a field guide to the western birds

standing at the very peak of the rockies facing north, clutching a field guide to birds of north america (western edition) in my left hand and a field guide to birds of north america (eastern edition) in my right hand

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Name: Gunter

Nickname: Günt, Güntah, Güntburger, Güntzilla, Günt Company

Birthday: 12/11/2010
Star sign: Sagittarius 
Gender: MAN

Height:  ~5′’

Sexual orientation: pedi-sexual
Romantic orientation: anything that wiggles
Favourite colour: white
Time and date right now: wat
Average hours of sleep last night: ~12

Lucky number: günt

Last thing I googled: how to whistle
First thing that comes to mind: feet
One place that makes me happy: window perch
I sleep under: the blanket over my cage

Favourite fictional character: Gunter

Favourite famous person: David Attenborough 
Favourite books: Chewy ones
Favourite musicians/bands: Anyone who whistles, “Happy and you know it”
Favourite games: Giving kisses

Last film: Piranha 3DD
Dream holiday: Spa day to watch the pedicures

Wearing right now: My finest fluff

Last book: Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America
I tag: Franky, Bolin