a few best man

friendly reminder that katara, with no formal training, held her own against a waterbending master at age fourteen by being perseverant, strong-willed, and unyielding.

friendly reminder that sokka, without leadership from his father, held his own in a group of benders as the strategist, planner, and warrior by being inventive, adaptable, and hardworking.

friendly reminder that katara, with a few weeks under pakku’s tutelage, mastered waterbending and could best any man or woman in the northern tribe.

friendly reminder that sokka, with days under the guidance of piandoa, mastered swordsmanship, forged his own sword, and bested the master himself.

friendly reminder that katara, a waterbender, took down the fire nation princess during sozin’s comet with the aide of her wit and skill.

friendly reminder that sokka, a warrior, took out a fleet of fire nation airships with the aide of his wit, his skill, and his friends.

friendly reminder that katara, the girl who took on the role of her mother, held together a band of misfits in the most trying times. 

friendly reminder that sokka, the one who thought was not special, stuck by his sister and his friends through everything.

friendly reminder that these two characters stand as amazing veterans from a tribe where no one thought twice about bowing down to the fire nation. 

friendly reminder that these two characters traveled the world with a twelve year old and his bison because they took a chance on destiny.

friendly reminder that these two characters are role models to children all over the world.

friendly reminder that these two characters stuck by the theme of the show: they took control of their own destiny and saved the world.

now remind me, friends, what makes katara and sokka so replaceable? 

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Hello! I was wondering if I could request fics about wonderful Wedding and Honeymoon Adventures? (you're amazing).

Hi! Thanks for all these requests! These fics are so cute!

Wedding Fics

the clavicle-snapped wish by astoryaboutwar, Mature, 6.5k
The sun glints off their twin gold bands, the band strikes up their first dance, and together, they follow each other into the rest of their lives. SO CUTE 

What happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas by Gayson, Teen, 21k
What better place to hold a bachelor part then Vegas! Yuuri and his groomsman: Emil, Minami, Seung Gil, Otabek, and Phichit all embark on the craziest night of their lives thanks to the few connections the best man has within Sin City. LOVE!

Simple Misunderstandings by wine_did_this_to_me, Gen, 2.8k
Yuuri has finally won a gold medal, and when he and Viktor return to Russia, Viktor begins behaving strangely. He asks Yuuri strange questions and forces him to buy a new suit, and takes up discussing color schemes at all hours of the day, and finally, he realizes he might be misunderstanding Viktor’s intentions. Pre-wedding! Thumbs up!

vows by fan_nerd, Gen, 1.1k
The wedding is held on April 12th after Yuuri receives his first gold medal at a major event. I’m totally not sobbing *sobs*

On the Wedding Night of Two Lovebirds by leoji_is_life (pie_stained_trench_coat), Explicit, 3.7k
“Shouldn’t you be dancing with your husband?”
“Mmm, I don’t mind watching.”
“Uh huh.” Phichit raised an eyebrow when Viktor turned to look at him. “Are you sure he doesn’t mind you just watching?” OMG 

How to Be a Good Husband by phoenixwings, Teen, 2.7k
It’s not that he’s having second thoughts about getting married — Victor’s never wanted anything as much in his life as he wants to marry Yuuri, he’d trade all his gold medals and wealth for the privilege of being Yuuri’s husband — but he has no idea how to be a husband. SO CUTE!

We’re Going to Have a Wedding! by rememberednoah, Gen, 17k
After an intense figure skating season, Yuuri and Viktor decide to take a well earned break. Why? Well, there’s the small matter of having to plan their wedding. As the pair relaxes in their rented apartment in the States, they discover just how stressful wedding planning can be. Maybe they should have asked for some help… But this sort of stress can work as a bonding experience, right? Wedding planning fic! I AM ACTUALLY SOBBING I LOVE THIS 

Newlywed Bliss by garbage_dono, Explicit, 1.5k
After the ceremony, Victor and Yuuri celebrate their marriage together. Bottom!Victor!

the warmest part of winter by dadvans, Mature, 8k
The wedding is in early February, right after Yuri comes home to Yuuri and Victor’s crumbling farmhouse in upstate New York from the European Championships with a gold medal around his neck. So cute, I love the art in it!

One Night to Blow by qwartooty, Teen, 3.2k
in which Yuuri gets drunk, Viktor probably gets a boner, and Phichit finally gives his best man’s speech. BIG THUMBS UP

Wedding Presents by BatMads, Gen, 1.7k
Victor has a wedding present to give Yuri on their honeymoon, and it’s better than anything Yuri could have expected. Lovely one-shot!

5 Hidden Talents of Yuuri Katsuki (And one not so hidden) by Fangirlshrewt97, Gen, 16k
There are only a few days to the Victuuri wedding so all the skaters have joined our favorite couple at Hatsetsu in the days leading up to it. During their stay, they all learn some new things about the Japanese skater that they had previously not known. Love!

Something Borrowed, Something Red by bibliomaniac, Gen, 1.5k
Kenjirou Minami is feeling incredibly #blessed. The wedding from Minami’s point of view! SO CUTE I LOVE

Wedding Night by utlaginn, Explicit, 3.6k
The world may not believe it, but they haven’t yet shared a bed.Yuuri decides that that changes–tonight, of all nights. Smutty and sweet!

sight of the sun by cityboys, Teen, 6.4k
It’s still new, reaching inside himself and finding nothing but love there, and a yearning for life—for the rest of his own life—that’s never been this sort of present before. It’s still new, just like the band on his own ring finger is still a wonder, just like seeing Yuuri’s own band has not stopped giving Victor such a dizzying rush of emotion every time he sees it, days after the wedding. HONEYMOON FIC

Get me to the Church On Time by InsominiacArrest, Teen, 4.1k
Everyone on the big day as Victor and Yuuri prepare to get hitched. CUTEE

honey sweet and slow by alykapedia, Explicit, 2.5k
Viktor wakes not for the first time to the sound of waves, the faintest rustle of sheets, and most importantly, the sound of Yuuri’s steady breathing. I adore this honeymoon fic! 

we’ll call this place our home by perennials, Gen, 2.2k
The Big Day approaches, and Viktor seeks advice from various members of the Katsuki family. I LOVE THIS

Always and Forever (Stay Close to Me-YOIWeek2017) by paxton1976, Mature, 5k
Battling nerves, Yuuri embarks on the greatest journey of his life with Viktor. LOVE!


“They said the age of heroes would never come again.”

“It has to.”

Bts | Reaction | Ouch.

[ i can imagine on both ends - this being very painful. Hope you enjoy and thanks for requesting this interesting concept lol ] 


Would be at loss for words. Like, literally, would not be able to speak as he swallowed the scream that got caught in his throat - while slowly collapsing to the floor in excruciating pain. It would be best to just give the man a few minutes to compose himself, as he curled up into a little ball and contemplated about life. 

“Jin, sweetie, I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to-”

“Be gone, you savage!”


“That’s exactly what yo dumbass get- I mean, are you okay, baby?”

Yoongi saw it coming from a mile away. As soon as you challenged Jungkook to a wrestling match, he knew that the maknae was bound to end up going a little too rough on you eventually. It was common sense, after all. So at first, he’ll show no sympathy - but when he saw the pained expression on your face, he’d be a little bit more understanding. Still be a little shit about it, though.

“You want some ice on that, champ?” 


Would honestly watch the show unfold before him. After you recovered from the kick to your no-no square, you didn’t hesitate to go after the dead man that did it to you - him happily helping you do so.

“He’s hiding in the pantry, jagi!” 

“Hyung, whose side are you on?!?!” 

“The winning side. He’s making a run for it, baby, get him!” 


“How dare you? Do you know how precious that area is to me- I mean, her?” 

Don’t even bother going after the member that put you through that kind of trauma, Hobi’s got that taken care of for you. If he was already considered being annoying sometimes to that member, oh ho, they haven’t seen nothing yet. After that, he was going to make them wish they never even lifted their foot off the ground.

“Sleep with one eye tonight, Jimin.” 


He was actually the one to kick you in the crotch - but to be fair, it was partially your fault. He was already on edge from the horror movie ya’ll got done watching; you shouldn’t have sneaked up behind him. 

“Jagi! Oh my god, I am so sorry - I didn’t know it was you!” 

“Who the hell did you think it was?!” You rasped, clenching your teeth as you held your pelvic bone in agony. “We’re the only ones h-home!” 

“I told you to never sneak up behind me after a scary movie!” 

“How was I suppose to know you’d freaking sucker-kick me in the vagina, Jimin?! HOW?!” 

“ *gif* ”   lol hoseok in the back just makes it better


“After all the pleasure he’s brought to you - this is how you repay him?” 

Honestly, after this, no more dick for you for at least a month or two. You know, just to teach you not to mistreat that good-good ever again.  

sorry not sorry 


Would be just like Namjoon, eating food while watching you mercilessly beat the shit out of his hyung just after recovering from the blow. He didn’t blame you, if anything he was mentally cheering you on from afar. 

“Jungkook, do something! She’s your girlfriend!” 

“And get my ass beat? Nah, I’m good over here.” 

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what are your Qcard marriage headcanons

oh boy let’s see

  • there are no weddings in the continuum but Q has researched earth-style weddings and he wants to do it. like, a huge party in grand style to show off that he fiiiiinally managed to win that stubborn man over?? um what’s not to like
  • he proposes in quite an offhand way, like they’re just in Picard’s bedroom cuddling one evening, talking about this and that, and Q just kinda remarks “i don’t suppose you’d marry me, if i asked” and Picard knows Q well enough by now that he realizes that asking is indeed what Q is doing right now, and he grows very still for a moment and then chokes out something like “i’m going to have to think about it” bc hey that is a monumental decision right there
  • they both want to organize everything about the wedding party, Q bc he wants to make sure everything goes exactly his way, and also planning a party is fun, Picard bc he doesn’t trust Q to not make some sort of explodey disaster out of it
  • in the end the ceremony isn’t quite as grand as Q envisioned it to be, given that it’s held on the enterprise between missions bc they really didn’t want to wait until some distant day on which Picard takes leave of absence (and knowing Picard, that day is never)
  • you know how it is usually the custom that the ship’s captain officiates the marriage. now what to do when the captain’s the one getting married? the honor passes to the first officer, of course. you read it here first, folks, Riker is marrying Picard to Q
  • Q keeps it tasteful and refrains from summoning any further mariachi bands at the reception. he’s much too busy giving soft kisses to his husband anyway
  • there’s probably more where this came from

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Hello! I love your work and I was wondering if I can request a Sherlock X Reader with the prompt 64 and 68? 💝 thank you so much!! ❤️

No, thank YOU- for liking what I do!

This btw is the playlist I almost always listen to while writing, it’s unbelievably relaxing and very poetic.

Prompts here X

You angrily sipped your prosecco and looked around the room.

Everyone seemed to be so happy around each other, celebrating the wedding of one of your cousins.

The only one not really able to enjoy this event seemed to be you.

You’d left London after having a fight with your kind-of boyfriend Sherlock, who had rejected to come to Italy with you for this wedding.

So you were just sitting there, internally complaining about how bad the prosecco and how damn uncomfortable your dress was.

You had bought it thinking of Sherlock, and thinking of how for once, you wanted him to see or say that you’re beautiful.

For the first time in ages you actually did feel beautiful, in a long, blue satin dress that perfectly hugged your curves and matched your eyes.

At least you had stolen Sherlock’s credit card to buy it, well deservedly.

Some time later you were still sitting at your table, the only difference being that now, you had some of the wedding cake and some good whiskey.

You were just watching the newly wed couple dancing as someone sat down next to you.

It was the groom’s best man, you’d already seen him a few times before this wedding.

He looked good in his tux, the bow tie matching the flower decorations.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

You turned your head to smile at him.

“Hi. Shouldn’t you be dancing with my cousin’s maid of honour?”

He chuckled and looked at Paola, your cousin’s best friend.

“I think I’d really like to dance with her, but-”

He grinned.

“I don’t speak a single word of Italian.”

You snorted out a laugh.

“Your best friend lives in Italy, has just married a half Italian woman, and you still don’t speak the language?”

The both of you laughed.

“Let me get the same desperate-wedding-emotions menu as you, I’ll be back in a minute.”

You watched him standing up and walking over to the bar to get some whiskey and additionally, a huge piece of cake.

“Why didn’t you just ask for the whole cake?”

You smirked at him before he could even sit down again.

Arthur faked a very startled expression.

“I could never do that!”

He gingerly placed his glass of whiskey and his cake on the table and took his seat next to you yet again.

You clicked glasses with each other and both took a big gulp of whiskey.

“So… this question probably is very inappropriate, regarding your mood, but… didn’t you have a boyfriend? That detective guy?”

You lifted an eyebrow and took another sip of whiskey.


You let the ‘p’ plop from your lips.

“The very nuclear bomb of boyfriends. He refused to come here with me, please don’t ask me why. I’m better off without a cocky man child insulting relatives here anyway.”

Arthur softly nudged your shoulder.

“Sorry to hear that.”

You shrugged it off, trying to hide the impact Sherlock’s actions had actually made on you.

“Ah, never mind. I’m already used to him behaving like that. It’s just how he is. But deep down he’s a good guy, putting up with his bullshit is worth it most of the time. Once he’s let down his guards… god, he’s wonderful.”

After realising what you’d just said, you put your head in your hands and groaned in annoyance.

“I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to hear that. You should be dancing with the maid of honour and hooking up with her right now, just how the tradition is.”

He closed his eyes and laughed quietly.

“You surely are, something, (Y/N).”

You almost frowned.

This just had sounded nothing like the usually so sassy and flirty Arthur.

Still, you managed a light smile.

“Thanks. I guess.”

“No problem. You just look like you could use some compliments right now and making them isn’t really hard to be honest. This dress suits you amazing.”

Now, you had to actually laugh, playfully punching his upper arm.

“Careful, you’re gonna make me blush.”

“Which, of course, would be a catastrophe. Wanna dance?”

The first song you danced to had been Come on Eyleen, after which you were completely out of breath. 

How convenient that the DJ chose to play a slow song now.

Can’t help falling in love with you.

Already the first notes made you feel all sappy, your anger over Sherlock seemed to have been replaced by sheer sadness.

You didn’t want this to be the end.

Arthur already wanted to place a hand on your waist as a very familiar voice behind you made shivers run down your spine.

“This is my favourite human. Don’t touch.”

You widened your eyes and turned around.

There he was, your idiotic, oblivious boyfriend, looking way too beautiful in the tux you’d bought for him.

The groom’s best man whispered a quick ‘good luck’ in your ear and discretely disappeared in the crowd of dancing people.

You wanted to scream at him, throw the words at his head, make him regret his words, but for some reason you couldn’t open your mouth.

So you were just standing there kind of awkwardly, giving the detective your best I’m-gonna-kill-you-gaze.

“Would you do me the honour of dancing with me, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

You almost choked on your own saliva.


Sherlock frowned.

“You. Me. Dance. That’t what people normally do on weddings, right?”

You closed your eyes and shook your head.

“You’re impossible, Sherlock.”

He smiled softly and actually looked kind of regretful.

“I know. I should’ve come with you from the start. Because without you, I’m a mess. Every time I’m not close to you I just feel so lost, and it took me a while to realise that this feeling wasn’t going to fade. If lying to myself any longer equals losing you, I don’t want to do it. So what do you think- you and I against the rest of the world once more?”

You blinked the tears away and lifted your head a bit.

“I think it’s time you start calling me babe.”


You bit you lower lip and snaked your arms around the detective’s neck.

“Just kidding. That was my way of saying yes.”

He chuckled and looked at you in awe for a moment before connecting his lips to yours.

“You look very beautiful, by the way.”, Sherlock whispered after breaking away.

You literally felt your eyes lighting up.

You looked up to him and smirked happily.

“I know.” 

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Man, I’m heartbroken 

Groomer asked if they could use Thyme in grooming competition.

It would mean the mohawk would have to go.

I said no.

The mohawk is sacred

Bad Idea

Peter Parker
Prompt : “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

“You’re an idiot.” [Y/N] huffed out. 

Peter reached for his mask, tearing it off his head, he frowned. “I am not.” 

[Y/N] rolled her head and dramatically gave him an irritated look. It had only been a few months of knowing that her best friend was Spider-Man and after she got past the initial shock, she started to help Peter learn the new gadgets and gizmos the new spider suit had to offer.  Arching a brow, she motioned towards their situation. “Really?” 

Groaning, he crossed his arms over his chest, which caused him to bounce slightly from all the webbing that was currently surrounding them. Peter scoffed, “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

Closing her eyes, she shook her head. “And how exactly did you think messing around with the coding of Tony Stark’s invention would be a good idea?” Opening her eyes, she arched a brow. “Please enlighten me. Because I’m having trouble comprehending why and how that was going to be a good idea.” 

“Well, I didn’t think it would blow up….” Peter trailed as he looked around him. They were strung up about ten feet off the ground with one of his webbing gadget sitting on the concrete floor. He had spent the last fifteen minutes rewiring the suit despite the warnings [Y/N] had gave him. 

"What did you think would happen?!” [Y/N] grilled, her eyes were narrowed as she gave him a look that could kill. She loved Peter with every inch of her soul but sometimes she swore he didn’t have a lick of common sense underneath that genius brain of his. And sometimes, she even dreamed of a life where Peter wasn’t causing chaos. “That unicorns and rainbows would be sprouting out of your wrists?” 

Peter grinned, “That’d be so awesome. A nice element of surprise.” 

“Oh my god….” 

“I’m kidding,” Peter joked. “It was kind of stupid to think I could mess around with the suit,” he started to yank the webbing off his arms and legs. “But, how can I feel safe if I don’t know it’s limits?” Crawling gracefully towards her, he frowned. “How can I keep anyone, even you, safe if I don’t know how far I can use it.” 

[Y/N] scoffed, rolling her eyes, “Oh, god, Peter. Please don’t give me that sappy hero talk about wanting the world to be a safer place for me.” Struggling to remove the web from herself, she whimpered out. “I…can…take care…of….myself.” 

Peter smirked, “Yeah, uh, I can see that. You’re doing great.” 

Giving up, she narrowed her eyes and motioned towards it all. “Just get me out of this thing, will you?” 

“Oh, yeah, sure, sure. No problem. I just, you know, didn’t want to assume you needed my help or anything.” He grinned at her expression. “Cause you know that would be the last thing I wanted to do.” 


“Okay, alright.” Peter laughed as he yanked her out of the web. Pulling her close to his chest, he smirked again. “Would you like some assistance or are you just going to jump and break some bones?” 

[Y/N] looked up at Peter and quirked a brow, “I prefer to have all my bones in tact but if I have to jump then I will.” 

Peter scoffed. “You wouldn’t.” 

“Oh yeah?” [Y/N] countered.

Panic started to set in his bones as he felt [Y/N] pull away from him. “[Y/N],” Peter warned. “What are you doing?” Struggling to get a better grip on her, he yelled out when she pushed off of him and started to fall. “[Y/N]!” Using the one webbing gadget that was still attached to him, he shot out a web and gave a sigh of relief as he caught her just in time. 

Jumping down from the height, he narrowed his eyes at his best friend. “You’re fucking insane.” He growled. 

[Y/N] gave him a cheeky grin, “I mean…..you said I wouldn’t and,” she poked him on the nose, “I did.” 

Grabbing her by the waist, he yanked her completely down to the ground. “What would you have done if I didn’t save you?” 

Shrugging her shoulders, “I dunno, I probably would have died and there’s not much I could have done at that point.” 

Peter shook his head as she started to leave the warehouse, “You’re such a dick.” 

Laughing, [Y/N] turned around, “Actually, that was you. I only retaliated.” Walking backwards, she motioned towards the door, “Come on, Spiderboy. Change out of that hideous spandex onesie and let’s go grab some pizza.” 

“It’s Spider-Man and it’s not a onesie.” Peter called out as he walked towards his backpack. 

“Whatever, Parker. You keep telling yourself that to sleep at night.” She hollered back. 





"Did Cora-san let you in?"

Prompt; Law is sick and chooses to stay at his adopted parent’s; Corazon. Luffy arrives to support Law  

“Ah,” Rosinante falters at the door.

There’s a young kid, perhaps fifteen or so, staring imploringly up at him, huge black eyes and a scar resting upon his left cheek. A mess of hair sticking out from beneath a worn strawhat, strands that looks as if they have the same consistency as charcoal cut in a jagged halo around the boy’s face.

He has no idea who this kid is.

Keep reading


The Best Man

By the end of the reception, the best man was missing.
“Anyone seen Brett?“ But a few of the hall workers had “taken a shine” to Brett.
The men kept an eye on him as he got more & more inebriated throughout the night - a sloppy drunk. Hitting on all the single ladies & even some of the married ones too. Real belligerent with the staff too - thinking he’s a real stud.
The head server offered to show Chris the private wine cellar… but the guys were waiting for him.
The server guided him through the cellar and into a dark room. As the light snapped on Brett suddenly realised there was no expensive wine to be quaffed in here, neither was there a way out.
Suddenly the men jumped him.
Despite all of the alcohol he had consumed, Brett was strong and athletic, a real gym bunny and put up a decent fight.
It took all three of his assailants to wrestle the struggling stud to the filthy, cum stained mattress.
The men quickly had the drunk groomsman gagged & tied up nice and tight. Tom had been in the navy - knew how to tie a drunk asshole up real good.

“I’m sure he took off with one of those girls he was talking to - you know Brett”

“Yeah. Let’s go.. I’m sure he’s busy - having a great time with some lucky girl”

Brett felt a strong hand smack his tight, besuited ass..as he bucked in his restraints like a wild stallion being reluctantly bought to heel.


“We’re gonna have a great time, buddy… you’re the best man right? Well.. we’ll see just how good you are…


Alpha Dog

“What’s this thing?” Logan asked holding up a hat shaped like a wolf.

“That?” Dan replied. “Dunno… Someone gave it to me a long time ago and told me it’d make me into an alpha dog. Didn’t know what he meant… But I don’t do hats. So not for me.”

By the time Dan turned around Logan had already placed it on his head. He spread his thin arms out wide and flexed hard. “I’m the alpha dog. WOOF! WOOF!” he had the dumbest grin on his face.

“Cute…” Dan’s natural flat sarcasm just encouraged Logan.

“Hot,” Logan corrected. “I’m hot. Or sexy. Don’t care which you use.” He flexed his scrawny arm again trying to show off. There wasn’t any muscle there. It was something he loved to pretend he had. It was a joke that still made him feel pretty good.

“Mmhmm,” Dan agreed adding to the joke. But looking back at his friend there was something a bit off. There seemed to be something different about Logan’s body. Like it had always had a bit of muscle on it but this seemed different. He was bigger. ‘Just cause he just got back from a workout,’ Dan reasoned. But Dan was staring now. His friend was always hot, sure. The muscle stud was always showing off his body, for some reason Dan never felt like he noticed it before.

“Like what you see?” Logan flexed his arms in a double bicep pose. The sleeveless shirt rose showing off the sick Adonis belt he’d been working on for so long.

Dan’s eyes traced the muscular man’s body seeing the huge muscles bounce as his friend flexed for him. “Mmmhhhmmm,” he moaned. Shaking his head, “I mean sure. I bet the girls really love it.”

“Sure they do,” he bragged and gave another flex. He moved closer to Dan, almost running into him. It felt intentional. “Dude, let’s go watch TV or something.”

Dan followed his friend closely behind. He’d seen that muscular ass so many times but today it felt different. He walked so dominantly that Dan couldn’t help but follow behind. Plopping on the couch Logan flipped on the TV. It was sports. “Again?” Logan guarded the remote down.

“Like we watch anything else,” Logan quipped. “Unless you want to do something else.” He adjusted his shorts but his eyes didn’t leave the TV.

Dan was at a loss at the confidence Logan was showing. His large muscular body was so imposing. No one ever talked back to him. But thinking about it wasn’t confidence he was showing. He was always confident. It was something else. Something more like intimacy. And lust. “You alright man?”

“Sure I am bud,” his arm wrapped around Dan pulling him in closer. He used his other hand to lightly punch the much smaller guy in the arm. “Something seem wrong?”

“No,” Dan said without any confidence. Something seemed off he just couldn’t tell what it was. They were best friends so why did today feel so different.

“Didn’t think so,” his grip around Dan tightened. “You know maybe there is something wrong.” Dan looked over confused, “I’m fucking horny and there isn’t a chick around to satisfy me.”

“Wha…?” the question wasn’t finished as Logan took the chance to fill Dan’s mouth. He pushed the much smaller guy down onto the couch and started grinding against him. His slow controlled movements speeding up as he went. There was finally a pause as he lifted himself up to take off Dan’s shorts. “But you’re straight!?” Dan was able to get out between heavy breaths.

“Ehhh…. Bi… Sometimes chicks just don’t do it for me. Gotta have that man ass every once in a while,” he grinned as he started rubbing his fingers between Dan’s butt cheeks. A soft sensual moan escaped him. “Sides fuckin you is almost like fuckin a chick anyway.” Dan glared at Logan’s shit eating grin. But then found his legs thrust over the other man’s shoulders before he could complain. “That’s a good boy. You always know how to take it.” As the words were spoken they seemed to make it true. Dan’s tight ass opened up allowing the much larger cock in more easily.

How many times had they had sex? The number seemed almost irrelevant now. Logan was horny all the time and took every chance he could get to have sex. Normally he’d be able to find a girl to satiate himself for a little while but then he’d always come back to Dan. He didn’t know why. The hunk had easily made his way through most of the college they went to but always came back to him.

“You like that don’t you,” Logan goaded Dan; pushing his small body deeper into the couch. Dan rarely could reply without anything more than positive grunts. “Yeah ya do. Ah man. Fuck this is a nice hole. You got the best hole man.” He thrusted a few more times, “Fuck yeah,” he shouted as he unloaded into his friend. The sudden feeling in his own ass sent Dan over as well. Despite his size, Logan slowly he positioned himself in between the couch and Dan. His eyes suddenly feeling very heavy. He wrapped his arms around the other man and softly breathed into his back.

Dan felt so strange in his friend’s arms. So safe but something about the situation still felt strange. He felt the soft fur of the hat scrape against the back of his head. “You know, you’re still wearing that stupid hat,” Dan pointed out. Logan yawned loudly and nuzzled Dan’s skinny neck. He lightly bit into the skin, tickling the smaller man. “Alright. Alright,” he laughed as he struggled in Logan’s tight hold. “I don’t care about that stupid hat.”

Logan slowly calmed down again resting into Dan’s back. “That’s right, respect the alpha dog, Woof Woof,” his deep bark sent shivers down Dan’s spine.

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If you are still taking prompts: Hangover-esque Bughead waking up in Vegas in bed together scantily clad and trying to figure out what the fuck happened last night because they barely knew each other through their friends Veronica and Archie. Smut would be lovely of course lol

Hey love! I love this one so much omg!!! 

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warning: SIN, SMUT, SIN

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That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas:

Betty awoke to the feeling of sunlight on her face and a warm body wrapped around her own. The blonde sighed contently, snuggling further into the warmth of the expensive sheets- thankyou Veronica- as her eyes fluttered open and she adjusted to her surroundings. She took a moment to take everything in, that funny feeling of disorientation seeping in as it always did when waking up in a bed that wasn’t her own…


This wasn’t her room. Not just like this wasn’t her room, in her apartment back in New York. More like this wasn’t her hotel room; the one Veronica had paid for in exchange for her bridesmaids making the trip to Vegas for her and Archie’s Bachelorette and Bachelor parties.

Betty shot up in the bed, her eyes going wide. Her head pounded with the sudden movement, causing her to grimace.

Where the hell was she?

Her now more alert eyes searched the room frantically for a sign. It came in the aforementioned warm body lying next to her.

Jughead Jones.

Okay that wasn’t too bad. She knew Jughead at least… kind of. He was Archie’s best man. They had exchanged a few emails back and forth for the planning of said parties, inherent to their duties as best man and maid of honour. But they had only met officially last night.

Betty ran a hand through her hair, eyes closing as she tried to ignore the anxiety creeping into her system and recall the events of the night before.


The disorientated girl let out a frustrated groan. Flopping back on the bed, trying to decipher the best course of action for this particular scenario. Funnily enough it was not something her mother had prepared her for, despite being overtly vocal about the polite and correct way to act in every situation as she was growing up. Betty rolled her eyes, briefly allowing herself to be calmed by the ironic thought.

Jughead stirred next to her, and the panic was back.

Betty held her breath, trying desperately to work out what the hell she was supposed to say to him. Would he remember how they had ended up like this?

She could taste the remnants of vodka in her mouth; well at least that explained the lack of memory.

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Harry met Tom in high school when Harry moved with his family from Chicago. Being tall and athletic, he very quickly found his crowd with the other jocks. He played football and dated all the hot girls, just like the other jocks. But he also had a bit more about him as well. He was clever and driven to succeed, go to college and get a good job.

Tom was his best friend out of the jock crowd. Tom was tall and broad with a sleek, toned frame. The girls could hardly choose between the pair of them, and they absolutely loved it. But Harry and Tom could talk about anything and shared all of the same interests. It was a friendship neither of them had ever experienced before; one of them always knew exactly what to say to make the other laugh and they often finished each other’s sentences. The pair were inseparable. They knew everything about each other. Almost everything.

Things changed when Harry went away to college. Tom became an apprentice for a construction firm in the town and was too busy to come up and see Harry at the weekends. It felt like it was always up to Harry to make the effort when he came back.

The construction work lifestyle seemed to be working for Tom. He had turned his toned body into firm, full muscles and, together with his tall, broad frame, Tom started to look like a complete hunk. It was only from being away from Tom that Harry began to realise that he had been in love with him. He didn’t make any connections with other people in the way he had with Tom and the girls in college seemed to interest him less and less. There was always a slight bit of sexual tension between Harry and Tom, but the pair had seemed to make a silent pact to ignore it.

During Harry’s second year in college, he came home for Christmas. He couldn’t wait to see Tom. The pair of them got drunk at Tom’s parents’ house and reminisced about old times. The talk eventually turned to drunken platitudes about how much they missed each other and Tom promised he’d come over and see Harry more often. The alcohol gave them both a warm, fuzzy feeling in their stomachs and Harry, consumed by the emotion, leaned over to kiss Tom.

Tom was taken aback. He stayed still and only pulled away as Harry moved in to kiss him deeper.

‘Woah, dude. I don’t think we should be doing that’.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s just… I miss you so much’

‘I miss you too man’, said Tom taking his hand, ‘and yeah, I think you’re hot. But I can’t be gay for you. That would be suicide in work.’

‘Ah, I see. That’s how it is. Right.’ Harry was hurt.

The pair of them seemingly made it up and met up a few more times that Christmas before Harry went back, but the tell was that neither of them could laugh about the incident. It sat there like a thorn in the side of both of them, gradually poisoning their friendship as it took hold during their long absence from each other. Tom never did come to see Harry in college and Harry was too busy to come home.

The summer arrived and Harry was keen to see Tom and sort out their issues. It was mad that they had barely spoken in six months. He was invited to a barbecue at their joint friend, Matt’s house. Tom arrived looking more beefed up than ever with a blonde girl, made up like she was off to a premier, hanging off his big arms. Tom was even more muscly than Harry had seen him last time. He could have had any girl he wanted and yet, he’d chosen this girl, Sally. She was unintelligent, rude and overly concerned about her appearance; having an absolute meltdown when she accidentally spilt ketchup on her 4 inch boots. To say that Harry was unimpressed by her was an understatement. Worse still, she stuck to Tom like a leech the entire evening, seeming to guard him from speaking to anyone else but her.

‘Guys, we have an announcement’, she said to the crowd of friends. ‘Go on baby, tell them!’

‘Um, yeah’ said Tom, somewhat embarrassed. ‘I asked Sally to marry me and she said yes. So we’re…we’re getting married I guess’

The crowd of friends erupted into cheers and applause, moving over to congratulate them both. Harry was just stunned. In their brief communication in the last six months Tom hadn’t even mentioned this girl, and now he was marrying her. Not to mention the fact that she was completely and utterly wrong for him.

Harry saw the happy couple together a few more times that summer, each time he barely got to speak more than two words to Tom. Sally became more irritating and overbearing each and every time.

At the end of the summer, Tom finally met up with Harry on his own. They went to a new bar that had opened up in town that Harry was yet to try.

‘Listen man, I’ve got something I want to ask you. I know we haven’t spoken much these last few months, but I really want you to be my best man. We’re getting married December 20th.’

Harry felt like he’d been punched in the face. Talking about marriage was one thing, but actually booking it so soon. ‘So you’re really going ahead with this then?’ asked Harry, trying not to sound judgemental.

‘Of course I am. I mean have you seen her?’ he joked.

‘She doesn’t really seem like your type though man’ said Harry, carefully.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ His faced flushed with anger. ‘You’re such a dick, I can’t believe you won’t support me in this’

‘I didn’t say that’ said Harry, taken aback by the sudden explosion of aggression. ‘I just wanted to check that you know what you’re doing’

‘Yeah, well, I’m sick of people asking me that. I never thought you would though.’ He looked at Harry, cold and hard. ‘You know what, fuck off, I don’t want you there at the wedding anyway.’ And with that, Tom took off and was gone. Harry tried to call, text and email to explain but it all fell on deaf ears. Tom was lost.

It was five years later before Harry saw Tom again. Harry had graduated and worked for a large engineering company in the next town. He’d bought a house close-by and was doing pretty well for himself. Harry had only a little contact with his friends back home and so he was surprised when he was invited to Matt’s stag do. They all met to start the day at a paintball place. Harry had been caught up in traffic and so was the last to arrive. He saw the guys just beyond the reception and made his apologies. Just then, Tom came out of the bathroom. Almost five years of marriage had taken its toll on him and the best word Harry could think of to describe him was ‘dad-bod’. The muscle was all there but so was a load of fat. Tom had a firm starter gut on him and his face had broadened alongside his ass. In short, Tom looked like an absolute beast with the extra weight. He must have weighed about 280lbs, easily.

‘Hey Harry’ he said quietly. Tom was surprised to get any acknowledgement at all.

‘Hey’ he replied, making brief eye contact before Tom looked away. Harry had heard that Tom had drifted away from his friends since getting married, so he was incredibly surprised to see him there today.

The guys were all sorted in to two teams. Harry and Tom were in the same team alongside Matt and a few of Matt’s work colleagues. Matt, as the groom came up with their strategy that was clearly doomed to failure. Tom looked at Harry and shook his head at Matt, giving him a look that said this guy is an idiot, ignore everything he just said.

Tom and Harry teamed up without ever saying a word to each other. It was clear that they hadn’t lost their touch. They seemed to know instinctively what the other was thinking and took down the other team with barely any help from the others. Harry had avoided every single bullet aimed at him and Tom had just one at the top of his arm. They high fived and complemented each other. The tension was gone, just like that.

The rest of the day was one of the best in Harry’s life. He couldn’t believe how easily he and Tom slotted back in to each other’s company. It was like the last five years had vanished. He’d genuinely forgotten how funny Tom was and how similar they both were. At the end of the evening, they were sat back at Matt’s place, drinking. All of the guys were bruised and battered from the paintball that morning, taking their shirts off to compare who had the best bruise. Tom and Harry looked on smugly since they had caused most of those bruises.

‘I got you once though Tom, on the top of your arm!’ burst out one of their friends, Tim.

‘Yeah, you did, fair play’ said Tom, giving him a manly slap on the back to congratulate him.

‘Let’s see the bruise I caused’ said Tim, excitedly.

Tom huffed and started to remove his t shirt. He surveyed the top of his shoulder and arm looking for any trace of where the bullet had hit him. ‘Sorry buddy, there’s nothing. I can’t even feel where it hit me’.

The guys were even more jealous of Tom, but Harry was fixated by the changes in Tom’s body. His starter gut was even larger than he had thought. He had a slightly hairy, thick chest, showing mostly all of the definition of his huge pecs, but his gut was so large it swallowed up his belt. Harry couldn’t believe that Tom had let himself go so much.

Tom and Harry met up about five times within the next fortnight. It was like they had never been apart, although they did have a lot of catching up to do. The biggest test came when neither of them could ignore the elephant in the room any more: Sally, Tom’s horrendous wife.

Tom and Harry had gone to a buffet Tom had been raving about for the last week. They sat at the table taking on their first plate of food.

‘How’s Sally doing?’ asked Harry, trying to sound casual.

‘Oh you know, she’s… Sally. Same old really. Still obsessed with her fashion and how she looks. I had to take on a load of overtime to pay for this handbag she wants for Christmas.’

‘That’s, cool. I’m glad you guys are happy’

Tom was silent. ‘I didn’t say we were happy man’ he chuckled. He sighed and took in a deep breath. ‘I’ve always been able to tell you anything. The truth is, you were right about her when you said we weren’t suited.’

‘Tom, I didn’t say that. In fact, I barely said anything when you asked me to be your best man’ said Harry, trying not to sound bitter.

‘I know, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about that. I was a complete jerk. I knew things weren’t right and took it out on everyone I knew. It wasn’t just you. I was a mess.’ He paused, looking reflective. ‘Can you forgive me?’

‘Of course I can. You’re my best friend. But I’m really sorry to hear you’re not happy. What is it that’s not working?’

‘Everything!’ chuckled Tom. ‘She’s so clingy, she’s obsessed with how she looks and I feel like she wants to control me! Coming to places like this are my only escape.’

Harry looked down at Tom’s gut, realising how it had come into being. Tom caught him looking.

‘Ha!’ he chuckled. ‘Yeah, she hates this thing as well!’ he said, slapping his gut. ‘I’ve gained about 50lbs since we got married and she absolutely loathes it! A sadistic part of me loves that she hates it’ he continued, getting ready to take on a large side plate of chicken wings. ‘Well, fuck her, I say!’

Harry felt bad for Tom, but was delighted that he was able to speak so openly to him again. ‘I think you look fine’ he commented.

‘I do too’ agreed Tom, with a mouth covered in chicken grease. ‘I love being able to eat what I want and not care about staying slim. I’m big and heavy and can just chuck things about in work being so strong. I feel great!’ He continued to gorge on the chicken wings. ‘You’ve stayed pretty trim’ nodded Tom, looking at Harry’s flat toned stomach.

‘Oh, yeah’ said Harry, somewhat caught by surprise. ‘I don’t build up much of an appetite pushing a pencil around at work.’

‘Nah, you look good man. It suits you’ said Tom, pausing his eating and looking at Harry a little too long.

‘I’d best go get some of this chilli you’ve been telling me about!’ said Harry, getting up, trying to ignore the rush of old feelings flooding in.

The conversation soon returned to normal, but three plates in and Harry was finished. Tom however, carried on eating and eating. He continued talking normally and the staggering amount of food he ate barely seemed to affect him at all; it was sheer gluttony in action.

‘There!’ said Tom, putting his fork down after his tenth plate. ‘That should make this belly too big for Sally’s favourite shirt she bought me last birthday,’ he chuckled, rubbing his gut.

Harry was surprised that the overeating today had been deliberate, Tom seemed such a natural at gorging himself; but he laughed along with him and told him he had done well. ‘So you’re looking to gain some more weight then?’ asked Harry, somewhat confused.

‘Fuck yeah’ shouted Tom enthusiastically, looking down at his gut. ‘Sally hates it. And, I don’t know, but ever since I was little, I’d always wanted to know what it would be like to have a massive belly’. He motioned with his hands the outline of a huge gut on himself. ‘You know what I mean?’

‘Um, I guess so’ said Harry, not sure what to say. ‘I never knew that about you’ he said, as if seeing Tom for the first time.

Tom seemed to flush, a little red in the face. ‘Ha, don’t go telling anyone that. I’ve never told anyone that before. It’s a little weird isn’t it?’

‘No. It’s not. And if I get to come along with you to more buffets like this place, I’m more than happy!’ smiled Harry, trying to make Tom feel better about what he’d said. ‘Your record is, what? Ten plates today? I’m sure you could do eleven next time, right?’

‘Oh I know I could!’ beamed Tom, delighted at the support from Harry.

The pair smiled as they conspired to piss Sally off by making Tom’s gut grow. Maybe they had never felt this connected before. A common enemy seemed to bring people together in this way.

They paid and left to go to a sports bar to watch the football game, but the bar was closed for refurbishment.

‘We’ll head over to my place’ said Tom. ‘I told Sally I’d be out all day but she was going shopping with her friends so the place should be empty’.

Tom’s house was a smart, well maintained place in the suburbs. It used to be owned by one of their joint friends from high school, so Harry could remember what it used to look like then. Harry could see all the work Tom had put in to the place, with a large extension at the side. He couldn’t wait to go in and have a look.

As soon as they entered the house, they could sense that something was wrong. Empty plates were on the table, with a candle still sat there burning. Tom looked down at the floor and saw a pair of men’s shoes by the front door. He charged straight into the bedroom, Harry following behind him to find a very sheepish looking Sally trying to cover herself with the duvet. Their friend Matt was trying to do the same. Their marriage was over.

Harry gave Tom a little space but offered his spare room whenever Tom wanted it. Within a week, Tom was living with him, divorce proceedings underway and Matt’s engagement plans thoroughly scuppered. The pair had never lived together and it was surprising how well they got along. Tom was a big man, with a big appetite, so it meant buying a lot more food in, but Harry came to realise that being large really did suit Tom. He knew that Tom liked having his gut and he wanted to be supportive. He never once nagged him about eating everything in his fridge nor invited him along to the gym with him. He knew that Tom wanted to gain more weight but he never spoke about it to him. Soon, Tom started to talk about dating again and looked at himself in the mirror.

‘Girls don’t go for this look though do they?’ said Tom, Looking at his side profile. ‘Nor guys for that matter’ he chuckled.

‘I’m sure they would!’ said Harry, trying to console him.

‘Maybe in a perfect world’ scoffed Tom. ‘Nah, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going on a diet and I’m coming to the gym with you. Otherwise I’m going to be alone forever’.

Tom committed to his promise fiercely and within four months, most of his belly was gone. He was back to being the town heartthrob. But Harry noticed that Tom seemed more miserable than ever. His clothes looked baggy on him and he seemed to lose his masculine confidence that Harry found so sexy. Tom may have had a queue of girls (and guys) wanting to date him, but he no longer had any interest in them. His humour was gone and he became a lot harder to live with. Tom really was at rock bottom. His marriage was over, his house was gone and he was losing himself. Harry realised that there was only one way to rescue him.

Harry and Tom were spending Christmas together this year. It was going to be a rare cheat day for Tom, so he was brimming with enthusiasm as he headed down the stairs. They sat together by the Christmas tree opening presents, like they were ten years old again. Tom bought Harry a signed shirt from their favourite football player. It must have cost a fortune.

‘Wow, Tom! That must have cost you a lot of money! I don’t need expensive gifts like Sally did, you know?’ he joked.

‘Ha, I know, I know. But it’s different. I wanted to get you something that would make you happy’ he smiled, looking at Harry sincerely.

‘I thought the same with my gift to you’ said Harry, handing over his soft parcel.

‘This feels like clothes!’ said Tom, sceptically, opening the present. ‘Ah, jeans and a shirt. Thanks man’

‘Aren’t you going to look at them properly?’ beamed Harry.

‘Yeah, they’re nice, thanks. I don’t know much about clothes, you know that’ said Tom, unsure where Harry was heading with this.

‘Look at the size’ hinted Harry.

Tom’s eyes widened significantly as he took in the labels.

‘Remember that day at the buffet when you told me how big you wanted your belly to get?’

‘Yeah’ said Tom, still in a state of shock.

‘Well, I did some investigating and researching online and I worked out that these are the size clothes you should need when you get there’.

‘I can’t believe you did that for me’ said Tom, genuinely moved.

‘If you want it, I want it’ said Harry, placing his hand on Tom’s thick thigh, imploring with his eyes for Tom to believe him.

Tom took Harry’s hand that was sat on his thigh and used it to pull Harry towards him, kissing him passionately. ‘How did I never realise that you are totally the one for me?’ said Tom with genuine disbelief in his voice.

Tom spent the day gorging himself whist entirely naked. The pair frequently pausing the festivities to have sex. Afterwards, Harry lay with his head on Tom’s large chest as they chatted.

‘I can’t believe you’re ok with me growing my belly. You have no idea how great it feels to have someone who supports me’ said Tom, the contentment in his voice clearly evident.

‘I know, Tom. I really, really want this for you’ said Harry looking up at him.

‘You do realise how big this belly is going to get though don’t you? asked Tom, his cock already starting to resurrect itself as he spoke about it.

Harry noticed and decided to play along. ‘Not just your belly’ he stated matter-of-factly, pausing to kiss Tom between each of his sentences. ‘Your ass is going to grow. Your chest is going to blow up. You’re going to get those huge, thick thighs. Your arms are going to widen. Your face is going to get that cute double chin…’

‘Oh fuck’ exclaimed Tom, his cock harder than Harry could have anticipated. ‘I love you so much’

‘I love you too’ whispered Harry rubbing Tom’s already bloated gut.

Harry had Tom’s old gut back on him within a month and a half. From then on they were both into new territory as Tom’s gut swelled up more and more and he became ever more greedy. But Tom was so happy and horny as hell after a big meal. Tom could almost come without doing a thing, just talking about how large he wanted his gut to grow. It was infectious and Harry started to get off on talking about it too. They both delighted in watching the scales go up and up as Tom reached 300lbs of muscle chub. They admired jointly in the mirror as Tom’s love handles defiantly rolled over the largest belt Tom owned. They both killed themselves laughing as Tom tried to squeeze his old swimming trunks over his thick, wide ass, not even getting them past his much larger thighs. Harry also loved serving food to Tom by placing it on the developing shelf of his belly. But most of all, they loved going to the buffet and watching as people stared, tutting at how much Tom could overeat.

One day, Harry and Tom were about to sit down when Harry suddenly saw Sally and Matt sitting at another table in the corner.

‘Um, why don’t we try someplace else today huh?’

‘No way, I love this place!’ cried Tom, suddenly looking around to catch what had spooked Harry. ‘Oh, I see’ he whispered, catching sight of Sally. ‘You’re probably right’

Harry hated seeing that look in Tom’s face. ‘You know what, no. We’re not going anywhere. You sit your big ass down there and I’ll get you your first plate.’

Tom sat, with Sally and Matt a few tables down on his left. Harry watched from afar and saw that Sally had spotted Tom within a minute of him sitting there. He saw her look of shock as she tapped Matt on his hand and pointed at Tom. Matt was equally shocked and motioned with his hands at the fat gut sitting in front of Tom. Harry made sure to pile up Tom’s plate extra high as he returned to the table. Matt and Sally watched every moment of their interaction.

‘Have they noticed us yet?’ asked Tom a few minutes later, between mouthfuls.

‘Yeah, of course they have. They can’t believe how fat you are. I saw them whilst I was up getting your first plate of food’ said Harry, delighted.

‘Haha, great!’ said Tom.

Harry leaned in closer, putting his hand on top of Tom’s. ‘Let’s give them a show to remember big guy.’

Tom ate and ate like never before, stretching even his own massive gluttony. He threw his fork down on the last plate and huffed and puffed, almost breathless.. It was then that Sally suddenly appeared at their table.

‘Hello Tom, Harry is it?’ she asked coldly. The pair didn’t respond.

‘Someone told me you’d got thin!’ she glared at Tom. ‘What I saw today was an absolute fatso. Have you even looked in the mirror lately?’ She waited for an answer. Neither Harry nor Tom gave one. ‘You’re a fucking pig! I’m so much better off without you. At least I don’t have to roll you home tonight.’ She looked for any sort of response. ‘Come on Matt, we’re heading home. Leave this fat porker to his pudding. Oh sorry, I mean, puddings…’ and with that she was gone.

Harry and Tom looked across at each other as the door finally closed behind both Matt and Sally. Harry grinned at Tom. Tom slowly leaned in and whispered to Harry so only he could hear. ‘I am so fucking horny right now’. Harry paid the bill and took him home. They had plenty of puddings at home.

About a year later, the day finally arrived when Tom was able to wear the shirt Harry had bought him. His ball gut was ginormous and every part of him looked absolutely huge, covered with a sweet layer of fat.

‘How does it feel?’ asked Harry, his grin wider than ever.

‘Absolutely fucking amazing’ said Tom. He weighed a smidge over 400lbs.

After that, the buffets started to drop off. Tom ate to maintain his gut. He started to grow more melancholy again and, although he took a pride in his large appearance, Harry started to notice him looking longingly, on the rare occasion they spotted a man even fatter than him. When Harry noticed Tom looking at a large superchub guy at a theme park one day, He decided to bring it up.

‘Woah, he’s a big guy over there, right?’

‘Yeah, he is pretty big’ said Tom, enjoying the fact that he now had permission to look.

‘He’s probably got another, what? 100lbs on you?’ asked Harry.

‘At least’ said Tom, barely concealing the awe in his voice.

‘Think you could do that for me?’ asked Harry, rubbing the top of Tom’s large hand.

‘What? THAT?!’ asked Tom, his eyes popping out of his head.

‘Yeah, I want that’ said Harry, passing over his ice cream for Tom to finish instead.

‘Sure. I want what you want, remember’ said Tom with a beaming smile as they walked off to the buffet.