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Whiskey & Wine

So, you smirk and look at him, “let’s see you in action then”.

Choking slightly, he manages out an, "excuse me?!”

In which, Harry is the know it all uni student, and you just really want to get into his phone (and maybe his bed)

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could you possibly please rec a couple of your fave fics? ♥️

Ok, so I’m assuming: klance fics? Alright, here we go:

texting fics (I love those kind of fics. They almost always seem to nail characters’ personalities and texting style and are so funny to read. The ones I’ll mention now are my absolute fav from this category):

left on read ✓ by hinatashoyo

Ongoing, funny and although sometimes hits a serious area it’s mostly in a light tone. Pining!Keith.

(For me it’s a big plus, because as you know if you follow me, it’s one of my favourite tropes in Voltron fandom)

little numbers by ashtxns

(I guess you have to be logged in user of AO3 to read that one)

Anyway, ongoing and I suspect it won’t be finished but because of it’s form you don’t get a feeling like you’re left hanging. Super funny. Established klance.

and here comes the blushing groom by hiriki

Completed. Keith and Lance are stucked on a planet which citizens believe they are heroes destined to save them. The thing is they have to get married. Aka: Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Shiro are texting while Keith.exe stopped working. I don’t remember it very well, but I know I had fun while reading. Also, @xxxkaseixxx recommended it to me, so I already knew it’s a good one before starting.

Legendary Station by BleuSarcelle

Ok, so it’s not really texting fic but it’s a first part of a series where second part is texting fic. You don’t have to read that one to enjoy it’s continuation but I’m strongly reccomending it, because it’s a joy, I remember that one quote (about Keith’s mullet) made me laugh histerically at 3 a.m.

The story is: Voltron is a Radio Station beloging to Allura and her family and: Black, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue are it’s hosts. The station menagers decide that if all radio hosts specialize in certian topics and have already established base of listeners then Station can be even more popular if hosts would be paired with each other. Turns out they were right. Completed.

dance au fics:

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

One of the first fics I’ve read in this fandom. I don’t remember it very well but the general impression is that it was quite enjoyable. Except that…pining!lance was…very extremaley thirsty and I’m not very fond of Keith being pictured as some sex object. The fic is well written, it’s not like Keith is dumb but pretty. It’s just when you see him through Lance’s eyes it may be uncomfortable for some people.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge are dancers who strongly admire dancing duo Keith and Shiro. Some stuff happens, Lance goes on dancing camp and guess who’s an instructor? Completed.

Shut Up And Dance With Me by wittyy_name

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this one so I’ll just say it’s pretty great and if you haven’t before you should read this one and also every other fic wrtitten by this author. Ongoing.

I’m Going To Sweep You Off Your Feet   by Adventures_in_Writing

Ongoing. Shiro and Allura are getting married and Keith - as Shiro’s best man - needs to take some dance lesson because it’s important part of a wedding. So he takes them from Allura’s maid of honor - Lance. There is some actual knowledge about dances so it’s cool. Also, Keith’s a florist.

fanatsy kind of fics:

Gate Keeper by MoonlitPaladin (MoonlitStardust)

Scottish folklore, faes, mystery. Lance has a destiny. Really good writing.

Flirting With Death by drippingpen

Now this one is maybe my favourite. It’s hard to decide but there is something about this story that reminds me of a type of books I used to read before discovering fanfiction.

Ongoing. Keith is Grim Reaper. Lance is his first…client?

Of Lions and House Cats  by Ms_Towa

People with super powers are real and known in public because they all belong to Voltron Alliance. Unless they are Galra.

Keith is a superhero. Lance is vigilante that he has to stop. Lance is also a cute boy he has a crush on. Secret identyties. Pining!Keith. Ongoing

coffe shop au (well not exactly but)

Better than coffee by peralta

Also one of the first fics I started reading in this fandom and only recently completed.

Lance is a college student who tries to cut of his addiction to coffee and maybe switch for tea… Keith conviniently is a hot as hell barista in a bubble tea shop. And also college student, double majoring because he’s awesome and perfect and dead inside.

Voltron cafe by PinkHitman

If you know this blog but didn’t read a fic that goes with it, go read it immediately.

It’s kind of like maid/butler cafe where Lance is a butler and his rival from high school his most frequent client. Very very like v e r y pining!Keith. Ongoing.

kind of nsfw/kinky stuff:

Please Drink Resposibly by enjayas

It’s completed and has lots of additional to this au separate fics. All of them great.

Let’s play a game „How much drunk Lance can remember”? Pining!Keith.

Keith is sure that his feelings will forever stay one-sided since Lance is so obviously straight.

Hot singles in your area by rire

Lance calls a girl who gave him her number execpt that she gave him a Sex Line number. Quite cruel, right? But the person on the phone is actually more interesting than that girl anyway, so.

Keith is Sex Line worker, but he’s soo into this that he talks his clients through while solving a sudoku. At least most of them, because one is special. Ongoing, possibly on hiatus.

Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Keith gets a job as a bertender and is immediately strongly atrracted to one of club’s dancers: Blue Rider. Too bad Keith’s taken.

This one may be triggering for some people because Keith is in a realtionship with a male OC character who’s manipulative, controlling and once used a violence to make a point.

I put this fic in „kinky” category but it’s actually a very thought out psychological study, excellent writing, some funny scenes too. Ongoing.

College au:

Not That Bad by varelsen

Actually realistic settings. I remember it very fondly. Mutual pining. Completed.

Keith moves in by averagebear

Slow burn torture. Like, really. Agony, but don’t we love it?

Anyway, title kinda tells what it’s about. Hunk decided that Lance as a roommate is too distracing so he moves out but finds Lance a new roommate so he can pay his rent. New roommate turns out to be Keith, Lance’s highschool rival and bisexual awakening. Another one of those where Keith thinks Lance is straight.

Mutual pining. Ongoing.

and for those I don’t really have a category for:

On Thin Ice by Minadora

Keith is a hockey player that needs to practise some grace so he takes ice dancing lessons in Arena where his brother Shiro is an instructor. Keith thinks that Shiro will be his teacher. ha ha. Ha.

Anayway, it’s lovely. Sadly updates are very rare. But the chapters are long so it evens. Ongoing.

Kismet, Kill me by Jessadilla

*sigh* Probably will never be completed and, unfortunetly, it WILL leave you hanging. So keep it in mind if you’ll decide to give it a try.

But I had to put it on a list becacuse it’s one of the first etc etc and there is a sentence that will probably stay with me forever: „Lance is a person of many acqaintances, but very few friends”. And I get it, I so get it. When you’re charismatic you attract people easily. But only some of them will stay with you after knowing you better.

Keith falls in love at first sight but will he still like that charming stranger who’s actually rude, obnoxious and tactless when he’ll spend more time in his company?

….Ongoing. In theory, but it’s been a year so…

Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay

(Actually check out all of this author’s fics!)

This one is about how on every planet that Paladins visit citizens mistake Keith and Lance as a couple. It happens so often that Pidge decides to collect data and analize it from scientfic point of view. Completed.

I hope it was a helpful list~


If Only Part 6

I slowly sat up in bed. My mind racing from the night before, memories flashing through my head and i felt my cheeks heat up. Jimin and Gf/n were going to come over, that thought alone made my stomach churn.  I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. My plan was to take a quick shower threw myself together and mentally prepare myself for the the situation that was about to occur.

I exited the bathroom 20 minutes later dressed with some light makeup on and still damp hair. I felt i looked good and i headed to the living room and set up everything. I jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang and ran to get it. Standing in front of my was Jimin and Gf/n and i forced a smile. “Chim! Gf/n! Nice to meet you finally.” i watched her force a smile while Jimin gave me a hug. “Oh my god! Y/n! Your hand! What did you do?!”

I blushed before motioning the two inside “i had to go get a few stitches , i sliced it up pretty bad and asked for a cast because i was bound to do something to disrupt them.”  i heard Gf/n force an “Oh no!” and Jimin continued his questioning. “When did this happen?”  i lied through my teeth and said “this morning, that’s why i didn’t respond. I knew you were at practice and wanted to wait in person to tell you.”

“Y/n alway tell me that stuff! I’m your best friend for a reason!” i chuckled and nodded. “Well I’m going to go pick up the food, you and Gf/n can have some time to yourselves to get acquainted.”  are you fucking kidding me. “Of course Jiminie!  Y/n and i will get to be best friends! See you soon!” and with that she placed a long deep kiss on his lips. I rolled my eyes. “Be careful Chim!”  he smiled before leaving. “Jiminie” that’s his name in my phone. What a bitch.

“So , now that we have time to ourselves let’s talk.”  i rolled my eyes again and scoffed “Sure let’s see if you can actually hold a conversation before i lose brain cells.”  she huffed before we both took a seat in my dinning room. I looked her up and down. Blonde hair, pale skin. Almost black eyes. She had a pretty face, despite her ugly personality.

“You are going to stay away from Jimin got it? He’s mine, and mine only.” i chuckled “You are a real bitch you know that? Wait im sure you do. I can’t believe Jimin actually fell for a slut like you.  A gold digger using him for the fame and money.  Don’t act like you have feelings for him you pig.”  that was one thing i was good at. I could easily call someone i didn’t like as many names as i wanted. And i wasn’t one to get flustered when someone called me names back.  She actually seemed flustered by the four names i called her. “Oh please, he’d believe me over you any day. Which is pretty pathetic if you ask me.” she chuckled and i felt my face heat with rage.

I slammed my good hand on the table so hard she jumped and i smiled. “You will get what’s coming to you bitch. And i’ll be there laughing when he finally sends your sorry ass out the door. “  she composed herself before smiling “We will see about that, maybe you can try telling me that again when we get married one day..”   I gave her a cold hard smile. “I can make your life a living hell, just you wait.”

And with that we remained in silence.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

Up to no good  ♡ Ethan

Summary: Ethan and you have been best friends since forever, so of course you invite him to your birthday party on the beach. As everyone is having a good time, Ethan decides to take you out for a walk and go skinny dipping.

Word count: 2.455

A/N: This one is for the beautiful, kind, inspiring and amazing Miranda (also known as @dolan-twin-trash) I love you so much! If you guys have any requests please send them in because my inbox is as good as empty :)


‘Girl, you look beautiful! What are you worrying about?’ your friend asked, following  your hands which were trying to fix your hair. But you could run your hands a thousand times through that frizzy mess, it wouldn’t change a thing.

Your brows were furrowed in a deep frown as s you looked at yourself in the tiny mirror and couldn’t stand the way your hair was looking tonight. Most of the time it looked okay, but when you needed it to look good, it looked awful.

‘No no, it doesn’t,’ you cried out frustratedly and let your arms drop next to you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the air mattress on which your friend was laying. You two were getting ready in your tent, making yourselves looking all fleeky for the big party tonight. Your friend had done your make up and she was really proud of the ‘birthday look’, but unfortunately your hair had a will of his own.

It was a birthday party which your friends had organised for you, along with a short vacation on a nice camping next to the beach. You absolutely loved the beach. When you were little you went to the beach with your parents every summer. It was a place where you had made many memories.

When you felt the sand between your toes and the wind blowing through your hair, you knew you could stay there for hours and watch the sun set. The fresh water and soft sounds of the waves made your worries all seem to go away. It was simply just peaceful and it put you in a calming state of mind.

'I just want to look nice tonight, just for once. Everyone is going to look at me, you know. It’s my party,’ you said and looked at your friend. She was laying on her side and glanced up, her eyes meeting yours. She smiled and stroked your arm gently.

'I know. But you always look good, and I’m not just saying  that to make you feel better. Are you…’ She stopped for a moment, thinking she maybe shouldn’t say what she was planning on. 'What?’ You asked sharply.

She sighed. 'Do you want to look good for, I don’t know… Ethan?’ You narrowed your eyes and studied her expression to make sure she wasn’t fooling you. You opened your mouth but closed it immediately.

Yes, you liked Ethan, but it was hard for you to say that out loud. Especially because you didn’t even know yourself if he was more than just a crush.

You guys had been friends for years, but in the last few months things between you had changed. At the beginning of the school year he started flirting with you like crazy. At first you didn’t know if he was being serious, but all of your female friends said that you were blind and he was trying to make a move on you.

Your friend could read on your face you were a bit struggling. 'It’s totally fine if you do like him, Y/N. All I want to say is that you should be careful with who you trust. Ethan seems like a nice guy, but you can never be sure until you actually go and talk to him,’ she said sweetly.

'I know. He probably isn’t even interested in me,’ you said, shrugging your shoulders. All of a sudden your friend jumped up, a big smile curling around her lips. 'Don’t be so negative, you never know that!’ She helped you up and hugged you.

A feeling of warmth filled you up, realizing that the person that was holding you was more important than any  boy that would ever come into your life. And you were eternally  grateful for that.

When she pulled back to look at you, she smiled. 'Don’t worry so much, Y/N. This night is all about you. Everyone is here for you. You are amazing, even if you don’t think that sometimes.’ 'Thank you,’ you said quietly. She winked and put an arm around you, dragging you towards the opening of the tent. 'Well, come on! We have a party to get to.’


The party had started out way better than you could ever imagine. One of your friends had made an enourmous birthday cake with the cutest decoration you’d ever saw. It was edible, but it was almost a shame to eat it, so much effort she had put into the details.

After you all had eaten a piece of the amazing cake you watched the sunset together, talking and laughing and acting like the world was at your feet. There was a bonfire and a volleyball net, which of course was very inviting to you and your friends to play a few games. It was a very fun night and you couldn’t remember the last time you had such a good time and your stomach hurted from laughing too much.

When the sun had gone down and all of your friends had gathered around the bonfire to roast marshmallows, you sat down and looked around you. You felt very happy to have all these amazing people in your life, and sometimes you weren’t appreciating them enough.

When your eyes had passed all of the faces which where lightened up by the fire, you couldn’t ignore the fact that Ethan wasn’t here. He had been flirting with you all night and he even insisted on being in the same team as you with volleyball, which meant more to you than you wanted to admit. But of course you weren’t complaining.

Just when decided to excuse yourself and go look for him, someone laid a hand on your upper back and sat down on the treetrunk next to you. Before you even saw who it could be you knew it was Ethan. No one else smelled the way he did; so good and manlike.

'Ethan,’ you breathed out. 'That’s me,’ he said and grinned. 'How are you?’ 'I’m good, thanks,’ you responded. It was quiet between the two of you after that, the only sounds coming from the crackling bonfire and the giggling people around you.

You noticed your friend at the other side of the bonfire, staring at you with a meaningful look. You could slap yourself in the face for the fact you didn’t know what you could say to him. Everything that crossed your mind right now seemed so unimportant right now.

'Eh, are you having a good time?’ You asked, looking at him. He looked so insanely gorgeous. His eyes looked like they were made out of gold in the light of the fire; they had his hazy glow which was very beautiful. His hair was a bit messy from playing volleyball and his attempts to fix it with his also beautiful hands made your knees go weak.

'Yes, I’m having a great time. Thank you for inviting me,’ he responded. 'Of course, E.’ It was the first time you called him E, and you weren’t sure if he liked that. It sounded good in your ears, though.

It was quiet again between you two, but Ethan didn’t seem to mind. You saw him looking at your thighs and before he could stop himself he absently wiped the sand from your naked legs. You watched his big hand gently touching your skin. He saw you looking and immediately pulled his hand back, as if he just now realized what he was doing.

'Oh, eh, I’m sorry… I-’ he started, but you just giggled. Even in this light you could see his cheeks getting a little red. 'It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.’ You glanced up to at his face and saw he was already looking at you. 'Do you want to go for a walk?’ he asked all of a sudden.

You were caught off guard, not expecting him to ask that. You hesitated. Wouldn’t it be weird to leave at your own party?  Ethan noticed you were doubting. 'We won’t be gone for long, I promise.’ You knew Ethan always had good intentions; you trusted him. 'Okay. Sure,’ you responded.

Ethan got up and grabbed your hand to stand up, even though you could easily stand up without any help. You expected him to let go of your hand, but as you started walking you realized to your surprise that he didn’t.

The softness of his hands kept reminding you an angel was walking at your side and all you could hope was that yours weren’t sweaty, which was usual the case if you were feeling a little nervous.

Maybe it was because of the few drinks you had drank tonight or maybe it was something else, but it felt like everything had changed and everything was possible. You weren’t sure, but you did know that you needed to cherish this moment.

As you guys were walking and the tension had finally dropped from your shoulders, you started talking. And he started talking. And making you laugh. And you made him laugh as well. If it was possible to listen to his laugh forever, you definitely would. It was your favourite sound in the whole wide world.

It wasn’t long before you were so far away from the bonfire that it was just a tiny dot, far behind you. 'Do you want to go for a swim?’ Ethan asked casually. You smiled and squeezed his hand gently. 'I would love to, but I don’t have my swimsuit with me.’

'Who says you need a swimsuit?’ Ethan asked, and the tone of his voice betrayed he was up to something. Up to no good. You stopped so abruptly that Ethan let go of your hand. 'What do you mean?’ you asked, your voice almost inaudible with the sounds of the waves in the background.

'I mean… maybe we can go skinny dipping,’ he said cheeky. You giggled. 'What?’ Ethan was smiling his beautiful smile now. 'Why not? I have known you for so long, it doesn’t have to be weird.’

You looked at him for a moment and in that short moment, you knew you were in love. And maybe this would ruin everything, but you couldn’t keep lying to yourself. You loved him. More than just a friend.

'Okay,’ you responded simply and before Ethan could say anything else, you quickly took of your shirt. Luckily you had put on one of the nicest bras you had, in case Ethan was looking. He took of his shirt as well, revealing his toned torso and muscly arms.

You took of your shorts and Ethan mirrored your actions. You sucked in a deep breath as you undid yourself from your underwear. Ethan kept looking into your eyes while he took of his boxers. The soft breeze that was playing with your hair felt nice and warm on your skin, but it still made your nipples hard, for a reason you didn’t know yet.

You had never felt so exposed in your life, but for some reason you weren’t nervous or scared for him to see you naked. But still, you appreciated Ethan didn’t look at your body right away, although he probably had when you stripped yourself down in front of him.

One of the things you adored about him was that he always tried to make you comfortable, and it didn’t matter in which situation you were in. He made a funny face before he turned around to run and jump into the water, making you laugh.

You could see his bare butt before he disappeared into the darkness. You followed him instanttly and to your pleasant surprise the water wasn’t cold at all. The night air was still warm and the water was very refreshing.


After some plashing and playing around you swam to Ethan. He watched you with a look you had never seen before, but one that made your heart skip a few beats. You had never gone skinny dipping but for some reason it felt very freeing, like you were one with the water.

Ethan was standing in the water now and his feet were able to touch the bottom. He laughed when you tried to put your feet down but accidently submerged. Ethan was at least twenty centimeters taller than you and this was his chance to use that in his advantage.

'Are you okay?’ he asked when you came to the surface again, coughing. When you went down you accidently swallowed a lot of water. You couldn’t respond while you were still coughing, trying to get the salty water out of your lungs.

Ethan swam quickly to you and suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed your back and legs. Within a second you were floating in his arms, Ethan holding you like a baby. You looked up to his beautiful face and were so amazed by his beauty that you couldn’t bring out a word.

'Did you forgot how to swim, huh?’ Ethan joked, but you could hear in his voice he was still a bit concerned. 'Luckily you were there to save me, or else I would have drowned at my own birthday party.’ Ethan grinned and slowly leaned in to press a wet but chast kiss on your forehead.

'Ethan…’ you started, feeling confused. 'I know, I know… But Y/N, I can’t lie to you anymore. Or to myself.’ 'What?’ you whispered. 'Isn’t it obvious? I freaking like you, Y/N. And if you don’t like me back then we’ll just go back to being friends again and forget this ever happened. But I have to be honest with you.’

You were almost unable to speak. What this a dream? 'I-I don’t want to go back to being your friend again…’ you said, your voice sounding raspy. Maybe it was because of the salt in your throat or the fact you were feeling emotional with Ethan admitting his feelings for you.

Ethan was quiet, waiting for you to say something else. 'All I want to do is this,’ you whispered and grabbed his jaw, gently but needy pulling him to your face. And then you kissed him.

Ethan freezed for a moment but when he realized what you were doing, he leaned in even closer and parted your lips, discovering your mouth with his tongue. A quiet moan left your mouth when you felt a tingly sensation going down your spine. You twirled your fingers in his wet curls.

Everything was so good, so perfect. When Ethan pulled back and broke the kiss, you knew it was only because he was out of breath. And when he licked his lips and leaned in again, you hoped this time it would last forever.

Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 20

Holy. Crap. You guys. This is the TWENTIETH chapter of RJWL!!! I can’t even tell you how shocked I am that this story has made it so far. It wouldn’t be here without you wonderful supporters and readers. So thank you so so so so much for all your comments. @diversemediums is amazing as always, convincing me this chapter was actually good as it was snd I didn’t need to scrap it. :D

Catch up on chapter 19 HERE

Claire sat quietly beside Murtagh in the cab, watching the streets of Paris pass by. She’d never been to Paris before. There was a vague memory of an early childhood dream to visit Paris with her true love and kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower. Maybe she could persuade Murtagh to let Jamie out for one night and they’d sneak over there. No, she sighed, that would put him in too much danger and that was too much to risk.

When the cab came to a stop, Murtagh exited first and helped her with her bag, eyes constantly moving.

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Dorian - Two Years Later

During the Exalted Council, if the Inquisitor speaks to Dorian, he sits in front of a chessboard. So, I headcanon that this happened (chess’ headcanons from here):

“I saw Demetra’s hand, Cullen.”
The silence felt heavy between the two of them.
 They had met a couple of hours before, when the new Tevinter ambassador had smugly shooed away his colleagues that were chatting around the Commander.
They both needed to speak and they both knew they gave their best if some chess game was involved.
So, they played.
Dorian spoke quietly again, tapping one finger on the luxurious chess board “Well, I admit I forced her to show me her hand. When you wrote me the first time I thought you were a bit paranoid. Now, I regret you didn’t write me earlier.”
The mage moved his pawn “Do not think I’m blaming you, of course. I’m furious with the stupid me.”
The Commander opened his mouth, his eyes gentle, but Dorian shook one hand vehemently “Please, don’t. I’m a Mage. And a very good one. I should have known that an ancient magic such as that damned Anchor is couldn’t just stay quietly carved on her flesh forever. Visante kaffas, I have been so stupid!”
“Nobody could foresee this, Dorian. Nobody. I’m sure Demetra told you the same.”
“Actually she told me to stop being silly and give her another cup of tea.”
Both the men forced a smile.
“How is she doing, Cullen?”
“She…” he stopped, staring at the chessboard. He couldn’t say aloud again what she had said him not later than six weeks ago – six weeks and five days ago, most precisely. He couldn’t. Dorian had the right to know, though.
“She is fighting the Anchor, but she’s not sure who will win.”
Dorian sighed heavily, pinching his nose in a poor attempt to hide his reddened eyes “We’ll save her, Cullen, even if I had to invent a spell myself bargaining with all the spirits in the Fade.”
Cullen looked at him, his throat painfully clenched.
“Thank you.”
It was all he managed to say and it was insufficient to express his gratitude towards Dorian. Towards his friend.
Dorian understood and nodded anyway.
“I told her she shouldn’t be here, wasting her time with this useless, ungrateful bunch of people.” the Mage hissed “She should take care of herself better.”
“I told her the same” the Commander captured Dorian’s Hero of Ferelden “But Demetra helped Thedas’ people while they suspected her of destroying the Conclave, calling her an abomination. She’s not going to act any different now that she carries the Inquisitor title.”
“I bet she also doesn’t want to put Leliana in a more precarious position.”
“That, too.”
“I warned her that nobody was going to thank her,” Dorian sighed conquering a position near Cullen’s Divine “And I fucking hate being right. But this? An Exalted Council against the only person who stood up between Corypheus and the world? This is beyond ingratitude. It’s monstrous.”
A silent nod was all that Cullen could add.
Cassandra had said something along that line, in a more colorful way. Varric, the same. Sera had already menaced to kill at least thirty nobles and twenty diplomats. The Iron Bull and Thom Ranier hadn’t spoken very much, but they escorted their Inquisitor silently daring people to say something wrong, as Demetra greeted people here and there.
Vivienne had been kind enough to keep away from the Inquisitor the most problematic guests, while Josephine took care of being the first to talk with the ones who would like very much spat their venom in the Inquisitor’s face. Cole had asked Maryden to sing Demetra’s favorite song and Leliana, though bounded to her role, had sent in her bedroom fresh flowers, trustworthy servants, useful information about the ones who still sided with the Inquisition and a giant box of the finest Orlesian chocolate.
Demetra had wept in Cullen’s arms “I’m so lucky to have all of you. As long as you still trust me, I’m alright.”
Dorian cleared his throat “Speaking about messy things, I heard there was quite a problem with the bedrooms when the Inquisition arrived.”
The Commander couldn’t stop the blush, but Dorian’s grin was full of pride “Well done, Cullen!”
“So everybody knows about my change of quarters?”
“Are you kidding me? The Commander of the Inquisition army that takes his luggage, ignores the outraged Chamberlain and marches in the Inquisitor’s quarters declaring that he will stay there, messing with thousands of years of protocol? My friend, you are a legend.”
Cullen shrugged “Demetra agreed and I’m not going to leave her alone just because a useless etiquette told me so.”
“Of course! I can already hear the minstrels singing about the Lion of the Inquisition who marched in his beloved Inquisitor room and took her in his strapping arms before kissing…”
“Yes, thank you, Dorian, I get the concept.” Cullen shivered, making him laugh. A sincere one.
“And I didn’t kiss her in front of everybody! I just told them to go to bother someone else.”
“So no kisses? Not even a little one?” Dorian pouted.
Cullen tried to not grin “I didn’t say that.”
Dorian winked at him “Your admirers will be heartbroken to have the ultimate confirmation that you’re not available.”
Cullen smiled “Finally! Maybe they’ll stop to send crows asking me to marry this countess or that noble.”
Dorian tipped his head on the side “Since we’re speaking about this, let me ask you a thing: are you going to ask her to marry you?”
No hesitation. No uncertainty. Just fierce firm belief.
“Good. Soon?”
“Do you have a plan?”
“Not anymore. I had one, but now I suppose I need another one.”
“Do you have a ring?”
“I was going in Denerim to buy one when all of this happened.”
Dorian nodded again, stopping their match, and fishing something out of his pocket. Cullen took the delicate box from his hands with a perplexed frown. When he opened it, he couldn’t hold back a surprised sound: laying against soft velvet, a couple of golden rings glittered under the afternoon sun. Inside the biggest one, it was carved “Demetra & Cullen”. In the other one, he read “Cullen & Demetra”. A line of minuscule arabesques in the external part made them two little masterpieces of gold-working.
Before he could speak, Dorian smiled, quiet and sincere “In my Country, it’s the best friend of a bride or a groom that buys the wedding bands. Now, since you don’t have a lot of friends that can  be better than me and I’m quite sure Demetra loves me as much as I love her, allow me to follow one of the few traditions that I’m still proud to.”
Cullen’s thanks were too full of emotion to be as much eloquent as he wished, but they were sincere in every bit. And Dorian winked at him “One last thing: I won’t tell you to take care of her. I have no doubt you will because she’s lovely and you don’t want that an angry Magister sets your ass on fire.”
Cullen smiled, but he knew Dorian was deadly serious.
His friend continued “What I want you to promise me is that the two of you will do the impossible to be happy together. That you will treasure what you two have and you will fight to keep it alive. Life can be hard even for people who love each other as you two do, but you have something precious. Treasure it.”
“I will. We will, I promise on my life.”
“Good. And now, let’s finish this game. I want to take back some Tevinter pride and kick that awesome Fereldan ass of your.”
Cullen chuckled, putting the precious box with the rings safely in his pocket “Good luck with that. And… thank you, Dorian.”

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On Writing Busy Parents

Anonymous asked: “So, I’m working on a story with neglectful parents - not abusive - they love their child. It’s more like, they are always busy. Do you have any tips for me?”

The first thing that comes to mind are working parents. I’m not going to be one to generalize here so know, I’m talking about how we can think through some situations and think about writing these kinds of characters. 

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Sexual Tension - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Chapter 5

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.8k (ah it’s really short.)

Warning: it’s all fluff

A/N: The chapter I originally wrote was SUPER long so it’s split into two parts - the second part (this chapter) is small because of that reason.

Chapter 4

“What if someone sees us?”

You were sitting at ‘The Grind’ with your favorite professor. It was the day after you both had your date, making the day Saturday. Neither of you guys had plans so you went on a coffee date. It wasn’t the best place to go considering your best friend owned the place and would go out of her way to eavesdrop on your conversation but you both loved it more than any other local café. You both sat at a booth in the back of the building so that you could have some privacy, privacy as in not being noticed by someone you know.

“Don’t worry. If anyone sees us I’ll just say that you wanted to meet up to talk about the class. I’ve done it before, many teachers meet up with students to discuss things like that.” You flashed him a smile before drinking the rest of your coffee.

“You said you had no plans today, right?” Tonight was your day off, your day of no work and no school. Fortunately it was the same for him which made it a perfect day to hang out.

“Yeah, why do you want to do something?” He gave you his famous cheeky smile. Such a flirt.

“Don’t get cocky, Barnes. I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my place later. I was going to have a movie marathon and it’s still planned so you’re welcome to join me if you get lonely.” You teased him and gave him a reflection of the same smile he gave you moments before.

“Me? Lonely? Yeah, yeah. You’re just lucky I’m free tonight because otherwise I would have turned that deal down. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind.” His forehead wrinkled when he lifted up his eyebrows and you snickered.

“Good, it’ll be starting around 8 so don’t be late.” His hand balanced over yours and the warmth from his touch filled your body. A heartwarming smile flashed across his face. His smile was contagious so naturally you smiled back.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


You were fixing up your apartment so your guest wouldn’t feel clustered, or think that you were a pig. Everything was nice and fine by the time the clock hit 7:30. Thanking god internally for giving you a few moments to make sure you didn’t look like you just woke up from winter hibernation before he got here.

Knowing it would be a night of comfort and comfort only, you slid on some sweats and a regular long sleeve black Henley with the buttons undone. You let your natural hair flow beside your shoulders while you carried some extra blankets to your couch. By the time you finished getting the snacks, pillows and your favorite movie franchise, there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, you eyed him down with a smile. He was wearing regular joggers and a sweatshirt. He held a bag of food and a bouquet of flowers. His shoulders shrugged before holding the flowers out to you.

“Always the gentlemen, huh, James?” Your heart fluttered as you accepted the roses and opened the door to let him come in.

“I can be anything for you, doll.” You giggled. Leading him into the living room, you set your gift on the counter before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the couch with you.

“You never mentioned what movies we were watching, you know.” He plopped down next to you before you shoved a collections of movies into his face. His eyes automatically lit up when he read the names.

“I bet you don’t regret coming over now. X-Men is the best franchise there is!” You winked before getting up to put in the first movie. “I would never regret anything as long as it involves you and I, you know that right?”

Standing up with red forming over your cheeks. “Such a sweetheart.”

You went to go sit next to him but he shifted over to where you sat on him instead.

“God James, every time!” Laughing and throwing your head back to lay onto his shoulder, his arms snaked around your waist.

“What? Don’t want me to hug you? If you just said so I would have stopped.” His eyebrow raised.

“N-No! I’d rather be here than anywhere.” Turning your body to look up to him, you wanted to kiss him right then and there. The last time you both kissed was the night where he apologized. You tilted your face forward his before planting your lips onto his. His grip on your body shifting your position to give him a better angle to kiss back. His arm pulled your chest towards his and his other stayed steady on your thigh. His tongue guided its way through your mouth while yours fought back.

You both smiled in the kiss before pulling away. Your noses touched and your body’s were panting, begging for air.

“Payback?” You laughed while still gasping for air while he eyed you down. His teeth shined through his lips.

“If that’s your way of payback…” His eyes widened, he shook his head with a small laugh.

You laid your back against his front and watched the flashing screen in front of you. After a while of being wrapped up in his arms and a mountains of blankets, your favorite actor came on screen. Your eyes practically lit up at the sight of Professor X. You grabbed a bowl of sweets in front of you and shoved some into your mouth.

“Oh god, the things I’d do James McAvoy.” You spoke with food still in your mouth while stared at the blue eyed god on screen in admiration.

“Got a thing for the bald guy in a wheelchair, huh?” He chuckled to himself and received a glare.

“He isn’t bald or in a wheelchair yet! I mean he’s still absolutely drop dead gorgeous before and after but-”

“If I shaved my hair and broke my legs would you look at me the same way you look at him?” You couldn’t help at smile at how desperate he was sounding, you knew it was a joke but it was hilarious.

“Trust me, the look I give him and the look I give you are two completely different things.” You tried to shut him up by stuffing pieces of candy into his face but it didn’t exactly work.

“How so?” A spark lit into his eyes while he chewed the candy.

“He is just a gorgeous man, you my friend are not only gorgeous but you hold a special place in my heart. Like an inch above McAvoy.”

“Well you did call me hot the very first day we met, I guess you just have a thing for guys names James.”

You let out a loud laugh before grabbing his hand and cuddling closer to your personal teddy bear. “Better watch out for anyone named James because they just might snatch me away, huh?”

The movie soon ended and you both watched X2. By the time it finished your whole body ached from sitting in the same spot for hours. You stood up and stretched your body before pulling his arm. He stood up and would have knocked you over if he hadn’t had both of his arms gripped onto your back. His lips gave yours a small kiss before pulling away and smiling at you.

“Do you really have to go?” You pleaded for him with your eyes.

“Well, it is 3am.” He looked at the digital clock on the wall before focusing his gaze back at you.

“Tonight was fun, thank you for spending time with me.” You wrapped your arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

You both said your goodbyes and maybe a few minutes of smooching but eventually he had to leave and he made his way to his car. Walking into the living room to clean up the leftover food in the room and placing your new flowers into a vase of water. After a few minutes you heard a light tap at your door.

“What now?” You laughed to yourself before unlocking your door and opening it to the same man who claimed he was going home. “Long time no see, handsome.”

“My car won’t start and it’s too early for any of my friends to come give me a jump.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Don’t worry, you can just stay over.” Your hands grabbed his before pulling him into your apartment for the second time that night. He didn’t object and walked in. You finished cleaning up the few things you missed before grabbing the pillows from the couch and throwing them onto your bed.

“I can sleep on the couch if you want.” His arm scratched the back of his neck.

“If you didn’t want to sleep with me you should have just said so. You’re my guest, sleep on my bed.”

“I never said I didn’t want to sleep with you it’s just I didn’t know if you were comfortable with it.”

“We literally just sat on my couch like we were duct taped together. Just take my bed!”

“I can’t just kick you out of your own bed! I’ll take the couch.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“I’m not letting you!”

“Like you can stop me.” He lifted up his arm and flexed it to show his muscles.

“Oh shut up! Fine. You know I have nightmares anyways and I usually have Nat stay over and sleep with her because they’re not that bad when I’m cuddling with someone. Now, I realize we’re technically not on that level to be sleeping in the same bed together but we kinda just did that like not even 10 minutes ago except we were awake watching a movie and you won’t take the bed and I’m not letting you take the couch and since you’re here, I mean, we might as well share the bed and honestly I’m just really scared to go to sleep alone so…” Your throat stung by the lack of oxygen. You took a huge breath before placing your hand over your eyes.

“God I just embarrassed the hell out of myself, didn’t I?”

You let your hand fall from your face only to see that he had the biggest smile on his face. “Oh, this is funny to you, huh?”

“You’re cute when you panic.”

“Wow that’s a first.”

You rolled your eyes before pulling him towards your bed and laying down onto it. You scooted over to where you could lay on his chest before pulling the blanket over you both and turning the night-stand light off. Your heart beat was still fast from your small rant earlier but soon slowed down when you heard his own beat through his chest. Your mind wondered as you thought about his car and how it broke down. It must have been some mistake, he just got that car not even a month ago. Then it hit you.

“Your car didn’t break down, did it?”



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Hey friends. I wrote another Anti thing. I hope you like it :)

(I’m just goona low key tag a few people here: @ego-protection-squad @chase-brody-protection-squad @magic-marvin-protection-patrol @jackieboy-man-support-squad @jacks-support-group @therealjacksepticeye @therealantijacksepticeye and @cyndaquil17 cause I really like that you liked the other one enough to send me an ask <3)

This one is dark like the other one. I think have some tissues set aside. You may need ‘em?

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Hiya!How about a scenario with Bakugou ? Like I have this stuck in my head, hear me out : It's the start of the summer vacation and Mitsuki comes to pick up Bakugou because the students can go home over the summer.. so everyone went except for the person he has a major crush on ! So basically his mom tells his crush to live with them for a few weeks and Bakugou just says something like " it would be fucking stupid of you to stay alone at the dorms, shithead " just an idea tho 😅


You sat outside, silently watching as all your friends left to head home for the summer break knowing full well that you couldn’t join them. A knot twisted in your stomach at the thought of returning home. Nothing about it appealed to you and you had asked to stay in the dorms over the summer claiming that your parents would be leaving you by yourself anyways if you were to return. The dorms were much nicer compared to your life at home and there was something about the weird painful nostalgia of returning to your house that made you fill with nothing but anxiety and loneliness. It was an awful feeling and you had trouble expressing it into words to anyone. Ochako stood next to you, concern flickering in her irises, as she hesitated leaving to go back home.

“Are you sure you want to stay here, (Y/n)?” She asked, her voice betraying her concern for you.

“I’m sure, I’d be lonelier at home to be honest.” You half lied. “This place feels a little more like home anyways.”

She opened her mouth to say something but got distracted as Midoriya beckoned her to walk with him. Giving you a sad yet quick goodbye, she hurriedly made her way over to him, leaving you back to your thoughts. You were about to get up, thinking that was the last of your classmates, when a familiar ash blond haired male came to stand beside you. Your body stiffened a bit as you were caught by surprise but you quickly went to try and relax. Bakugou was never super mean to you so you had nothing to worry about, especially now that the two of you were alone.

“What’s this shit about you staying here alone?” He asked a bit harshly, typical Bakugou like roughness on his words.

“Oh you heard about that?” You asked. He tsked.

“Dumbass, of course I heard about it.” He said his voice lower suddenly. You could’ve sworn it was a bit softer as well.

As you fumbled for a response he looked at you with his regular heated gaze. He stopped trying to deny the fact that he liked you a while ago, but he never bothered to treat you differently unless the two of you were a lone. You never noticed his attitude change slightly like this and it drove him fucking insane sometimes. He hated admitting it but he cared about your sorry ass and the fact that you were avoiding going home rubbed him completely the wrong way. Were you being mistreated by your parents? Siblings? Whatever the hell it was it had him worried and he hated thinking about leaving you here with no one else around.

An agitated sigh left his lips as he saw his mom approaching in their family car. He tightened his grip on his bag and quickly turned to you, still waiting for your answer. You didn’t seem to really have one ready for him at the moment. He walked out to the curb as his mom pulled up and watched as the trunk of car popped before raising up. As soon as he slammed his stuff in the back of the car he shouted some things back and forth between him and his mom. Before you knew it he was standing in front of you with a scowl on his face and a light tint of blush dusting his features.

“I don’t know what shit has you scared enough that you don’t want to go back to your own house but…” He pauses for a second and goes to scratch the back of neck.

After a few more seconds he seizes your wrist and begins to drag you back to the dorms. You’re in shock, about a million emotions are washing over you and you can’t help the electric buzz feeling from his skin on yours. As soon as you try to speak up in a small protest he shuts you up.

“It’d be fucking stupid for you to stay at the dorms all summer by yourself, shithead.” He grumbled yanking the door to the dorms open. “Go get your shit, my mom says you can live with us for the summer.”

You don’t question his sudden offer and start up the stairs to get to your room. You also don’t understand the way your heart is fluttering from the whole thing. You had barely been able to be in the same room as Bakugou for more than an hour with just the two of you, but now you were just suddenly going to be living with him for a few weeks?? Your mind was reeling and despite the roaring cicadas and merciless heat outside, your hair was standing on end and your skin was covered with goosebumps.

When you got to your room you unburied a duffle bag and started to toss in a variety of clothes. Whether they were clean or not you didn’t know but you managed to pack up some clothes, toiletries, and other misc things before hurrying back down to where Bakugou was waiting for you. The second you came into view he went to grab your hand and drag you back out of the dorms and back out to the waiting car. Your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest and for a quick second you felt your eyes prick with tears. For what you didn’t know…

“Oi, give me your bag and get it so we can get home and eat.” Bakugou demanded as soon as the two of you had stopped.

“U-Uh sure, here.” You stuttered before handing him the bag. For a brief moment your fingertips brushed and blush sprung onto your cheeks. To try and hide your burning face from your friend you quickly got into the car.

Bakugou’s mom smiled coyly at you through the rear view mirror and you couldn’t help but think that you were making some sort of weird mistake in agreeing to this. Well, you didn’t really agree to anything now that you thought about it. It just sort of… happened and your ass was too confused to really object to anything.

Your attention was cast to Bakugou himself as he got into the backseat with you, his usual scowl on his face and his eyes still smouldering. The car lurched forward and you watched as the dorms disappeared from your view until you were left to listen to the hum of the car and the low volume of the car radio.

“”It’s so nice to finally meet my little Katsuki’s crush.” His mom suddenly said. You choked on your own spit and started to cough, a high pitched “what?” escaping through your assortment of noises.

“Shut up you shitty woman!” Bakugou practically screeched. You felt the color suddenly drain from your face and then return with full force as you hid your face within your hands. Suddenly the two of them were in a full blown argument and you understood where he got his… zest at least. Stealing a glance at him you could see he was just as embarrassed as you were, and at least your summer wouldn’t be boring, or lonely for that matter.

But that’s a story for another time, granted he can actually manage to confess to you without combusting out of rage for his mom’s sudden comment.

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Rudest thing someone said or done to you?

oh boy that’s a lot to choose from

Idk a lot of cases where people think I owe them art because they follow me or something, like once I did an art trade with a friend and I had a multitude of people angry at me because I didn’t trade with them, who were strangers to me

I think people forget artists are human sometimes so I’ve gotten a few rude experiences outta that /shrUG

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Hello! I want to write an Autistic girl whose transferring to a new school. She's very shy, but very into music and animals; if you mention either to her she'll go on a long rant about the both of them in a very cheerful manner. She later gains a super power that lets her have power via her voice (ie- using it to hypnotize people, calm ppl down, etc, the point is each character has a power opposite of their personality) I want a scene where she goes shopping and (1/2)

(2/2) describes her dislike for certain types of clothes for their texture and overly bright colors (her overall color scheme is white) She has difficulty socializing with girls because, in her special needs classes, she was surrounded by boys and had very few girl friends. When in a stressful situation she tends to cry or go completely mute. How does she sound so far? A little too stereotypical?

Hi anon! Thank you for your question. Your character sounds pretty cool! Her characteristics are pretty common for autistic people - sensory problems with certain textures, is semi-verbal or non-verbal when stressed/having a shutdown/having a meltdown, trouble socializing with people she’s not practiced socializing with much - girls, who are often socialized with different rules than boys.

You may want to tease out what specific things make socializing with other girls hard for her as compared to boys. Socializing a a certain way or having certain personalities isn’t inherent to girls vs. boys, like there’s not a clear division a lot of the time between the genders, but gender affects a lot of the way someone is socialized by adults or peers around them, a.k.a. the social rules certain individuals are expected to follow. Though it’s not fair, many girls are taught to not be rambunctious or physically active whereas boys are sometimes encouraged to behave that way. Many boys are taught to not express their feelings whereas girls are taught to be empathetic. It isn’t healthy, but may affect your character in the ways you are discussing. To avoid “boys socialize like this girls do this” stereotypes as well, so some research and thinking about why girls or boys are socialized different in certain contexts.

I wonder what you mean she has that power to basically vocally control people which is “opposite to her personality.” It’s an interesting concept to have characters gain a power which essentially complements something that isn’t a personal strength, but I don’t know if you mean she gets social influence whereas she didn’t have it because she is shy, because she’s autistic, or both. 

Keep in mind autistic people experience empathy differently than average, but this can mean struggling with empathy of any type, struggling with cognitive empathy but being very sensitive to others’ current feelings with affective empathy, or the other way around, or fluctuating empathy, etc. The stereotype for autistic people is they have no empathy, so for her to have a pretty empathic power like influencing people’s emotions with her voice, try to determine why it’s “opposite” to her. Is is because of the lack of social influence, lack of ability to empathize, or something different?

Whatever the reason, there are lots of autistic people who struggle with empathy of any type, so it’s not inherently bad to have her fit that category, but be aware it’s the stereotype. Fleshing out your character or giving her nuance will help prevent fitting into autistic stereotypes just to have her fit them. Make choices as an author, and have explanations or reasons behind them, and that can help you avoid falling into the pitfall of having a shallow representation of your character.

Basically, your character is fine as long as you flesh her out. You don’t want to have Autism as your character, you want an autistic character. The distinction lies in why she has certain traits - does she have only specifically autistic traits because she’s autistic, or does she have depth, creativity, emotion, etc. and experiences those things differently because she’s autistic?

 - Mod Siena

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Are your fics as painful as Twist and Shout? If they are I'd still read them I just wanna be prepared with tissues and my friend over for moral support lol

It depends on the fics, really. Like “In the Spine”, “His” and “Copper Park” are all just angst through and through. “Twenty Miles Out” is very heavy angst as well, but it does end happily. Other fics of mine are a mix, so I suppose it will depend on your interpretation. I don’t think any of my fics try to bring the pain like T&S does, but a select few are certainly hard-hitting, so read the tags and be prepared to cry a bit.

Or a lot.

Whatever you prefer.


Never Have I Ever // Jack Maynard

Word Count-  795

Summary- Just a small imagine. Please leave feedback on my writing, I’d love to hear from you! x

Warnings; A few swear words, sorry! It just was a bit more realistic I think with them in.

A/n; Thank you so much for 100+ followers! Hope it’s okay I combined these two requests, they were originally two different ones but they were way shorter than I wanted them to be so I made it one. Thanks for requesting x

Requested; Yes, Prompt requests.

➳ 59 with jack xxx // 59. …or we could make out…. 

➳ Can you do 86 with jack???? // 86.  You’ve never smoked anything in your life. 

You sat in the living room of the flat your shared with your best friend Jack, with all of his (and your) friends; the buttercream gang. You were all sipping your drinks, chatting lightly before a tipsy Caspar decided he wanted to play a bit of Never have I ever. You all were bored, and didn’t plan to head out to the club tonight as it was just one of those stay-in type of nights, and decided it was a good idea. Not that it was, just your slightly-drunken minds couldn’t process that you were all about to humiliate yourselves. That’s what friends were for, right? Humiliating yourself? No? Okay, nevermind.

Anyways, you all gathered in a circle, putting down the drinks. Jack grabbed a bunch of shot glasses you kept for these occasions and Conor filled them all up. “Alright, you lads know the rules. If you’ve done it, you drink. If you haven’t, you don’t.” You confirmed, earning a nod and murmur of agreement. “Right. Never have I ever..” Conor started, and the game progressed quite slowly. A few shots were taken here and there, it was pretty boring.

“Never Have I Ever smoked anything.” Joe said, smirking. You filled up your glass and downed it, earning a surprised look from the others. “Y/N? Why’d you take a shot? You’ve never smoked anything in your life.” Jack said, concerned. You rolled your eyes. “Calm down, Jack. Just because you weren’t there, didn’t mean it hasn’t happened.” You said, rolling your eyes. “When?” Jack said, almost demanding. You didn’t understand why. “It was back in Year 8 I think, I smoked a small cigarette here and there. It’s not that big of a deal.” You shrugged, not bothered.

“Y/N, of course it’s a big deal! Those things kill!” Jack yelled, standing up. You followed suit, and the other boys awkwardly excused themselves and left the room and retreated to the kitchen. “I’m still here, aren’t I? Why do you care so much, Jack? It was years ago!” You said, exasperated. You frowned, and Jack ran a frustrated hand over his face. “Because I care, okay?” He yelled, making you flinch. He hardly raised his voice with you, unless it was playfully.

His eyes softened as he saw you flinch. Guilt filled his eyes. “Y/N, I care, okay? You’re not only my best friend, you’ve been there for me my whole life. I can’t even imagine a life without you. I’m sorry if I seem pushy or clingy but you mean a lot to me. I love you!” Jack admitted, all in one breath. By the end you could tell he was flustered. You could only blink as you processed it. You couldn’t manage words. He loved you?

He seemed to realize what he had said too. “Shit. Y/N, I..” He said, his heartbreak evident. You were still in a state of shock, but snapped out when Jack moved to leave. You ran up to him and spun him to face you, barely registering the confusion in his eyes before grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him into a passionate kiss.

The kiss got a bit heated, and by now you were full on making out. You probably wouldn’t have stopped if it weren’t for Joe coming in and yelling “Shit! Sorry!” and leaving quickly, and if that didn’t ruin the moment, Conor peaked around the corner and shouted “Get some, Jack!”

“Fuck off, Conor.” Jack muttered, cheeks flushed. Conor shrugged and retreated back to the kitchen, laughing with the rest of the boys. “C’mon, let’s get back to the ‘party’ before they break something.” You laughed, grabbing Jack’s hand and attempting to pull him. He pulled you right back into his arms, looking into your eyes with a look of pure adoration.

“…or we could make out….” Jack said cheekily, leaning in for a kiss. You played along, but only gave him a quick peck. “Nice try, pretty boy.” You said, running off into the kitchen to meet with the other boys. You heard Jack groan, but nonetheless followed you. “Who’s up for movies instead? We’ve probably consumed enough alcohol for bad hangovers.” You suggested, earning a cheer from the other boys.

You spent the rest of the night cuddled into Jack’s side, playing with the hem of his shirt, while he played with your hair. You hardly paid any attention to the movie, and quickly found yourself drifting off. “Go to sleep, love.” Jack whispered in your ear, you smiling. His recurring nickname never meant much to you, but now it meant the world. You fell asleep listening to the quiet laughter of the boys and Jack’s heartbeat, sighing contently. This was where you wanted to be.

Actual conversation I had with someone I once considered my friend
  • Me: I'm bi
  • Girl: What?
  • Me: I'm bi. I like boys and girls
  • Girl: But aren't you in a relationship?
  • Me: ... Yeah?
  • Girl: Then why do you still call yourself bi?
  • Me: Because me being in a relationship doesn't invalidate the fact I am attracted to women as well?
  • Girl: ... Eh.
  • [A few minutes later]
  • Girl: What did your old friends think of you being bi?
  • Me: The majority of my friends on my old school were bi or lesbians. Some of them even were together.
  • Girl: Eww.
  • Me (internally): Your biphobia? Definitely.

Things I need to do to Reset myself:


~Reconnect with God.


~If the answer is no they can’t go out then let them know that I’m coming over to crash at their house for a few hours because God I need my friends.

~Delete my tumblr app. It’s too easy to access I’ve been using it to journal instead of writing in my actual journal. I wish I hadn’t posted half of what I’ve posted and I need to keep things private

~Focus on my work. Focus on my art. Set myself up for a good gap year next year.


More Prague photos! The ones I took of the city itself can’t hope to match the ones @heliaofbuda took, so I only posted a few (so many beautiful buildings, oh my goodness).

In addition to meeting Helia there, we also met some yarn friends!!! Troll Hunter Sigrun for @vefanyar, and Otabek and Yuri for me. (More pictures of yarn friends coming later - they had some Prague adventures too! A thousand thanks and hugs to Helia for making them, I love them so much!)

As we were heading for Helia’s train at the end of the day, we came across this cool project. Basically you can pay a little to paint a brick to add to this installation, and the money goes to a good cause. The paintbrushes they had were…well-loved…but we still managed to make our mark anyway. ^_^

All in all it was a lovely day, even with rain and delayed flights - so nice to be together!