a few of harry styles random tweets

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aaaaw I can just imagine harry’s little face when he thought y/n didnt like it

He’s in Amsterdam, tucked in a small room by himself at the location he’s performing at later that night. Harry just wanted a few minutes alone, because he knows he’s going to be overwhelmed by people and messages throughout the day. Just a few minutes of scrolling through different social medias. Seeing everyone’s reactions, smirking when fans just tweet him a bunch of random letters pushed together. Checking his texts, grinning at the ones from Gemma and Lou, and quickly glancing over the group chat with Nick and Y/N.

They were the only people he directly texted the link, the only ones he messaged right after it went up. That’s nothing special, though, because he knew that Y/N had a busy day that day and she probably wouldn’t get the chance to watch it - unless he directly sent it to her and asked her to. It wasn’t weird, though. Totally normal. Nothing out of th eblue.

When he sees Y/N’s response, though, he quickly swipes out of the group chat. Because he shouldn’t feel that devastated that one person didn’t like it, right? Despite it being cakes and dogs and children - everything Y/N should love, it’s okay if it wasn’t what she expected. He knew that, going into the project, that it would be a bit of a surprise. He had just hoped that she, of all people, would’ve gotten it.

Y/N is allowed to have an opinion. So, with pursed lips deeply set on not turning into a frown, he went back to scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Not focusing on the sinking feeling in his chest, definitely not.

When he sees that she’s just kidding, though, he doesn’t even remember why he was upset to begin with. The smile on his face lasts hours, for sure.