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Do you have/know any percabeth headcanons?

Let’s do this.

  • After Annabeth takes a shower, she has Percy run his hands through her hair once, and it’s instantly dry. No blowdryer needed in this household, thanks very much. It’s a huge time saver, which is good because Annabeth is NOT a morning person.
  • Iris lets them iris-message for free when they’re apart. 
  • They talk about and plan for their kids in immense detail years before they actually end up having them.
  • Percy does the whole, legit proposal thing a few days after they both graduate college. But a few weeks after the Giant War, late one night, they did have a surprisingly casual, “we’re getting married” conversation.
needy; connor murphy x reader smut

requests: too many 

okay motherfuckers, it’s here and its kinky as hell

word count; 1673

TRIGGER WARNINGS; KINKY SMUT, ITS AGAINST A CAR SO IN PUBLIC OKAY, connor calls the reader nicknames like babygirl etc, T E a s i N G, lowkey a lil hint of degradation but just a lil’, LEMME KNOW IF IM MISSING TAGS


It was almost pathetic the kind of affect Connor had on you by just being near you, but what was even more pathetic was the affect he had on you when he wasn’t around. The fact that after only a few days of being apart, you started to become almost desperate to see him again, to feel him again.

 You see, Connor had been away for a week because he had been forced to go on a trip with his family. And while it’s not like you two hadn’t sent your fair share of racy texts and pictures while he was away, it was nothing near enough to satiate you.

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Dwarf Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Cadash

Turmeric “Pin Cushion” Cadash, second heir to the Cadash family, found himself going in his sister’s stead to the Conclave and has his life changed forever. Behind the gentle smile and friendly demeanor sits a calculating and brilliant leader he never realized was there. 

Coming Out Post

It’s 3:55am right now and I know I should be asleep but with this still on my mind, I won’t be able to uniI say it

So, I’ve hated how I’ve looked for a very long time now, especially my body. I thought maybe it was because I got bullied a lot (I still do sometimes) but, as I got older, especially in the last few months, I literally hated looking at myself in the mirror and, in the last week or so, I figured out why I hate my body so much and why I’ve been feeling so down lately.

All this time of me thinking i was genderfluid. I built up the courage to talk to my dad about what was going on in my mind and how I’ve been feeling. And the words that I came out with were, “I hate being a girl”.

So, idk if you’ve already guessed it yet but, I am trans. My dad knows (who’s also trans which is great), my friends know and I’m telling my sister at the weekend as she’s staying over. I’m worried about telling my mum tho as when my dad came out, she didn’t take it very well, and she calls me her “daughter” and doesn’t use the proper pronouns they/them even when I correct her which frustrates me ;-;

@the-third-guy-from-the-left also knows this as she was the first person I told on her and she’s like a big sister to me and I love her so much 💕

Now that I have that off my chest, I can relax now 🙌

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Sorry if I've been annoying you, but I have to ask, will the storyline now be running throughout all the episodes now until the end or will it settle back down into its normal method of some episodes not featuring it?

Due to simply not enough time to work on them, there will be episodes without storyline in them. For instance, the next episode - Batman: Odyssey #1 - won’t have any because I’m going to Conbravo this weekend and don’t have time to film and edit another storyline bit before then. It’s also likely there will be a lull for a few weeks before the finale because I need to give the Game Show Reviewer time to finish up all the effects work for it, so most likely it will end mid-late September.


In this week’s Daiya…

First we see Okumura analyzing the scorebook from the previous matches. Then it jumps to late night practice and we see Okumura practicing with a tire, Sawamura comes along and outpaces him, and at the end, we also see Asada lying on the ground after he’s done his own practice with a tire. As usual, at dinner, Okumura and Asada are the last ones to finish.

A few days later, Kataoka is practicing fielding with the team, before the scene switches to the bullpen, where Kataoka is getting Sawamura to practice pitching in sets, to simulate conditions on the field. Sawamura rejects Yui’s offer to practice the numbers with him, saying he’ll do it with Miyuki the next day. Just then, Kataoka asks Okumura to switch with Yui to catch for Sawamura’s next set, but Okumura rejects him. Sawamura tries to lighten the mood by replying to Kataoka’s question of why not, saying Okumura vowed only to catch when he gets promoted to first-string. Kataoka then tells him that he plans to bring Okumura and Seto up to the first-string before Miyuki goes off for the Tokyo Invitationals, and Okumura says he’ll be happy to do so then, but he refuses to play any other position than catcher in the first string. In the final scene, we see Yui looking over at Okumura before he resumes practice with Sawamura, remembering how he said he’d only play catcher at first, but after being promoted to first-string, he took Kataoka’s offer to play in the match as a fielder if he could help out the team.

Source: Public raws
PS: If anyone’s wondering about the lower quality of raws this week, the usual raws website has gone down and it seems the regular provider has disappeared as well, so stuff has been delayed, etc. Here’s hoping things will improve and stabilize soon.

Writer’s Block

Leonard McCoy X Reader

Your husband Leonard helps you out when you have writer’s block

Words: 576

Warnings: Sexual references, implied sexy times (nothing steamy), writing frustrations, neglected self-care? fluff

Author’s Note: Here’s another Len imagine! It’s kinda short but I’m apparently not very wordy lately. Anyways! I hope this may help someone out there struggling with writer’s block or something of the sort. Basically un-edited, sorry! Also, sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. Enjoy!


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Thoughts on Draco and Kids.

Draco “eternal stick up my ass i hate everyone including you” Malfoy is not the person parents want to babysit their kids. He’s rude, blunt, sarcastic and foul. He’s the man who would save a baby from a fire solely because he knows what the parents would say if he didn’t. Draco Malfoy is the man who sets infants in cribs and leaves them to cry themselves to sleep. He never had a happy childhood, so why should they?

Except he’s not.

Draco Malfoy is the man who sings lullabies to a newborn Rose Weasley and rocks her to sleep. He’s the man who gave Teddy Lupin his first broomstick and taught him to fly, but not before teaching him to read and write. He’s the man who stargazes with Hugo and brings him chocolate when he’s feeling down. He’s the man who holds life in his arms and sees it for what it is: an innocent, precious gift. He never had a happy childhood growing up, and he’s going to give them something that he, as the boy who had everything, never had: childhood memories worth remembering.

Draco Malfoy is not the man people think he is, but the reasons behind his reluctance in sharing are unknown.

Harry saw him hold Teddy Lupin in his arms after his trial. They sat in a room waiting for his mother and Andromeda outside. He was awkward at first and the tears came before the smiles. Had Harry Potter not done what he’d done… a chubby hand with fingers the size of his nails non-too-gently patted his cheek after a few tears had fallen, and knowing how annoying children could be when upset, Draco smiled softly and wiped his eyes. One silly face turned into two, and that dark brown tuft of hair turned the exact shade of his white-blonde locks. He screamed, Harry laughed, Teddy cried, the hair was back to brown.

“He does that,” Harry remarked and gently bounced the child back to sleep.

Draco Malfoy went out for coffee with Harry Potter two weeks later. One cup turned into two, one meeting turned into five, one shop turned into a house. Three months later one quick babysitting date turned into one late night stay for his baby cousin. Draco Malfoy kissed Harry Potter that night with one soft infant snore in the background.

He met Victoire Weasley a few months later at the burrow for Christmas Eve Dinner. Molly Weasley’s pumpkin pudding did nothing to ease his nerves and the hard stares of George from across the table. Ginny smiled at the door, and Molly smothered him with hugs and food.

“As thin as Harry, young man… As thin as- Here, have some more potatoes!”

One plate turned into two, and by the end of the night he must’ve gained half his weight from treacle tarts alone.

Bill was strumming a guitar and not wanting to stand in the doorway besides George, Draco left for the kitchen. Three minutes later and a halfhearted argument won, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his hands were scrubbing plates.

“Always do it the muggle way,” she’d said. He couldn’t remember the rest. Near the end Victoire unsteadly crawled into the room. Her hair stuck up on one side of her head and it was clear the child had been sleeping. Sleep lines on her face didnt cover the dried spit all over her chin, and Draco smiled gently as he bent to down to pick her up.

“Miss Victoire,” he’d called her that first time. Laying her horizontal in his left arm, he wiped her chin and rocked her back to sleep. He continued to help clean the room with one hand, and didn’t miss Molly Weasley’s smile.

When Rose came along, Harry was already the favorite babysitter. He and Harry had been living together for quite some time, although it was clear the resident Weasley parents saw Harry as the sole caretaker on work days. They flooed in, asking if ‘Harry could babysit?’/p>

Draco didn’t mind, he never talked much about children. He liked them, but when Harry was blowing raspberries at Teddy on the dining room table, he didn’t take Teddy for himself.

Very few people know him as who he is, Draco and not Draco Lucius Malfoy. He takes pride in his name, but takes more pride in making Dominique smile when she’s pouting and teaching Rose the wand movements for 1st year charms at just 8 years old. He takes pride in his intellect and control, but takes more pride in perfecting his Princess Victoire and Teddy the Dragon voice when reading aloud Teddy’s favorite book.

Nine years later, at Christmas Eve dinner, while Arthur opened the wine bottles, Draco dismissed himself silently and walked upstairs. In the children’s room, Harry was laughing with the kids when he saw Draco standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. He looked back to the kids and stood up. When he told them Draco would read a special story, all protests at Harry’s departure ceased.

When Fluer walked up to kiss her three children goodnight, she had to stop herself from entering the room. Two minutes later, and the rest of her family was beside and behind her, staring into the room. With a high pitched voice, Princess Victoire shouted out from Draco’s lips.

“I may be short, and I may be a princess, but I’m strong! I’ll save my baby sister from that dragon!”

“The baby princess!” Dominique interuppted, and Draco smiled and nodded before turning the page.

When the voice of Teddy the Dragon came out of his mouth, Teddy the Human let out a pitched growl. “I’m gunna eat you!” He shouted and Hugo giggled.

“Hurry Uncle Draco! Ted’s gon eat 'Toire!” Rose added.

It started to make sense, and some adults found themselves laughing along with their kids. Things began to connect, and suddenly it was clear to the Weasley’s. Why their children, and grandchildren, called him “Uncle Draco.“ Why they screamed happily and ran up to hug Harry and Draco during babysitting days. Why Teddy spent half his childhood with white-blonde hair.

Two weeks later after the Hols had ended, Draco got a fire call from Hermione Granger. Almost immediately, he stood up and brushed off his pants.

“Hermione. Hello. Harry’s, uh, upstairs; I can go get him, if you’d-”

“Oh no, it’s fine.” She cut him off, and before Draco could feel the awkwardness creep up his veins, she had already continued on. “Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to babysit…?”

Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






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what valentINES??


Dress Code (m)

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➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow