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friendly reminder that katara, with no formal training, held her own against a waterbending master at age fourteen by being perseverant, strong-willed, and unyielding.

friendly reminder that sokka, without leadership from his father, held his own in a group of benders as the strategist, planner, and warrior by being inventive, adaptable, and hardworking.

friendly reminder that katara, with a few weeks under pakku’s tutelage, mastered waterbending and could best any man or woman in the northern tribe.

friendly reminder that sokka, with days under the guidance of piandoa, mastered swordsmanship, forged his own sword, and bested the master himself.

friendly reminder that katara, a waterbender, took down the fire nation princess during sozin’s comet with the aide of her wit and skill.

friendly reminder that sokka, a warrior, took out a fleet of fire nation airships with the aide of his wit, his skill, and his friends.

friendly reminder that katara, the girl who took on the role of her mother, held together a band of misfits in the most trying times. 

friendly reminder that sokka, the one who thought was not special, stuck by his sister and his friends through everything.

friendly reminder that these two characters stand as amazing veterans from a tribe where no one thought twice about bowing down to the fire nation. 

friendly reminder that these two characters traveled the world with a twelve year old and his bison because they took a chance on destiny.

friendly reminder that these two characters are role models to children all over the world.

friendly reminder that these two characters stuck by the theme of the show: they took control of their own destiny and saved the world.

now remind me, friends, what makes katara and sokka so replaceable? 

Daily Reminder

 Natsume Yuujinchou is probably the most wholesome manga/anime you will ever consume with your eyes and truly is a blessed work of fiction

Weird Relationships 101
  • Akutagawa: Get over it, were-tiger!
  • Atsushi: The name is Atsushi. Or at least call me Nakajima.
  • Akutagawa: Die, were-tiger.
  • Atsushi: I-
  • (Scenario 2)
  • Akutagawa: Stop being stupid, were-tiger.
  • Atsushi: It's Atsushi!
  • (Scenario 3)
  • Akutagawa: You're better off making a snowman with your stupid Agency members, were-tiger. (Except Dazai-san of course)
  • Atsushi: It's Atsushi!
  • (Scenario 4)
  • Akutagawa: Stop being so naive, were-tiger.
  • Atsushi: *in a mechanical voice* The name's Atsushi.
  • (Scenario 5)
  • Akutagawa: You, were-tiger are extremely-
  • Atsushi: Didn't I tell you the name's Atsushi?!
  • (Scenario 6)
  • (Atsushi saves Akutagawa's life)
  • Akutagawa: (!!!)....Thank you, Nakajima.
  • Atsushi: Um, (!!! HE SAID IT) you're welcome.
  • (when the brackets are inserted when a character is speaking, it means they're thinking)

In the past few days, I’ve been animating a bit in my free time~ What better way than to try and animate some scenes from Chapter 179! XD

Just did this for fun and for practice! I haven’t animate anything properly for a few years, which is pretty bad lol… ^_^;

Edit: Hmm… Apparently, the one in the middle didn’t show up properly– I think it should be working now!

the real questions are: how long do ronan and adam fight over whether the wedding is in a church or a forest? and how long does blue bite her tongue before snapping that they should just have it at the barns? how long do they pretend they didn’t hear her before quietly planning the ceremony for the little glade behind the house? also, how excited is opal when they tell her she’s the flower girl? how long does it take for ronan to train chainsaw to deliver the rings and not steal them? how many times does adam ask gansey to shave down his best man speech a few more minutes? how does ronan react when henry cheng of all people is the first to cry at the wedding? how does adam react when maura says she’s proud of him and happy that he’s happy and hugs him like his mother never did? how fucking big is ronan’s smile when he puts the ring on adam’s finger and says “i do”? how many times does adam rock on his heels and squeeze ronan’s hands in excitement while the priest talks? how many times during the rest of the night do they smile and kiss and laugh quietly because they’re married? how gentle is ronan’s look when adam pauses, tilts his head, and whispers, “cabeswater is happy”? how bright is adam’s look when ronan whispers back, “so are we”?


My Dad’s best friend, a very close family friend, has been battling cancer for almost 10 years. His wife, who we are also close with and love, just beat breast cancer and his son committed suicide this past year. He has been through hell and back, many times, fighting this. Tonight, I found out he is in the hospital and it’s bad. They are giving him the strongest chemo they can over then next few days. We are hoping for the best. This man has always been one of the strongest, kindest men I’ve ever known - who would do anything for anyone. His second grandchild is due in a month. Please. Whatever you believe in, please send prayers, good vibes, anything his way. Please pray for Ken.

Heather’s “Do It Like Dean” Challenge!!

Holy shit yall!! I absolutely cannot believe you awesome people have me up to 500 followers!!!

Since I’m still way behind, more than any normal person should be…oops! I decided to do a challenge for my 500 followers celebration.

We’re gonna Do It Like Dean!! Since my URL is based off of a Dean-ism I figured why the hell not!!

I am pulling a few of the man’s best quotes, one liners, and where-the-fuck-did-they-come-up-with-that’s all into one sweet little challenge!

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I only have a few rules….just because I don’t want things to become any more chaotic than they have to…

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stucky + tony + my best friends wedding

I had a strange dream that some psychopath was trying to break us up.

Little Feet

You and your husband Michael were happily married, although when you announced your engagement the press had a field day with it. Mainly because it was easy to publish some articles on how Calum Hood’s little sister was marrying his band mate and how the drama just basically wrote itself. In reality, it wasn’t anything like that. You and Michael had gotten together when you were 17 and he was 19. You dated for about 6 years, and he finally proposed. Both of you knew it would happen soon. Of course, Michael did ask your father and Calum before officially buying the ring and everything.

On the seventh day of September, your fiance became your husband. Calum was Michael’s best man. A few months later, when Michael got back from his tour, the last one for a little while, although you didn’t know that yet. You did get a surprise, a positive pregnancy test. After telling Calum and your family, you told Michael’s.

Calum’s reaction was the best. He hadn’t exactly settled down yet, and although he didn’t let on to it much, especially to the guys, he really did want to have a child. So, since you were having one, he was thrilled. Although it wasn’t his, it would be his niece/nephew. And you fully expected him to spoil it. “Wait you mean, my little sister is having a baby?” He said, he was bewildered but way too excited. Even though you were married, he still hadn’t stopped calling you his baby, or his little sister.

“Yes, Cal!” You say, honestly, being a mommy was something you had wanted. Maybe not so soon but you and Michael were both pretty accepting of it.

A few months after that, you and Michael had a gender reveal, and then a babyshower. You were having a little boy, you and Michael debated for the rest of your pregnancy on baby names. Finally, as they held up your baby, you and Michael decided on Thomas Liam Clifford. It was a bit odd, but you both liked it.

You named him Thomas after Calum, Michael didn’t openly want to name him after his bandmate, so he went with Thomas. Calum was the first person allowed in the hospital room after they brought you up. “He’s my nephew?” He asked softly, glancing down at the boy, he had thick hair, and lots of it. It was black, but the small boy would eventually grow to have his father’s eyes, and from an early age of two, his father’s personality.

At the age of two, little Thomas had become very attached to his Uncle Calum, he called him Cal Cal. It was cute. Calum and the rest of the boys had been on a two week promotional tour, they were finally going to start touring again since Thomas was older. They had written albums in that time but not a tour.

Once Calum and Michael had gotten back, the first thing they both did was go to see Parker, and Calum guessed he’d pop in and see his sister. Thomas, who had ran right past his father and straight into Calum’s arms screaming, “Cal Cal!” over and over again in quick succession, jumped into Calum’s arms. Thankfully, Calum caught him.
“Oh look at my big big boy!” He coos, tickling the black headed boys feet. “Are you peeing in the potty?” He asks, potty training had been a bit rough. For some reason, it kind of seemed like maybe Thomas was scared of the potty. So you just got a smaller version of a potty for him to use and it seemed to be working like a charm.

“Yes! Me gets m&m’s everytime me do!” He squeals proudly.

“Good thing buddy, good thing, I’m so proud of you!” He coos, picking the small boy up. “Want to go play with the new toy hot wheels I got you?” He asks, Thomas’ eyes light up and he nods quickly, pointing to the front door.

Calum smiles. He loves being an uncle and everyone could tell, everytime Calum came over he had a new present for his nephew. He bought him a little bass and Thomas instantly told his daddy, “Everyone has guitars, but only Uncle Cally and me have bases.” This of course caused Michael to fall over in a puddle of fake tears.

One of the best things was that Calum was always up for babysitting, and Thomas definitely was on board with the whole idea, so if Mommy and Daddy ever needed alone time, it was an easy fix.

Hey guys! Please please send in 1D, Ashton and Luke Requests!

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Tim Drake and I had our differences, but I’ll admit he was a great man. Despite his best efforts, over the past few years the Teen Titans have been losers, criminals – a joke. The epitomized what’s wrong with younger generation of so-called heroes. They didn’t deserve to be called a “super-team”.

TAKE THAT, Scott Lobdell!

Teen Titans #1

This was pretty good. The main problem many seen was Damian’s overhyping, but the book quickly works around this problem as rest of the team breaks free and kicks his ass. The only one to actually put any fight against them is Goliath. Damian’s reasoning to make a team is pretty firm. He even comes off as pretty pitiable in his own way. I even liked the jab at New 52 era of Teen Titans, especially with Damian admitting to have some respect for Tim regardless. And of course, the threat of Ras Al Ghul is presented in a very classic and effective way. And Demon’s Fist looks like an interesting if rather a bit too unified in their theme, villain team. They might be pretty cool, especially with Ras as the mastermind and the charismatic leader.


Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader

Based on Satisfied from Hamilton, The Musical.

Words: 850

Warnings: Angst… as always.

A/N: I’m so obsessed with Hamilton and this song in particular… So I came up with this idea! If you haven’t heard the soundtrack or at least this song, do it! Hope you like it and sorry it’s so short xx The flashback is in italics.

The ring of a cup filled the room, making everybody turn their looks to the main table. John Winchester stood up from his seat smiling widely, looking at all the guests sitting in their respective tables.

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OK, so my headcanon for a CS Wedding:

So, Snow will be adamant that Emma deserves a wedding befitting a princess, and Emma will fight it at first but eventually give in because she’s so grateful to finally have a family and she wants to make her parents happy. Snow will invite pretty much the entire town (all her royal subjects) and the wedding will be in a…what does Storybrooke have? A church? Killian supports whatever makes his Swan the happiest, dressing up gallantly for the occasion (although forgoing a few buttons as usual). Charming would have been his best man, but since he has to walk Emma down the aisle, he commissions Henry for the part, who is more than pleased to be promoted to a more ‘adult’ role in the event.

Enter Big Bad or the building falls apart in an earthquake of terror or whatever.

The rest of the season, Snow laments the ruination of her daughter’s wedding, but Emma finally admits to her that she’s not really that upset because it wasn’t what she really wanted anyway. Her mother really sees her then, and appreciates her for the wonderful, fierce, independent woman she’s become. They share a hug of understanding. Big Bad is defeated, and the town is once again allowed some peace and quiet.

They end up getting married on the beach at dawn, Emma dressed in a simple but beautiful slip dress, smiling and radiant, with just her parents and Henry there as witnesses. Killian is wearing white again for the first time since his Naval days, looking more relaxed and happy than ever, his eyes crinkling in the early morning sunlight. As the town mayor, Regina performs the ceremony, looking regal and official, and speaking eloquently about her firsthand experience watching Emma and Killian fall in love. Until the end, where she rolls her eyes and flicks her hands at them saying, “Alright, alright, now kiss or whatever.”

They walk straight from the beach to the Jolly Roger and sail off on their honeymoon straight away, Emma tossing the bouquet from the deck down to Ruby, who had come out to the docks to wave goodbye.

End shot is her resting her head on Killian’s shoulder as he steers the ship out of port and into uncharted territory.

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what do you do about being in love with your best friend?

Oh man love well you have a few options which is tell them and work it out. Wait until you feel like it’s the ‘right time’ to risk the friendship and then tell them. Or you can try to move on and kill the feelings. Or sometimes you do a mix of 3 and sorta fuck yourself over. But either tell them or don’t, it could be the best thing in the world to date your best friend and honestly I think relationships based off of friendships are the strongest ones. ❤

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Idk why but I'm getting real bored with all the marvel films and the upcoming ones. Like I'm not excited as I used to be years ago. People around me too are starting to feel like meh bout superhero movies. Do you think it's because marvel just keeps on producing so much when the quality is just mediocre at best with few exceptions like the winter soldier,iron man 1 etc

That definitely plays a part. People will never not want Superhero films but the genre needs new ideas and new energy to keep going, even if it doesn’t always work out. They need the DCEU to keep going and the fact that people seem to think that the public wants nothing but MCU or MCU-inspired movies all the time, even when faced with compelling evidence to the contrary, baffles me.

it was obvious that luca had a few too many, the man stumbling about, trying his best not to run into anybody (or anything). he flopped onto the couch, chuckling at nothing. it was safe to say that he didn’t know how to handle his liquor very well. “you’re really cute,” he slurred, laying on the other’s chest, “do you wanna – uh, do you wanna hang out with me? i think we should hang out and get to know each other. c’mon, it’d be fun.” while if he were sober, he’d be reserved, the more alcohol in his system, the more outgoing he became.


From Elvis: My Best Man, by George Klein.

Halloween fell a few days after the Pan Pacific shows, and our group was thrilled to have been invited to a party thrown by Sy Devore, the top Hollywood designer known as the “tailor to the stars.” Except that the invitation was really for Elvis, and he didn’t want to go. The more excitedly we talked about the party, the less interested he was in it, and when somebody made the mistake of saying “Everyone’s going to be there,” that about clinched it: He didn’t want anything to do with the Halloween party. But he didn’t count on an early-evening visit from Billy Murphy, who turned up with a handmade Halloween present for Elvis: a beautifully put-together, gold Mardi Gras-style mask. Elvis took one look at Murphy’s mask and said, “All right, we’re going to the party.”

Elvis with actresses Jeanne Carmen and Joan Bradshaw at Sy Devore’s Halloween Party, October 31, 1957.

Flatmates - 10

The final chapter! Aaah. It’s been fun, hasn’t it? So much fun. I am planning to write more in this AU, but then let’s be honest I plan to do a lot of things

Enjoy it though! Rated T for one use of bad language.

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my favorite thing that happened with nana nichelle on saturday was when we were at dinner and a few fans came up, but the best one was a (white) man that came up and knelt by her and said “You don’t know me but I want to thank you for making the world a much better place.” and he stood up and reached for his (black) girlfriend, who wrapped her arms around him. they looked so in love, and nichelle said, once they were gone, “i never thought kissing bill on tv would let so many interracial couples be normal. i’m so lucky”