a few of these turned out rlly bad and so i apologize for that

Trouble - Jughead Jones

ikkaylove said:

can i have a jughead imagine where he accidentally forgets our anniversary and i give him the silent treatment but then we make up in the end. (something like that)

Anonymous said:

Could I please request a Jughead imagine where the two of you get into a big fight and then make up afterwards with lots of fluff

Anonymous said:

DKSFWHER can u do fic where the reader finds out about jughead’s situation and convinces her/their parents to let him crash w/ them since he has nowhere else and,,, he’s just so, grateful and it’s just rlly fluffy bc he’s so lucky 2 have the reader (romantically or platonically, either is fine) ;0;

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Okay, I hope all of you were okay with me mixing these requests. As soon as I read them I had an idea, so let’s see if you like it!!!

Jughead : Y/N I’m sorry.

Jughead : Please answer me

Jughead : At least let me explain.

You watched as your phone screen continued to light up with texts from your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. You didn’t dare reply, you were still fuming about today. It was your one year anniversary as a couple and Jughead, he forgot about it. You felt a little petty that it annoyed you so much, but it was important. So important that, after school before he could go home, you found him and chewed him out for forgetting about it.

“What the Hell, Jones,” you had said, shocking your boyfriend. “What?” You had felt so much anger in that moment, you snapped. “You forgot about our anniversary!” Realization reached his eyes and he dropped his overloaded backpack to the ground. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just have,” You just shook your head, “yeah, I get it. You were too busy with something more important, probably your stupid novel. That’s fine Jughead.” You were about to turn around when you felt him grab your arm. “Y/N please just hear me out,” you simply pulled away from him. “Not now Jughead, I’ll call you later.” You had stormed away from him,  leaving him distraught.

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College Student!Guanlin AU

kind of rushed but I tried my best. all the punctuation that seems like it shouldn’t be there is there purposely, trust me. odd amounts of commas and semi colons are kind of my thing. enjoy and don’t forget requests are always open !!!!!

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-part of a group of rlly popular boys on campus

- only joined for the food
- and the bitcheZ AYE AYE AYE
- no just the food
- the whole thing is like supposed to be a brotherhood but he only really can have lasting conversations with maybe three members at best
- jihoon is everyone’s translator
- “..whaddya say guanlin?” *guanlin mumbles so quietly it sounds like a breath* “he said no thanks”
- in reality is just kinda awkward
- has his own fanclub amongst students, most female but a lot of male students as well
- has lineups to watch him play basketball w/ seongwoo + daniel in his free time
- really doesn’t understand why everyone loves him so much
- every valentine’s day leaves w a moUNTAIN OF CHOCOLATES
- mistaken for some cold prince but is just afraid to say something wrong by accident
- he meets ppl and is kinda quiet nd they’re like o god o god and he’s like o goD O G O D
- you don’t rlly get all the hype surrounding him????
- like yes he’s attractive and good at basketball but he seems to you kind of rude and mean and you vow not to fuck with lai guanlin
- and you don’t
- until one day somehow he decides to sit right beside you in the lecture hall and youre like ???what
- he doesn’t even make eye contact w/ you he just pretends like he didn’t just invade your personal space and you’re PISSED
- you mutter something under your breath along the lines of “i’m sorry was every other chair taken?” and he lOOKS OVER
- his face is so expressionless you’re saying your prayers like this is it for you you’re dead oh my god mom i’m so sorr y
- he coughs slightly, looking at his paper instead of you
- “uh, the floor was wet and i didn’t want to slip but i c-can go if you w-”
- “n-no its alRIGHT SORRY”
- nothing else is said and u can hear seongwoo cough out “awkward” from a row behind you
- the rest of the class he doesn’t speak, except for turning around to ask someone behind you for a pen because his ran out of ink
- the day after that he tries to sit next to you again, but this time yoo seonho wedges his way between you two and claims the seat next to you
- he immediately attempts to strike up a conversation, and is about fifteen times more likeable than guanlin
- you two hit it off, and seonho doesn’t even stop talking for the teacher, which pisses the professor off to nO END
- you barely get any work done, but do manage to learn seonho’s life story and a good deal of guanlin’s
- “and then guanlin slippe-” “i saID DONT TELL THIS STORY”- apparently guanlin opens up more when seonho is present, and despite the fact you still don’t rlly like him you don’t hold yesterday against him
- the day after that, you don’t really expect much
- the night before you spent cramming for a test in a different class, and you were spent
- you get into the hall late, and all the desks–including where you usually sit–are taken
-you kinda just curse and go sit over off to the side where it’s quieter and has a fifteen percent higher chance of you falling dead asleep
- you sit in the desk up against the wall, so you have somewhere to rest your head
- as soon as you lay your head against the wall someone slams a pencil case down on the desk beside you, and you jump
- guanlin sits beside you, and seonho beside him
- dont they have friends??????????
- speaking of, then ong seongwoo and kang daniel–two other boys with strong fanclubs that have members throwing glares at you–decide to join as well, bae jinyoung and lee daehwi scampering behind them
- “when did i become this popular??”
- “when guanlin started li-sAT NEXT TO YOU WHEN HE SAT BESIDE YOU OW OW”
- most of the lesson goes off without any problems, until daniel taps you on the shoulder
- “yo, party this friday at jaehwan’s place,,,,,you in???”
- you were rarely invited to parties, let alone parties on the scale you knew this one would be at, and so you agreed
- guanlin just mutters and goes back to his papers–face rllyyyyy pink
- fast forward to friday,,,,,
- daniel and seongwoo said they’d pick you and a few other people from your dorm so you’re like :-))) alright pal
- the car ride is crAMPED
- you’re forced beside daniel and have to listen to him talk and talk and talk
- at one point he gives up trying to start conversations with you and starts yelling up to seongwoo who’s driving
- seongwoo yells back and at one point he turns around while still driving in an attempt to swat at daniel who said something seongwoo didn’t like
- when you finally get there after much hardship and almost car crashes–courtesy of daniel–it’s barely past the time the party was supposed to start and there’s already teens spilling from the mouth of the house into the front yard, music obnoxiously sounding from somewhere close to the doors
- when you turn around to make a sarcastic comment, everyone’s gone
- you–despite your better judgement–make your way inside the house and try to find anyone you know
- that turns into you wandering around a house for fourteen minutes until you accidentally trip and fall on someone
- you land on the floor beside them, but didn’t manage to fully knock them over
- you’re saying goodbye to your loved ones in your brain bc you thought you heard kang dongho over here and o fuck he’s kinda scary
“o h my god i’m so sorr ry are you alright this looks bad can i help you are you hurt,,,,o G od i didn’t see y-”
seonho yells from across the room at you like there aren’t enough people looking at you
- the guy you ran into kinda just glares at you and you’re offended but not offended enough to say anything
- seonho, on the other hand, is the opposite
“aRe yOu tryiNg to fiGhT //OUR// Y/N???!?!!!?//!!?? GUANLIN HYUNG HE’S GOING TO TRY AND FIGHT O UR-”
- you and guanlin are mortified
“ignore him!!! i’m so sorry!!!!!!!”
- the senior just apologizes back and turns around, and guanlin has to physically drag seonho out the door and down the street a little
“seonho let’s go get food”
- “you’re right,,,,y/n must be hungry”
- you come bc you really didn’t want to be at that house anymore,,,,,even though you were barely there you realize why you rarely go to parties even when invited
- you all walk to a variety store and hang out in front like the cool cats u are
- ….more like you wanted seonho out of the store so he wouldn’t spend any more of YOUR money
- at some point seonho wanders back in with ten more dollars courtesy of guanlin which leaves the both of you alone
- “are you okay?”
- until he spoke up you were silent and eating your little cracker snack, so you kinda gulp and turn to him in shock
- “y-yeah, are you okay?”
- good going
- you fucked it up
you’re nervous because under the neon lights of the variety store realization hits you like a truck
- lai guanlin,,,,,is,,,,,criminally attractive
- he chuckles and looks out to the traffic
- “it’s going better than i had planned”
- planned>????
seonho sticks his head out the door of the variety store
- “ are u done yet”
- guanlin stands up w/ his fist raised
- “ OH Y E A H????? WATCH ME<<”
- he takes a deep breath and says abnormally loud
- he clamps his hand over his mouth realizing what he just done gone and did
- “i like you too, lai guanlin”

Mudblood Pt. 2/?

Summary: Draco confronts you about avoiding him; along with The Golden Trio finding out about your crush on the Slytherin.

A/N: Lmao okay hi, this was rlly bad but enjoy.

Draco’s POV

I saw as Y/N walked out, with a gloomy expression on her face, carrying her bag, wand, and looking down while pacing to the common room. I don’t understand what I’ve done. I apologized and tried getting along with her, as dumb as that sounds. I know what you’re thinking; wow, the Slytherin prince apologizing to somebody, considering they’re also a muggleborn. I just think she’s.. different. But, I’m still trying to figure out how she is.


“I know he thinks I’m just a weird muggleborn. He probably regrets even talking to me. Tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll go back to teasing me. Stupid me, actually thinking Draco Malfoy would get along with someone like me.” You thought as you were walking to your common room, your glistening eyes looking down at the ground.

a few days after

Third person view

You strut to the great hall along with your good friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The commotion of all the houses filling the air. You all took a seat and after a minute, the scrumptious food appeared; everybody swiftly got to eating.

 “Y/N, has Draco been bugging you lately?” Hermione asked, interested while stuffing the food in her mouth. You look down to cover the blood rushing to your cheeks. “No.” you mumble “He hasn’t been annoying me really, maybe he decided to target someone else.” You uttered. 

The three Gryffindors all observe you a bit concerned on why you reacted like that. 

“Oh, well, are you alright?” Harry asked gravely

“Yeah I’m fine, just a bit tired.” you distorted as you look back up to keep gobbling on your food.

 They all look away, after a couple seconds, still a bit ill at ease. 

After you convinced them that nothing was wrong which took a couple minutes, you watched Malfoy as he walked into the great hall. Before Draco notices you were examining him, you quickly look back at Ron, rambling on about something you clearly weren’t listening to. You look back up, your E/C eyes looking around, and tried looking for the Slytherin.

You snap out of your search party after Ron called your name out

“Y/N, are you listening?” You instantly turned to Ron, faking a smile, “Y-yeah, just zoned out for a while, sorry.” you let out a nervous laugh.

Once again, they all glance at you, now even more concerned for you. 

Hermione sighed, “Y/N, we know something’s wrong, you can tell us, it’s okay.”

You knew Hermione was right, and you did want to tell them. You glare at them, afterward, subsequently looked at Draco. They all noticed what it really meant, or so they thought; Harry was the first one to react, he stood up enraged and was nearly about to walk to Draco. Hermione and Ron were very close to saying something to Harry, but you were the first one to do something. You grab him by the back of his robes,

 “Harry, let me explain first.” you gulped.

You and Harry sat down. The golden trio waiting for you to explain what’s wrong, the way they looked at you proved they wanted an answer. You knew that in less than five minutes, you will no longer have any friends. You look at Hermione for reassurance, which she gave you a simple smile and nodded.

“I- I think I kind of have a thing for Draco” You blurted out. From a nervous tic, you started tapping your foot rapidly, waiting for their response. By the look on their faces, you knew it wasn’t going to go well. 

“You- you what?” Ron fumed, his hair starting to blend in with his face. 

Hermione looked at you as if you were joking and marginally laughed; “You’re joking, right?” 

You gazed at her still frowning, “I wish I were.” you mumbled, your eyes staring down at a plate.

 “Um, Y/N I don’t know what to say,” Harry responded, he was looking at everywhere but you. 

“Y/N we don’t hate you or anything, but we just expected something more different than what you confessed” Hermione stated while giving you a small smile, trying to make you know it’s okay.

 Hermione was the best person to tell something to, she always supported you through everything, and that made you feel more comfortable.

It was time to go to the abominable classes. You had your first class with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, so you all walked together and sorted things out. 

“I still can’t believe it. Draco. Draco Malfoy. Out of everybody, Y/N, you decided to like Dr-” Harry smacked Ron on his arm.

 “Are you idiotic? People are around, Ron. Don’t talk about it here.” Harry ordered, he rolls his eyes and keeps walking. 

“Besides Ronald, you can’t control who you like. The least you can do is make her feel guilty. Grow up.” She remarks.

Charms class ended and you walk out, saying goodbye to the golden trio. The class was rather tedious, so you were delighted to leave. You once again were late at this point and nobody was in the halls, you didn’t care anymore, so you decided to take your time. You start walking while fiddling with your hands and admiring how beautiful the castle is until you heard someone calling out your name. 

“Hey, Y/L/N!” Somebody calls out from behind.

 You briskly found out who it is, your heart skips a beat, but you keep walking. “Oh so now you’re ignoring me?” You proceeded to walk, but even faster now. You clearly wanted to speak to him, but you just couldn’t.

“I promise you if you don’t turn around-” Draco snapped.

 You turn around to look at him for a second, then rolled your eyes and turned back around.

 “Well, excuse you, Y/L/N.” He said in his usual harsh tone. 

You didn’t precisely pay attention to what he did until all you remember was somebody pushing you against the wall.

You couldn’t get out of his grip, he grabbed both of your wrists, and he was at least 2 inches away from you. You felt his breath, and you started feeling your face get red.

“Let me g-go.” You managed to choke out.

 “Not until you tell me why you’ve been avoiding me, Y/L/N” 

You weren’t able to breathe properly as if somebody just punched you in the stomach; your eyes flashing to his pink lips, you look back into his shining gray eyes and you fell right into them.

 “I- Draco, please, Just let me go.” You felt yourself getting more and more nervous. 

“I’m not going to repeat myself, Y/N. You’ve been acting differently. Tell me what’s going on.”

You sighed, knowing if you didn’t tell him he wouldn’t let you go, and if you’re not in class in under five minutes, you’ll earn another detention. 

“I’ve been avoiding you because I just feel like you wouldn’t like me after you get to know me more since I’m a muggleborn and I’m really different. And everybody will just annoy us about hanging with each other”

 Draco’s grip on you starts becoming looser 

“And I don’t want to annoy you, also considering I’m j-just awkward.” You stuttered. You started feeling much better after you kind of told him the truth like some weight has come off your chest.

Draco completely lets go of you after you told him and slightly backed away, yet still so close. He was kind of surprised that was the reason.

 “I think I’m sure if I apologized to someone for always insulting them, and I also spent my time speaking to them, I’ll like them.” 

You started walking away from the wall, still observing him

 “Were those the only reasons? You’re obviously keeping something else from me.” Draco stated, crossing his arms over his chest. 

You couldn’t look at him anymore, knowing if you did he’ll find out that you were lying from the look on your face.

 “I’m not, Draco.” You misrepresented, hoping he’d believed you.

He looks at you suspiciously and starts moving closer to you. 

“Okay,” he said. Your breath gets caught in your throat as he started moving closer.

 “Draco, I have to go.”

 You passed him as you were going to transfiguration. By how he looked, you supposed he wanted to mention something else. But that didn’t matter, you kept walking, intending he didn’t notice that you really did lie.

“Oh, Draco I also forgot,” You turn to communicate. Draco turned around as well, waiting for you to inform him about something.

“Since you’re gonna be my friend, Can you please stop bothering Harry and the others?”

 Draco seemed like he was practically about to burst out laughing. “Oh, no promises about that.” 

You stared at him, seriously; as you were waiting for a proper answer. Draco wiped the smug smirk off his face.

“I- fine, but you owe me.” You asked him if he could stop, knowing if he did, the trio would maybe think he changed; and as well as he actually stops being a dick in general. You smiled and kept gazing at him, but you didn’t notice.

“Honestly, the worst thing you can do is stare at me.” Draco sassed.

 You went back into reality, blushing worse than ever, “wha- oh, haha sorry”

enemies to lovers!jonghyun

a/n: for razzle dazzle anon!

Originally posted by smoldinopup

  • i don’t talk about shinee that much but they’re my second bias group they mean the absolute world to me
  • and this one is for the softest boy in the world i love him so so much
  • anyway let’s get to the rivalry
  • wedding planner!jonghyun is known throughout all south korea as the best in the world

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anonymous asked:

Will you please do Matt and Dan for the ship post please! I adore your writing and posts. I refresh your page like every half hour to see if you posted anything new <3 <3 <3

you giant sweetheart what the heck of COURSE I can do danmatt for you <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

i rlly… can’t imagine a scenario in which they’d hurt each other being as healthy as they are when we meet them in tfc but for argument’s sake it might be matt?? their relationship comes from a place of slow gorgeous trust and mutual respect but matt had to unlearn some bad habits that might have done some damage early in their relationship (the various consequences of drugs and being a physically intimidating dude when dan has every right to be wary of physically intimidating dudes and also wanting to be with and protect dan when she’s so capable herself) 

who is emotionally stronger?

Dan tbh she took care of her gd self for so long, and her level of composure and confidence is the last few pages of a longer novel that we only get snippets of. She spent years supporting herself, and supporting ungrateful ass cathy, dancing for money and taking no shit, like the world flipped her off and she broke its fingers

matt is strong but he is tender and he still expects better from the world

who is physically stronger?

okay like I GUESS it’s matt but it’s a close ass thing 

you know that scene from that disney short where this massive dude beats everyone in arm wrestling w/o breaking a sweat, and then his gf kisses him and he gets so distracted that she slams his beefy arm down and wins? yeah that’s danmatt

who is more likely to break a bone? 

im gonna say dan bc I feel like she would play so hard that someone would break her nose or smth and she would sniff the blood back up into her face and keep playing. Like she’s such an unrelenting captain…. she would

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

mmmm i think dan could do some damage if she were trying hard enough. She’ll ream someone out if they’ve done something wrong (again,, captain) bc she doesn’t spare feelings when she thinks they could learn something instead. but man it rlly gets to matt. he kind of has a history of not feeling quite good enough 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

if dan knows she was harsh she’ll make things right, like she has the most sharply accurate moral compass ever designed. Usually though – it’s matt, because he wants to make sure dan knows that she doesn’t have to hold everything together on her own. she deserves better and matt tries every day to be better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

dan is not a nursemaid she kicks ass & doesn’t take care of it but if u don’t think she gasps and grabs matt’s face and turns it towards the light and dabs too hard at his bruises ur wrong!!! (i don’t know if matt could take care of dan’s injuries bc he would be shaking too hard)

who is in constant need of comfort? 

along the same vein as emotional strength, matt has some delicate memories that try to get in the way of his life while dan keeps hers a little more tightly bound? that being said like. they both help each other to work through their pasts and calm each other down w soothing hair stroking at 3 am tbqh they’re just so healthy. what the hell

who gets more jealous? 

matt lmaoooo like sure dan will put a hand in matt’s back pocket if things get dicey at the club but matt knows how fuckin hot his gf is, and like he trusts her to the end of the earth but men are gross, and he knows this, and if they try shit he will grit his teeth so hard his jaw cracks (he ain’t intervening tho, he knows dan could rip off a dick if need be)

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

it’s not realistic

who will propose? 

technically I also wrote this in the bg of my andreil proposal fic here –

but i could see it going either way? imagine how honoured to death matt would be if dan proposed…….. like imagine the tears……….. the pda

let’s just say if matt takes too long u can bet on dan stepping in and buying her damn self a ring

who has the most difficult parents?

ok first of all I want u to know I reread dan’s backstory for this and I cried.. hard

i don’t actually remember what the deal is with dan’s parents after all that but I do know her aunt cathy can choke and that dan “asked her to be her mother” and that shit absolutely did not work out

from the shape of dan’s life pre-foxes it looks like her parents were absent (dead? i don’t?? remember?) and Matt’s parents are difficult, but his mom tries hard and he loves her sm

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

son it’s mutual, every time. they’re affectionate bastards for real, once they’re in they’re in deep (i can’t describe how many tackle hugs take place….. it’s in the thousands)

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re THAT couple who you can’t even separate in your head like they’re dan&matt. full stop. they’re all about that nonstop togetherness and talking about each other so…….. 

who hogs the blankets? 

again matt piles up the blankets and tries to make his gf as comfy as possible and dan is secretly so in love w the feeling of being surrounded and supported so she lets him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

who gets more sad? 

fucking……….. it’s always both

dan is so fucking grateful for what she has, for the father and team and love that she found all on her own. but she still remembers the dozens of skipped meals and the sound of her aunt getting fucked half a trailer away and the sting of having to grow up faster than she could physically grow, and the sick sweep of eyes all over her, and the underestimation on top of underestimation

matt’s never going to be completely over the way years of his life are a blur from the drugs, and his father didn’t really care what the fuck he got into, like 

the sad never goes away

who is better at cheering the other up? 

they’re both so good at this honestly read any scene where neil is struggling in the books and danmatt will be there and they won’t leave until neil is like. tucked in.

matt’s better at really vicious honest protectiveness, too earnest to even try to ignore, and dan’s really good at fierce kindness & revenge promises & taking ppl’s minds off of things

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

dan will take any opportunity to slap sense into someone, next

who is more streetwise?

oh absolutely dan

matt is super aware! of the world! and he’s no stranger to seedy parties and back alley brawls tbH but dan had a job at a strip club at the age of like 16 paying bills and taking care of business she SAW shit

and she’s out here killing it and still managing to be well liked and honing her talent! an icon on the streets & on the court

who is more wise?

this is a tough one?? idk man they’re both smart they both have experience and they’re efficient as fuck

if u remember when neil was struggling w his course load and they immediately swooped in like ‘u…. idiot…….. u ever heard of scheduling’ and fixed it for him?? school is their bitch

who’s the shyest? 

???? neither????? they adopt friends at first sight bro

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re both constantly flushed with fuckin pride about each other but matt’s the sort of guy who says ‘that’s my girl’ unironically. she’s captain straight out of high school! she’s the best dancer he’s ever seen! the kindest person! the toughest! the stars are always in his eyes I s2g

who sits on who’s lap? 

i mean canonically dan is in matt’s but I bet you matt would sit with his legs flung over dan’s lap and his head tucked into her neck 

evan x reader watching a horror movie & getting scared

@theletterem “One of the deh boys taking the reader to a horror movie? And they both end up super freaked out??” 

a/n: u know me i love a platonic relationship so decided to take the liberty of making this platonic

p sure this is gender neutral but as always lmk if i slipped up!

warnings: i can’t think of any? it’s pretty Tame


- you and evan were planning on going to see a movie but when you got to the theater there was a free! screening! for some new horror movie

-you’re both broke students so not having to spend money was ideal

-evan is scared of everythinggg

-not really heights but other than that–he hates bugs and the dark and clowns and sharks and swimming in open water 

-you were the complete opposite you loved any sort of adrenaline rush you could get

-you were never the type to be afraid of snakes or clowns or anything that freaked evan out

-(one time he called you when there was a spider in his room and you drove all the way to his house cause he was so freaked out)

-(and you just went in his room and picked it up and took it outside)

-(and he was like how do you dO that???)

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My Girlfriend - George Weasley Imagine


George Weasley plz? ur having a rlly bad day (u dont know the twins well) & it’s late at night, on ur way back 2 the gryffindor common room the twins prank u & u snap. L8r George finds u crying & apologizes & u become friends but fall 4 each other.

•Warning: A Little Bit Of Swearing!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Today was the day of my death. Just kidding! But I really wish I did die, today has been the worst day of my life! To start off the Morning, I overslept because my damn alarm clock was set at a different time. I ran all the way to class but when I entered it was really hard to get unnoticed by Professor Snape. Since he dreaded Gryffindor’s like me, he made me stand in front of the class and tell everyone why I was late. I also got a detention and 20 house points taken away, This afternoon I was walking to Transfiguration hoping that the rest of the day would go on smoothly. Wrong. I wasn’t looking where I was going and stepped onto something brown and mushy. Just telling you it wasn’t mud. I picked up my foot and rubbed my shoe in the grass trying to get the mushy stuff off of it. “There goes a new pair of shoes” I mumbled, stomping my way to Transfiguration. At Dinner, it was horrible! I sat down trying to enjoy a few minutes without anything bothering me but, the Slytherins of course had to ruin it. I felt two things hit the back of my head, I quickly touched the back of my head and when I looked at my hand it was covered in sticky frosting. “Enjoy the Cupcakes (Y/l/n)!” Pansy screeched as the Slytherins near her laughed. I felt tears stinging my eyes, ‘why does the world hate me?’ I thought in my head. I stood up quickly and ran out of the Great Hall.

I had to walk across the huge stone courtyard to get to the Gryffindor Common Room. Right when I took a few steps on the pavement, I heard a huge clash of thunder and guess what? It started to freakin rain! “Are you kidding me?!” I screamed at the cloudy sky. Another loud bang of thunder was heard, I sighed deeply before walking slowly to the Gryffindor Common Room. “I think I need a shower and some sleep” I told myself walking through the portrait. Right before I could take another step, I felt a thick heavy liquid soak my whole body. I heard an explosion and screamed loudly, when I opened my eyes to look at my body I saw shining red paint and gold glitter staining my robes and me. I looked up to see a pair of identical ginger twins laughing. I instantly recognized them as the infamous Weasley Twins, they were known for their pranks and good looks. I started to feel tears fall rapidly down my cheek “Hey, are you okay?” One of them asked, telling the other one to stop laughing “Well what do you think?! You just put paint all over me you assholes!” I yelled my blood boiling with rage. “We’re sorry” the other one said, realizing that you weren’t happy about the prank. “Oh! Your sorry! I really believed that one you bastard! Just because you want to be bloody cool doesn’t mean you have the right to prank people you git! Have you ever thought about other people’s feeling?!” I screamed covering my face trying to hide more tears. One of them, came up to me (George) and touched my shoulder. “Get away from me!” I yelled pushing him before I ran as fast as I could out of the Common Room. I turned the corner of a corridor and found myself a deserted class room.

I slammed the door shut and put my back against the wall near the door. I slowly sunk to the the floor sobbing loudly. I covered my face with my hands and screamed, just wanting to let everything out. I stifled a cry as I heard footsteps coming near my door, the door slowly crept open. I buried my face into my arms hiding my face, I heard the person sit in front of me. I peaked through my red-painted hair and saw the same boy that I pushed a few minutes ago sitting in front of me. “Go away” I mumbled “no” he stated, I looked up to meet his eyes “I said go away!” I said angrily “No” he replied again “Why not?!” I yelled “Because I want to know if your okay” he said calmly “Well I’m okay! Now leave!” I said seriously pointing at the door. “No your not” He said as if it were fact “Yes I am!” I exclaimed “No your not!” He said in the same tone as me “Y-yes I-I am” I said softly looking at my hands. I felt tears drip onto my hands, before I knew it I was crying. He engulfed me in a tight hug as I cried into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry” he whispered over and over again in my ear as he rubbed my back. After I stopped crying I pulled back and locked eyes with him “I’m sorry I called you and your brother rude words. It’s just that I’ve been having a really rough day today” I whispered “No. Don’t apologize we deserved it. But I don’t think we were properly introduced. I’m George Weasley” He said in a soft tone holding out his hand “(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I replied shaking his hand with a light smile on my face. “That’s a beautiful name” he smirked, I rolled my eyes and giggled.

“Now tell me, why have you been having such a rough day?” He asked “It’s a really long story, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear it.” I shook my head “I like long stories plus, I’ve got time” he smiled “okay, I guess” I laughed a little when he took out a few cookies and handed me some. So I ate a couple of cookies and told him about my dreadful day. “The Slytherins what?!” He exclaimed “They threw cupcakes at me” I said sadly “You said it was Pansy right? And her group of four?” George asked. I nodded my head “Those damn girls always ruin everything” he said shaking his head. “Don’t worry tomorrow, you’ll have a great day” George said wrapping an arm around my shoulder “Are you sure?” I asked eating another cookie. “Positive” he smirked.

~The Next Morning~

I woke up feeling pretty positive today. I changed into my robes and did my hair neatly. I walked all the way down to the Great Hall and sat in the middle of Gryffindor Table. I felt the bench shift lightly as someone sat next to me, I looked to my side to see George Weasley smiling widely at me “Mooorning!” He said smugly “Good morning.” I said suspiciously eyeing him. He was still smiling widely as he grabbed a few items and put them on his plate. “Okay! What’s going on with you? What my are you so happy?” I asked “You’ll see” he chuckled “You’ll see? What does that supp-” I started but a group of high-pitched screams rang throughout the Great Hall. Everyone was silent but when they looked at the entrance everyone burst into laughter. I stood up to see what was going on and saw something that made me smile widely. It was Pansy and her group standing in front of the entrance with bright green paint smothered all over them. I heard an explosion and another set of screams, they were now covered in a huge load of silver glitter. I burst into laughter with the others, and looked at George who was now standing next to me. “George did you do this?” I asked smiling. “Maybe…. Yeah” He confesses “Why?” I asked “Because I think I’m in love with you” he whispered cupping my face and slowly leaning in to make sure I was okay with it.

I leaned forward smashing our lips together, he wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck trying to bring him closer. We abruptly got pulled apart when loud squeals and loud wolf-whistles were sounded from all around the room. “Theres no PDA allowed here! As punishment you both will serv-” Snape was gonna say 'serve detention’ but was cut off by Professor Dumbledore. “Oh come on Severus. Let them enjoy being around their loved ones.” Dumbledore said calmly “Fine.” Snape said coldly sitting back in his chair. I gave Dumbledore a wide smile in which he returned, “So does this make you my girlfriend?” George asked sitting on the bench and pulling me on top of him “Maybe, but only if you want me to be” I giggled. He nodded his head rapidly like a child “Yes! I-I mean yes. I want you to be my girlfriend.” George stated “Okay, then I guess I’m your girlfriend” I smiled as he pulled me in for another kiss.


⭐️You guys are probably like 'What the heck?! They just met yesterday and now they’re kissing!’ Just hold on! I have a reason! The reason is that they’re both destined for each other! They’re love was written in the stars!⭐️

Huffle love

request: hufflepuff reader meets newt at hogwarts and they’re both rlly shy around each other bc they like one another and eventually they go on a date and stuff aw

This is really bad im so sorry 

“Wow! this place is amazing!” 

The Great Hall of Hogwarts was lined with magical candles and a beautiful night sky. Words could not express how amazing Hogwarts was. You had heard stories of Hogwarts from your parents, but seeing it in person was amazing. Someone bumps into you and you stumble a bit. 

“Oh, so sorry,” the young boy apologizes before walking to the back of the crowd of excited first years. 

You were going to follow him, but a voice stopped you from moving. “Welcome, first years! It’s time for the sorting hat!” the headmaster’s voice rang out through the Great Hall. You watched as one-by-one, people got sorted into their houses. 

“Newton Scamander,” 

the boy who bumped into you shyly walked to the sorting hat. He looked rather nervous, the sorting hat was placed on his head. 

“Hmm, I see many qualities in you, Scamander.” 

The hat sat there for a little bit more before yelling, 


The boy had a mixture of relief and disappointment on his face. 

“Y/N L/N!” your face snapped to the professor holding the scroll. 

You walked over to the sorting hat and sat down. It’s placed on your head and it begins speaking, 

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat shouted almost instantly. 

You walked over to the Hufflepuff table sitting next to the Newt. He fidgets with his hands while the rest of the first years get sorted. The entire time you wanted to speak to Newt but every time you tried talking, the only thing that came out was a few uh’s and um’s. You did manage to get a small conversation going but you choked on your drink and made a huge fool of yourself. You stopped trying, and just sat there awkwardly. 

The rest of the dinner is filled with awkward tension between you two. You had to admit, Newt was a very cute boy, and his awkward demeanor made you smile. Newt though you were stunning but he was too shy to talk to you.Once dinner was over, you were lead to your common room. It was right next to the kitchen, you could see the house elves working. One tripped next to you, and you help him up, 

“Are you okay?” you ask nicely. 

The house elf nods and continues walking. You are led into the common room, 

“Boys to the left, girls to the right, we have an hour or two before bed so enjoy yourselves.” You walked over to the windows, moonlight was shining through the windows. 

Newt looked over at you, the moonlight danced on your face, he stared at you before you looked at him. He quickly looked away and played with his hands. You walked over to him, 

“Um hello. It’s Newt right?” you asked. 

You ran your fingers through your hair and stared at the floor. 

“Yup, Newt is my name” He replied nervously. 

“Cool cool, um I like your name,” you say. 

“Thanks I was born with it” he blurted out. 

You stifled a laugh, he was so silly. You were about to answer him when someone ran up to you. 

“Hi! Your Y/N right! I’m Emily! Can I just say that I got the best vibe from you,” she continued rambling on, you didn’t want to be mean so you continued talking to her. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Newt walk away and go up the stairs to his dorm. Your heart fell a little because you wanted to keep talking. The rest of the year was like that. Newt and you would try to talk but some how always got interrupted. 

You really fell for the freckled boy. His love for animals and how nice he was. His smile lit up the room and he was very smart. It was the same with him, he watched you, he loved your kindness and your loyalty. You had such a big heart and admired everything about you. 

It was 3rd year now, you and Newt haven’t spoken in a while. He was always with Leta. You ran onto the Hogwarts express and looked for a place to sit. Every cart was full except for one, you walked up to it and saw Newt and Leta. Unfortunately, you were still madly in love with Newt. You sighed and opened the door, 

“Excuse me? Can I sit here, everywhere else is full,” you ask quietly. Newt looks up and his mouth formed into a big smile. 

“Yes, of course you can,” He replies happily. You sit across from him and Leta.Leta’s arm is wrapped around Newt’s, and she’s leaning on his shoulder. 

“So Newt,” Leta starts, 

“Are you excited for hogsmeade this year?” she asks excitedly. 

“Mm Hmm” Newt mumbled, his attention wasn’t on Leta, but on you. 

You were reading your book, but he noticed you hadn’t turned the page in five minutes. Now, either you were a slow reader, or you weren’t focused on your book. You were actually listening to their conversation. You really wanted to ask him out on a date, but he wouldn’t want to go. He doesn’t even like you! Could you go as friends? You continued asking questions in your head, unaware that Newt was watching the whole time. 

“Hey, Newt, a couple of my friends invited us to another cart, want to come?” Leta asked. 

“No I’m okay, I’ll stay here” Newt replied. Leta leaves, and it’s just you and Newt. You continue “reading” your book. 

“Y/n, I know you aren’t reading,” Newt said. You peered up from your book and gave a sheepish smile. 

“How did you know?” you ask. 

“You haven’t changed the page the whole time you’ve been reading” Newt replied, like it was nothing. You were rather confused, he was talking to Leta, how did he notice that? 

“Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” He asked randomly. 

Your head snaps, “Are you serious?” You ask in disbelief. Newt’s smile fell and he looked away, 

“It’s okay if you don’t want to go, I-I nevermind it was stupid,” he says sadly. 

You stand up and move to sit next to him, “No, that’s not what I meant. I would love too. I was just shocked. I’ve had a crush on you since you bumped into me on the first day of Hogwarts,” you blurted out. 

“And I fell for you when I saw you help that house elf, and when the moonlight fell on your face,” Newt confessed. 

You grabbed his hand in a burst of confidence. He turned a slight red, but he didn’t pull away. 

“There’s a candy store, filled with amazing sweets. My brother brought me some one-year,” Newt babbled on about Hogsmeade. 

You listened to every word he said, you were ecstatic that the freckled boy liked you back. You slightly zoned out and started counting his freckles. Newt looked over at you and noticed you weren’t listening. 

“Y/n, what are you doing?” He asked, amused. 

“Counting your freckles” you reply. 

He laughs and moves closer to you and you rest your head on his shoulder. He leans over and kisses your forehead. You blush and ruffle his hair. 

“You have really soft hair,” you murmur. 

“Thank you, I like your hair too,” he answers a little awkwardly. 

Honestly, the whole contact thing made him nervous. He started tapping his thumb absentmindedly on your hand. You were tired, and it was getting dark. 

“You can sleep if you want to, love” Newt tells you. You were about to object, but you yawned before you could speak. 

“I don’t mind, really,” Newt assured you. 

“I feel bad falling asleep on you though,” you told him. 

He smiles and kisses you nose. “It’s fine, I’ll wake you before we get to Hogwarts,” he promises. 

You sigh and lean back on his shoulder. You were asleep in minutes, the soft tapping on your hand felt comforting and it lulled you to sleep. 

Newt leaned against the wall of the train and looked out the window smiling because he finally had you.

Okay this was crap im sorry. 

Those damn yoga pants - part 4 (Ashton Irwin)

Requested : Yes

  • Can you pleaaase make a part four of the yoga pants? holy mother of macaronis it’s so good! :o :D
  • hHahahah ok so this is rlly old but over been waiting for requests to b open but can u do part 4 to those damn yoga pants ??😂😂 its ok if u can’t
  • Do part four of the Ashton yoga pants one please, I’m begging. Ily
  • Those damn yoga pants part 4! Because it’s just that amazing.
  • Omg please do a part four to the yoga pants one. Where he comes back and feels bad for leaving her there for so long and makes it up to her?
  • Can you PLEASE do a fourth “those damn yoga pants” where she gets really mad so she ties Ashton up and does the stuff? Idk

Rating : R

Word count : 2,8K+

Story line : You’re mad at Ashton and take it out on him 

Part ONE - Part TWO - Part THREE

He came back into the room thirty minutes later and I was madder than he had ever seen me. I had managed to move my feet around and get under the sheets, so that my body wasn’t exposed any more and my arms were aching from being above my head for so long. I was literally seeing red. He walked in with the same smirk he left with and I shot him a death glare as he walked toward the bed.

“Uncuff me” I ordered and he brought his eyebrows together in the middle of his forehead as he looked at me carefully and tried to see whether I was joking or not. “I swear if I have to safeword, I will” I warned and he immediately walked to the bed and freed my hands.

“The boys are gone” he let out, as if it was the one thing I wanted to hear.

“Good for them” I harshly replied as I got up and wrapped the sheets around me before walking to the bathroom.

His hands fell on my forearm as I walked past him and he gently squeezed on my skin as I bit on my bottom lip and tried to swallow the lump in my throat. Truth was I felt highly humiliated.

“What?” I snapped and his eyes got wide as he let go of me.

“You’re mad” he quietly stated and I turned back around as I made my way to the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I placed both my hands on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror as a tear rolled down my cheek. I wasn’t aroused any more, I was just shocked he had done something like that. He hadn’t hurt me; but nudity wasn’t something I wasn’t comfortable with enough to stay half an hour sprawled out on my bed, waiting for my angry boyfriend to decide that I had had enough.

“Baby?” I heard him ask from the other side of the door; he sounded very confused. “Baby, please open” he pleaded as I heard him tug on the handle; “please, we have to talk about this” he added and I shook my head as I closed my eyes and looked at my feet.

I didn’t feel strong enough to talk with him just yet; I needed to calm down and to compose myself first. I opened the tap and let the cold water run for a few seconds before placing both my hands under it and then bringing my palms to my face.

“Baby, please” he repeated and I focused on breathing deeply; “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please open the door”.

He sounded more and more desperate and I didn’t want to make him feel that way, but on the other hand, I needed him to understand that what he had done wasn’t okay. I gave myself a confident look then turned around, unlocked the door and opened it.

He was standing right in front of me; he seemed lost and scared, his eyes wide and hair messy. I stood there, I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him and hoped that my look would speak for myself, because I didn’t know how to put what I had to say into words.

“What happened? Please talk to me?” he asked after a while and I contemplated closing the door again to not have to look at him, but I knew it would have been a childish thing to do.

“I just… It wasn’t an okay thing to do” I simply explained and his lips parted as he saw tears rise to my eyes.

“I… Okay… Why?” he asked and I looked down as I shook my head.

“It was just… really uncomfortable” I explained and I saw him take a step toward me as he cautiously placed his hands on my hips.

He waited to see how I would react before pulling me to him and wrapping both his arms around my body in a warm embrace. I closed my eyes and inhaled his sent as I finally relaxed and let all of my anger leave my body. He held me close and made sure my head was in his neck as he kept apologizing.

“Talk to me” he repeated, his mouth by my ear as he soothed my back. I took a deep breath and clutched his shirt before opening my mouth to speak.

“I was just… naked and I felt exposed but in a bad way… Not exposed in the good way… like when you’re in the room and you’re looking at me… I just felt like people were going to enter the room and see me and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it… I guess I started panicking and then it turned into anger” I explained. “And at some point I started thinking that you’d never come back” I confessed and he pulled away as soon as he heard that.
He cupped my face and made me look up so that he was directly looking at me; his face only inches away from mine.

“I would never do that” he spoke clearly and I bit down on my bottom lip as I saw how affected he was by it all.

“I know… I know! I just forgot it for a second while I was lying there and then I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind” I replied and he closed his eyes tightly as if it was a painful thing to hear.

“I’m so sorry” he said before looking at me again.

He started leaning in very slowly, letting me time to back off if I wanted to before gently placing his lips on mine. He deepened the kiss as soon as he saw that I wasn’t pulling away and slid his tongue into my mouth as his hands found the small of my back and my backside.

“Let me make it up to you” he begged and I moaned into his mouth as the sleeping desire came striking in. “Please” he added; “You, just you… I just want to take care of you… Do all the things you love” he said and I knew where he was going with that. I didn’t want to hear him say he didn’t deserve to come.

“I want to take it out on you” I confessed and he pulled away before giving me a questioning look. I bowed my head but he cupped my chin and made me look at him.

“What do you mean?” he asked as I felt my cheeks heat up.

“I want to… Have my way with you” I shamefully said and he raised his eyebrows as I saw his lips part.

“Tie me up?” he prompted and I bit on my bottom lip as I slowly nodded. “Okay” he let out after a few seconds and I widened my eyes in surprise.

“You… What?” I murmured and he took my hands in his and pecked my lips.

“I said okay” he repeated but I was too shocked to kiss him back.

“You’re only saying yes because you feel bad” I said and he closed his eyes for a second before opening them to look at me directly.

“I’m saying yes because I want you to have whatever you want right now and because” he paused to grab my buttocks and push my groin against his; “I’m not completely turned off by the thought of being helpless under you” he added as he rolled his bulge against me.

I let out a big sigh and brought both my hands to his nape before tangling my fingers in his hair and crashing my lips on his. He moaned into my mouth and I smirked into the kiss as I realized how turned on he was. I was still slightly angry but I knew it was going to turn the night into a very special one.

He kept kissing me but made no move; his hands didn’t reach for my hips, he didn’t walk to the bed, he just stayed there and kissed me. I pressed my body against his and started walking him backwards until his calved hit the mattress and I then placed both hands on his naked chest before pushing him a little until he fell flat on the bed.

His eyes shot open and he looked at me with excitement in his eyes as I let the sheets fall from my body and straddled his hips. He was still wearing his black jeans and I bit down on my bottom lip as I admired his naked torso for a second.

“Give me your hands” I demanded and he hesitated for a second before holding his hands up, palm toward the bed.

I took them in mine and turned them both around before kissing his right wrist and pulling it toward the cuff that was still hanging from the headboard from earlier. I could feel his eyes on my face and I slightly leaned in, bringing my naked chest to his face.

He breathed in heavily and I chuckled as I cuffed his other hand to the bed, too. I made sure they were secure before sitting straight again and looking at him with a devilish smile.

“What are you going to do?” he weakly asked as I felt him twitch under me.

“Just tease you a little” I replied as I slowly slid my hand down his chest and under the waistband of his jeans.

“Just a little?” he repeated as he thrust his hips into my palm.

“Mmh mmh… I’ve got intense needs right now… So I’ll tease you a little, then I’ll fuck you… And just so you know I don’t care whether you come or not” I murmured and his eyes widened as a smirk appeared on my face. 

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anonymous asked:

how the boys would react to u being rlly wasted n having to get u home?

This is one of my favourite prompts I love u xxxx

Ian: Ian sighs as he hangs up, you tried to call your room-mate to come pick you up from the bar but you accidentally dialled Ian instead. Ian grabs his keys and gets into his car.  You look around at the people drinking, laughing and dancing. You see a man staring at you from across the bar, you smile at him. He must take that as a sign because he starts walking over to you, your eyes go wide. Oh no. He sits on the vacant stool next you, “Why’s a pretty girl like you sitting all by yourself?” You smile slightly and lie, “I’m waiting for my boyfriend. He’s in the bathroom.” He nods and smiles, “My apologies miss, I didn’t know you were taken.” He walks away and you breathe a sigh of relief. That could’ve gone differently. You toss your head back and swallow the 5 shots you just ordered. You turn around on your barstool, trying to find your friend but you fall forward. You catch yourself on the bar and pull yourself back up. Your vision swims and you see a man that looks like Ian sit next to you. He even smells like Ian, cinnamon and silly string from the bad unboxing he was filming when you left. You giggle and tell the stranger that he looks like your boyfriend and the stranger laughs, he leans forward and you try to focus on his face but the shots and alcohol you drowned earlier are taking it’s toll. He tells you he is your boyfriend and you laugh, “No no, my boyfriend is taller.” He stands up and drags you up with him, your mouth falls into a shocked ‘o’.  He takes your hand and leads you to the door leading outside but you stumble and trip, before your face falls into the ground strong arms are lifting you up and pulling you outside. Ian puts you in the back-seat of his car and you fall asleep straight away.

Joji: Joji stays up waiting for you to call or text him in case you need a ride home. You went out with a few friends of yours you haven’t seen in a few months and he’s so glad to see you finally get to be with your best friends for a little bit. He rests in front of the tv with this phone next to him and a glass of water in his hand. He flicks through the channels looking for something good when he gets a call, he recognises it as your ringtone and he picks up, “Hello?” he hears you crying over the phone and he sits up straight, “Babe what’s wrong?” In between sniffles you say, “Please come pick me up.” He tells you he is on his way and grabs his keys and races to the car. When he gets to the bar you told him you’d be at he sees you out the front crying, he runs over to you and puffy red eyes and a trembling lip greet him. He kneels in front of you.
“Baby, tell me. What happened, did someone hurt you?” You shake your head, “I saw- I saw a dog. It was so fluffy and so cute and I went to go hug” -hiccup- “it and the owner walked away with it and I am so sad.” Joji looks at you in bewilderment, he sits next to you and pulls you to him.
“Why the fuck do I love you so much?” he asks to himself,
“I could say the same thing about you, Filthy Frank.”

Max: Max wakes up to his phone buzzing with a call, as he is about to pick it up the call ends. He looks at the missed texts and laughs loudly. You’ve been drunk texting him for half an hour.

My love <3

ifve m y friends left and I want pizZa

let us SEXy time

Why arw yiu not answering me?? ?



here is a MAN looking at me I AM THREATENED

ok nvm he walked away


ok no nvm it ws the waiter giveng me a drink

joji is here????????? with a girl????

Ok no I went to h.im and it was an different asian



turn me into a meme

I wonder if cookies have feelings and they cry when I eat them

ok I wanna go gnome please pick me up I want the sleep

ok im home u dont need to pick me up lov e u see you tomorrow xxx

MaxyPad <3
I know, babe. I took you home. Go to sleep, I’ll come get you in the morning and we’ll go out for breakfast. Love you too


**some of these texts were inspired from texts I saw on Facebook and some are based true stories from yours truly.
**Joji was inspired by @idonthatethis crying over dog videos prompt


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Requests: @imthehoneyyourethebee - I HEARD YOU WANNA WRITE SAM FLUFF. Do I have good news for you! Imagine the reader sitting out in the rain after a hard day and Sam takes care of the reader for the rest of the day. Vague, but I hope it’s not too vague.

Anonymous - Hiya so I am CRAZY about your writing (you’re awesome) and I had this idea for a fluff/ angst thing with Sam X reader were either Sam or the reader gives up pretty much and the other one comforts them (preferably based on the song youth by Daughter)

Anonymous - Yasss SAMMY OKAY ( I’ve had strong Sammy feels for a while and they cannot be fiddled because it’s like ive read almost everything on the Internet) can I get one where they’re at a bar and some dude hits on the reader and try’s to pull her out. She’s really bad ass and Sam thinks she can handle it but she’s a rape survivor and starts having a panic attack so Sam fights the dude off and takes her back to the bunker and fluff??? If it’s to long then just the fluff will do but anything rlly :3

Notes: I thought that all these replies went pretty damn well together, so I morphed them all into one big songfic. I hope none of you lovelies mind! Also, awesome song choice. I’ve loved this one for years.
Italics = lyrics

Word Count: 900+

Song: Youth - Daughter

Warnings: Implied depression, reader is a rape survivor, implied panic attack.

Shadows settle on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time
From the perfect start to the finish line

Truth is, life was hard. It wasn’t some magical experience filled with only happiness, and sometimes, the good didn’t way out the bad like you were promised it would. You somehow managed to find a way to scrape by for this long, but you weren’t sure how much fight you had left to offer.

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