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Boy Scouts kicked out an 8-year-old boy for being trans

  • Eight-year-old Joe Maldonado was reportedly kicked out of the Boy Scouts when parents began complaining about his gender identity.
  • As NorthJersey.com reported, the 8-year-old came out as a boy in 2015, when he was entering the second grade.
  • He has been a “much happier child” since, his mother, Kristie Maldonado, told the outlet. 
  • She said his peers, both at school and within Cub Scout Pack 87 in Secaucus, New Jersey, seem to have accepted his gender identity.
  • “Not one of the kids said, ‘You don’t belong here,’” Kristie said. But apparently a few pack parents did. 
  • Kristie said an official from the BSA’s Northern New Jersey Council called and informed her that, because “some mothers” had expressed concern over Joe’s transgender identity, he could not come back to his pack.
  • “I’m way more angry than sad,” Joe told the outlet. “My identity is a boy. If I was them, I would let every person in the world go in. It’s right to do.” Read more

I love the idea of Derek getting a dog, the big one that can pull even him around. He listens to Derek when he wants to, the only person the dog listens to all the time is Stiles. 

Derek wants to be annoyed, but he loves how sweet Stiles is with Thor, he loves how excited Thor gets when Stiles is at the door.  He loves how Stiles plays with him, he loves how right it feels when the three of them are together, like they’re family, like pack. 

A few years later when Stiles moves in together Derek thinks its less cute when Thor cries outside their bedroom door until they let him in. They have to upgrade to a king bed to fit the three of them. 

BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to go stargazing at the beach


Jin would be so excited to go. He loves the beach and he loves looking at the stars with you. He’d pack a few warm blankets and of course some snacks. Jin would lay on the blanket, put his arm around you and sigh happily. “The sound of the ocean, the bright stars, and the prettiest girl in the world by my side. How could it get any better?”

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Yoongi would be happy that you asked. Looking at the stars helps clear his head and being with you made him happier than he’s ever been before. He’d lean back happily on the sand with you, his hand intertwined with yours. Yoongi would have a content smile on his face. “You come up with the best ideas.”

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He would be kinda tired after such a long day but he could never say no to you. He’d make sure you wore some warm clothes and he’d bring some drinks just in case. He wouldn’t really be paying attention to the sky though. Not even the roaring ocean could get his eyes taken off you. He just stared, taking in the way the moonlight shone on your face. “Ahhhh…. you’re just like a beautiful angel…”

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Namjoon would watch the stars alone before you got together. He never asked you to come along because he wasn’t sure if you’d like it, so when you suggested it, he had a wide smile on his face. He would hurry quickly to get things ready, get a little book, and a small telescope. As you sat and watched, he’d be pointing up to the sky. “And of course you can’t forget the Big Dipper!”

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Like Hobi, Jimin would be pretty tired at the end of the day when he got home. He may take a little persuading, but eventually he’d agree to go with you. He’d bundle you in his jacket as you sat on the sand, cold ocean breeze blowing by. “So, do you know any of the star names?” He’d ask. Jimin would slowly start to fall asleep to the sound of your voice, the cool sea wind and the sound of waves.

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He would happily go with you. As you were sitting on the sand watching, he had an idea. Tae would take your hand, and pull you closer to the waves. You both got in to where the water was up to your ankles. Laughing and slashing around, he would pull you into a kiss under the starlit sky. “I love you, sweetie…”

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Kookie would happily go, packing a little bag as soon as you asked about going. He laid a blanket down on the sand. He wanted for you to sit down, then laid his head on your lap, looking straight up. “Do you know a lot about the stars? Or do you just like looking at them?” He’d ask. You two would just walk for hours, him asking a million questions while he hung on to every word.

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Lost the tray files for the Practical Magic house I was making a while ago so I started again from scratch (this time with a few extra packs cause they were on sale).

Was never too keen on the movie but I adore this quaint house so much <3

If you make a packing list before you go on a trip, review and edit the list when you return from your trip then save it. Over time, you'll be able to pack more efficiently.

I’ve been doing this with business trips and vacations for a couple of years.  I now have a few different packing lists that I can pull up whenever needed.  Saves me time and space when packing.

I Own You - Theo Raeken

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Word count: 1534

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: Theo Raeken being Theo Raeken I mean, come one

Part 2 , 3 , 4

To be a part of Scott McCall’s pack was truly the best thing that ever could have happened to you. Sure, there was an occasional psycho or monster running around the town of Beacon Hills, but you’d always manage to find some way to take care of it (and at the same time keep up with all your classes like a pro). You were surrounded by an amazing group of people who you all loved dearly. You had your role to play in this pack, but as one of the few humans in the pack Scott would always make sure you were safe, or that he was around to make sure you were. Ever since you nearly got taken by the dread doctors, he hadn’t let you out of his sight. He really was a good alpha. He knew when to fight, and when not to. He knew who to trust, and who not to trust. Theo Raeken, was one of those persons who he didn’t trust. At least not anymore. Now that we know what he’s really up to, and of course, after he killed Scott.

Stiles was pretty clear about how he felt about Theo from the beginning, ever since he first showed up Stiles had a lot of distrust in the boy. He was always going on about how evil Theo was and how we should come up with a plan to kill him already. You agreed, Theo was the definition of bad news. But you couldn’t help think of him as a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Because that’s what he was. A nightmare. But a darn good one. And he knew how you thought of him. He could sense it whenever you were near. He could hear your heartbeat spiking and he could basically smell the desire coming off you. You wanted him, and he knew it.

You were changing your books at your locker when you noticed him approaching from the corner of your eye. You cursed to yourself, feeling your heart pounding in your chest (which you were certain he noticed). All he had to do was walk past you in the hallway, and you were basically at his mercy. How messed up is that? ‘(Y/N)?’ You turned to the young beta standing next to you. ‘Are you okay? Your heart is racing.’ He chuckled. You forced a smile onto your face. ‘I just remembered that I have a math test today, that’s all.’ You shrugged. Your breath got stuck in my throat as he finally walked past you. You didn’t know if he did it on purpose, but he walked so close to you that you could smell his cologne. Which had quickly become your new most favourite smell in the whole world. ‘Well, I’m assuming you didn’t study then?’ Liam asked as you closed your locker and you shook your head. ‘Haven’t exactly had the time with everything going on y’know…’ You shrugged and he nodded understandingly. ‘Anyhow, I gotta get to English. I’ll talk to you later, kay?’ You said your goodbyes and you hurried your way to English. You stumbled into the classroom, your bag sliding off your shoulder and your books nearly falling out of your arms. God you were a mess. ‘Miss (Y/L/N), you doing okay there?’ Your teacher asked causing a few chuckles to erupt from your fellow students. You lowered your head with a blush, pushed your bag back up your shoulder and walked towards your seat. Your eyes widened and your heartrate did the thing again when a new face was sitting in the seat right behind yours. ‘You’re not in this class.’ You blurted out, not really knowing why you were talking to him. Theo smiled, almost sympathetically you noticed, but that couldn’t be. ‘I am now. Turns out French wasn’t really my thing.’ He replied with a shrug, leaning back in his chair. ‘French isn’t anyone’s thing.’ You sighed as you lowered yourself in your own seat.

Since English was your favourite subject, you never had problems following along with everything your teacher was saying. But today, things were different. You were so aware of him sitting right behind you. And you knew he had that stupid smirk on his face. You had your notebook in front of you and a pen in your hand but you hadn’t made any kind of effort whatsoever to write anything down. You were too overpowered by him, his scent, his everything. You swear you could feel the heat radiating of his body. God his body.

‘(Y/N), you have to calm down. Every werewolf in town can hear your heart racing.’ His voice suddenly whispered behind you. You swallowed thickly, not responding to what he said. You wouldn’t let him have that kind of power over you. ‘It’s me, isn’t it?’

You closed your eyes, cursing yourself for being so goddamn obvious. Of course as a werewolf, well, chimaera, he had an advantage. But still. Your focused your attention and the Shakespeare quote that was written on the blackboard, trying to ignore the words he was whispering to you. ‘Don’t think that I don’t see you staring. Because I do. You try to stop yourself, because of Scott and the pack. But you can’t, I know you can’t. Dammit (Y/N) I can basically smell it on you!’

‘Please…’ You whispered. You weren’t exactly sure if you were pleading for him to stop, or to go on. ‘Please, what?’

‘Stop.’ You sighed. ‘Only if you want me to. Do you?’

He was toying with you by now, and you caught yourself liking it. You turned around in your seat. You had your words ready, telling him to leave you alone and simply stop talking, but they disappeared into thin air once you were face to face with him. He was leaning forward, his head resting on his hands. And you weren’t prepared for him to be this close. ‘Yes?’ He questioned, knowing you were about to say something. You searched your brain, but you found no words. Only unholy imagines, which you weren’t about to share with him. ‘Mr. Raeken, Miss (Y/L/N), having fun back there?’ Your teacher called and you spun around, a look of horror on your face. You’d never been called out by a teacher, you made sure you never were because you hated being in the centre of attention. You had no reply, no excuse.

‘(Y/N) was just telling me that she’s not feeling so good. Maybe I should take her to the nurse’s office?’ You heard Theo reply. You were about to say that wasn’t necessary, but his strong hand had already grabbed hold of your arm, pulling you out of your chair. You felt all eyes on you as Theo led you towards the door. You kept your head low

, trying to think of how to get away from him as soon as you were outside.
‘You know I just saved your ass, right?’ Theo chuckled once you were in the hallway. ‘My ass didn’t need saving.’ You grumbled, pulling your arm from his grip. ‘Why don’ you just admit it?’ Theo smirked as he walked closer to you, slowly catching you between his body and the wall. ‘Admit what?’ You asked nonchalantly. ‘That you want me.’

You sighed and turned your head away but he grabbed your chin in a strong grip forcing you to look at him. ‘Admit it.’ He whispered. His face was so close you could feel his warm breath on your face and it took everything bit of willpower you had to not pounce onto right there. ‘I’ll admit that you’re a fine piece of male specimen. But you’re still an asshole.’ You shrugged, trying to sound confident, but you feared that your voice might gave you away. ‘I like your spirit.’

‘There’s a whole lot of me to like, Theo. If only you hadn’t killed Scott.’ You sighed. He let out a chuckle and brought his head down to you neck, pressing his lips to the soft and delicate skin. Your eyes immediately fell shut, if you had one weakness it was your fucking neck, and it was as if he knew. ‘I’m starting to think that this is the other way around…that it’s you who wants me…’ You muttered, trying your very best to keep your voice steady. The bell rang and your eyes shot open in fear, you placed your hands on his shoulders to push him away but you, a tiny little hobbit, were no match for him. He continued to leave hot, wet, open mouthed kissed all over your neck, exploring whatever bit of exposed skin he could find. ‘Theo!’ You hissed, knowing at any moment the doors could open and the halls would fill with students. If anyone saw you with Theo, the word would spread and soon one of your friends would hear, and you’d be dead. ‘Let’s admit it, (Y/N).’ He whispered as he brought his lips to your ear. ‘I own you.’ And with that he walked away. You heard doors open and soon the halls were filled with people. But you didn’t notice any of them. Only one of them.

Cody Christian owns my ass. And I love it.

Friend Zoned

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1071


It was a nice evening in Mystic Falls. You and Kol Mikaelson have grown pretty close as friends, not to mention, befriending all of the other Mikaelson siblings. On your days off, you would always stop by their mansion to hang out, which is something they didn’t mind at all.

You had the next two days off so you packed a few clothes and toiletries so that you could sleepover at the Mikaelson mansion. They were all happy enough to let you stay in a guest room of your choice.

Both you and Kol were watching a few episodes of season 5 of American Horror Story, until finally, one of you decided to get your butts off of the couch. That person was Kol.

Once episode 5 ended, Kol grabbed the remote from the coffee table to turn off the tv, then sat back down on the chair. “Alright Y/N, I think we’ve had enough. I’m in the mood to get out of this house.”

You exhaled. “Same. Where to?” You stood up to stretch your arms while you await Kol’s answer.

“How does The Grill sound? I’m fancying a drink.” Kol asked.

You rolled your eyes. “Again? We were just there 2 days ago.”

“Oh don’t be a bore Y/N. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.” Kol flashed you a grin.

You sighed. “Fine. Let me go get ready then.” There was no way you were going to let yourself go out in sweatpants and a bare face.

“Well don’t take too bloody long.” Kol knows you well enough to know that you take absolutely forever to get ready. He was dreading having to wait for you.

You ignored his remark and made your way upstairs to the guest room. As you were walking upstairs, you shouted at Kol. “You better not watch episode 6 without me!”





“Okay I’m ready!” You announced as you rushed downstairs. You tried to make your makeup minimal, but ended up winging your liner, then contoured and highlighted. The outfit you threw on was a basic olive green crop top, black high waisted pants and black flats.

“Bloody hell, Y/N.” Kol snarled, then got off the couch to walk towards you. “What took-” Once he reached to you and saw how pretty you looked in such a simple outfit. He was a bit speechless, stopping himself from letting his jaw drop.

“What?” It wasn’t hard for you to notice him being at a loss for words, but you had no idea why. You were clueless from being too focused on being ready to go out.

“Nothing. Never mind.” Kol opened the front door, allowing you to exit first. “Shall we?” 

You gave a smile and then headed out the door. Supposedly, Kol hired a driver because you instantly saw an unfamiliar black SUV with a man walking over to hold the car door opened for you. Nice.


Walking into the Mystic Grill it was pretty busy. Luckily, there were a couple of empty bar stools for you and Kol to sit on. “Full house.” Kol commented with a smile, looking around at the crowd of people once you two were seated.

Once the bartender finally got to you, you ordered your drink. “Cranberry and vodka, please.”

“That’s a girly drink, darling.” Kol narrowed his eyes at you, then put a hand out to stop the bartender. “We’ll get a jack and coke.”

“Right away.” The bartender said, starting on your drinks.

“Whatever Kol.” You playfully rolled your eyes at him.

One drink ended up being two. Which of course, Kol paid for since it was his idea to go to the grill. By then, you were already buzzing and same with Kol. 

The liquid courage definitely helped him because he thought of it as the perfect timing to finally express his feelings for you. “For some time now, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something, Y/N.”

“Okay? What is it? Spill.” You put your elbow on the counter, resting your chin on your hand, being ready to listen to whatever Kol is going to say.

Kol took the last sip left of his drink. “So I know that we’ve been really good friends for awhile now. But…”

“Yes?” You question Kol, but had an idea where he’s headed with this. Oh no.

“But for some reason, I see you more than that. And I think, I’ve gained other feelings for you, Y/N.” Kol confessed while tapping his fingers together in nervousness. But of course, he hid his nerves with that adorable smile of his.

“I care about you too, Kol. I really do. You’re one of my best friends. But-” You paused, sighing, “I only see you as that.” 

“Is that so?” Kol sighed. He didn’t know if he should feel sad or embarrassed that you didn’t feel the same.

“I’m sorry, but I-uh, have feelings for someone else.” You said looking down, then looked back up. Of course you felt terrible letting him down, not to mention, telling him you have your eye on someone that isn’t him. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s a great person, but, you really only saw Kol as a friend and nothing more.

“Ah bugger.” Kol shrugged his shoulders, then added, “Well this is awkward.” He laughed nervously, playing with his empty glass.

“Don’t feel awkward. We can still hang out like we always have been, just as long as you don’t make it awkward.” You playfully poked him on his chest, laughing, then Kol laughed back more confident this time. It did make him feel a tad bit better that it isn’t awkward for you.

“Well, whoever it is darling, he’s a lucky lad.” Kol commented.

Luckily, you quickly thought of an idea to change the subject and lighten up the mood. “Come on, let’s play pool. No one is using it anymore.” You signaled with your head, looking at the pool table, standing up off of the bar stool.

Kol got up with his hands in his pockets. “Ah indeed. Just know, I’m not going to go to easy on you just because you’re a girl.” He tapped you on the arm with his elbow, then you both headed to the pool table. While Kol followed behind you, he was wondering who is this other person you have feelings for.


Yes, there will be a part two! Hope you enjoyed reading, my loves <3

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Bilbo earns his first payment of reward from thorin what does he riecieve

Thanks for the ask anon! This got out of control, but here we are:

As winter slowly thawed into spring, thoughts of the battle finally began to fade from Thorin’s mind. Instead, he focused on one horrifying thought: Bilbo would be returning to the Shire.

The hobbit had yet to announce an official date, or even pack his few belongings, but Thorin had learned long ago that to hope was folly.

Not that he would ever force Bilbo to stay anyway; of course the hobbit was free to do as he wished. But Thorin could not bear to let Bilbo go without at least attempting to repay him for all he had done.

Bilbo outright refused any kind of payment for his part in the quest, in spite of the contract he had signed. But Thorin liked to think he had discovered a loophole… for surely Bilbo would never reject a simple gift from one friend to another.

Thorin wiped his sweaty brow, staring at the gifts in front of him. He gave a curt, self-satisfied nod before packing up, already planning a majestic speech worthy of Bilbo’s great deeds.

As Bilbo pulled open the door to his private chambers, he flashed Thorin a wide, surprised smile. “Come in, come in!” he ushered. “I’ll make us some tea!”

“That will not be necessary,” Thorin cut in.

“Oh?” Brows furrowing, Bilbo’s head tilted inquisitively, golden curls shifting with the movement.

Thorin had to clear his throat. Multiple times.

“I… wish to thank you,” Thorin stumbled slightly, inwardly cursing himself. Durin’s beard, he had already forgotten the words! “You were brave - you are brave, but… you were especially brave during the battle. Throughout the whole quest. You are full of honor -”

“Thorin…” Bilbo interrupted cautiously. “What’s this all about? Are you feeling well? You look a little flushed.” Bilbo stepped forward, but Thorin quickly side-stepped the hobbit’s outreached hand.

“I merely wish to thank you. My words can never be enough, so I ask that you accept my humble gift.”

Taking a deep breath, Thorin pulled the wrapped gift from his cloak and handed it to Bilbo.

“What the…” Bilbo trailed off, hopefully mesmerized by the beautiful, painstaking work. He finally managed to ask, “Are these for decoration?”

“No,” Thorin muttered with a slight frown. “They are for eating.”

“But they’re…made out of gold. And so heavy!” Bilbo frowned at the utensils, as thought they were foreign objects. He was clearly not mesmerized. “Are these… rubies?”

“Yes, to…” Don’t say bring out the colour of your eyes. Don’t say bring out the colour of your eyes. “…Match your waistcoat.”

“My - my waistcoat?” Bilbo sputtered in disbelief. “Thorin, that’s absurd!”

Panicking for just a moment, Thorin pulled out the second gift from his cloak. “Then have this instead.” The goblet was adorned with a colourful myriad of precious gems. Engraved in the gold surface was Bilbo, bravely holding up his sword against a fire-breathing drake.

“Is that… supposed to be me!?” Bilbo squeaked incredulously.

Thorin frowned. “Does it not… resemble you? Aye, I could not perfectly capture your large feet, but -”

“Thorin, this is beyond ostentatious! And - and my feet are not large, they are perfectly respectable! For Yavanna’s sake, how many more presents am I to expect?”

Thorin frowned mulishly, lips pursing. “Perhaps a few serving plates…to match the goblet. A necklace. Two rings.”

“Is that all?” Bilbo pressed.

Looking adamantly away, Thorin rubbed his beard. Finally, with a sigh of defeat, he added: “A banner declaring your heroic feats in Khuzdul to display so all your guests may know what you have done for me and my people.”

“Oh, Thorin.” Bilbo made a strangled noise, somewhere between a laugh and an aggrieved sigh. “You’re a complete sap - absolutely ridiculous, but a sap nonetheless.”

When the dwarf refused to make eye contact, Bilbo stepped closer. “You really did all this, just for me?”

“My apologies,” Thorin muttered tersely.

“Thorin, I’m grateful for the work you put in. Truly, I am.” Bilbo reached forward, placing a small, warm hand on Thorin’s. “But a hobbit has no need for these things - all I want is to stay here. With you.”

At that, Thorin’s head whipped up, blue eyes widening. “You are not returning to the Shire, now that spring has come?”

“Gracious, no!” Bilbo snort melted into a shy, hopeful smile as his fingers intertwined with Thorin’s. “I have everything I could ever want, right here.”

Thorin smiled gently, gaze softening as he stared at this beautiful, opinionated, heroic hobbit. “Men lananubukhs astu,” he murmured softly.

Bilbo scoffed lightly before pushing up onto his toes. “Kiss me already, you sap.”

Thorin leaned down, pressing his lips to Bilbo’s.

Perhaps that was the best gift of all.

Ahhhhhh so flippin’ cheesy!!!!! But these dorks make me do it. Thanks anon for the prompt, that was lots of fun! Thanks @tea-blitz for the gifts ideas!

Dangerous - John Shelby

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Request: request for a John imagine where you don’t quite realise how dangerous he is bc you haven’t been dating that long until your walking back from the shops one day and you see him beating up a guy because he said some bad shit about you and u run away cos ur scared but then John finds u and comforts you. Thank u X

Request: Can I ask one with John where he get jealous when someone flirt with reader? Something like really jealous ahahhah I love your fics you are amazing at writing 😍😍😍 - @buckybear-ivar

Dangerous - John Shelby

You had moved to Small Heath from Newcastle two months ago when your grandfather wrote to your mother to tell her that he was sick. He had left his dowry, which he had accumulated after years of work and saving, to you (his only grandchild) and your father felt it was important that you go down to be with him in his last months as repayment for his generosity. So you had packed a few belongings and travelled down to Small Heath.  

There were a few things that your grandfather was eager to tell you about Small Heath when you first arrived. It was his home and he was proud of it but he cautioned you against some of the neighbors. The Shelbys, according to your father, were devils. He told you to stay as far from the Shelby family as you possibly could but, if you were to see them, be polite.  

“Are they really that bad?” You’d laughed at the stories your grandfather told you.  

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It never faded

Harry imagine where he turns up at your door after you guys broke up. I really hope you guys will like this imagine and that you’ll set aside the time to read it. :)
A lot of fluff and emotions ahead, no mature content aside from some harsh words.

Again, picture is not mine. Some beautiful member of the internet blessed us with it.

It had been two weeks since I had last seen Harry and one week since he had last tried to call me. Our break up had been a messy one, filled with screaming and crying. Words were shouted neither of us could ever truly mean and when I had finally cried that I wanted our relationship to be over, Harry was just as surprised as I was. And yet I didn’t take it back. And he didn’t try to stop me. I somewhat calmly went upstairs, packed the few belongings I had at brought to his place, and left without a word of goodbye.

I traveled back to my hometown and moved in with my old flatmate. She still owned the same apartment I had lived in when Harry had first come around and swept me off my feet. After dating for two months I agreed to go to London with him, which now I knew had been a mistake. Moving in with someone after knowing them for so short had not been a smart move. Literally.
Soon what had once been a loving relationship turned into two people trying to adjust to each other’s lifestyles and utterly failing at it. After his band got back on the road, it was like I was in a relationship with a ghost. The distance felt unbearable and with time differences and crappy internet connection, not even the few skype calls that we made could change that.

I wasn’t any happier being away from him now, but I comforted myself with the thought that at least I didn’t have to try and pretend to be anymore. After sulking in bed for a week, mourning my failed relationship, I was ready to move on. I still loved Harry with everything I had, truly. But after ignoring the first few voice messages of him sobbing into his phone I received messages of him lulling how glad he was that I had finally fucked off, how much better he was doing, that it would be as easy as counting to three to find a new girl to take my place.
It hurt of course, but if he was fine without me than why shouldn’t I be alright without him?

“Is it okay if I leave you alone tonight?” my flatmate Kylie asked standing in the doorway.

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” I responded, folding the shirt I was currently holding.

“You’ve been crying on a daily basis when all of a sudden you just stopped all together. It’s not normal. I’m kind of waiting for you to snap and explode or something.”

“What would seem normal to you then?” I asked with a laugh.

She jokingly tapped her finger to her chin. “Maybe you begging me to go egg his fancy ass house.”

“Not gonna happen,” I giggled while shaking my head. “But seriously, I’m alright. And I’ll survive a night without you hovering over me like a mother hen.”

Kylie threw her head back at that and laughed: “So it’s okay for the mother hen to go out for the night?”

“Of course it is,” I assured.

“You’re sure? I can stay if-”

“I’m sure,” I interrupted. “Just because my world ended doesn’t mean yours has to as well.”

She rolled her eyes. “Shit like that’s what makes me worry about you.”

“I’m joking,” I protested..

“Only half heartily.”

She gave me another long look before grinning confidently. “How hot do I look?”

“Very,” I complimented. “Your date is going to struggle keeping it in his pants tonight.”

“Great, that’s the look I was going for.”

After she left I decided to treat myself a little and make some popcorn. Once settled on our couch I pressed the play button on the telly and soon found an action movie I hadn’t seen in a long time. All in all, I felt pretty good about myself.

I jumped when the doorbell rang. The sky had long turned dark and one look at my phone told me that it was almost 11pm. Who was ringing people’s doorbells at this time?
It was unlikely that Kylie had forgotten her key and she would’ve told me if she had invited someone over, right? I reached for a fork that was laying on our coffee table after lunch which would weakly serve me as a weapon before my feet carried me hesitantly to the door. It only took one quick peek through the keyhole for me to pull the door open.

I had spend the last weeks forcing myself not to think about him until it had come to the point where his face was almost a blur in my mind. Looking at him now I couldn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happen. How could I ever forget how beautiful he was? His big but delicate hands, his strong, muscular arms and broad shoulders. His neck, who’s skin I knew was so warm after kissing it multiple times. The shape of his face, blessed with cheekbones to die for. And his brown, full curls, shorter than I remembered them, but just as soft looking. The gentle pink of his kissable lips and lastly his eyes. Those mesmerizing, enchanting, green eyes.

I was too stunned to say something. He had often laughed and blushed when I confessed how his looks took my breath away, but I hadn’t been kidding. My brain was too shocked to form a proper sentence. So instead I took a second look at him. And that changed my entire view.

His eyes were bloodshot, muting the green and held a unmistakable sadness. His eyelids looked twice their size as they were swollen and the skin beneath his eye resembled black shadows. His lips were bitten, dry and not half as full as I could’ve sworn they used to be when I kissed them. The curls hung in a mess, falling barley far enough to cover his frowned forehead. His face seemed more narrow and the veins on his neck were more visible than usually. His shoulders slacked, his arms hang limply by his sides and his knuckles were blue from bruising.

My breath hitched at how transformed he looked. Not at all like the man I had left behind.

“Harry?” I asked, my voice nothing above whimper. Given the transition he had gone through, I truly felt like I had to ask if it was really him.

“Y/N”, he croaked out and that was it.

I opened my arms and he practically fell into them. Harry shamelessly sobbed into my shoulder, wetting my flannel as I gently combed my fingers through his hair. My nails slightly scratched the skin of his neck, but it did little to calm him down.

“What happened?” I whispered. “Harry? What’s wrong, my love? Are you hurt?”

He didn’t answer, instead his sobs increased and I moved my arms to his shoulders, trying to loosen his hold to check if he was injured. When he didn’t budge I sighed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. His skin felt so cold.

“Come on. Let me get you inside. You’re freezing.”

Finally he allowed me to carefully pull away from him and take hold of his hands, pulling him inside. I lead him to the small living room and sat him down on the couch, getting into a kneeling position in front of him. Normally he would joke about how I could have “at least bought him dinner first”, but right now there was nothing even remotely sexual to my position. I rested my hands on his thighs, moving them in soothing circles.

“Harry, please tell me what happened.”

All I got as response was a shake of his head and more tears falling from his eyes. I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to hate him, like I somehow had only hours ago. But now with him crying in front of me I couldn’t help but forget everything instantly and just want to care for him, hide him away and be the shield between him and whatever it had been that had hurt him so badly. There was something about Harry that had me want to bundle him up in a blanked whenever I saw him even remotely upset.

“Harry, please try to calm down,” I begged when he hiccuped. “I can’t stand seeing you like this. I’ll go and get you a cup of tea, alright? It’ll warm you up and ease you a little. Please, in the meantime try to relax. Okay?”

He sniffed loudly and then nodded. I got up and went to the kitchen. The water couldn’t boil fast enough and I nervously tapped my fingers on the sink. When it finally did, I quickly filled two cups and walked back. Harry obviously hadn’t calmed down. I suppressed a sigh as I placed the two cups on the coffee table and sat down next to my ex boyfriend.

“What can I do to make it better?” I asked quietly. “Tell me, please. I’m loosing my mind, seeing you this way.”

“Everything”, he started, voice so thin I almost missed it. “Everything is wrong, Y/N.”

He looked up and his eyes met mine, knocking every remaining ounce of anger still in me right on out.

“Come here”, I whispered and pulled him against me again. “I don’t want to push you,” I mumbled softly and I felt him shake his head in a nod. Goosebumps rose on my skin upon feeling his sobs against my chest. “We won’t speak right now. Let me turn on the TV and you can take your time to calm down. Maybe sleep a little. You look like you haven’t in days, my love. And when you wake up and feel more rested, we can look into making whatever got you upset go away, alright?”

“You’re letting me stay?” he murmured, avoiding my eyes. His voice broke halfway through the sentence.

Was I? The rational part of my brain screamed at me not to. But my heart had already found it’s familiar place where it had spent the last few months; right in his hands.

“Pass me the remote.”

We watched a movie in silence, neither of us paying much attention. Harry’s sobs lessened after a while and at some point we moved from our sitting position into me lying on my back and Harry laying half on top of me, his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I stroke his hair and rested my cheek against his forehead. Though it felt like we were making a mistake, my heart squeezed almost painfully when he pressed a soft kiss against the skin of my cheek. I felt like every cell in my body awakened from a long sleep and I couldn’t deny how good it felt to have his body heat keeping me warm, instead of a blanket. Halfway through the film I could hear him snore quietly.

I must’ve fallen asleep too because a loud “I’m back!” call ripped me out of unconsciousness. My hand instantly moved to Harry’s neck and I was relieved when I found that he hadn’t woken up.

“I’m in here”, I murmured, hoping Kylie would hear me.

“I must tell you about what happened when I- Wait,” she stopped in her tracks when her eyes landed on the man lying on top of me. My cheeks burned and I tried to avoid her gaze.

She cleared her throat. “Tell me this isn’t what’s his face, but some hot dude you hooked up with to get over him.”

I gave her an awkward smile. “I would if it were true.”

“Y/N!” she yelled and I winced, covering Harry’s ear that wasn’t pressed against my collarbones. “What is he doing here? Why did you even let him inside this house?”

“Shh, please, you’re gonna wake him up.”

“So?” she exclaimed, not lowering her voice, “He’s the asshole over whom you have been bawling your eyes out and now what? He just shows up at your door? Really? Has he realized what big of a prick he is? What the hell, he’s such a-”

“Please don’t do this right now,” I interrupted her and shifted uncomfortably under her stare, “He showed up as a complete mess, what was I supposed to do? Nothing’s forgiven but how could I turn him away? Please, give him a break.”

She huffed and shook her head. “I may refrain from killing him right now. But only because I’m wearing heels.”

“Thanks,” I whispered, lifting my hand to wound my fingers into his curls. He looked so peaceful when he slept. And so adorable. So utterly handsome.

“Don’t look at him like that,” my friend’s voice interrupted my staring.

“Look at him like what?”

“With those eyes that scream how in love with him you are.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Not that you’ve seen what mine went like, how did your night go?”

She allowed me the change of subject with an eye roll. “I’ll give you the short version now and the long, funny one tomorrow. It was amazing.”

“I’m glad.”

“Yeah, me too.” She smiled. “Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Have a good snuggle then.”

“Yeah alright, good night.”

“Tomorrow it’s either you kicking him out, or me!” she called from the stairs. I shook my head and groaned quietly.

“She’s right, you know.”

I looked down to see Harry awake, moving awkwardly off of me and into a sitting position. I found myself wishing he wouldn’t have, missing his warmth already.

“How much of this did you hear?” I asked, crossing my arms over my stomach to keep from reaching out for him.

“Enough,” he mumbled, his voice hoarse.

I sat up too and scooted back to lean against the armrest and to put space between us.


“I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he interrupted me. “I’m a piece of shit, I know that. I’m the biggest asshole walking this wor-”

“Stop, Harry, stop. You’re none of that.”

“Yeah, I am,” he contradicted me. “I don’t deserve your comfort just like you don’t deserve my burden. I- oh gosh I completely ruined your evening. Why do I always fuck everything up? I’m-”

“What happened?” I interrupted his rambling. “What did you mean when you said everything was wrong?”

He shrugged, brushing some strands out of his face.

“Everything built up I guess,” he sniffed and I hoped he wouldn’t cry again. It took all I had not to brush the remaining wetness from his tears off his cheeks.

“Breaking up with you was horrible, Y/N. Not a day passed without me regretting it so much my heart hurt. You could probably tell by my voice messages I left-”

“You mean the ones where you told me how much better off you were?”

“Shit,” Harry rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, “you must know that I didn’t mean that at all. That was the alcohol speaking.”

“You got drunk during the week?”

“What was I supposed to do with myself, knowing that you being gone was all my fault? I missed you so much, Y/N. I can’t even form the right words to explain how much it hurt to be without you.”

“I missed you, too, Harry”, I admitted and he gave me a small smile. “I don’t understand what happened to us.”

“I know it sounds lame but I was under so much stress and I wrongly took it all out on you. The pressure my job brings was just so much and though I love my family, they were constantly giving me a hard time about how I didn’t visit or call them often enough and that is true, but it still bugged me having to hear it all the time. I knew how unhappy I was making you by being gone all the time and that resulted into me feeling like crap.”

“Which then resulted into you behaving horrible around me.”

Harry bit his lip and nodded. “Pretty much. Like I said, I’m an asshole.”

“You’re not, baby,” I told him, looking away in embarrassment when the pet name slipped my lips. It didn’t go unnoticed by him and he cleared his throat. I was glad when he continued without addressing it.

“I just feel lost, Y/N. I don’t have a clue who I am anymore.”

“You’re Harry,” I whispered with a frown and in a bold move took his hand in mine. My thumbs gently caressed the back of his palms. “You are by far the best possible human being I know. A human, Harry. Though you seem to disagree, you actually don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if you can’t deal with everything and endure all that pressure. The fault isn’t yours, it’s your job’s and your family’s attitude. You’re always so kind and so considerate with everybody’s feelings, I wish the world would give you some of it back.”

He squeezed my hands and his eyes shone with fresh tears. “See this is exactly why I had to see you. You always know the right words to mend me.”

A blush formed on my cheeks and I looked down at our fingers, intwined once again.

“But I don’t deserve it,” Harry continued. “I don’t deserve you. Y/N I’m so sorry about everything I said that night and in those stupid voice messages I left you. You have to believe me that I would take it all back! I didn’t mean a single word I said and I am so pissed at myself for not stopping you from leaving. The image of you walking through that door and away from me has replayed in my mind and broken my heart so many times, you can’t even imagine.”

“Then why didn’t you fight for me?” I asked, swallowing down my own tears that tried to form in my eyes and spill onto my cheeks.

“I wanted to, baby,” he whispered, putting my heart back into pieces by calling me that. “Believe me, I did. But I felt so awful, Y/N. I knew how unhappy I  made you and I didn’t want that for you anymore. Especially after you didn’t return any call I left. Not even the ones where I was crying. I thought you really must be done with me if you can even ignore those.”

“I was hurting, Harry. I needed time away from you to clear my head and when I was ready to talk about us all I got from was you rambling on about how much better your life was ever since I wasn’t part of it anymore.”

“I’m so sorry,” Harry shook his head and squeezed my hand. My body tensed when he reached up and stroke over my cheek with the back of his hand, the gesture used to be so common between us, but now he quickly let his hand fall back to his lap. “I’ve never been more of a mess than since you left. Asshole that I am, I thought that you were fine and wanted to let you know that I was too.”

“Oh, Harry… you’re such an idiot,” I breathed, “How could I be remotely happy without you by my side?”

“I hope you couldn’t,” he whispered, a shy smile gracing his lips. “I miss you.”

“I miss you so much.”

Harry slowly raised his arm again and gently cradled my cheek.

“Y/N, baby, do you think you could forgive me?” he asked quietly, “I know I messed up big time, but I promise you, I can do better and I will. I’ll make sure that I’m home more and that I’ll take the time to listen to you. I’d even learn how to use the bloody washing machine if that’s what it takes. Anything, but please, come back to me.”

I leaned into his hand and looked down, both of my hands holding his free one tightly, afraid he would disappear again if I didn’t. When I spoke, my voice hitched with happiness.

“If you ever say what you said to me that night again, I’m gone for good. I mean it.”

“I promise I won’t,” he swore, shaking his head. His mesmerizing eyes didn’t leave mine as he urged me to believe him. “I will never disappoint you like this again, I swear. I-”

Not needing to hear any more, I let go of his hand and grabbed his face, pressing my needy lips to his. I didn’t care how desperate I seemed, clinging on to him and particularly nestling myself onto his lap. Though I could feel his surprise, he immediately kissed back, just as urgently as I did. Oh, how I missed this. Feeling his warm and soft lips against mine, his tongue lick against my bottom lip, begging me to allow him in, which I of course granted. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that his lover lips felt slightly rougher than it normally had, but I didn’t care. Instead I deepened the kiss in hopes I could mend the torn skin. Harry’s hands held my waist, keeping me pressed against him. My heart felt like it would burst at any minute and my head was cloudy. Kissing him after missing his taste so badly resembled the feeling you get when you burst through the surface of water after having been under for too long. Though breathing wasn’t easy with his mouth pressed to mine, my lungs never felt fuller. Neither of us seemed ready to break the kiss and he moaned lowly when my clothed crotch rubbed against his. When we pulled away we were both smiling so wide our cheeks hurt.

“I love you,” I promised him. “That could’ve never faded away.”

“I love you, too” Harry assured, pressing a small kiss to my nose before pulling away again. “For alway.”

“That’s all I want,” I giggled happily and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Harry hummed in content and cradled me tighter against his chest.

“Does that mean you’ll protect me when your friend tries to kick me out tomorrow?”

Hope you liked it! This is an imagine that I’ve had for a very long time and that I have rewritten a bunch of times. Feedback is welcome and so are requests! :)

Window Dressing

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They drank for a while - a long while. Hardly a Team Free Will record, but as the evening wore on more than a few six packs worth of bottles ended up scattered across the map table, like amber pins marking far off destinations. The bunker air felt warm, for once, or maybe it was just the alcohol raising the temperature of the blood in his veins. Soon flannel and trenchcoats were shed, sleeves rolled, shoes propped up and heads tilted back in laughter.

Dean felt good - better than he had in months. They’d hopped so quickly back into finding the nephilim following their arrest that he hardly had a chance to shower and sleep, let alone take a few minutes to feel human again. To laugh again. That horrible room, those concrete walls - they still sat in the back of his brain like a lead weight.

Part of him was still there.

He closed his eyes as he finished his beer, trying to imagine a new set of dash marks in a different wall - each representing a day out. A day of freedom, back with his family and, sweet mercy, real food. He counted five. Long way to go before the two tallies evened out. Maybe by the time they had, this sense of dread will have faded to a dull roar.

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Petty af

Fuck-coworkers story.

It is almost 2 months into the war between the nights team (my team) and the housekeepers. What are we fighting over? Hoovers. I know, stupid.

So back when it was party night season and our hotel was packed, a few of our hoovers broke due to there being wet stains on the floor which fucked them up, things getting stuck in them and generally they just died because they couldn’t handle it. Apparently this was our fault. The head housekeeper had a fit when she found out the first one broke and since then she’s been blaming us for fucking everything, saying we haven’t done our jobs properly and generally just being the pettiest person ever. I come into work after an event last night and the ballroom needed to be hoovered. Badly. I go into the cupboard where the hoovers were left and I find the bottom halves of the hoovers but no tops. I’m so fucking pissed. This lady is so petty that she took the lids off 6 hoovers and hid them somewhere. ‘Where?’ I hear you ask. I find out this morning that SHE PUT THEM IN THE BOOT OF HER CAR!!! The ballroom looked a fucking tip when I left and who’s going to get the blame? This girl. How can a grown ass woman be so petty?? She’s in her 50s. I’m 21.

Anyways I sent a very sarcastic email to her and the general manager saying how the tops of the hoovers mysteriously disappeared and we need to keep a better eye on them. Also me and my manager have been planning our revenge. Watch this space. Also fuck her.

They’re a few six-packs deep when it begins to become apparent that something is wrong with Dirk.

Many spectacular evenings have begun with a group of people deciding to have a few quiet drinks at home. This particular group happened to have just conducted a highly successful raid on a government facility, extracting around half a dozen Persons of Interest, including three leather-clad gentlemen and a young lady in need of a good scrub. The conquering heroes are now, for not necessarily related reasons, in hiding from the government in a room in a hotel in a city far from Seattle, but nice all the same.

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Imagine Lucas teaching El all sorts of things about space and galaxies and stars. She’s absolutely fascinated and adores learning new things about her world, and it’s an amazing bonding opportunity for the two of them. They pour over science textbooks together after school. Lucas brings his telescope out for all the boys and El to go stargazing on summer evenings. El loves the glow-in-the-dark stars that Lucas has on his bedroom ceiling because it feels like he has his own constellations right within his grasp, so Lucas buys her a few packs of them for her birthday, glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, and all the boys come over to help her design her ceiling with them. On rainy days, when Mike visits El to comfort her through her nervousness about thunderstorms, they lay on the floor of her bedroom and she tells him all the things about space that she’s learned from Lucas and from the books Mike brings her and they pick out made-up constellations (like Eggo waffles) 

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Abby checked her pack against the list on the desk one last time.  Clarke’s team was due home soon and the rover back to Polis was leaving right after so she wouldn’t have time to rectify it if she missed anything.  The healers in Polis were good, but there just wasn’t a powerful enough substitute for synthetic morphine, in her opinion.  But she’d cleared what she could spare from medical an hour ago, and now with her last few meagre possessions packed up from her old compartment, she was ready.  Marcus was waiting.

“Abby?” Jackson said from the door, and with one look at his face her stomach dropped.  There was only one reason he would be looking at her with that mixture of apprehension and concern.  She shoved him out of the way and took off at a run while Jackson stumbled back.  “She’s okay!” he yelled, but Abby knew that couldn’t be the whole story.

Clarke is hurt.  Her mind cycled around that thought while she ran, her wedding ring thumping a soft tattoo against her breastbone with each step.  She darted down the long corridor that led to medical, Jackson still calling after her.  Abby had gotten used to so much down on the ground, but Clarke— she still couldn’t let go of the constant worry.  The world might be ending, but right now, her daughter was hurt and that was all that mattered.

Abby burst into medical at a dead sprint but drew up short because there, on an exam table, sat Clarke.  She wasn’t pale or in obvious pain, and Abby performed a quick scan of her body to ascertain that nothing was bleeding or obviously broken.  She had a gash on her upper arm, long and ugly but not deep or wide enough to need stitches.

Bellamy was sitting on a stool in front of Clarke, his dark head bent over her wound.  His hand held her arm delicately but firmly, his face a mask of concentration.  “You can stop cleaning it now,” Clarke said drily.  She looked up and gave Abby a half smile.  “Hi mom,” she said in that same amused tone.  “I told Jackson to tell you I was okay.”

“I did,” Jackson said from behind her, breathless.  “She didn’t listen.”

Bellamy had picked up a bandage and was winding it around her arm.  “Tighter,” Clarke instructed.

“Any tighter and I’ll cut off your circulation,” Bellamy grumbled, and Clarke bit her lips to stop a smile.  The way she was looking at him made Abby’s heart twist and curl, because that mixture of fondness and trust— and exasperation— spoke volumes.

“We have a long way to go before we get to that point,” Clark teased, and now it was Abby’s turn to swallow a smile.  

The world was ending, but for now, Clarke was okay.

Ahkmenrah x Reader: Dreaming

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Thanks again for coming at such short notice, Y/N,” Larry handed you a few bills as you packed up your bag.

“It’s no problem, Mr. Daley.”

“What did I say about you calling me Mr. Daley?”

“I know I know,” You laughed.  “I guess old habits die hard.”

“Well, you’ll have to work on that.  Night, Y/N.”

“Goodnight!”  You made it a few steps down the hall before Larry opened the door again.

“Oh, one more thing?”  You turned around.  “Would you mind looking after Nicky again tomorrow?”

“Sure thing!”

“Great, thanks!  You’ll have to pick him up from school, and you can just take him to the museum if you want.”  You grinned to yourself.  You had been having weird dreams lately, and they were leading to an increasing interest in the Egyptology section of the museum.

“Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow!”  Larry closed the door.

“So is she going to stay after closing this time?”  Nicky asked.

“We’ll see, kiddo,” Larry ruffled Nicky’s hair. 

“Let’s hope so, Ahk isn’t shutting up about ‘the girl’.”  Nicky surrounded the last two words with air quotes.  “It’s Y/N, right?”

“Sure sounds like it,” Larry said.  “But we won’t know for sure until they actually meet.  Now,” Larry turned Nicky towards his room.  “It’s late, and you have school tomorrow.”

“Night, dad!”

“Night, Nicky.”

“You’re not going to catch me!”  You shouted over your shoulder as you ran through the garden.  You heard laughter behind you as you continued to run.  You almost made it to the front doors of the palace, but you were stopped by an arm wrapping around your waist.  You let out a shriek as your feet lifted off the ground and were spun around.  When you were put down, you grasped onto his arm to keep your balance.

“Caught you again,” A warm voice murmured in your ear as both arms wrapped around your waist.  You smiled and turned around, wrapping your arms around his neck.  He smiled down at you with kind brown eyes, before lowering his mouth to yours.  When he pulled away, he opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a loud beeping noise.

You were rudely awoken by your alarm clock, which was beeping obnoxiously.  With a groan, you slammed your pillow over your face before reaching out and smacking the snooze button.  You laid there for a few minutes before getting up and going through your morning routine.  After checking your appearance in the mirror, you grabbed your keys and went out to get some errands done before you had to pick up Nicky.

“Over here, Nicky!”  You shouted from your car.  He looked around until his gaze landed on your car, and he weaved through the crowds, hopping into the front seat.  “Got everything?”  He nodded, and you pulled away from the curb and began to drive towards the museum.  When you got there, Nicky bounded up the steps as you pulled some homework from your college courses.  If I’m going to be here for a while, might as well catch up on some work.

“Hey, Y/N,” Larry greeted you as you passed the front desk.

“Hi,” You replied.  “Do you mind if I get some work done while we’re here?

“No, of course not.  Nicky’s find exploring, and he knows to find you if you need anything.”

“Alright, well let him know I’ll be in the Egyptology department, ‘kay?”

“Sure thing,” Larry smiled.  A bit wider than normal, but you just shrugged it off.  You hefted your bag over your shoulder and made your way to the Egyptology department.  You found an empty bench, laid out your work, put in your earbuds, and got to work.  Soon one hour became two, which became four, and before you knew it, you were asleep.

“Larry!  Let me out!”  Ahkmenrah shouted from inside his sarcophagus.

“Yeah, yeah I’m coming; hold your horses,” Larry muttered under his breath.  When he turned the corner, his eyes landed on a figure on the bench.  You were curled up on the bench, your breathing soft and even.  Larry just stared.  Well, I guess she technically decided to stay after closing.  Sleeping counts, right?  His train of thought was broken by Ahkmenrah pounding on the sarcophagus lid.  “Alright alright!”  Larry hissed.  “Just keep it down, alright?”  Larry slid the lid back and Ahkmenrah sat up, unwrapping his bandages

“Well, good evening to you too,” He mumbled sarcastically.  “And why do I have to be quiet?  It’s not like anyone sleeps around here.”  Larry raised an eyebrow, and Ahkmenrah’s eyes widened.  “You’re kidding.  We just woke up!  Who’s sleeping?!” 

“Shh!  Keep your voice down.”  Ahkmenrah glared at him.

“Who’s sleeping?!”  He whisper shouted.  Ahkmenrah looked around the room, before his eyes landed on your sleeping figure.  “No.”   He murmured, before climbing out of the sarcophagus and approaching you.  He crouched down so he was face to face with you, staring at you in wonder.  “How is she here?”

“Wait.  You know Y/N?” 

“Yes.  Well, no, but…yes?”  Larry raised an eyebrow.  Ahkmenrah sighed.  “I knew her from when I was alive, but after I died…I never thought I’d see her again.  When I go to sleep, I get these weird dreams.  They aren’t anything new, though; they’re memories of our life together.  But she’s here now.”  He stroked your hair fondly.  He looked at Larry.  “I’m going to stay here, if you don’t mind.” Larry smiled and turned to leave.

“Ahk?”  He called over her shoulder.  “She tells Nicky and I about her dreams too, you know.  She describes someone who looks exactly like you.”  Ahkmenrah’s face split into a wide grin as he gazed at you.  Getting comfortable, he decided to wait for you to wake up.    He only had to wait half an hour before your eyes slowly fluttered open.

“You’re awake,” Someone said at last.  “I’ve waited so long.”  You looked up at the owner of the voice, and let out a gasp.

“It’s you,” You murmured, reaching a hand out.  He grabbed it and slowly ran his thumb over the top of your hand.  “I didn’t think you were real,” You admitted, and he laughed.

“I was beginning to lose hope, too.  But you’re here, and I won’t leave you again.”  He pulled you in for a kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck.  When you pulled away, he wrapped his arms around you and tucked your head under his chin.

“I just realised something,” You said quietly.


“I don’t even know your name.”  He laughed again, and pressed his forehead to yours.

“It’s Ahkmenrah.  My name’s Ahkmenrah.”  He told you. 

“I’m Y/N,” You told him.  He smiled and kissed you again. 

“It’s perfect,” He murmured.  “Everything is perfect.”

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While Caleb makes a few calls and packs the things he’d brought with him to the Braxton residence, Samantha fills a suitcase with the essentials knowing that she’ll be able to return for more of her things in the future. Hurrying herself to finish before her parents come back from work, Samantha is done packing by the time Caleb returns after having called for a cab. 

“Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”