a few pages later

Holmes telling a client who is concerned about her safety with her new employer that she just has to send him a message, any time day or night, and he will come and help her. And a few pages later Holmes says that the isolation of country houses makes him uncomfortable, because he knows that it’s easier to commit domestic abuse and go undiscovered in those isolated homes.

This is what I’m talking about when I call him a social justice warrior and say that he cares most about marginalized people. If you think no one cares about you, Sherlock Holmes cares. And he will do what he can to prevent violence against you or to stop humiliation from befalling you.


Well a few days later it’s complete. A three page au comic in which Reaver is an immortal shit lord and he and Page are equally tired of one another but neither has succeeded in destroying the other yet.

In all honesty this was just to try out medibang and see what I could do with it.

Berseria prequel novel: Rokurou and Shigure

These are caps from the scene about Rokurou and Shigure in the prequel novella that came with the tob CE. I’m writing up summaries of the rest of the book, but since I liked this part a lot, I decided to cap it as well.

Warning: there are minor spoilers about Rokurou’s backstory in here.

Image-heavy, so under a cut!

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So I heard it was Voltron week

Back In Time: Part 3

“Hey so have you watched the movie I asked you to watch?”

“Not yet Dyl. It took me forever to find it online”


You giggled at your phone. It took you awhile to adjust to always checking your email for a message from Dylan. Took you an even longer time to come to terms that you are talking to Dylan right now. You know this can mess up the entire world perhaps but… You had fallen for Dylan.

Every now and then you’ll check up on Columbine. You even had a Tumblr blog but some things were changing. You checked out a few news stories of Columbine and noticed the changes.

The massacre started at a later time. One less victim. A few pages are gone from Dylan’s notebook. As if he never written them. You started freaking out. You knew thing were changing. But you weren’t sure if it was good…or bad.

You got home from school and kicked off your shoes and went up to your room. It was a long and stressful day so you decided to take a nap before your mother came home. You let your heavy eyes closed and you were gone.

You were in a classroom. Students were collecting their things and leaving while others you putting down theirs and staying. You quickly left the room and went into the hallways and again. The carpets instead of tiles. You muttered a soft “oh shit” You started walking the halls when a strong arm slipped around your waist. You turned and saw some jock just cheesing at you.

“Um get off me dude”

“Chill babe it was a joke. I gotta girl anyways”

“Yea says every fuckboy ever. Please take your arm off me”

“Yea yea whatever freak”

You rolled your eyes and walked alittle faster when someone took your arm and pulled you into a classroom. It was empty so you didn’t feel the need to be hush.

“I told you to fuc- oh hi Dyl.”

He looked at you funny and just looked genuinely confused at how quick your phrases and tones shifted.



“Ahhh anyways Welcome back spacey”


“Yea you know you always travelling across time and space and shit ”

You giggled and sat on a random desk. You started to reflect how much things have changed in a matter of about a month. You were first so terrified of Dylan. Now you atleast email him everyday. You were so disgusted with the Columbine community now you were a member of not only them but all true crime.

A loud voice yelling “HEY FUCKER” broke you out of your little trance. A smaller guy walked up to Dylan and finally noticed you.

“Oh shit, my bad. You know her Dyl?”

He looked at you not sure if he was allowed to tell him that he knew you. You nodded your head. You already messed up alot. Guess he is no big deal.

“Yea. Eric this is y/n. Y/n this is Eric”

You stuck out your hand for him to shake which he did. You guessed they had skipped class to hang out with you. Since almost everytime you came here, Dylan skipped some type of class to hang out with you. Dylan brought up the idea to get some snacks and just hang at Eric’s house.

All of you guys were chilling in Eric’s basement. You stuck more by Dylan since in reality you didn’t know Eric. You knew facts about him. You knew the movies and music that he liked. You knew his favorite ice cream flavor and color, shit you even knew his favorite day and season. But you didn’t know him.

You guys were having a blast. Watching pulp fiction and eating snacks. Dylan was actually quite funny when he was with Eric. You didn’t wanna go but you started zoning in and out. Dylan noticed right away since he already experienced this twice now. He quickly grabbed your hand and told you to go upstairs. You were a bit slow but you managed.

You opened Eric’s front door and before you cold fully fade off Dylan yelled something about you needing to leave and that he will be right back down. He saw you and kissed your cheek before closing the front door, causing you to wake up.

You woke up to an Email notification.

VoDkA- I missed you spacey. Eric said you seem cool! Hope you come back soon. Eric’s birthday is soon. Hope you can make it :)

(YOUR USERNAME)- I hope I can too Dyl.

(Sorry for not writting for the past two days. I see my therapist tomorrow to talk about my health and a possible evaluation again. Ill keep you guys updated if you wish! )

Law, ft. Greed

Okay, so there’s something pretty weird about Law’s conversation with Gerharde in Chapter 210. The one right before he reveals himself as an adversary.

At first, I thought the strangeness was simply meant to foreshadow his betrayal a few pages later. It definitely seems connected to that, but something isn’t adding up unless the nature of the conversation is giving hints as to why he’s going to do what he’s about to do.

Otherwise, the conversation seems presumably irrelevant to his motivations to wipe out Stigma. But that can’t be the case. This exchange was supposed to be coming off as suspicious to us (and to Gerharde).

Before I actually start talking about his dialogue with Gerharde, it’s important to specify that when Law is asked if he’s with the Demons/Commandments, he responds by saying, “Our objectives happened to align with the Demon’s, that is all. And we have but one single objective. To wipe out every last one of you Stigma bastards!”

MangaStream’s translation here is accurate, so that makes things easy.

There is a massively important detail here– the fact that Nakaba felt the need to let us know that Law’s gang isn’t actually aligned with the Demons, or their agenda.

  1. He states that their “objectives” happened to align with the Demons, which would be the objectives of his gang on its own. Note the indication of his gang having multiple objectives.
  2. He then goes on to say that they “have but on single objective [together].” That time, he’s clearly referencing his relation to the Demons. With the Demons, they only share one mutual goal.

The only thing allying them with the Demons is a mutual desire of taking down Stigma… so, all of that implies both groups have entirely different reasons for that they’re doing.

If the humans were doing so for some righteous cause, they’d be the Demon’s allies, right? But no, Law does not consider himself their partners. They just had a similar desire, and chose to work together to accomplish a goal that would benefit the both of them. The Goddesses seem to pose no threat to any race other than the Demon’s, and both sides of the war seem to have no good reason for fighting in the first place. 

Law’s gang simply wants to take Stigma out for their own reasons, so they decided to temporarily work alongside the Demons in order to collaborate an effort to do just that. They probably knew they couldn’t infiltrate the base alone, so they made a deal together. The Demons distract the stronger members of Stigma and drive them away, so that the humans take care of the remaining fodder at the base… and, that alliance allows Melascula and Gowther to do their thing.

So… on that note, I believe Law’s conversation with Gerharde holds the key to his gang’s motivations for taking down Stigma; along with the fact that Law is meant to be the opposite of Ban. I don’t think it has anything to do with safety, politics, war, preservation, or any of the reasons the Demons wish to eradicate Stigma.

Their motivations will likely be based purely in greed, and Stigma being their target has more to do with Nakaba’s narrative decision to put the headquarters of Stigma in the Fairy King’s forest.

Let me explain myself.

(Here is the Read More link for mobile users. Sorry for the longest intro ever.)

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i like how oboro always shows up whenever something dramatic happens only to get killed again a few pages later

anonymous asked:

Lauren's attitude towards Camren is weird af. Girl, why it bothers you so much? If it's not true just ignore it, like C. Remember when she went all over the place cause someone put 'bisexual' on her wiki page and few years later she was the one writing it on billboard... I just wanna know what the fuck happened to make her so mad about it.

but this time she is kinda right, why use ships for a serious hashtag when you could use real gay couples? idk how to explain but i understood her point

anonymous asked:

How do you think Jacin's reunion with his parents went down?

Hmmm…that’s hard to say, Anon. We aren’t given a ton of information in canon. But I do have some thoughts. Some of them are covered here.

  • At the end of Winter, it’s stated that Jacin hasn’t seen his parents yet because all the Lunar guards are going through the trial process (not that it was a problem for Garrison) and Jacin’s busy keeping an eye on Winter while she recovers. 
  • Then, a few pages later, he and Winter leave on their ambassadorial trip, so I don’t think the Clay family has any opportunities to reunite right away.
  • With a timeline like that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the first time Jacin speaks to his parents since leaving them to become a guard is via comm rather than face-to-face.
  • I can’t imagine the Clays wanting to wait until Jacin is back on Luna to see him, to be sure he’s really alright following the chaos of the revolution (especially knowing that he was involved in the worst of the fighting), to get a look at the boy who left them as the man he’s grown up to be. Not when this is the first time in what—four? five?—years that they’ve been free to see and speak to him.
  • As soon as things settle down enough for the Clays to get Jacin’s contact information from the Queen’s ever-so-helpful advisor, they call him, both of them huddled anxiously around Garrison’s portscreen.
  • It seems like forever before Jacin picks up and for a moment, the Clays were concerned that he wasn’t going to, but eventually he does. And even his ramrod straight posture and practiced sense of poise isn’t enough to hide how nervous he is.
  • It’s an awkward phone call all the way around, with none of them really quite knowing what they can possibly say that would cover all the time they’ve been apart and all the hurt feelings that separation has spawned, but they soldier on despite Jacin’s constant uneasy throat-clearing and one-word answers and Garrison’s struggle to figure out which of his million questions to ask first and Mrs. Clay’s frustration with being able to see her son, but not being close enough to hug him.
  • In the end, the phone call is a great weight off of everyone’s mind. It isn’t enough to make up for everything—not by a long shot—or even really enough to count as a full reunion, but…it helps.
    • Even if it doesn’t let them embrace their son, it gives the Clays the opportunity to see that he still is their son. His years in the palace haven’t changed or corrupted him. He’s hardened, perhaps, but he’s still their boy and he’s safe and that’s really all that matters.
    • And it gives them a chance to coordinate their schedules and find a time when they can actually physically see each other!
Beta Readers

I don’t know if that’s exactly the right term but I’m looking for mutuals who are willing to do some beta reading for me.

Unfortunately, most of my work can no longer be posted online. I’ll expand on this at a later date, but for now I need to keep everything very close to the chest.

If you’re a mutual, or someone I’ve talked with a lot in the past, and you want to read a few pages of my pilot, please message me! I’ll respond later this evening!

whoops after deciding not to buy another Tool ticket, and them selling out in 10 minutes,

I decided to refresh the page for fun a few hours later and one came up, so I bought it.

Lori LOVED concerts. because of her wheelchair people/accessibility laws were usually good to her about location. when she was diagnosed and didn’t want to know how long she had left, they bought a bunch of concert tickets for the summer, and were able to go to most of them. 

Tool is also playing in Bangor, Maine, where I fly into, where they saw shows, lived within an hour from, and where the hospital was. I thought about getting a ticket there but took it as a sign that I should go to my local one instead

this one is for you <3


Title: Who is Karamatsu? -Ichimatsu side- 
Synopsis: A story after Karamatsu died.
ChapterChapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 & 4 (END) I Chapter 5 (Side story) | Artist note & explanation
Source: (twitter) / (full ver) http://blog.naver.com/ramodin/220607637869
Translation: @yuseirra​  (A really big thanks to her)
Typesetting: Me/Kidokon-kontsu (Ichi’s tears is delicious) 

※Permission to translate & reprint this was given by the artist.

more pages under the read more

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Little Bird - Part Eight

Title: Little Bird

Pairing: Eventual Bucky x OC (Ivory)

Word Count: 4678

Warnings: Fluffy, fluffy, fluff, fluff. The fluffiest fluff that ever did fluff in all of fluff land. Also, that gif I found. It counts as a warning because look at that face. Ugh, how dare he be so adorable.

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

“How are you awake?” Bucky groaned as he shuffled into the living room. I looked up from the book I was reading – which, surprisingly was not The Hobbit this time – and sent him a small smile. He flopped down on the couch next to me before placing his head on my lap and rubbing a hand over his face sleepily.

“Sleep is for the weak,” I muttered before running a hand through his hair gently. He hummed in appreciation and buried his face into my lap while I carefully turned the page.

“You haven’t slept yet?” he asked a few minutes later. He turned his head fractionally to look up at me, concern etched across his drowsy features.

“One night won’t kill me.”

“You’ve been away for three weeks. How much sleep did you get on that mission?”

The mission in question was a particularly gruelling one that I was still mad at Fury and Steve for assigning to me. They promised that I would be fine on my own and it would take me a couple of days, a week maximum. Three weeks later, I was finally able to make it back to the Quinjet out of pure luck. The people who ran the base I had blown up weren’t very happy with me, for obvious reasons, and the proof was in my healed but still-sore forearm which they had snapped the bones in.

“Last night was something, huh?” I none-the-subtly changed the subject and put my book down.

“Doll –”

“Did you have fun?” I interrupted him and continued to play with his hair. “It was nice of Tony to throw you a surprise birthday party and invite everyone you know.”

“My birthday is today,” he murmured.

“I know, and even though I wished you the happiest of birthdays as soon as midnight came around I’ll say it again. Happy birthday old man.”

“Thanks.” I could practically feel him rolling his eyes, even though they were closed. “I don’t actually remember most of last night,” he admitted begrudgingly. “You?”

“Bits and pieces. I think I’m still drunk.”

“Allow me to enlighten you both,” Tony walked in from the kitchen, a small frown set on his face. After calling out to FRIDAY, surveillance footage from last night began to play on the large television screen. We couldn’t hear anything, but it was definitely clear that Bucky and I were completely obliterated as we laughed at something obnoxiously. Steve was stood in the corner of the screen, very clearly judging us as we threw grapes, olives or whatever the hell we were holding at random party-goers.

He pressed a button and the clip cut forward to the two of us, joined by Sam this time, as we threw furniture from the balcony seven floors down to the pool.  Tony kept showing us what we had gotten up to last night, with our antics ranging from scaring people as they came into the coat closet to spray painting our names on the walls. I cringed as Tony played the final clip and turned to look at us with an unreadable glare.

“Steve was an idiot and you were right the whole time with the Accords?” I offered weakly as a form of apology. Tony scoffed and pointed at the mug I was currently drinking out of, which had a sketched picture of Steve on it, along with the words Team Cap.

“Get off your asses and go clean up. Get Sam out of bed to help you.”

“But it’s my birthday,” Bucky moaned and looked up at Tony. He seemed to pause for a second before shrugging.

“Fine, you’re excused. Ivy go get Sam and get cleaning,” Tony glared at me before leaving the room.

“Traitor,” I shoved Bucky gently. “All of the mess last night was your idea.”

“Hey, I’m pretty sure you were the one who suggested throwing Steve against a wall after covering him in shaving cream.”

“But you were the one who used cocktail sausages to see how tall Scott would be with them.”

You made him wear his suit and shrink down so we could make an obstacle course for him out of food.”

“Barnes, I swear, I will shove you off this couch if you don’t stop arguing with me.”

“You can’t be mean to me on my birthday,” he scoffed and raised an eyebrow at me.

“I don’t like you.”

“That’s a vicious lie and you know it.”

“Good to know your hangover hasn’t affected your ego,” I rolled my eyes and tugged his hair softly.

“This doesn’t look like cleaning to me,” Tony reappeared briefly to stare menacingly at me.

“Calm down, Stark, I’m moving,” I sighed and pushed Bucky from my lap before standing up. The asshole picked up my discarded book and gave me a cheeky wink before he got comfortable once more and started to flip through the pages absentmindedly.

Waking up Sam was pretty easy. I stayed just out of his room – and more importantly out of his reach – and used my telekinesis to literally force his body out of bed. He wasn’t pleased with me, but after seeing my death stare he quickly stopped arguing and got dressed so he could help me clear up the mess we had made last night.

Luckily, it looked like the furniture we had thrown into the pool was not broken or damaged in anyway. Tony definitely would not have appreciated that. Clearing up everything else was pretty simple, seeing as most of it had been done by the clean-up crew who worked late last night after the party was over. We were in the middle of trying to scrub off the spray paint from a random corridor in the compound when Steve came up to us with Wanda and Peter in tow, all three of them carrying cleaning supplies.

“You’re relieved from your duties,” Wanda gave me a smile. “Peter and I will cover for you.”

“Not you,” Peter grinned at Sam, who looked a little too happy. “Just Ivy.”

“Sorry Sam,” Steve chuckled. “I need to steal Ivy away so she can join me and Buck. We’re going to visit all the old places and I figured she would want to come along.”

“Why her?” Sam narrowed his eyes between us.

“She knows the area better than I do with all the recent changes,” Steve shrugged. “I thought it would be cool for her to show us some of her favourite places growing up, too.”

“I thought you grew up in Harlem,” Sam gave me a suspicious glare.

“I did!” I laughed quietly at the expression on his face. “I also spent some time in Brooklyn. I practically grew up in Green Point, and spent my teenage years in Brooklyn Heights. Queens and the Upper East Side of Manhattan too, for a while. Although, that one lasted for about a month.” I saw Peter and Sam share an incredulous look, while Wanda and Steve simply chuckled. “The family didn’t like me too much. I was a bit of a brat when I was sixteen.”

“What family?”

“My foster family?” I asked slowly, looking between Sam and Peter. The look of surprise was evident on both of their faces. “Steve, for fuck sake, let the team read my file!” I turned to punch the super soldier in the gut, not that it did anything to him.

“I’ll get them both a copy soon,” he rolled his eyes at me, completely unaffected by my hit, and flung an arm over my shoulder. “Now come on, you need to shower so we can get going.” He pulled me away from the group and towards my room, leaving behind a disgruntled Sam, an overly enthusiastic Peter and an extremely amused Wanda.

“Too much food,” I groaned and pushed my plate away. “I don’t ever want to see another burger again.”

“You mean apart from the three that you already ate?” Bucky chuckled and stretched an arm out along the back of the diner booth. I narrowed my eyes at him playfully and threw a clean napkin in his direction.

“I leave you alone for two minutes,” Steve slid back into the booth next to me. “And you’re already acting like children.”

“She started it,” Bucky pointed at me with a grin before giving me a lazy smile. He picked at his fries idly and started to talk to Steve about the building that used to be where we were.

I half-listened to what they were saying while looking around the diner we were sat in. I had brought them to one of my favourite places when I lived in Brooklyn Heights. In turn, they had taken me to every single spot that they had remembered, from their old apartment buildings to the cinemas and parks they used to frequent. Most of the places weren’t exactly as they remembered, but they didn’t let it dull their spirits as we walked around. More than a few people stopped us to ask for pictures with Captain America, and a few even wished Bucky a happy birthday. The most adorable shy and surprised smile appeared on his face each time it happened, accompanied by a small blush as he bashfully thanked them and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Anything from the dessert menu, dolls?” an elderly lady stopped by our booth with a warm smile.

“Oh, pie,” I reached for the menu excitedly to look through the pie selection while Bucky outright laughed at me.

“You were full two minutes ago.”

“There is always have room for pie, Barnes,” I stuck my tongue out at him playfully and placed my order with the lady. Bucky and Steve copied my actions and ordered their own flavours of pie, as well as some more coffee.

“So where to next?” Steve looked up at me expectantly.

“I was thinking a quick walk, maybe around Columbus Park or something, before we headed back to the Compound?” I offered. Both men nodded in agreement as our pie was placed in front of us. Bucky tried to rob some of my pie, but after my fork narrowly avoided his normal hand he thought otherwise. Once we all finished up and Steve paid we took a leisurely stroll across to the park, which wasn’t that far from where we were.

More people recognised us at the park than I thought possible. It was the middle of the day, a Friday, but unless it was a school holiday – which I doubted – a lot of kids had cut class. A couple of mothers approached us as well with sheepish smiles, pointing at a toddler they had on a stroller who loved Steve. Bucky and I hung back gladly and let Steve spend some time with his adoring public. He had a cross between a proud and embarrassed smile on his face, which we found hilarious. The icing on the cake was when one of the little boys screamed as Steve held him for a picture because he was too young to understand why a strange man was suddenly holding him.

“So, how many phone numbers did you get?” I asked casually when we finally pulled him away from his fans.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Steve stuck his hands in his pockets and shuffled along next to us.

“Rogers, I bet your best friend here that you got at least seven numbers. I have more faith in you than he does because he said you only got three. Now help a girl out, I want my hundred bucks.”

“I got nine,” he handed us the numbers with a red face. “That one told me she just got divorced and she wants to annoy her ex,” he pointed one of the little slips of paper.

“Was she the brunette? With that adorable baby girl?” I asked. He nodded and I casually slipped the number into my back pocket. Both men gave me surprised and incredulous looks, which I just shrugged off. “You don’t mind, do you? I mean, I’m not Captain America, but I figure being with a woman is just as much of a slap to the face.”

“What if she isn’t into women?” Bucky asked.

“Oh, sweetie,” I laughed and patted his chest condescendingly. “She may have given Steve her number, but I definitely saw her eyes linger a little too long on me,” I gestured to my boobs.

“Who says she was looking at you?” Bucky scoffed a little cockily.

“Women can sense that kind of thing.”

“You’re making that up.”

“Am I?” I gave him a sly smile. “Well then, we’ll just have to wait and see the next time your eyes start to wander when we run or train, won’t we, Sarge?”


Bucky jumped into a defensive stance almost immediately, which caused me to burst out laughing. In hindsight, it really was not wise to jump out and shout at any member of this team, but, according to Wanda’s voice that rang through my head, Nat and Clint, as well as Clint’s kids, were all for the idea.

“Happy birthday, Bucky!” Lila and Cooper ran forward to attach themselves around Bucky’s midsection in a hug. He looked down in shock before patting their shoulders gently as a way of saying thanks. The kids both launched themselves in my direction once they took note of me behind Bucky, and I quickly spun them both around in a tight hug.

“I hope you’re hungry,” Laura walked over and greeted us with warm hugs. “Once Nat got Clint and the kids distracted, Wanda, Vision and I managed to make everything on that list you gave me,” she smiled at me widely.

“Wait, did you do this?” Bucky caught my hand as I moved to walk to the kitchen. Steve gave me an unreadable smile and walked away, leaving me alone with his best friend.

“Steve helped, sort of,” I shrugged a little. “I figured having a nice little get-together would be better than another lavish party thrown by Tony. Although, if you would rather go to a club just say the word and he’ll get you there.”

“This is amazing, come here,” he tugged me into his arms gently and gave me a hug. “Thank you, doll.”

“S’nothing,” I awkwardly smiled at him as he let go and we made our way into the kitchen.

“…hell of a meal, Laura,” Tony grinned at the woman as he took a bite out of whatever was on his plate.

“It’s all thanks to Ivy,” she smiled at me while handing plates of food to Lila and Cooper. “I cooked but she supplied me with all the recipes.”

You planned this?” Tony turned to look down at me.

“Should I be offended by your tone of voice?” I crossed my arms over my chest defensively and sent him a questioning stare. “Steve and I thought it would be a good idea. Last night we all got drunk and did stupid things, tonight, we have a little get together with the family, because as much as you might argue, that’s what we are.”

“Yeah, we’re one large, dysfunctional family. Sounds about right,” Tony rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of a smile on his face.

“I never said we were perfect,” I laughed and leant against one of the counters gently. Steve handed me a plate of food and I wasted no time in taking a large bite out of something that looked a lot like mashed potatoes.

“You know, now that you mention it, I do see it,” Nat looked at Tony thoughtfully. “I always thought you were kind of like a grandpa to the rest of us.” Everyone laughed loudly while Tony pretended to be offended.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing at,” Tony snapped half-heartedly at Vision. “You’re not human and have an extensive knowledge on everything in the universe except for social conduct. You’re basically a glorified robot puppy.”

“Am I a cute puppy?” Vision asked seriously. I managed to narrowly avoid choking on my food as I gasped for breath at his words.

“You two are basically godparents to us all. You take us in whenever Mom and Dad fight or if something goes wrong at home,” Tony continued, pointing at Clint and Laura. The former grinned and nodded while the latter ensured her children were eating their vegetables. “Nat is the cool aunt who would totally get you your first drink or sneak you into a bar underage, but kick you into line if you messed up. Wanda is a little sister to every single one of us and we are all very protective. Bruce is the shy, awkward cousin. Sam is like his step-brother,” he pointed between Sam and Bucky. “Because they constantly fight for Steve’s affection. Steve is a mum to the rest of us, but to Barnes he’s the ex who can’t quite let go.” Steve tried to protest but was quickly shushed by everyone as we tried to listen to Tony. “Thor is the cool uncle that is constantly travelling and has stories about strange lands whenever he visits. That leaves Fury as our Dad.”

“Fury and Steve, Mom and Dad of the Avengers. It’s perfect,” Clint chuckled.

“I guess that makes me the chopped liver, thanks Tony,” I rolled my eyes and flicked a stray pea at him. He stuck his tongue out at me very maturely while Steve rounded on Bucky.

“What do you mean ex? Buck, when were you going to tell me? Are you cheating on me?” he asked dramatically. I couldn’t help but shake my head in amusement at his antics. “I will only accept you cheating on me if it’s with Ivy.” I spluttered and spat out a little bit of my drink in a truly lady-like fashion. My defiance fell on deaf ears though as Steve moved on. “If I’m the Mom, does that mean I can ground Tony?”

“No, because he’s the Grandfather,” Wanda shook her head.

“Well, I guess I’ll send him to a good home then. Grandpa is getting old.”

“Hey, you’re the old man here, Cap!” Tony scoffed.

“Stop fighting,” Nat rolled her eyes. “You always take it too far and then we’re all going to have to pick sides and team up again to sort this out.”

“As far as I remember, I was winning,” Steve mumbled.

“Oh, you want to go for round two, gramps?” Tony shot back.

“Stop fighting!” Clint cut in. “You’re going to upset the kids.” The kids in question were not his own, because they had already run off to watch cartoons in front of the ridiculously large television.

“But –”

Stop, or I swear, I will call Fury and make him drop the two of you on a desert island and leave you there.”

“Godfather to the rescue,” I muttered cheerfully. Bucky laughed from next to me, earning us a reprimanding glare from Steve. I looked away innocently and picked at the food on my plate. “Do I get a family member now or should I be offended?” I asked lightly.

“Nah, we sorted that out,” Sam gave me a cheeky grin and leant across the counter. “You’re Barnes’ mistress.” Once more, I was ignored as I tried to object to the statement. “I don’t usually do this, but high five, Barnes. You have good taste.”

“Don’t encourage him!” I smacked Bucky’s arm as he went to high five Sam.

“Shouldn’t you feel flattered? You’re my mistress. I have good taste,” he teased.

“I’m breaking up Captain America and his Bucky. Till the end of the line, or wait, until Ivy comes along and ruins it all. I’m a homewrecker,” I placed my head in my hands while a few people chuckled at my theatrics. “Does this mean the secret is out? Can we stop sneaking around behind Steve’s back?”

“Well, I heard he approves of us fooling around together, so it looks like the cat is out of the bag.”

“Why did you put T’Challa in a bag?” I asked in mock horror. Bucky rolled his eyes at me but smiled nonetheless while we continued to eat our dinner. Little Nathaniel Barton woke up a short while later from his nap, prompting Laura to go and get him as he cried for her. I cooed at the sleepy baby when she returned, and Nat was quick to pluck him from Laura’s arms to bounce him playfully.

“How’s my little traitor?” she asked in a cute voice, causing him to giggle while Laura got his bottle ready. We played pass-the-baby for a little time after that, with everyone wanting to hold onto the smallest member of the honorary team. He squealed in excitement and babbled away, clearly loving the attention he was receiving from everyone. It wasn’t until Steve got a hold of him that he cried loudly, startling the super soldier, who hastily handed the wailing infant back to his mum. Laura assured Steve that Nathan was just hungry and proceeded to give him his bottle while the rest of us dispersed around the common room.

Most of the men gathered around the pool table while Steve flicked on some era-appropriate music. Nat, Wanda, Laura and I stayed in the kitchen for some time while Nathan was being fed, up until Sam came in and stole the little man away, claiming he wanted to teach him some moves. I assume the baby did not want to cooperate, because about ten minutes later I found Bucky sitting in front of the TV, holding onto a squirming Nathan while half-watching whatever kids film Lila and Cooper had put on.

“Hey,” I grinned at the ex-assassin and sank down next to him on the sofa. “Are you struggling a little there?” I gave him a sympathetic smile and plucked a fussy Nathan Barton from his grasp. The eighteen month old gurgled at me and began to play with my hair by giving it sharp tugs.

“Hey,” Bucky gave me a grateful smile in return and sunk back into the sofa in relief. “Note to self, kids don’t like me.”

“I think he just doesn’t understand the arm,” I bounced the baby on my lap and grinned as he laughed along. “What do you say, Nathan? Do you like Bucky?” The infant did not reply, obviously, but instead he reached out his little arms in Bucky’s direction and open and closed his fingers in a grabby hand gesture. Bucky took him back from me and a short while later he started to fuss again, and Clint quickly swooped in and took his baby away from us.

“Did I tell you how much I appreciate this?” Bucky looked around the room with a small smile on his face. “It was really nice of you to organise this for me.”

“It’s nothing,” I shrugged nonchalantly and fiddled with my hair. “Steve did most of the work.”

“Steve is only good at organising missions. You don’t expect me to believe he pulled all of this off, do you?” he gestured around the room, pointing out the decorations and large table covered in food.

“Shush, you’ll blow my cover. I don’t need everyone knowing I can be nice when I want to.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” he chuckled. A comfortable silence fell over the both of us. I relaxed against the couch cushions, listening to the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, accompanied by Finding Nemo. Sam, Steve and Tony could be heard over by the pool table, while Bruce chatted lightly with Clint, Laura and Nat. Vision and Wanda were in their own world, looking adorable together as they laughed at something or the other.

“Oh, hey, I almost forgot. Happy birthday, old man,” I nudged Bucky’s shoulder gently and passed him a small, wrapped up box.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” he looked down at the object in his hands before smiling up at me.

“Well, you only turn a hundred once so…” I trailed off with a laugh and turned in my seat to face him. “And anyway, I wanted to. You’re my friend, it’s your birthday, and therefore you get a gift.”

“By that logic you should tell me when yours in so I can get you something.”

“You’re not getting information on me that easily, Barnes,” I rolled my eyes and bumped him. “Come on, open it.”

“If something jumps out at me I’m throwing you off the helipad,” he muttered. The smile on his face gave away that he wasn’t being serious as he carefully undid the bow and wrapping paper encasing the box. He opened the lid slowly, an unreadable expression falling on his face as he lifted out the dog tags I had gotten him. I chewed my lip almost nervously as I watched for any reaction that he hated it. “Are these…?” he looked up at me before reading the inscription on the tags.

“They’re the real deal.”


“I won’t lie, I got a little help,” I shrugged casually and picked at a loose thread on the couch as I spoke. “I figured your original ones got lost when you fell from the train, so I made Sam call up his military contacts for me. It was pretty much straightforward from there. They were more than willing to make one for you.” I risked a peak at him to gauge his reaction. “Steve assured me you would love them, so if they’re too much or out of place you can blame him.”

“Doll,” he huffed out a laugh and pulled me into his arms. “Thank you, they’re perfect.” He placed a kiss on my cheek before pulling away and placing the chain around his neck. “Have I ever told you how amazing you are?”

“Not recently,” I smiled as we fell back into our usual teasing routine. “But you do turn a hundred today, so I’ll let it slide because you’re ancient and your memory isn’t what it used to be.” I watched as he twirled the dog tags between his fingers, his eyes landing on the engraving once more to read the words written in the metal.

James B Barnes
32557038        T41      B
Brooklyn         P

“Does this mean I have to thank Sam too?”

“Not if you don’t want to,” I shook my head in amusement. “He made me swear not to tell you he helped but, well, obviously I didn’t listen to him.” My eyes strayed across to where the man in question was. His back was turned to me as he laughed at something Steve said, while the blond super soldier’s eyes were trained on me and his best friend. There was an unreadable look in the smile he sent my way, and although I couldn’t understand what it was for, I could guess, causing my face to flame up.

“As much as I would love to embarrass him, that involves being nice to him and thanking him, so I’ll pass,” Bucky brushed some of my hair away from my face and grinned widely when he saw I was blushing. I tried to smack his hand away but he quickly swooped in and pressed a kiss to my red cheeks, which only made them burn more. “Have I ever told you that you look cute when you blush?”

“Have I ever told you how good I think you would look with a black eye?”

“I’m pretty sure you think I’m good looking anyway,” his grin slipped into something smaller, almost shyer. I eyed him slowly, trying to find out the meaning behind his smile, before I nudged him playfully.

“Stop trying to make me be nice to you.”

“You organised this whole evening for me, the secret is out. You can be nice,” he rolled his eyes and nudged me gently, all traces of his bashfulness gone as he threw an arm around my shoulder. “Hey. Thanks again for everything, doll.”

“Anytime, Sarge. Anytime.”


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I’m actually going to write a thing

I’m totally not nervous (L I E S)


Day One: Buy a new book: Red Queen by vaveyard  

First pages –> OMG Cal is so dreamy!!

Day Two: Maven is so sweet!! Mare/Maven or Mare/Cal ???

Day Three: Mare/Maven or Mare/Cal??? I CAN’T CHOOSE!!

Day Four: Ok.. Mare/Maven.. 

Few Page Later.. –> MAVEN DO THE THING




Gilmore Girls Headcanon: 

When Rory first hears about the Kindle she is immediately irked and rants to Lorelai about how half the experience of reading is the BOOK and it’s SMELL and the weight of it, the satisfaction of actually turning a page, not just tapping a screen!!!! 

A few years later Logan buys her a Kindle as a present because “I don’t want you developing scoliosis carrying all those books around, get with the times, Ace.” She tries it because she doesn’t want to seem ungrateful, but she quickly reverts. 

Fast forward to after Fall, Jess is helping Rory unpack at Lorelai’s house and finds the Kindle. He holds it up to Rory, who resentfully mentions it was a gift from Logan as she negotiates a particularly bulky box around her increasingly rounded belly. Without hesitation, Jess smashes the thing to the ground. 

“You can’t make notes in the margins with that. You like making notes in the margins.” 

Jess continues on as Rory stares and thinks that maybe some of the things are going to be okay.