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Reasons to read the manga: MAJOR MILES IN STANDARD UNIFORM

(in Brotherhood he wears the ¾ length Briggs coat through and after the Promised Day and ??? IT’S SPRING LET HIM TAKE IT OFF BEFORE HE COMBUSTS)


I got bored and finally finished those MH TWEWY sprite edits I’ve been working on, including a redo of the Jay one from a while back, in an attempt to make him look slightly less like a twelve-year-old. (Did it work? We just don’t know.)

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What'd alois,ciel and kurapika do if their s/o doesn't eat when they go on dates?(they're too shy to chew food in front of other people who their not used to)

Okay but this is physically me like can someone tell me if this is a normal thing that people are afraid of or its just me being a paranoid person, also anon that sent this i hope you feel comfortable eating in front of people someday ~Admin B


- Hes not really going to notice at first if im honest because hes not really eating much either but thats because hes talking and he just thinks your not eating because hes not eating too.

- He will get it eventually and he’ll get a lil frowny pout on his face because he wants you to be comfortable around him but hes honestly not good at helping people feel better around him.

- He just tries to get you to trust him through many acts of embarrassing himself to show you that no he isnt bothered if you look weird doing a few things and that no its nothing to be embarrased about.


- Ahh the little angst dumpling will notice straight away because he just reads people that way and its funny at first because hes just like squinting at you from across the table figuring you out then it clicks and theres a light scowl and its not discomforting but its not friendly.

- Hes straight away asking questions “whats wrong with your food”, “why are you scared? is it me or something” and its the most worried- angry questions ever.

- When he manages to make you admit it out loud he will act nochalant but in reality hes happy you told him because now he can work on helping you in any way he can.


- Sweet boy is only upset that your not eating not even that your scared to in front of him or that your embarrassed to chew hes just concerned about your health.

- He tries to make his presence seem more calm whenever he knows your eating because he wants you to feel like he doesnt mind.

- All together hes just trying to help and hes an all around sweetheart with stuff like this.

Okay maybe I’m just being salty here but lately I have had some tags and comments on my art pointing out mistakes in a not so nice manner. Sometimes even going so far as to just outright laugh about it. Partly this is due to my older art getting reblogged a lot lately so it reaches audiences that might have started to expect a different quality from me. But it also happens on newer pieces and that just makes me feel down, even if they are just doodles and not supposed to be perfect.

There seems to be this notion on tumblr that an artist has to be at a certain level and stay consistent and I can tell you that is not the case. Artist grow and they fluctuate. Sometimes I have days where I can almost draw anything that comes to mind and sometimes I have days where even a simple left facing character just won’t look right. And I’m still growing as an artist. So things that I made a few months ago might look weird now, but was at the best of my abilities then. And that okay, because that is what artists do, they grow. And they fluctuate. And they most likely know that they still have to learn a lot.

And I’m not saying that giving critique is bad, because it isn’t it’s even highly appreciated. But laughing at something in the tags and saying it looks horrendous is not critique. It’s just being mean.

Please remember that artists here on tumblr mostly make art that you can enjoy for free and that most of them aren’t professionals most of the time and even if they are that they can still feel really insecure about their art. If you see something about someone’s art that could use improving then just shoot them
a message and be nice about it!

And this doesn’t just go for visual art but other artforms like writing as well. Because a mean comment on something that you have created can really discourage young artists and make them afraid to post things here. And frankly even artists like me that have been on this site a bit longer also feel it whenever someone is being mean about what they created.

Just remember that there are actual people taking their time to create content that you can enjoy and that they do this for free and most likely do it for fun next time you want to make a comment in the tags.