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Significant Weather Advisory 

by reddit user OtistheWriter

I hate thunderstorms in the Midwest, mainly because they bring with them a threat of real danger. In southern Nebraska we’ve been known to have tornados somewhat regularly, ugly black funnels that drop from the sky and ruin your life. 

That is, if you lived in my neighbors house in 1997, when I was a teenager. I’m referring to a family of three just several homes down. Family friends and caretakers of our corgi while we were on vacation, they helped our street feel like home. Then the storm came and everything changed.

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Soho Stroll

It’s All About Casual Comfort

When it comes to my weekend attire, comfort rules above all else. Busy Saturdays and Sundays are usually spent running around the city doing errands, shopping, and discovering new local places so I like to dress more casually to suit my on-the-go activity. While strolling through Soho last week, I discovered this quiet side street with beautiftul orange shutters so I took a timeout from my day to snap a few pics. The outfit is simple - a chambray shirt over a classic white tee and some grey denim - but special touches like the felt hat and alligator emmbossed sneakers still allow me to showcase my personal style. What does your weekend uniform look like?


JACHS NY Shirt // Velvet by Graham & Spencer T-Shirt // Mavi Jeans // Axel Arigato Sneakers // Goorin Bros. Hat


Connection Twenty Five

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.   Twenty One.   Twenty Two.   Twenty Three.   Twenty Four.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4196

**Spoilers for Series Four: The Dying Detective and The Final Problem**

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Greg Lestrade was walking toward the body that had been reported twenty minutes earlier at dawn. Molly had gotten to the scene almost at the same time and walked by his side with her crime scene bag in hand. She had been rambling about a television show until she tapered off when they saw a pair of legs sticking out amid the pile of garbage bags.

They continued to the body in relative silence both preparing themselves for what they could find while officers moved around them finishing taping off and securing the perimeter. The upper half of the body was covered by a garbage bag and Molly quickly snapped a few pictures then Greg lifted the bag and carefully set it aside. The face was obscured by her hair. Another few shutter clicks.

“It’s just not possible. She would never be so reckless.” Molly took her time surveying the area before kneeling down and gently pulled the hair away then recoiled slightly. She glanced up at Greg who stared at the damage with a look she didn’t like. “You’ve got to be joking. She would never, not with Will.”

He pulled his gaze from the body and looked Molly in the eye. “Will is at Baker Street. I took him there myself just yesterday.” He looked back at the battered face then down to the three bullet holes in the torso. “Will said bad men were chasing them and she threw him in a cab, sent him to me.”

Molly clamped her mouth shut as she looked back to the woman’s face that was no longer identifiable on sight. “No. If it was her, they wouldn’t have had…” she shook her head and stood up straight, “no. I don’t believe it.”

“Hey, you need to get back!”

Both Molly and Greg whipped around at the officer’s tone. Greg cursed under his breath at the sight of the cameras moving in from across the street toward the mouth of the alley then shouted, “who let them up the block?”

“We just got here how did they get the tip off so quickly?” Molly tried blocking the view with her own body.

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Half Sister (With A Twist) Part 2 ~Supernatural Imagine~

Hello humans! I am so so sorry this took so long, I’ve been going through some stuff and I just couldn’t write. BUT, I hope you like this! :) 

*Not My Gif*

“Did those idiots hurt you?” Crowley asked.
“No, I’m fine. Look, can you meet me somewhere?” I asked him as I drove up the road.
“How about here?” I suddenly heard his voice next to me.
I jumped, causing the car to swerve to other lane of the narrow road. When I gained control again, I looked over at him with an angry
“What the hell?! You could of caused me to wreck!” I yelled.
“You wanted to talk.” He simply said.
I rolled my eyes and stared at the road.
“That stupid Winchester is such an asshole!” I ranted aloud.
“Darling, you’re a Winchester too.” He said with a playful smirk.
“Ugh, don’t mention it.” I said.
He smiled and chuckled a bit. I looked over at him, then back at the road.
“I’m so glad you think this is funny, because now I’m a target.” I said as I clutched onto the wheel in anger.
“Oh love, don’t worry. Those idiots won’t hurt you. You’re family, they never hurt family.” He said.
“I don’t think Dean would have any problem killing me.” I said.
“He gave you that whole tough "I’ll could kill you if need be” attitude, didn’t he? You shouldn’t be scared of him.“ Crowley asked.
"I’m not scared of him!” I snapped.
“Good, then don’t worry about being a target.” He said.
I looked over to him, but noticed he had disappeared. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I took a few deep breaths, then finally started to
calm down. I pulled up to the small motel I was staying in and parked. As I walked up the stairs, it started to pour down rain. I put
my hood up and walked into my room, locking the door behind me.

*Dean’s Pov*
We followed the car for a couple miles, before she finally turned into a small motel parking lot. I parked across the street and looked
over at Sammy.
“So what now?” I asked.
“Let’s just watch her for a little bit. Just to be sure that she’s not up to anything.” Sam said.
I rolled my eyes and looked back towards the motel.
It was a half hour before she came back out of the room and it was only to get a water. I sighed loudly and sat back in the seat, keeping
my eyes on her. As she walked back to her room, I noticed two strange guys following her.
“They weren’t there before.” Sam said as he sat up in his seat and grabbed the door handle.
“Wait, why are we doing this? She’s half angel, half demon. I’m sure that freak can take care of herself.” I said rudely.
“Don’t call her a freak!” Sam snapped at me.
I looked at him confused.
“You’ve known the girl for two minutes and you’re already defending her against your own brother?” I questioned in disbelief.
“I’m not defending anyone, but you know I hate when you call people freaks. Just because their different, does not make them a bad
person.” He stated firmly.
I sighed and rolled my eyes, looking back at the motel. The two guys were now knocking on her door. As we watched, we noticed them
pulling out angel blades.
“Let’s go.” Sam said as he opened the door and ran towards the motel.

*Y/N’s Pov*

I heard 3 loud knocks on the door as I sat on the bed. I slowly stood up and stared at the door. No way in hell I was answering that..
3 more knocks sounded, but this time louder. I headed to grab my angel blade, but was stopped by the door being kicked down. Two guys
that were clearly demons walked in with smug looks on their faces.
“So you’re the demon angel?” One of them spoke.
I stayed silent as I stared at them.
“Get her.” The other spoke quickly.
I tried to run, but the demons were quicker. They grabbed the hood of my jacket and threw me back against the wall. I winched in pain
as they walked towards me and cornered me. One of them grabbed my jacket and pulled me up abruptly. He lifted the angel blade and smiled
Then there was nothing. There was a loud bang and the two demons eyes and mouths lit up a bright orange. Their now lifeless bodies fell
to the floor and I looked up to see Sam and Dean standing in the door way holding their guns.
My brothers….saved me?
“Thanks..” I mumbled softly.
“Yeah, well don’t expect us to do this every time. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.” Dean spoke sternly.
“Yeah…..yeah I know…” I said quietly.
They walked in slowly as I grabbed my bag off the bed. I stopped and looked at them.
“Why did you save me?” I questioned.    
“It was Sam’s idea, not mine. I would of let them kill you.” Dean stated.
“Dean stop.” Sam snapped.
“No. Let him continue. He’s naturally an asshole so you might as well save your breath.” I said as I stared at Dean.
“I am not an asshole!” Dean yelled as he walked towards me.
“You obviously are. You use the term "freak” so loosely and you don’t know how bad that hurts some people! How did Sam feel when you
called him that for the first time? Huh? I bet it crushed him! And do you know why you don’t see a problem with it? Because you don’t
have a different bone in your body! You’re the “perfect” person!“ I screamed in anger.
"You think I’m not different? That I’m "perfect?! I was in hell!” Dean yelled.
“And I grew up there!” I screamed back.
He grabbed my jacket and slammed me against the wall.
“You don’t know what I’ve been through!” He yelled in my face.
“And you don’t know what I’ve been through! So, stop being such an asshole!” I yelled back.
He slowly let go of my jacket as his face softened. He sighed and looked down, then back up.
“Look, I’m sorry..” He spoke quietly.
“It’s fine..” I mumbled.
“No, it’s not. I just…” He started to say as he grabbed his right arm.
I looked at him, confused, then looked over at Sam for an explanation.
“He has the mark…” Sam whispered.
I looked back at Dean in shock.
“The mark of Cain?” I questioned softly.
Dean sighed and nodded.
I looked at them and took a deep breath.
“I might be able to help you..” I said.
They both looked at me in complete shock.
“What do you mean?” Dean asked.
“I’m a demon and an angel. I might be able to help figure this out….if you stop being a dick.” I said as I laughed a bit.
Smiles spread across both of their faces as they chuckled.
“Fine. Where do we start?” Dean asked.
“You can start by getting your sister some lunch….I’m starving.” I said with a smile as I walked past them and out the door.

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Boyfriend troubles - Gotham Fanfiction

Fandom: Gotham

Themes: A for angst.

Summary: Requested by @evangalinerose,: Oswald meets the girl in the graveyard, and she is beyond nice to him he falls for her. He then sends out Victor to kill her boyfriend to steal her from him. Problem is that Victor is her boyfriend.

Tags: @aya-fay , @klbwriting, @jokesterwrites, @taintedmarker, @alinacorday

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This kinda ended up a Reader X Raphael / Malec Imagine :D Also I apologies for the appalling attempt at sarcasm :)

“Enough.” Izzy said as she joined you in watching Alec and Magnus chat with each other. You rolled your eyes and glared at your childhood friend as she chuckled and linked arms with you, dragging you away to find Clary.

“I’m not doing anything.” You sighed. Again she giggled, glancing over her shoulder at her sibling and then back at you with a knowing look.


“Woah there, where do you think you’re going in such a hurry?” Izzy yelled as you both caught Clary and Jace running through the corridors.

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Camera (Yoongi x Reader)

Merry Late Christmas! Here’s a cute fluffy Yoongi scenario for y’all!

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Returning a camera gets you Min Yoongi’s attention, and maybe a date.

S/N: Street Name

btw, that number is fake, idk who’s that is, so just fyi. 


There’s a camera on the table next to you, completely alone, basically abandoned. It’s small and black but probably highly precious to someone.  You wonder why they would leave it on a table in a coffee shop.

You sip your coffee, going about your business, maybe if you waited a while the owner would come back and get it. You feel a sense of responsibility for the lonely camera. Like you should stay until someone comes back and picks it up.

You stay an hour, reading to pass the time, but no one comes back and no one sits there.

It’s about closing time, so you pack your things and pick up the camera. It’s feels nice in your hands, light and smooth. Something so fragile but with the ability to hold beautiful memories.

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Hannibal Set Experience

Well, I’m still in shock about the wonderful experience I had last night staking out the Hannibal set in Toronto! 

I had heard from a friend on facebook that they would be filming outdoor location scenes for Hannibal on March 28th between 7pm and 5am at 50 Lowther Ave. So, Katie and I decided to check it out in hopes of catching a glimpse of Mads or Hugh. We had no idea what kind of shots they would be filming, if the actors would even be involved, so imagine our delight when we showed up shortly after 7 to Hannibal’s House!!!!

Yeah, we were over the moon. They were setting up for the better part of 3 hours while darkness fell, so we walked around the neighborhood, scoped out the trailers, and warmed up in a nearby pub. When we returned to the set around 10 things were starting to happen, and a small group of fans had collected on the sidewalk across the street from the house.

More SEMI-SPOILER-Y fun under the cut!

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A Date for Dad

It had been nineteen years since Sherlock had stepped foot on a university campus. And he strode through the halls now with the same arrogant, prideful swagger he’d had back then.

‘Sherlock,’ John hissed. ‘This isn’t a good idea.’

‘Thank you for the input, John. I have heard your opinion 27 times since we left Baker Street, and, as I have done every time you offered it, I have chosen to ignore it.’

‘She will kill you, you know that right? Georgina will properly murder you. And get away with it, you’ve taught her how.’

Sherlock smirked. Yes, if his genius daughter did choose to off him, he took pride in the knowledge that she would do it properly.

‘Can’t you just let it go? It’s just a Uni course!’ John fell back a few steps when Sherlock took a sudden turn down another hall.

‘Oh, please,’ Sherlock snapped. ‘From the first day of term, all I’ve heard from her is Dr Hooper is so amazing! Dr Hooper is brilliant! Dr Hooper the best!’ He pitched his voice in a mimicry of his 16-year-old daughter’s, then dropped back to a dark scowl. ‘And, to my absolute horror, she called me last night with the news that she had decided to pursue a career in pathology! Pathology, John! My baby girl, my only child, my brilliant offspring, no longer wants to follow in my footsteps to become a Consulting Detective, only the second one in the world! Instead, she has found a new career idol in this stranger!’

John felt both amused and exasperated. Sherlock Holmes was the most prideful man in the world and he loved his daughter to pieces. And when those two things clashed… well, god help this poor professor.

‘Here it is.’ Sherlock came to a sudden halt outside a lecture hall door.

‘Sherlock, come on, think this through,’ John whispered hotly. ‘You’re going to barge in there, during your daughter’s class, and what? Thoroughly humiliate her?’

Sherlock scoffed. ‘Once I have put this fraud of a professor in his place, Georgina will see that there is only one career choice for her and she will once more look up to me!’

With that, the World’s Only Consulting Detective (and Biggest Child) yanked open the double doors and strode into the large lecture hall. John hesitantly followed, shaking his head and keeping close to the exit.

Every head turned back as the doors banged against the wall. Sherlock took the long steps two at a time, his Belstaff flowing behind him like a cape.

‘Excuse me, can I help you?’ A petite, brown-haired woman was sitting on a table at the front of the classroom and had looked up in surprise at their entrance. Sherlock came to a stop just a few feet shy of her. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail and thick, black-rimmed glasses were perched on her pert nose. She wore loose trousers and a cherry-print cardigan over a brightly patterned blouse; the sight was almost blinding. She was young, no older than 32, obviously an assistant or such filling in until Dr Hooper arrived.

‘Dad?!’ He turned around to see Georgina in the front row. He sent her a wink, then turned back to the woman.

‘I would like to speak with Dr Hooper. Where is he?’

The woman sat up and crossed her arms. ‘Why?’

‘Dad!’ Georgina hissed warningly behind him, but he ignored her.

‘Apparently Dr Hooper has been filling my daughter’s head with the idea that being a pathologist,’ he wrinkled his nose at the word, ‘is better than being a Consulting Detective. And I’d like to set him straight.’

The woman looked down for a moment, schooling her features, then cleared her throat and smiled up at him. ‘And what makes pathology a poor choice?’

Sherlock rolled his eyes. ‘Not a poor choice, per se. But an inferior one when the World’s Only Consulting Detective is your father. Now, please tell me where I can find this idiot.’

‘Well, there is an idiot in this room, but it isn’t Dr Hooper,’ the woman quipped, fire dancing in her eyes. ‘You see, as a Consulting Detective, pathology is neither inferior nor superior to your chosen profession. Rather, it complements it, I think you’ll find. After all, based on your many exploits, Mr Holmes, I gather you often need the expertise and assistance of specialist registrars, pathologists, Inspectors, and others. Including a doctor-turned-blogger,’ she peered around him and smiled at John in the back before looking back at him. ‘Am I wrong?’

A sound very much like a cough covering a laugh came from the back and Sherlock barely resisted the urge to turn around and stick his tongue out at John.

He huffed and reluctantly grumbled, ‘No, you’re not wrong.’

She hopped off the desk and paced toward him. The top of her head barely came to his chest, yet he found himself intimidated by the petite woman. With a wide smile, she thrust her hand out. ‘Doctor Molly Hooper. Pleased to meet you, Mr Holmes. I’ve heard a great deal about you.’

Sherlock didn’t remember shaking her hand; he was gaping, running through every conversation he’d had with Georgina about the infamous Dr Hooper. How had he missed the basic fact that his nemesis was a woman?

Not that it mattered, of course. She was still the doctor attempting to derail his plans for Georgina’s future.

A very brilliant, young, beautiful woman doctor. Came the unhelpful snicker of John in his Mind Palace.

‘Likewise,’ Sherlock replied through clenched teeth and jerked his hand back.

Unperturbed by his demeanor, Dr Hooper gestured toward an empty aisle seat in the third row. ‘You’re welcome to stay for the remainder of the lecture. Afterwards, maybe we can get coffee. I’d love to hear more about how you think pathology isn’t good enough for your daughter.’

There was a burst of laughter around them.

He drew himself up tall at the challenge in her stare and gave her a toothy grin, the one that sent John likened to a “soulless smile.”

‘Nothing would please me more.’


‘You planned this, didn’t you?’

Georgina widened her eyes innocently and took a bit of her cake. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

John shook his head and looked over at the couple sitting at the table across the restaurant. Sherlock and Dr Hooper had been arguing back and forth for almost two hours. Both were brilliant, stubborn, and refused to back down.

‘You never had any intention of pursuing pathology as a career choice. Ever since you were a tot, you had a one-track mind to follow in your father’s footsteps,’ he accused. Georgina pursed her lips to keep from smiling.

John narrowed his eyes at her. ‘You wanted them to meet. Why?’

Rolling her eyes, Georgina sighed and pointed her fork at him. ‘You don’t observe, Uncle John.’ She tilted her head toward her dad and Dr Hooper. ‘He’s lonely. And with me gone away to Uni, who is going to be there for him?’

John nearly spit out the sip of coffee he’d taken. Dabbing his face, he hissed, ‘You’re setting your father up on a date?!’

‘Why not?’ Georgina shrugged one shoulder. ‘He never had a chance to fall in love; he put his whole life into raising me. When I met Dr Hooper, I immediately knew she would be perfect for him, so I-’

‘You riled up your father with the idea that you were abandoning your dream of becoming the World’s Second Consulting Detective, knowing he would confront the person he deemed responsible, thus forcing them together and humbling your father at the same time.’


John gaped at his niece. ‘And if it doesn’t work?’

Georgina gave him the same look Sherlock often bestowed upon him, the look that said Don’t be an idiot, and turned her head.

‘I think it’s working quite well,’ she smiled smugly. John followed her gaze and his eyebrows flew up in surprise. Sherlock was no longer scowling and arguing, but rather smiling warmly at the young doctor, whose pleased blush was more than telling. 

Georgina beamed triumphantly. ‘I’ll bet you 500 quid that you’ll be working on a Best Man speech in 6 months.’

They both turned to watch as the couple stood and walked out, hand in hand.

Completely floored, John turned back to his niece with a dumbstruck expression on his face.

Georgina simply took a sip of coffee and wrinkled her nose in amusement. ‘Make that 3 months.’


Title: Safe
Chapter/One shot: Chapter 23
Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re running from a bunch of vampire hunters because they’re convinced you’re a vampire because you escaped a cell at the lab where you were being held. You wish with all your heart that you were somewhere safe with someone you can trust. Suddenly, you get shot with a tranquilizer dart which messes your running up and makes you trip and fall. You get back up, looking behind you, you see the hunters stop then you run into what feels like a brick wall. You almost fall but 2 strong arms catch you, seeing the odd clothing you look up to see it’s Loki. You say help please then you pass out as the tranquilizer takes effect.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Language  I hope you enjoy! As always, comments are welcome!
*indicates where I would have used italics!!!

Chapter 23

April’s POV:

“What’s going on, Loki?”

Loki put his finger over my lips, effectively stopping my questions.

“I need you to gather your things and go outside. I will meet you there with the children… But this is very important, and you have to trust me. Do you trust me, April?”

“Yes.” I was frightened by the look in his eyes.

“I need you to make this building shake.”

My mouth fell open, and I began to shake my head.

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tenxrose pretending to hate each other au?

#9 The One Where Donna Finds Out

1000~words, Teen, #45 - Pretending To Hate Each Other AU

“Saw you talking to the Tyler girl earlier,” said Aunt Sylvia over dinner.

“Eh?” His head shot up, and a smile spread across his face of it’s own volition. “Oh, you mean Rose?”

Her mouth made a grim, displeased line. Behind her, his cousin Donna shook her head, her expression clearly telegraphing abort, abort.

Uh oh, he thought.

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One direction imagine

Title: A night I will never forget

I stared at the screen of my lit up phone. My boys, one direction, had finally landed in my town.

I sighed to myself as I looked over at my mirror, remembering that I still had to apply my make up.

Yes, I was excited to see them, as I had been a fan of them since I was 12, they had grown up with me, always there when I needed them. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this night would be disappointing.

Whenever I daydreamed of going to one of their concerts I always made it so that I would somehow impress them, making them want to get to know me more. Deep down, behind the hope, I know that scenario will never happen.


I shut the door behind me, assuring my mother that I can walk by myself to the arena, since we had gotten a hotel down the street from it for the night.

When I got inside and found my seat, after much confusion, I looked around, taking it all in. It wasn’t dark yet, and I had gotten there quite early, so the arena was pretty empty, allowing me to see just about everything.

I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures for the “before it was crazy packed” scene.

Then I waited.


Hours later and the lights finally went out, it was dark now, and the screams got louder.

My 4 boys walked out onto the stage, and even though I couldn’t see them perfectly, I smiled the biggest smile I had ever made.

They were here, right there, in front of me. The boys that I have dreamed of seeing for 4 years, they were finally right in front of me.

All the times that I had been told that I would never meet or see Niall, Liam, Harry or
Louis outside of a screen, none of it mattered, because they were all wrong.

The song “clouds” sounded and I immediately started singing along, looking from them to one of the screens on either side of the arena constantly.


The last song of the encore ended and I felt a wave of dread wash over me.

It’s over.

Tomorrow they will be in a different state, maybe even in a different country. They will go back to just being a picture on a screen, a memory that I will never forget but one that they will.

My heart felt empty, I didn’t want them to go. I reluctantly followed everyone else out of the arena and into the open.

I decided not to go back to the hotel quite yet, I was feeling dizzy and dehydrated from all the screaming and singing, so I started on my way to quickly go get something to eat.

It didn’t take too long for me to get lost.

I stood there on the sidewalk, looking in all directions, unsure of what to do, when I heard a voice.

“Hey, you ok?” it asked.

I turned around, finding myself face-to-face with Harry styles.

“I-I’m lost” I said, wondering if I was dreaming.

Niall, Liam and Louis suddenly appeared next to him.

“Harry, what are you doing I thought we were going to-” Liam’s eyes landed on me.

“Hello!” he smiled at me.

I wanted to say something, but nothing would come out. Was this actually happening?

When I didn’t respond Harry chipped in again.

“She said she’s lost”.

“Well where are you headed? We could probably get you there” Liam said.

“I um, I don’t know. I didn’t think I would need to know” I nervously laughed.

“You don’t remember the direction you took?” Louis asked.

“No..well yes, I think I know how to get back from the arena, but I’m feeling lightheaded from the concert, and I’m trying to find a place to get food or at least a water” I replied.

“Oh! You were at our concert, how was it? Did you like it?” Niall asked happily.

“Yeah, it was great” I laughed once more.

“We were actually gonna go and get some food ourselves, would you care to join?” Liam asked with a genuine smile.

This has to be a punk, am I getting punk’d?

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“No not at all” Harry said.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t buy any merchandise, because I still have the money that my mom gave me” I joked.

They all laughed, honestly probably out of kindness though, and then walked me to the diner that they were headed to.

We all sat down, and talked.

We talked about the concert, their songs, myself, and even those 2am questions.

I felt so safe and content around them.

I ended up needing to take a box of leftovers back to the hotel, if I ate anymore I swear I would have exploded.


After dinner we all scrambled into their car.

When we were parked outside of my hotel I said goodbye to my boys, and finally, it all hit me.

How I had actually met them, my dream of 4 years finally came true. Those mornings when I would wake up after dreaming of meeting them and feeling my spirit practically die out of despair, they didn’t mean anything at this moment.

I hugged them all one by one and cried, I tried so hard not to, but I wasn’t strong enough.

“I love you” I whispered before I left.


I took out the key card from my purse and slid it into the door, heard the click, and swiftly opened it.

I looked over to the beds and found my mom already asleep.

I walked over to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and showered, allowing the hot water to sooth my aching head and body.

As I combed my wet hair, my eyes flickered over to the box of leftovers.

I popped open the box and smiled at the writing on the inside cover.

“Hello! It’s us, one direction, thank you for accompanying us to dinner. We hope you had a great time at the concert and we’re glad we met you, you are truly one of a kind.

P.S: Niall thinks you’re cute


Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall”

I placed my hand over my mouth and felt tears prick at my eyes.

This night will truly be one I never forget.

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Surprise - Nash Grier smut request

You clasped you bra straps together as you stood in front of the full length mirror in the changing room of Victoria’s Secret, ‘I hope this is all worth it’ you thought to yourself. You smiled to yourself at the thought of surprising your boyfriend, Nash Grier at the tour tomorrow, he’d been away for 2 months now and you couldn’t stand being apart from him any longer. 
You changed back into your original clothes and took the lingerie to the counter to pay, your mind never averting from Nash. As you left the shop you heard your phone ringing in your bag, “Hello?” you said into the phone. 
“Hey baby” Nash’s voice replied, your heart fluttered at the sound of him as though you were still a child with a deep infatuation for a crush. 
“Nash!” you grinned, “how’s tour going?”
“It’s great, but I really miss you Y/N. I didn’t realise it’d be this hard, sure I’ve got the guys but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you every damn second of the day” he sighed from the other side of the phone. 
“I miss you too, Nash. Just one more month and we’ll be together again, it’ll fly by!” you added a sad tone to your voice to cover your smirk, thinking about your little surprise for him that was only 24 hours away. 
“I know baby, I just hate being away from you. It’s weird” he replied, “Anyway, I’ve gotta go, the fans will arrive in an hour and we still need to sound check. I love you Y/L/N, so much”. 
“I love you too, Grier. I’ll call you later.” you said as you hung up. 

You couldn’t sleep that night, the thought of being in Nash’s arms in just a matter of hours sent butterflies rushing through your stomach so instead you watched a few films as you lay in one of Nash’s tops that hung off your small frame. When your bedside clock hit 7 am you sprung out of bed and jumped in the shower as excitement consumed your whole body. You dried off and slipped into the red lace lingerie that you had purchased yesterday specially for this day. You changed into your outfit and did your hair and makeup, making sure that everything was perfect for Nash. The familiar sound of your phone went off on the bedside table indicating that you had a text, you swiped open the lock screen to reveal a message from Nash 'Miss you more and more everyday. I love you xxx’, you grinned at the message and typed a reply back. 

'Just a few more hours’ you thought to yourself as your mom drove you down to the airport, you took in the scenery that you passed in the car which would soon be replaced by the palm trees and streets of LA. “We’re here, honey” your mom’s soft voice called, snapping you out of your trance. You grinned at her as you exited the car and pulled your bags out with you, you walked around to the driver’s side to meet your mom and pulled her into a deep hug. “I’ll be home before you know it, love you” you murmured as she squeezed you tightly in her arms. 
“Just stay safe, Y/N. Promise me you’ll call everyday?” she questioned, her arms still holding you to her, failing to let go. 
“You sound just like Nash” you giggled, “But yeah, I promise”. 
You felt her relax as she heard the promise leave your lips, “I love you honey” she said as she kissed you on the forehead and released you. 
You waved goodbye as you entered the airport doors. 

As the plane set off you watched the skyline of North Carolina become smaller and smaller until it eventually disappeared, along with the loneliness that vanished as you thought of your body soon to be entangled with Nash’s. 

You sent a message to Cam letting him know that you were 20 minutes away from the hotel as you hopped into the back of a cab, you leant your head back into the headrest of the seat as you waited for a reply. Your phone sounded and you quickly unlocked it, opening the message from Cam 'I’ll meet you in the lobby, Nash is playing basketball so it should be pretty easy to sneak you in. See you soon!“ 

You grinned in anticipation as you left the cab and walked up to the hotel lobby, sure enough you were greeted by a smiling Cam. 
He walked up to you and pulled you into a tight hug, "Y/N! I’ve missed you!" 
You laughed and hugged him back, "Missed you too Cam! Where’s Nash?” you questioned as you stepped out of the hug. 
“He’s outside playing basketball, I told him I had to head back to our room so I could escape” he chuckled. 
Cam lead you up a flight of stairs until you reached a hotel room door, “Well this is our room” he said as he unlocked the door, “You can just wait in here if you like, Nash should be up pretty soon.”
“Thanks for all of this Cam, I really owe you” you smiled up at him as you entered the room.
“No problem Y/N, just remember I’m in the room next to you tonight so no funny business” he replied with a wink. 
You rolled your eyes at him and laughed as he left you in the room. You scanned your eyes around the room as you perched yourself on the end of one of the beds, a photo of you and Nash on a bedside table caught your attention and you smiled to yourself, tracing your fingers over the frame. 

You heard a pair of familiar voices outside of the door which pulled you out of your daydream, “I’m just gonna head to Carter’s room bro, see you later” you placed Cam’s face to the sound of the voice, knowing exactly whose the other belonged to. “Okay man, see ya”. 
You casually lay down on the bed as the door opened to reveal Nash on his phone, he kicked the door close behind him as he made his way over to the beds, completely oblivious to your presence.
Nash continued scrolling through his phone as he walked further into the room, "Hey" you said in a relaxed tone, breaking the silence. 
Nash’s body practically jumped a mile when he realised he was not alone in the room and you couldn’t help but let out a small snort, “Nice to see you, Grier”. His eyes fixed with yours as his mouth hung open in shock, “Y/N! Baby!”, you ran towards him and jumped into his arms as he gripped your body to his.
“Surprise” you whispered as you crashed your lips to his, savouring this moment that you had long waited for.

His lips moved their way down to your neck as you tangled your fingers in his dark hair and tilted your head up, giving him better access to your sweet spot. You felt him walk back towards the bed, your legs still wrapped around his body and his lips still pressed to your neck as he lay you both down on the bed. “I’ve missed this” he murmured between kisses, you moaned in agreement as he pulled your top from over your head. You quickly reciprocated the action with him and stroked your fingers down his bare chest towards his jeans and unbuttoned them. You watched him step out of the material as you bit your lip in a hunger for him, he smirked down at you when he saw your features and soon held his body above yours again. He attached his lips back to your neck as his fingers guided their way down your stomach to the hem of your jeans, he removed his lips from you for a brief second and pulled the jeans from your legs, leaving you in just your lingerie. 
Nash’s eyes widened at the sight of you and bit his lip, “You’re really treating me today Y/N” he groaned.
You wrapped your hands around the back of his neck and pulled him back down to you, allowing your lips to meet again. You lifted your hips up to meet his as he slowly started grinding on you through the thin pieces of material, you felt him harden as he quickened the pace; unable to take any more you pushed him off you and knelt down in front of him. You ripped his boxers from his body to reveal his stiffened member, you licked your lips and swirled your tongue around the tip, teasing him with each flick.
“Fuck baby, more” he groaned. You obeyed his command and took as much as you could of him into your mouth, using your hand to work on the parts you couldn’t fit. You watched him tilt his head back in pleasure as your mouth moved back and forth, him growing weaker with each movement that sent him over the edge.
You felt him twitch inside your mouth as his fingers tangled themselves in your hair, you removed your mouth from his member before he could release. “Not so fast, Grier” you smirked as you pulled him back onto the bed on top of you. 
“It’s not nice to tease people, babygirl” he breathed into your neck as his fingers once again made your way down your body to the lace edgings of your thong. Your heart rate increased as his fingers slowly skimmed down your panties towards your heat and began lightly rubbing your clit through the material. “N-nash please” you moaned loudly as the rubbing became heavier, you heard him chuckle and felt his body move further down the bed. He pulled down your panties and let his tongue meet your core as you threw your head back in ecstasy, “You like that, baby?” he smirked, knowing full well he was driving you crazy. You struggled to string together a sentence as the knot in your stomach grew bigger and bigger, you moaned back a reply as his tongue circled your clit. “I can’t hear you baby” he said as he removed his mouth from your heat, using his index finger to slowly stroke you in a teasing way. 
“Fuck, Nash” you moaned as he thrusted his finger inside of you, adding another one as your back arched. 
You pulled his hair as he quickened his pace, “Nash, I-i’m clo-ose” you panted out. He suddenly stopped and stood up between your legs, smirking down at you evilly. 
“I told you it wasn’t very nice to tease people” he said smugly, you stood up to meet him and pushed him down on the bed, climbing on top of him in the process. You leant down and pressed your lips to his as he unhooked your bra, leaving you both completely exposed to the other. 
“You’re so beautiful, Y/N” he groaned as he met his hips to yours and began to gently push himself in and out of you. You tilted your head back and you placed your hands on his chests for support whilst you grinded on him. His hands grabbed onto your hips as he began moving you up and down, faster and faster. The room filled with profanities as you both became closer to reaching your highs, his thrusts grew sloppier with each movement and you could feel you knees become weak underneath you. “Fuck!” he shouted as he released inside of you, you soon following closely behind. You collapsed on top of him as you both struggled for breath. 

The two of you lay together for a while not saying a word, just enjoying the missed feeling of your bodies being wrapped together in a sea of blankets. “You really are something else Y/N, you know?” you giggled at his comment as nestled your head into the crook of his neck, “Not too bad yourself” you replied with a laugh. 
“Wanna go and get something to eat from the restaurant?” he asked as him hand rubbed circles onto your back whilst the other found itself playing with a strand of your hair. 
“Sure, I’m pretty hungry after that. Need to get my energy back” you said with a wink. 
He laughed and slowly untangled his body from yours and got dressed again, when you were both ready you headed down to the restaurant. 

You two both sat down at a table and after a few minutes you were joined by Cam and Carter. 
“Thanks for that guys” Cam laughed as he raised his eyebrows at you. “You do realise we were unfortunately next door to you for the past hour?” Carter questioned as he took a bite out of his meal. 
You widened your eyes in horror as Nash burst out laughing, “Oh God, I’m so sorry!” you apologised whilst Nash shook with laughter next to you. 
“Just please keep it down, we have to be up early tomorrow” Cam said, humor lacing his voice. 
“Can’t make any promises, sorry bro” Nash replied as he turned to wink at you. 
You rolled your eyes at him with a smirk, “Don’t worry Cam, there’s a higher chance of pigs flying than him getting any tonight”. 
“Oh my God, did you see that?!” Nash questioned as his eyes darted towards the other side of the room, a hint of disbelief in his voice.
“See what?!” You, Cam and Carter all chimed in. 
“It was a flying pig” Nash whispered as he took your face in his hands and passionately pressed his lips to yours.

Sorry if there are any mistakes, it’s late here and I’m tired but I really wanted to make sure there was an imagine out today/tonight for you guys! 


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Runaway :Chapter One

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, alcohol, rape

I leaned against the brick wall. The dark alleyway smelled of trash and smoke. I took another drag of my spliff, blowing the smoke into the air.

The concrete still shined with puddles from the rain the previous night. Lights reflected off the water from the signs of the different clubs.

It was 2am. The clubs were still pulsing with music, drunk couples stumbling out and falling all over each other. A few cabs lined the streets.

I took another drag.

The London streets were cold this time of night. 

Red and Blue lights reflected off the side of the building in front of me.

“Shit”, I mumbled before dashing back further into the alley, my feet crushing glass from broken beer bottles. I ducked behind a dumpster.

Once I was sure the police car had passed, I stepped back out, resuming my previous place. Just another precaution. 

The clubs were almost empty now. What I assumed were the last few stragglers stumbled out of the club I was next to.

It was three men, tall but skinny. Their hands were by their sides. Not in their pockets. Good sign.

I leisurely pushed my back off the brick wall, throwing my spliff to the ground and crushing it with my foot, before I walked to catch up to them. They were in front of me now, drunkenly slurring words. A tall red head walked at the edge of the group. I aimed for him.

I strutted past them, the brief second I was next to them my hand dipped into his pocket snatching his wallet.

I smirked to myself. Another success. Maybe he had enough for me to be able to eat tonight.

I walked past them. Catcalls whistled out behind me. In these situations I walked faster.

“Hey girl!” One of the men shouted.

I walked faster.

“Come on baby don’t be like that.” Another one of them called.

I was about to turn a corner to freedom.

Suddenly a hand yanked my wrist backwards.


“Hey, I was calling you.” He spun me around. He pushed his face into mine, backing me up against a building. His breath reeked of alcohol.

It was the red head.

I turned my head away from him.

“Aww what’s wrong pretty lady?” His hand groped my side.

I moved away from him.

“Answer me bitch!” he yelled.

I brought my knee up to his groin sharply. He released me for a moment.
Before grabbing onto me harshly.

“You’re gonna pay for that bitch!” He pushed me into the wall, my head slammed against it. I could hear the crack and gasped out in pain.

His hand grabbed my shirt, tearing it over my head. No no this wasn’t happening. He groped my breasts, before taking a hand and slapping my arse.

His hand slipped into my jeans as he groped me and I froze. Knowing if i didn’t struggle he would be less tempted to continue his assault. I closed my eyes as i felt him continue. 

Suddenly he was gone. I opened my eyes to see him on the ground with another man on top of him. My attacker pushed the stranger of him but the stranger ran forward slamming the attacker into the wall.

The stranger punched my attacker in the face, knocking him out. 

Whoever my attackers friends were, they were long gone. 

The stranger who came to my rescue turned and looked at me. He was tall, over six feet. He was wearing a leather jacket and black skinny jeans.

He kneeled down on the ground and handed me my shirt. I slid it on before turning back to him.

“Are you alright?” He asked in an Australian accent. Long way from home. 

“Fine.” I lied. The ache in my head killing me. 

“Dont lie to me. You’re bleeding." 

I felt behind my head and my fingers were met with something sticky. I pulled my fingers back to my face and saw something wet on them in the darkness of the alley. 

"I’ll call the cops.” He pulled a phone from his pocket.

“NO!” I yelled at him.

“You were almost just raped and you’re telling me not to call the cops?! Are you crazy?!” He snapped at me.

“No, and i have to go. Have fun talking to the cops.” I walked away. There was a home a few blocks down where i could get some bandage for my head. 

“Wait, I’m sorry! Come back!” He called after me.

I kept walking, tugging my jacket back up my arm.

“At least let me help you since you won’t let me call the police.” He took hold on my arm. I turned around and glared at him.

“Let go of me.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Not until you let me help you, i live just a few streets away. Please.” His eyes bore into mine.

“Fine.” I muttered.

“Okay.” He smiled before taking the lead. 

“Did you know that guy?” He asked as we walked.

“No.” I looked straight ahead.

“Are you always this personable?"he joked.

I gave him a fake smile. 

He led me down a few blocks to a street of houses. He walked us down to the fourth one. The door was unlocked. He held the door open for me and i gingerly stepped into the house. 

The walls and carpet were a dull tan color. A television was on one wall along with a bunch of gaming systems. A tan couch in front of that. A drum kit was in one corner, a rack of guitars and basses next to it. 

I didn’t notice the three teenage boys until one of them spoke. 

A tall dark haired boy with tan skin sat up from a chair.

"Calum, guys i need your help.” He called into the room. I turned to my rescuer with wide eyes.

I could get a better look at him in the light. He had blonde hair styled into a quiff and blue eyes. He was slightly tan and broad shouldered. A black ring hung from his lip.

“Whats going on man?” The Calum boy said as he trotted into the room. He stopped when he saw me. “Ashton! Michael!” He called.

Two other boys bound into the room. Both pairs of eyes widening when they saw me. 

A tall boy with hair so blonde it was white spoke. “What happened?”

“She was attacked and i helped her but she needs some bandage for her head.” My rescuer said.

“Why don’t we take her to a hospital or the police or something?” A tall boy with sandy brown hair asked.

I looked up at my rescuer, my eyes wide with fear. 

He shook his head. “No, we can take care of her. Ash go get me the first aid kit. Calum i need some sweats and a shirt from my room. Michael come with me.”

They all went their separate ways. My rescuer Led me into a bathroom. He patted the counter, gesturing for me to sit there. I pushed myself up. The Michael boy followed us. He took a rag from the cabinet and ran it under warm water then handed it to me.

“Press this against your cut.” He said. 

I did as told and winced in pain. “Ow!”

“Its going to hurt.” He smiled lightly, his green eyes crinkled. “I’ll go get you some Advil.” He left. 

The one named Ashton came with first aid kid in hand. My rescuer took it from him. He took a alcohol pad and unwrapped the wrapper. He took my hand off my head and pressed the alcohol pad against it. 

“Ow!” I winced again.

“Shh..its okay. I’m sorry.” He comforted me. 

The Michael kid came back with a glass of water and two pills. I downed them like a pro.

Then the Calum boy came in with clothes in hand. 

“Here you take these. You can clean up.” He set a towel on the counter. 

They all shuffled out of the bathroom. 

I locked the door after they left. 

I sighed at my reflection in the mirror. My reddish-brown hair was a mess, my pale skin now smudged with dirt. 

I stepped to the shower and turned it on, then stripped myself on my clothes and jumped in. I almost jumped back out the second the water hit my head but decided to push through the pain. I used a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that were on the shelf in the shower. 

Once i was done i turned off the water. Stepping out into the cold air i snatched the towel, wrapping it around my body. Quickly i dried myself off and examined the clothes the Calum boy had brought for me. It was a black All Time Low t-shirt and a pair of grey sweats. Well at least they had good taste in music. 

I dressed and took my other clothes in my hands before exiting the bathroom. 

They four teens were lounging on a sofa watching the tele. I cleared my throat and they looked up. My rescuer stood up and walked towards me. 

“I’ll take your clothes and wash them. You can stay the night.” He said. “Unless you have any family to call?” I shook my head no before he motioned me to follow him. He led me up some stairs and to a hallway. “You’ll stay in my room.”

I froze in the hallway. “Not with me of course”, he laughed,“I’ll stay downstairs on the couch.”

“I don’t want to impose. I can stay on the couch.” I spoke.

“No your a guest.” He led me to a room with the same tan walls but a bed with a deep blue comforter was in a corner. Black curtains covered the windows. A dresser was pressed up against a wall that like the others, was covered in band posters. Clothes were on the floor and he tripped over a pair of shoes. A typical teenage room.

I giggled.

He took my clothes from me as i sat on the bed. 

“If you need anything just let one of us know.” He told me.

“Thanks.” I responded.

“I’ll let you get sleep but first, i think i should know the name of the girl that is sleeping in my room.” He chuckled.

“October.” I smiled lightly.

“Cool name." 

"And i think i should know the name of the boy who’s letting me sleep in his room.” I mocked him. 

He smiled again so that his white teeth showed.


Once in a Lifetime: Chapter 3

Once in a Lifetime: A Harry Styles AU Imagine Series


Hello everyone! I am so so sorry for making you wait for so long! I was on vacation and then I had to think about how I wanted to execute this chapter cause it goes back and forth a lot! SOOOO forgive me! I promise I will update with another chapter within the week!

Chapter 3: The Way Love Happened

Fallin’ for You by Colbie Caillat

January 2009: Holmes Chapel

Harry’s POV

It has been almost two weeks since I’ve seen Y/N.

She has been in the States for her ‘vacation’…well that’s what she called it; it was just a college visit in my opinion.

I was excited to see my best friend because I haven’t since I officially made her my girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

Wow, I can’t believe I get to call her my girlfriend. The person I’ve been in love with since I was a kid; well I know I still am one. I might only be 14 but I knew with everything I had, that I was in love with her and she would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with.

On the first day back at school from Winter break, I waited outside the front steps of the main building for Y/N.

I saw her mum’s red BMW pull up a few yards from where I was and stood up. Y/N stepped out of the car and waved at her mother as she took off. Her mum saw me and waved before she disappeared down the street. Her dad may have a problem with me, but her mum never did, or at least I didn’t think so.

“Harry!” Y/N’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hey!” I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.

“I have so much to tell you!” She said excitedly after she kissed me on my cheek.

“Good, cause I want to hear everything.” I laced my hand in hers as we walked up the steps and into the double doors.

Y/N and I haven’t had classes together since primary school. She was genius and was taking classes with kids older than us, while I was just doing the normal classes for my age, but I always made sure to walk her to class first. I never cared if I was late, but she always had to be on time or it would drive her insane.

During school days, the only time I ever saw her was lunch hour and a few times in between classes. Lately, when I’m not working after school, we would stay after to study or just to hang out since her parents have been home; usually, we would go to each other’s houses but I honestly didn’t want to see her dad.

We sat together with a couple other classmates during lunch and she continued to talk about her week in Boston. I could listen to her for hours, I loved her voice and I nothing made me happier than seeing her happy.

“The campus was so beautiful! I love the vintage buildings that the college kept and I can’t wait to get my own place when I’m there… I can’t believe I’ll be going there in 2011! Well hopefully…” She grinned as she opened her lunch box.

“2011? We don’t graduate until 2012.” Our classmate, Chelsea, raised her eyebrow.

“Yeah! I’m graduating early, I will be finished with sixth form (junior & senior year) and graduate by June of 2011.” She took a bite of an orange slice.

“What?! Seriously? I’m still in secondary classes (freshman & sophomore year) though!” James, another class mate, eye widened.

“Well Y/N’s been skipping ahead for as long as I could remember so that doesn’t surprise me.” I shrugged and laced my hand in hers under the table.

“So when did you two start having a thing?” Chelsea winked at us.

“Yeah the whole school’s been whispering about it!” James nodded.

I could see Y/N’s face turning pink, I didn’t blame her, this was new to the both of us.

“It just happened.” I took a bite of my sandwich.

“Well you two are pretty much inseparable, it was only a matter of time before you guys finally got together.” James nonchalantly said.

“What! We aren’t together tha-” She began.

“Well what can I say? She couldn’t resist my charm anymore.” I stuck my tongue out at her and winked at our classmates.

- - - - -

February 2019: Manhattan, New York

Your POV

“Oh shit, I’m going to be late.” I muttered under my breath as I looked down at my watch: 7:55am. I was waiting for my daily morning Starbucks to finish being made as I scrolled through the New York Times app. I was supposed to be at work at 8, but I knew that it was a good 10 minute walk from this Starbucks to the hospital.

“Soy caramel latte!” The barista shouted and I immediately hurried to the pick-up counter and grabbed the hot cup of coffee.

I was half-way out the door when someone accidentally bumped into me, causing my coffee to spill all over my pencil skirt and blouse.

“Ouch! Shit! Hot- hot-hot!” I held the coffee cup away from my body, my hair all fell in my face as I looked down at my now ruined outfit.

“Oh damn! I am so, so, sorry!” A deep British accent apologized as I saw a man’s hand dabbing at my skirt with napkins, repeatedly.

What… is… he… doing…?

I looked up to see a beautiful, dark haired man in a nice pair of black slacks and white button up shirt, frantically cleaning my skirt. He didn’t realize where his hands were until I completely stopped and just stared at him.

It finally hit him and he stood up straight, looked me in the eyes and blushed.

“I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going, please forgive me!” He said as he handed me the rest of the napkins.

“Ah-mmm it’s okay. It’s fine, I think I have another outfit in my office.” I visualized my office remembering that I did have a full pant suit in there.

“Please, no, let me make it up to you. How about lunch? On me?” He flashed me a smile as he slicked his hair back with his fingers.

I didn’t know how to respond, I think I was blushing. 

He was absolutely gorgeous. He was definitely mixed since he didn’t look like he was just British… Middle Eastern maybe? His skin tone was tan and his eyes were light brown; he had a clean, well-kept beard and his hair had a unique style: buzzed cut on the bottom half of his head and long at the top half and lazily slicked back.

“I’m Zayn by the way.” He held out his hand and I gracefully shook it.

I haven’t been interested in or so much as looked at a guy in years.

“I’m Y/N,” I blushed.

“Y/N? Beautiful name. How about Saturday?” He pulled out a small business card and handed it to me, “Stop by any time and let me repay you for ruining your outfit.”

“Okay.” I slowly nodded and looked into his eyes.

“Looking forward to seeing you,” He winked then pushed the door open and left.

I stood there staring at the coffee and napkins in one hand and his card in the other.

I looked down at the business card: Luhring Augustine. Whoa, that’s a really well-known art gallery here in New York, I moved my thumb to see his information.

Zayn Malik, Art Curator & Manager
Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Work: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Art curator?


I quickly checked my watch again: 8:08am.


I am definitely late now.

- - - - -

January 2009: Holmes Chapel

Your POV

Tonight was my first official date with Harry and I was absolutely nervous. A complete mess.

Even though he’s been my best friend for over nine years, things were slowly starting to be different between us.

He was more loving, more sweet and romantic. Granted he was still silly, cracking jokes, being cheesy, always baking, but I could feel that he was more attentive to my feelings and emotions.

A week after school started again, Harry asked if he could take me on a date and I happily agreed, not realizing how nervous I would be.

My parents thought I was going to the movies with Chelsea, but little did they know, I would be going on my first official date. Anne was picking me up and dropping us off in town; she didn’t know that my parents had a problem with Harry. I begged him not to tell her, I didn’t want her to be upset.

I decided to wear a simple dress with flats and a long necklace with a heart pendant that dangled between my chest.

At 7pm the doorbell to my house rang, I grabbed my purse and I raced downstairs to answer.

“Y/N, you look amazing.” Harry slowly breathed as I stepped out of my house.

“Harry, you see me all the time.” I hurried and closed the door behind me, I was glad my parents were upstairs in their room.

“And you always look amazing.” He kissed my cheek.

I just blushsed and shook my head, “You don’t look too bad yourself.” Harry was wearing a navy blue button up shirt with jeans.

“So what are we doing tonight?” I asked as we walked towards Anne’s car, which she was waiting for us in my driveway.

“It’s a surprise.” He winked as he opened the back car door for me and then slid in after me.

“Hi Anne!” I leaned forward and kissed her cheek before I settled in the back seat and buckled my seatbelt.

“Oh Y/N! You look lovely darling!” She squealed as she looked at my outfit.

“Thank you!” I blushed and looked over at Harry who was nodding in agreement.

Anne had pulled up to W Manderville Bakery. I shot a confused took at Harry but he smiled back at me.

“Thanks for driving us mom! See you in a few hours!” He opened the door and held his hand out for me to take.

“Bye Anne! Thank you for driving us!”

“No problem dears! Have fun!” She waved and winked at us.

After she drove up, I turned to Harry, “What are we doing at your job?”

“Stop asking so many questions.” He laced my hand in his and guided me towards the door of the closed bakery.

I was surprised when the door wasn’t even locked as he turned the knob and lead me inside.

The bakery was closed but there was a table set up with origami napkins, silverware and two chairs with candles and a single red rose in the middle.

“Harry… what… is all this?” I gasped. There were a few candles lit that was set up around the bakery and I saw a lady standing behind the counter, beaming at us.

“This is Linda, she is one of my bosses!” Harry introduced us.

“Hi! I’m Y/N.” I shook her hand.

“Oh! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” She shook mine.

Harry walked over to the table and pulled a chair out, “Come, sit.”

I nervously walked towards him and sat down as he pushed the chair under me.

“I’ll be right back.” He smiled as he and Linda hurried to the back of the bakery through the swinging door.

I fiddled with the hem of my dress, nervously biting my bottom lip, as I scanned the bakery.

Harry definitely tried his best to make this as romantic as possible. One single red rose, just the way I would like it, he knew a bouquet would overwhelm me. There were dessert scented candles all around the bakery.

Harry came through the swinging door with four dishes in his hands. He placed one salad plate and pasta dish in front of me and the same two in front of his seat. He rushed back through the double doors and came out with a basket of garlic knots.

I looked down at the pasta dish in front of me, it smelled absolutely delicious.

“Did you… make this?” I looked at Harry in awe.

“Yeah, I realized that I’m always baking for you, but I’ve never cooked for you before.” He grinned, “For dinner tonight: hand tossed salad with a homemade dressing by yours truly, baked ziti with garlic knots.”

“Wow Harry, you didn’t have to do all of this.” I blushed.

“I know I don’t have too, but I want too. You’re special to me. Now eat up!”

Harry and I spent all of dinner talking about our future plans while we laughed and joked. Everything was delicious. I was really impressed with his cooking skills. For a fourteen year old, Harry knew exactly what he was doing in the kitchen.

Harry told me that he dreamed to own his own bakery one day, which I’ve always known; he said he didn’t care where, but he hopes it will be in New York, London or Italy. He told me that he really wants to go to this amazing culinary and pastry school in France called Ferrandi. He explained that not only is it hard to get in, it is also very expensive for the two year program and he knows that his mum wouldn’t be able to afford it which was why he was working so hard, to save up money for his tuition.

“I really want to make my mum proud, I really want to be a renowned pastry chef, it’s my dream.” Harry set his fork down after he finished his pasta, watching me finish mine.

“Your mum would be proud of you no matter what Harry, and I KNOW you’re going to get in, I believe in you.”

“Yeah?” He looked me in the eyes from across the table.

“Yeah.” I set my fork down.

Harry reached across the table and held my hand, “I want you to be proud of me too.”

“I already am.” My eyes locked with his.

“No, seriously… I know you’re going to be this amazing doctor one day… and you’re going to discover the cure to cancer or something, so you know, I have to make sure my pastries are the best in the world, gotta keep up with you.” He beamed.

“Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes.

Harry cleared the pasta plates and then he came out with a plate of assorted desserts.

“Harry… you’re going to make me fat.” I shook my head.

“That’s quite alright, I’ll still love you.” He grinned.

Love? Did he just say he loves me?

I brushed it off and grabbed a powered sugar covered brownie cube and took a bite.

“I think… I’m in heaven.” I moaned as the chocolate dissolved in my mouth, it was the best brownie I’ve ever had. Total perfection.

- - - - -

February 2019: Manhattan, New York

Your POV

Saturday, I was off work and grabbing a cup of coffee with Eleanor and Sophia as we caught up for the week.

“What are your plans for the day?” Eleanor asked as we sat down at a table at Starbucks.

“I think I’m going to swing by Luhring Augstine art gallery…” I sipped on my iced latte.

I was curious to see what pieces they had this year at Luhring Augustine and it didn’t hurt that the hot curator owed me a lunch.

“What…? Alone? But we usually check out art galleries together on girl’s night!” Sophia frowned.

“Well the curator slash manager there owes me lunch and he told me to stop by today…” I smiled, knowing that this was the first time in all the years that we’ve been friends, that I have brought up a guy. They tried setting me up before but it never worked out; this time I was the one to bring up a guy for myself.

“HE?! WHAT?!” Eleanor and Sophia stared at me with their jaws dropped.

I quickly explained what happened and then pulled out Zayn’s business card for them to see.

“Oh my god! What does he look like? Is he cute?” Eleanor squealed.

“Mmmm… he’s more than cute, he’s gorgeous.” I blushed recalling his dark hair and light brown eyes and incredible smile.

“I am so excited for you! You have to call after and tell us everything bitch!” Sophia lightly hit my arm.

“Of course, of course…” I nodded.

Around 2pm I walked in the front doors of Luhring Augustine and made my way around the gallery, gazing at each piece. I was pretty amazed by the collection and was considering buying a piece that caught my attention, but I didn’t recognize the artist’s signature.

“Interesting piece isn’t it?” I heard a familiar deep British accent from over my shoulders and turned my head to see him walk up next to me.

“Hi, I’m really glad you came.” He smiled at me, making me blush.

“Hi… and yes, I really love it, is it for sale?” I turned back to the piece. It was colorful, exciting, it broke boundaries and I felt like the artist was trying to send a message that life is about coloring outside the lines and breaking down barriers.

“You want to buy it?” He sounded surprised.

“Yeah… why is it in the back of the gallery? This should definitely be in the front.” I turned my body towards him.

“If you want it, I can just give it to you, on the house.” Zayn said as he held out his hand, leading me towards the door.

“No way! I can’t accept that- why- why would you? What would the artist say?”

“Well you’re looking at him and I say, that I would like you to have it.” He flashed me a smile as he held open the door.

“You painted that? You’re an artist as well?!” Wow, I was definitely impressed.

“Yeah! Well I’m not good, but since I’m the manager of this gallery, I hang one of my own every once in a while to see how it gets received.” He walked along side me, matching my pace.

“Oh… well, okay then accept a donation at least, I can’t just take the piece.”

“A donation? That’s very generous of you. I think my boss would be very happy with that.” He chuckled.

Zayn lead me to a nice cafe and asked for a booth. After we both ordered something to eat and drink, he began asking me questions, trying to get to know me.

“So Y/N… tell me, what it is that you do? Well actually can I try to guess?” He licked his lips after he took a sip of his cappuccino. 

I let out a little laugh, “Sure, you can guess.”

“Well you were in a business outfit the other day, but today… you’re in a dress. Which you look absolutely stunning if I might add…” His words made me blush.

“An accountant?”

I let out a little laugh, “No, definitely not, too boring.”

“Agreed… hrmm… a lawyer?”

“What? Lawyer?” I was a bit shocked.

“Okay, I’m terrible at this guessing, I don’t know why I even wanted to try.” He covered half his face in embarrassment.

“No, you’re amusing me!” I flashed him a grin.

“Well I give up.” He shrugged.

“I’m an oncologist. I specialize in pediatrics if you want me to be more specific.” I thanked the waitress for bringing out our food.

“You’re a doctor? No way! I would’ve never guessed that.” He took a sip of his cappuccino and grabbed his silverware.

I just smiled, not really sure how to respond.

During the entire meal, Zayn and I just got to know each other and we asked questions about each other’s jobs. It was interesting since it was two complete different worlds, but we did share a love for art and music.

After Zayn paid for lunch, we both walked back to the gallery together discussing our favorite painters and their works.

“Would it be too forward if I asked you out on a date?” He tilted his head and looked at me as we stood outside his gallery.

“What?” I was surprised. I didn’t think he would be interested in me.

“I had fun today, talking to you and getting to know you. You seem like an amazing woman and I would really like to see you again.” He pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth.

I looked up into his eyes, unsure of what I should say. I have only had one boyfriend in my entire life and that was almost 9 years ago. I didn’t know how to do this dating thing as an adult even though Eleanor and Sophia constantly tried to set me up on blind dates.

I guess I took to long to answer and Zayn panicked, “I mean if you don’t want too then I unde-”

“No, I mean, yes, I would like to see you again too.” I blushed, “I’m sorry, I just don’t asked out often and I was just a bit shocked.”

“You don’t get asked out often?” Now he was shocked.

I just shook my head and looked down at the sidewalk.

Zayn’s finger gently lifted up my chin,“You’re absolutely gorgeous, I don’t believe you.” He grinned.

“Well thank you, but it’s true, yet I never minded, I work a lot and well I’m always with my friends…” 

“I see, well you have my number, so whenever you’re free just call me. Also text me your address, I’ll have the painting you want delivered to you.” Zayn said as he hailed a cab for me.

As a taxi pulled up, I thank Zayn again for lunch and for the painting.

“No, it was my pleasure and I definitely owed you.” He smiled as he opened the door for me.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I quickly raised myself up on my tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek before I climbed in the cab.

Zayn was caught off guard but I saw him blushed after he closed the door and waved.

After that, Zayn and I casually dated for a few months; we were only able to see each other on the weekends when we weren’t busy. We took each other to concerts, live music performances, broadway shows, comedy shows, art shows and museums. I had a love for food and wine, so I showed him a lot of great places to eat in New York and took him to a few of my favorite bars.

He completely stole my heart one night during our fourth month of dating. After an art function at the gallery he worked for, he brought me back to his apartment and showed me his studio filled with his art work. He was an amazing artist and I was shocked that he was so shy about his work because I thought they were just brilliant. 

That night was the first time Zayn and I were intimate with each other and we’ve been together ever since. The morning after as we laid in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and as I traced his tattoos, which I loved to do, he just asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. 

Zayn’s idea of romance wasn’t the typical things you see in movies like flowers, dinner, chocolates, candles; no, he would draw me all the time and randomly, like when I’m laying in bed reading or he would bring me a cup of coffee when he knows I’m having a tough day at work or send me encouraging quotes or send me links to songs that remind him of me or describes how he feels about me. Zayn loved to do the small things to show how he felt and I loved it. Zayn brought out this whole other side of me and he made me feel like anything was possible when we were together.

- - - - -

December 2016: Boston, Massachusetts

Eleanor’s POV

It was 2am on a Friday night.

Y/N and I were trying our best to stay awake during our night clinicals at the hospital. Tonight we were assigned in the ER and we had both just drank a gallon of coffee.

“Y/N…” I pushed her as we both walked into the ER after getting a call about two drunk patients.

“Yes?” She hummed as she grabbed two patient charts and handed me one.

“I’m so tired…” I whined.

“I know, but we have five more hours, suck it up El.”

I pouted as I flipped opened the patient’s chart and shook my head.

Y/N and I just started being friends not to long ago. She was my closest friend in medical school and we hit it off when we realized we both wanted to specialize in Oncology. We had met at clinicals a few months ago during the beginning of our third year of medical school. She’s absolutely brilliant. She was younger than me, having graduated high school early and immediately started college after, but she’s one of the sweetest people I know.

I heard some guy shouting and slurring with a strange British accent behind one of the closed curtains and rolled my eyes. The patient in the curtain next to him had a thick Irish accent and told him to “pipe down because his head hurts.”

Y/N took the patient behind the left curtain who seemed to be more quiet and winked before she closed it. Which left me with the loud shouting patient behind the right curtain. I’m going to kill her later.

I wrapped my fingers around the edge of the curtain and pulled it back swiftly not looking up and then closed it as I read his chart, “Hi, my name is Eleanor, I’ll be taking your vitals this evening.”

“Well helllooooo! I’m- I’m,” He hiccuped, “Louis. Are you British too?”

I finally looked up. His eyes were as blue as the ocean and for a second I stopped breathing. This man, Louis, had some scruff growing, his hair was a mess, and he looked drunk as hell. He was also in a business suit that I know cost as much as three months of my rent. Despite the fact that he was a drunk mess, he was very good looking.

“Can you take off your blazer please? I need to take your blood pressure.” I grabbed the blood pressure cuff and put my stethoscope in my ears.

“Wow I haven’t even taken you on a date and already you’re trying to undress me? Cheeky, cheeky.” He slurred as the fumbled with the buttons.

Remain calm Eleanor, this idiot is just drunk. Remain, calm.

After I took his blood pressure, I took my pen light from my pocket and quickly examined his eyes as he whined about the bright light then scribbled a few notes.

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” I asked, being able to smell the whiskey off his breath.

“One too many.” He continued to slur.

“I can see that… It says here that you and your friend were in a car accident, drunk driving I presume?” I tried hard not to sound presumptuous, but I was really against it.

“Actually we weren’t driving! Our cab was hit by a drunk driver and I hit my head on the window.”

“Oh I’m- I’m sorry.” I bit my bottom lip, “What’s your full name?”

I should make sure he doesn’t have a concussion.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I’m originally from Doncaster. How about you?”

“I don’t think that’s important, what day-”

“Hey that’s not fair! You asked for mine and I answered!” He cocked his head.

I rolled my eyes, now this man is getting on my nerves, “Eleanor Calder. Manchester. Do you know what day it is?”

“Pretty name! It’s Friday, well now it’s technically Saturday.” He shrugged as he looked at his rolex.

I recorded his blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate, “When’s your birthday?”

I looked up to see his eyes were locked on mine, “Christmas Eve, ‘91.”

I quickly looked down at my clipboard, “Okay well I’m going to get the doctor to finish examining you… don’t think you have a concussion. You’ll be bit sore from the accident.” I bit the edge of my pen after I finished scribbling, “I’m sure you just need a banana bag to help you sober up, then you can go home and get some rest.”

“You’re not my doctor? That’s too bad…” He pouted.

“I’m still a student.” I signed off on his chart then turned around to leave.

“Feel free to practice on me!” He shouted through the curtain.

What a cheeky man, but that aside he was pretty damn cute. I can’t believe his eyes kind of made me melt. Oh well, probably won’t ever see him again.

The next evening, at 7pm, Y/N and I stepped on the floor for another 12 hour round of clinicals in the ER.

As I was getting ready to start rounds with our lead doctor, I heard that same Doncaster accent from behind me, “Eleanor?”

I turned around to see Louis, now cleaned up, his hair slicked back, his face shaved, he was dressed in an all black suit with roses in his hand.

“What… what are you doing back here?” I glanced at Y/N who had her hand over her mouth, watching the both of us, with wide eyes.

“Well the thing is,” He took a step towards me, “The hospital called me asking how I was feeling and the only thing I could remember was the pretty medical student that checked my vitals.”

“I-um-okay? Are you feeling better?” I didn’t know what else to say! He looked pretty damn good though.

“Much better, I don’t think I properly thanked you for taking care of me yesterday,” Louis handed me the roses, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome….” I nervous took the roses out of his hand.

“Now I hope you’ll let me repay you by taking you out to dinner tomorrow night.” He put his hands in his pocket and smiled at me.

“I- I umm…” I stammered as I looked down at the roses. Should I say yes? I don’t even know him.

“She would love too.” Y/N came up from behind me and handed him a piece of paper, “Here’s her number.”

I am going to really kill her this time.

“Well thank you,” He gently took the piece of paper out of her hand, “I’ll call you tomorrow Eleanor.”

With that he waved then turned around and walked out of the sliding doors of the ER.

“What… the hell did you do that for?!” I turned to hit Y/N who was trying to contain her laughter.

“Because! He’s cute! You even told me the other day you don’t remember the last time you went out on a date, well there you go!”

“What if he turns out to be a maniac?”

“He isn’t.” Dr. Wilson, the doctor that we have been learning from came up from behind us, chuckling.

“How do you know?” I looked down at the roses in my hand, they were beautiful.

“Louis Tomlinson of the Tomlinson Family? His family invests in hospitals all across the United States. He likes to party and drink BUT he’s got a good head on his shoulders.” He hummed as he handed us charts.

One date.

On my date with Louis, I found out that he was 25 years old, 2 years older than me. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in the UK in International Business and then moved to the States for his Masters. He was funny, charming, sarcastic and very smart. He also spoke French, Spanish and was currently learning Japanese; we actually had an entire conversation in French: I was very impressed. He even made me blush a few times trying to flirt.

But the thing is, he was always back and forth from Boston, Chicago and New York for business. I didn’t really know if I could handle the distance.

He convinced me to go out on a second date… then third. We went out on a few more dates for a few weeks but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out. I did like him, I started to even get use to his texts and calls. But I told him I didn’t want to be in a relationship while I was in medical school, but he was so persistent. He continued to pursue me, and when he was out of town, he always made sure to let me know I was on his mind.

I finally gave into him after 8 months and “officially” became his girlfriend at the start of my 4th year of medical school. Louis and Y/N even became really close, which I absolutely loved. When Y/N and I graduated in 2018, we both were offered positions at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and we immediately took it. Louis was happy to follow me and move to New York with me since his family was also invested in that hospital.

A year later, the hospital offered Y/N and I the head position of the Pediatrics ward of Oncology, which I’m sure had everything to do with Louis. We tried to turn it down but he wouldn’t let us. We knew it had pissed off a lot of the other doctors that had seniority over us, but hey, if that meant I got to work side by side with my best friend and do what I love and I get a huge pay raise? I’m not going to complain.

- - - - -

May 2020: New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

Sophia said she didn’t want her engagement to be longer than a few months and that she only wanted a small wedding with both of their immediate families and close friends.

Sophia’s family still lived in England and so did Liam’s so they didn’t have anyone to help them plan their wedding, so of course all of us told her we would help her since Liam had to travel a lot for work and would try to be there for as much as he could during the planning, but you never know when an athlete was going to be injured.

One afternoon, that we all were finally all off of work, we mulled over wedding plans at Sophia’s condo.

“Have you found a photographer?” Katherine asked as she sipped on her wine.

“Well Liam wants Andy to do it, which I’m kind of worried about since he mainly does professional sports… so I don’t know. I’m willing to compromise only if Andy proves to me that he can capture romance.” Sophia hummed.

“What about a cater?” I asked,  “You know I know a lot of great chefs.” 

“I do want gourmet dishes, so the chef has to be spectacular. Both of our families are going to be there and I don’t want them complaining about the food.” Sophia sighed.

I wrote down a short lists of chefs that I personally knew had five-star restaurants or have won cooking competitions and handed it to Sophia, “Just let them know that I referred you and they’ll gladly help.”

“Oh my god! Please tell me you haven’t found someone to make your cake because I know the PERFECT place for you to get it!” Eleanor squealed.

“Calm down Eleanor, geez!” I shook my head and took a sip of my wine as Sophia chuckled.

“Where El?” Sophia looked up from her planner.

“Oh. My. God. You guys have no idea how amazing the cupcakes from this place is~ they are so addicting and I know the baker makes wedding cakes because I saw pictures of a few that he’s made during his interview with Food Network a few weeks ago. His bakery just opened a couple months ago and it’s now one of the best in New York!” Eleanor clapped.

“Oooh yeah! I heard of that bakery, I’ve had one! Charles brought a box of cupcakes for the office and everyone was talking about them the other week!” Katherine nodded her head,  “Remember Soph?”

“Yeah I didn’t get one though… So how do you know he’ll be willing to make my cake if he’s that busy El?” Sophia raised her eyebrow.

“Louis! Louis knows his best friend from grad school! He helped the owner of the shop build his bakery or whatever. An investment is what Louis explained, which was the right call because now that bakery is world-renowned, within two months! But anyways, I’m sure he can set you and Liam up with an appointment with the baker!” Eleanor was getting even more jumpy which was giving me a headache.

“You’re really excited El… Are these cupcakes that good?” I scratched the side of my head.

“Oh my god! You still haven’t had one?!” Eleanor gaped at me and then quickly stood up.

“Up! Up! Everyone up! We are going there right now!” She yanked on my arm and Sophia’s.

“Alright! Alright!” I groaned as I finished my wine.

“I’m excited! I had one last week and I had to physically force myself not to eat another.” Katherine blew air out of her mouth.

“What’s this place called again?” Sophia grabbed her planner and put it in her purse.

“’His & Hers Bakery.’” Eleanor answered as we all walked out the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sorry that it took so long for me to update guys! Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Please let me know what you think of this series so far!

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End Up Here- Chapter Seven

Previous Chapters: 00, 0102. 030405, 06.

Summary: Karma Ashcroft is practically a household name, currently being one of the biggest music acts in the world. Amy Raudenfeld is just a semi-closeted lesbian in a suburb in Austin, but when Karma accidentally sends her a message on kik, the two of them hit it off really well, and strike up a correspondence where they eventually share almost everything with each other… aside from their names and backgrounds. 

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Spice Sweetheart

Summary: Working at an antique store while being a part-time writer left for little excitement in your life. But the boy with bright hazel eyes, well…

Song: Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly

Word Count: 2k+

Warnings: Lotsa fluff.

Day 4 of the Countdown to Halloween Collab. (Prompt: pumpkin spice + books)

Leaves beneath your feet crunched as you walked down the sidewalk on Main Street, cars rushing by you almost every second. The sky was beautifully clear as the Sun had yet to fully wake up, your jacket and scarf hugging you in the slight chill of the morning air. When you reached the shop placed between a Dunkin Donuts and a locally owned craft store, your hand dove into your pants pocket and fished out the keys, unlocking the door to Amerville’s Antiques.

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I Can Teach You: Chapter 1, High-functioning sociopath.

“Why do you call yourself that..” Molly murmured while severing the foot off a donor corpse.

“Excuse me?” Sherlock said without turning away from his chemicals.

Molly was surprised he even heard her, “Oh, nothing..”

“Call myself what, Molly.” He now turned to her and she froze. “Answer me.”

“Sorry…” She swallowed hard. “I was wondering.. why do you call yourself a high-functioning sociopath.” She was now holding the detached foot in both her hands, making eye contact with Sherlock.

Sherlock turned back to his tasks, “And here I thought you were intelligent.”

“I researched it!” Molly blurted. “But I still don’t understand why.”

“Why what?” Sherlock said without moving.

“Why do you label yourself that?”

“Are you done with that foot yet, Molly? I have a time limit on these experiments” Sherlock snarled, ignoring her inquiry.

“Who could possibly be awake at this time!” Sherlock shouted when he phone buzzed.

Can you please explain? I can’t figure it out. –Molly

‘If I ignore her she’ll eventually leave it be.’ Sherlock thought, tossing the phone aside so he can finish his latest experiment on the toenails from his newly obtained foot. He has had trouble sleeping since he came back to London. He couldn’t figure out if it was from the two years being “dead” or the clamor from John’s abduction.

If you answer, I’ll give you a pair of eyeballs. –Molly

His mind ran with experiments he could do with two eyes. Oh and how bored he’s been. He’s lucky enough to have this damn foot.

Bring now if convenient. –SH

How about tomorrow evening? I’ll bring them to you. –Molly

Good enough. –SH

“Took your bloody time didn’t you. Tom could’ve waited,” Sherlock snapped at Molly when she opened door to 221b Baker Street.

“How did you… never mind,” She said tiptoeing up the stairs. “So… high-functioning sociopath?”

He quickly explained what a sociopath is, and how, obviously, he is one. He explained how he had no cares for others and did the things he did only for himself. He pointed out that of course he was considered high functioning because he can still cooperate with the rest of the world effectively. He was disappointed that he had to lay it out for the pathologist.

“I still don’t understand Sherlock. You’re not all of that, at least not for the past few years. All that you did for John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson.”

“Stop it. Don’t idolize me Molly.” Sherlock said scrunching his face a bit.

“Sherlock,” she whispered stepping closer to him.

His face dropped the closer she got. It’s difficult for him not to soften when she gave him that sad face. “I said Stop it” He attempted to snarl at her, but it instead ended softer than he intended.

She reached to gently touch her fingers on the top of his hand, “You’re a better person than you think you are…”

He wouldn’t allow himself to give in to her warmth, so he pulled away as soon as her skin grazed his. He turned away from her and shoved his hands firmly in his pockets, “You don’t know what kind of person I am. You see what I want you to see.”

“You’re wrong…” Molly murmured.

“I’m a high functioning sociopath. Don’t make me explain it again. Use that brilliant mind of yours, understand it.” He continued staring out the window, waiting for John to come visit so he could send the sensitive pathologist home.

“Stop it Sherlock!” She snapped at him, “You’re wrong! You don’t always have to be emotionless. I don’t know who made you feel this way about yourself, but you’re so much more than you think. So, so, soo much more Sherlock… In case you didn’t know I love the person you are underneath all angst and apathy. I wish you could see what I see…”

Sherlock froze, he couldn’t figure out which part of that small speech he was supposed to respond to.

“You’re not as much of a sociopath as you think. I’ve seen you care for people, and that doesn’t happen if you truly were a sociopath. Accept your feelings sometimes, I understand when there is work, but you can give your mind a break sometime.”

“Stop it Molly. Emotions can be just as powerful as drugs. I lose focus and numb my mind.” He turned around to face her, “You despise me for just the idea of doing other drugs, but those are okay? No, I won’t let them control me.”

And there it was. The truth. She had a feeling, but that was the honest truth. However, if she knew anything about chemistry, she had to act now, when he has the emotions available.

She quickly wrapped her arms around Sherlock’s neck, and pulled him closer. Her cheek pressed into his soft curls and body was firmly against his. She wanted to show him what it felt like to actually be close, hoping it would allow him to surrender just enough to give emotions a chance, a real fighting chance.

“Molly…” Sherlock didn’t exactly know how he was supposed to respond, but instinctively he wrapped his arms around her and felt a wave of comfort rush over him. He didn’t want to let go, because he knew when he did he’d regret it all… so he held onto her for longer than she expected. He didn’t know what to say or how to show her what it meant to him. Little did he know she already knew.

She pushed her fingers in his hair and whispered to him, “I can teach you.”

Chapter 2, Best Man