and not as marks). He’s also direct when working with a crew or on a team (even if he lies to Mick, he admits to lying to Mick and why), and he demands transparent communication from others:

For the record, I’ve been trying to write Len this way for ages (though I don’t always succeed, because internal conflict is fun to work with). I attempt to capture how he likes to be honest, if only with himself. How he acknowledges when he starts to develop feelings or attraction for someone, how he’s not in denial of those parts of himself whenever he becomes aware of them, aware of himself being pulled in different directions or conflicted. I mostly try to write him as someone who knows what he wants, or figures out what he wants fast when he doesn’t already know. And if he can’t admit something, it’s because he’s still processing it and figuring it out inside his own head. 

So I don’t think these quotes of Wentworth’s fly in the face of how we characterize him generally, it’s just that we have to examine what Wentworth’s statements really mean.


“He wondered if a cartographer could have charted the course of their relationship; whether, if you extrapolated backwards in time from there, you could find some common point from which it all stemmed. Perhaps, there, you’d find the roots of their isolation, the sense of being completely and utterly separate from the people around them; the perpetual feeling of having mislaid something near and dear to their hearts.”

- A Story Without Words 

[x] Check out the video, and please support this wonderful project!


Infinitely Polar Bear is out now. This movie is very near and dear to my heart. Thank you to the cast and crew for this amazing experience! Find out where it’s playing near you. I hop you enjoy it! http://bit.ly/1LnTgCe

The Thirteenth Prince

This story is near and dear to my heart. It tells the story of Frozen, from Hans’ point of view, through his own journal. This story contains my official headcanons, and sets up the background for the Frozen fanfic sequel that I would like to write.

Seeing as how this is basically true to the story, only revealing things that happened behind the scenes during the film, this tale is decidedly Safe For Work.

If you love Prince Hans - or if you want to love him - this story is for you.

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Also asked by beatnikdinosaur, greenjokrd, robins-queen, shoshele, and Anonymous.

Favorite thing about her?

B: How she doesn’t “fit the mold,” speaks her mind, and loves her family.
R: Family narratives slay me and destroy me. The fact that the film is driven by Mulan’s love for her father and her search for a sense of self-worth and pride… don’t look at me, I’m getting emotional.

Least favorite thing about her?

B: Her initial attempts at being a man gave me the most painful bout of secondhand embarrassment.
R: Oh god, I totally agree. I love Mulan. She’s so earnest and sweet and innovative and SDKLFJSD

Do I like her movie?

B: Very much!

Favorite outfit she wears?

B: I like her armor a lot. It’s a good look and the colors are strong. I mean I’m an armor kind of person.
R: When I was younger, I loved her look when she had to meet the matchmaker—it was so beautiful. Now, I think she looks so pretty in the last outfit of the film.

Favorite song from her movie?

B: Dude. Is there anybody who doesn’t love “Be A Man.” Like c’mon.
R: True! But “Reflection” is the song most near and dear to my heart from this film. I used to sing it all the time around my house to my parents :D

Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?

B: MUSHU! I love Eddie Murphy, so his humorous additions were much appreciated.
R: I love all three of Mulan’s companions. Khan is the wonderful silent and stoic component to the group, Crickee is the earnest and nice one with a hidden side of sass, and Mushu is the hilarious and outspoken leader. Their dynamic is fantastically done, especially since two of them can’t talk!

Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?

B: Um. Familial love. Clumsiness with new tasks. Work ethic to develop mastery.
R: LOVE FOR FAMILY AND RESPECT FOR ANCESTORS. The drive to make those near and dear proud.

How would I rate her prince?

B: Shang? He’s fit as all get out, that’s for sure. And I really liked that he was willing to go after her and respects her. (“You fight good,” though. Really, Shang? Really?)
R: SHAAAAAAAAAAANG. He’s fantastic. His adeptness in training an army of rookies and quickly taking over for his father… He’s sweet and clumsy, and he’s also hot as hell, LOL.

Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?

B: Top five, for sure. Probably number two.
R: Definitely one of my favorites! I have such a soft spot for her :)

Pictures of you

TITLE: Pictures of You


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst 

FIC SUMMARY: Scotty is invited over to Tom’s farewell party, expecting to say goodbye for a long time only to find life has many  twists and turns.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Hi! Hello! This was very relaxing to write. Tell me what you think or not…

Inspired by The Last Goodnight- Pictures of you

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