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Welp. The new Gorillaz album “Humanz” is out.
And let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC!!
Busted and Blue is probably my favorite track on the album.
Those synths, the snapping, and 2D’s voice coming together sound amazing
I always imagine 2D singing on a grassy hill, staring out at sky filled with stars and planets, going with the space theme of the first few videos that were released last month.

Anyway, I’m glad Gorillaz is back.
I hope they continue making more awesome music in the future!

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Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been dating for several months and you've always admired his cross necklace and he gives it to you for safe keeping while he is touring? can it be cute/smutty? please? :D x

The Necklace

“Why are you so fascinated with it?” he asks, gazing at your fingers caressing his cross necklace.

You glance at where your fingers are holding the necklace as you’re nestled against him in bed. The last hour was magnificent as he brought you to the brink again and again until you both finally tumbled over the end into oblivion. Now you’re simply enjoying the company of each other as Harry grazes his fingers over your shoulder.

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this is a birthday present for the lovely @beatrix-franklin! It’s a fic based on this request that she posted the other day. Enjoy! 

The sun was just starting to peek through the curtains, letting small amounts of light spill into the room. The house was still so quiet, and Patrick enjoyed the last few moments of peace with his wife before the children woke up. Shelagh was pulled tightly against Patricks chest, molding perfectly with the curve of his body. Patrick softly ran his fingers through Shelagh’s hair, as she hummed his favorite tune.

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Serena and Anger

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TLDR: A combination of analysis, praise, and criticism in regards to Serena and her portrayal throughout Arc V.

So Serena is a weird favorite character for me in that, on my initial viewing of Arc V, she didn’t really stand out to me much.  I didn’t dislike her, but nothing about her had resonated with me yet.  Key word though because as I thought about her as a character and rewatched a few episodes I fell head over heels in love.

I couldn’t grasp the reason why.  I didn’t feel as if I had missed anything about her character the first time.  Still one trait of hers was striking: her anger.  It’s been a facet ever since I’ve always enjoyed, but with Arc V’s conclusion and a few weeks to digest everything, now I feel I can talk about it in fully.

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I've just finished watching Natural Born Killers (it's one of my favorite movies) and I can't help but think that we deserve a movie that has similar dynamics (it's a Bonnie and Clyde relationship for those who haven't watch it) with Tom Hiddleston, tbh your angry Tom Images just makes me want it more!!!! -The Ragnarok Anon™

I’ve been wanting to watch that movie for years, and i haven’t. 

It’s funny because a few days ago, i noticed it had been added on Netflix. 

I just… crave a good villain for Tom. Not that Loki isn’t, but since it’s Marvel, it can be a bit childish and that’s okay. But I want him to play a heartless bastard and he has to have a gun and 0 regrets, 0 weaknesses, lots of style, no forced romance. 



Opinion Piece:  Mass Effect 3′s Endings Do A Disservice To Some Shepards

Now this is entirely my opinion, so avoid if you like.  Mass Effect 3 is by far my favorite game of the original trilogy, and you are all probably wondering why.  Well aside from the facts that as a person who plays mlm, I can’t have a LI until ME3, the other reason is because ME3 is one giant possibility of ‘fix it’.  You are able to cure the Genophage, you are able to solve the Quarian and Geth conflict, you are able to convince Aria to be a bit more Paragon in the Omega dlc, you are able to finally help everyone basically in the game to a point.  Are there a few deaths in ME3?  Yes, there are many deaths, but the general feel of the game is ‘sacrifice of some will lead to the happiness of many.’  That is, if you play the game that way.

Sacrificing Nyreen, Mordin, Legion, Anderson, etc. is meant to lead to the overall happiness of all. (though Nyreen’s death being used to show how it would affect Aria and throwing Aria over the edge was bull shit, because Aria’s true feelings of loss and agony over Nyreen came out over it, but really I’d rather have happy reuniting space Lesbians getting back together and working through their differences together, but that’s just me)  However, this is where I personally disagree on Shepard’s death.  Shepard leads to the ending, where they are going to sacrifice themselves for the many, and perhaps you can see it as an addition to that general storyline of sacrificing one for the many, however, Shepard has sacrificed themselves for three games.  They have given, they have led, they have fought when no one else really did.  Yes, they had friends to assist them, but they were the one leading the charge.

There are many times in the game where it gives hope for Shepard’s future, such as denying to drink with Dr. Chakawas, romancing Steve if you do (a widower who has finally moved on from the death of his husband), all the talks of ‘after the war’.  Not to mention, the three endings were only put into the game because the original fully happy ending, was leaked, and Bioware got angry that their ending was leaked.  But basically, ME3′s ending where Shepard dies as a sacrifice on top of all the other sacrifices in game, feels hollow to me, at least for my Shepard it does.

Maybe others didn’t feel this way, but all their sacrifices led up to them being able to fight that last battle, led to Shepard finally reaching that apex.  Not to mention Shepard has PTSD and all these problems during ME3, and yet… at the end, no matter what ending you choose, Shepard is dead.  (at least for some time with the Destroy ending, but some breathing after the Destroy ending isn’t really the go happy, sweet ending that the game was supposed to build up to).  Mass Effect 3 is about hope in the darkest of times, and helping everyone, banding people together to fight the Reapers.  (or at least for a Paragon Shepard it is)  And the ending has hope in it, to a point, depending on whichever ending you chose.  I personally choose Synthesis, because to me it was the most hopeful, but *shrug*.  But it’s not enough, and it will never be enough. 

What I am saying is that Mass Effect 3′s ending is terrible for my Shepard no matter which way I slice it, all three of them are, to me.  And anyone who says ‘sadder endings are deeper’ needs to realize that I’m not here for your angsty reasons why sad endings are better, what I’m saying is that these endings don’t fit every Shepard, and they certainly do not fit my Shepard.  And Bioware sucked the hope and feeling of ME3 overall out of the game for me with that ending, and I will never accept it as my true canon because of this.  Shepard in my opinion deserved a better ending, and the facts that ‘leaking’ the real ending of ME3 changed it to… this, is terrible.  It’s a wasted opportunity, and is a disservice to certain Shepards.

Just got the bmc book and here are a few of my favorite lines:

• “‘Fuck, Jeremy, you don’t have to be such a bitch,‘”
• “'We don’t have any rights under the Constitution about discrimination?'”
• “'I don’t talk to people who are pissing,’”
• “I watch my boring, non-titty television.”
• “Michael puts some god-awful emo tape on.”

My favorite thing about the Raven Cycle is that it’s basically Marauders alternate universe fanfiction.

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Just a few questions... Firstly, did you disagree with or dislike any of JKR's romantic couples and, if so, why? Secondly, would you ever write HP next generation fanfics?

I am once again venturing into treacherous territory here so let’s call this an unpopular opinion post, okay? Let’s just assume people may not agree, and I don’t hate on any pairings - I just have some I personally have misgivings about.

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Hiya! My name is Erica/Riki, I’m 19 years old, 420 friendly, single, bisexual, polyamarous and from the U.S. I love to draw and write. I’m into a crap ton of bands and a few singers(also love going to awesome concerts), I love horror films and taking pictures! Animals are cool, I love cats, dogs and reptiles! I plan on going to college next year and be in a software engineering major. Anyway, I’m looking for people my age or older to talk to, friends are awesome and if something more comes out of it I don’t mind! Distance doesn’t bother me.  Message me about favorite singers/bands/movies/shows or anything that comes to mind, or if you wanna know more things about me, ask! I have kik, snapchat and Instagram too by the way. :)


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hi! I was just wondering what your favorite books are, aside from trc of course. so sorry if you've already answered this!

aa, hi !! okay… so, truthfully, i have read embarrassingly little in the last few years (thanks to college and the fact that i just. keep rereading trc instead of reading new things)… so my current collection of favorites is limited mostly to everyone’s tumblr favs! but… here’s some that i really enjoyed! ❤️

six of crows: i Love this duology So Much that i have a second sideblog for it, omg. (@dangerousinej) it’s got morally ambiguous crime kids and found families and fantasy elements… the worldbuilding is immersive, the characters are complex and human and diverse and absolutely stunning, the plot is engaging and exciting, and i can’t recommend it highly enough! :’) also the author is super duper lovely!

aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe: this book changed my life a lil bit. it’s a beautifully crafted love story between two mexican-american boys in the 1980s, but it’s also a lot about family and figuring out who you are and it’s… awesome. like. i am of the opinion that Everyone could benefit from reading this book. i read it all in one sitting and was legitimately a different person afterwards. and the author (who is, like, Amazing) is working on a sequel rn!!

simon vs the homo sapiens agenda: i read this one all in one sitting too! it’s about a gay boy named simon and his anonymous online gay best friend/boyfriend, who also happens to go to his school, and it was really true to my own experience with my sexuality & coming out? like, it was cool to see a story about coming out that was more like ‘this. is awkward and unnecessarily complicated and i don’t know how to do it’ rather than, like, High-Stakes Gay Angst Life Or Death. and like… it does high schoolers Right? they’re flawed and messy but they’re Doing Their Best because high school is hard. it was a really nice read!! 

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1. 4. 25. 27. 98. 😊

Hey! :D thanks for asking! :3

1: is there a boy/girl in your life?


4: what’s something you really want right now?

Wi-fi maybe? I don’t really know :’D

25: what’s on your mind?

If I will survive the next few days without using all of my internet

27: what is your favorite color?

Blue :3

98: everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you?

I got a lot of really lovely people! :3 @annarieta, @ferelden-doglord/ @moonwich, @ilonavic, @dandelionandbuttercup, @lithialetheia, @vaporeox, @etrnl-amiga-frozen, @sehnsuchtsschmerz and many more…

you know, when Marvel did that shitty plotline about Cap being a Hydra agent (aka a Nazi) I wasn’t pleased, but I saw a ton of activity on my dash about it. People were angry. I think it was trending on Twitter.

personally, as a Jewish girl, I was a lot more hurt when the MCU had Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, two Jewish and Rroma children of Holocaust survivors, whitewashed and volunteer to join Hydra. And when that happened, I never saw a single post about it. No one cared, even though the thing with Cap was a gimmick, and the thing with the twins was outright ignorant anti-Semitism.

I understand that Steve Rogers is everyone’s favorite white guy. I understand. but if you care more about that than the Romanoffs, then I’m not sure you understand much of anything.

I see that the same writer who did Captain America is a Nazi has written Magneto is a Hydra Nazi too. and I see exactly one person on my dash posting about it.

now, maybe it’s my own fault for following the wrong blogs. maybe I expected too much of people, to care about things like this, things that affect Jews.

when I made a post about the Cap thing a few months back, I was yelled at by a Holocaust denier and whined at by a white German who was “tired of being blamed” for history, as though history is not our responsibility, as though history is not always right beside us.

so here is my post about the Magneto-Nazi-Hydra thing: the political climate has been harshly anti-Semitic lately. it’s been anti- a lot of things obviously. but my people’s cemeteries are being destroyed, my people’s places of worship and community are being threatened, I have seen more swastikas this year than I have in the past five, and Marvel just put their single most iconic Jewish character in line with their fictional Nazi order. and one fucking person on my dash is talking about that.

I expected better. I don’t know why I expected better. no one in this modern world seems to know how to treat Jews. are we people of color? are we a minority? are we white? are we all Zionists? what are we and where do we fit?

you don’t need to have all the answers. I know I don’t. it would just be nice to know that someone gives a shit, now of all times, about how my people get represented and treated in the media. there’s been so much anti-Semitism in the news lately, maybe you don’t know what to say. to say about the real news or this Marvel plotline or any of it.

so you know. if you even care at all about something that harms my community much more than everyone’s favorite white guy getting a stupid plotline, could you say something? anything? don’t just “like” a post, it’s useless. if you don’t know what to say, reblog this, reblog something else, I don’t care how you do it, just say something. anything.

please. please say something. we can’t drown out their voices on our own.

More concept art of Aloy, the lead character of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I worked on this character together with the rest of the character team for a few months in 2013. It was a huge honor working with Guerrilla Games and their inspiring, talented team! I’m so proud of them and the beautiful game they have created.

And I loved working on this character - hair is one of my favorite things to draw, so this was the perfect job for me, haha! These concept drawings make an appearance in this featurette by Sony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw5JnhbG558

Image © Sony and Guerrilla Games.

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what's your Favourite photo of hayden christensen

i dont have a Favorite™ but here are A Few that i have saved on my phone:

I dont know whats happening here but it feels chaotic neutral

if this promo pic was monochrome and blurry he would be a cryptid


a beautiful picture by annie lebowitz that i cannot look at without thinking of the stripper version


up he go

me if i was darth vader strapped to a table tbh

a soft and happy boy whom i love dearly

frankly who doesnt use darth potato head to reenact hamlet


[spongebob narrator voice] several bad hair days later

there are few things in life that give me more joy than the little face memes

@ginevrawazlib made this for me and i shall always treasure my favorite garbage truck son


A few of my many favorites I painted for Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1! We love this show as much as the fans, and our passion made that such an enjoyable experience. I’m really stoked for you to see more this Summer!

Color Supervisors: Jason Boesch, Phil Vose

Character Designers: Maximus Pauson, Elisa Phillips, Justin Noel, Kendra Melton

Prop Designers: Kyle Capps, Brent Noll, Allen Tam

how to drink ya water! 💦

okay so I know y'all always hear everybody talking about “DRINK WATER!” but not everybody really likes water, in fact, I actually hated water when I first started to make an effort to drink more. Soooo, I decided to give y'all some ways to spice up your water to make sure you get at least 64 oz. a day. Some can add benefits to your water and some are just for taste and some for both. 👌🏾

1. Fruit Infused 🍉🍒🍋
fruit infused water can have a lot of benefits depending on what fruit you use but usually my main reason to drink fruit water is because of taste. A few fruits I like are:
- lemon
- watermelon
- raspberry
- cucumber
- coconut

2. Stay Fresh 🌿🍃
add fresh herbs:
- basil
- lavender
- mint
- rosemary

3. Make Tea 🍵☕️
making tea is my favorite way to jazz up my water. try to stay away from teas with a lot of caffeine like black or oolong. instead go for green, white, or herbal teas. also try to keep it unsweetened but if that’s not possible use a natural sweetener like honey, stevia, or agave nectar (I suggest honey). A few teas I like are:
- Rituals Orange Jasmine Green Tea
- Bigelow Green Tea
- Celestial Sleepytime Vanilla Herbal Tea
- almost any herbal tea

4. Make it HOT! 🔥🌶
try adding a spice to you water. I like cinnamon water or cinnamon tea. Some benefits you receive from it are reducing your waste line and reducing cravings. other spices you could probably use are:
- ginger
- turmeric
- cayenne

5. Get Juicy 💦😏
(I really wanted to write that 😂) try adding some type of juice likeee:
- lemon juice
- cranberry juice
- apple cider vinegar

6. Honey Water 🍯🐝
okay so this is best just with warm water in the morning but personally I’ve had it just like throughout the day but I don’t know if that hurts anything. It’s great for a sore throat!

7. Rose Water 🌹❣
so this one is basically just if you’re feeling fancy. I actually haven’t tried this before but I’m sure it’s great!

I’ve reached over 3000 followers. Thank you everyone for your support. It means a lot to me. I’ve been having trouble with my art the last few months, but now I feel a little more confident and have a better understanding about why I draw. Hope you’ll stay with me as I continue drawing :)

Faraway God.

Inspired by the work of one of my favorite artists, Yoshitaka Amano.

This will be my last drawing for a little while. I have to focus on some work I need to finish. I’ll try to post every once in awhile until then.

Thank you again!