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Muse name: Eliot Spencer Williamson

Least favorite nickname: Dog, Tiger

Least favorite color: Fuchsia. 

Least favorite season: Wet. So usually the tail end of fall and spring.

Least favorite weather: Cold. Or swampy. Hot and humid can get fucked.

Least favoritehot or cold: Cold

Least favorite holiday: Fourth of July, Father’s day, 

Least favorite food: FSRs, over cooked pasta.

Least favorite flavor: Bland.

Least favorite drink: Hardison’s Thief Juice.

Least favorite scent: Blood (depending), gasoline, gunpowder.

Least favorite sound: IEDs and any explosion, really. 

Least favorite book: Going After Cacciato, or Waiting for Godot. 

Least favorite movie: The Hurt Locker.

Least favorite tv show: He’s not super into reality tv unless it’s like. The Food Network.

Least favorite school subject or area of study: Math.

Least favorite aspect of their job: Not being able to protect them 100% of the time. Also, people not always checking up on him when he gets injured. 

Least favorite fictional character: Rambo

Least favorite person: Moreau. Also Dubenich. 

Least favorite trait in others: People not listening to him or recognizing that he might have experience or know what he’s talking about.

Least favorite place: Anywhere exceedingly cold. As much as he likes extreme weather, he’s not about the cold. Makes his knee ache something fierce. 

Least favorite thing to talk about: His past. Mostly stuff dealing with Damien Moreau or his time in the Special Forces.

Least favorite thing about themselves: Lol. Everything. He hates that he can never really feel like he’s completely cleaned himself even if he hasn’t killed anybody in several years. He hates that he wakes up in the morning and sometimes can’t recognize himself. He hates that he let the Leverage team into his heart because he was aching for something so badly to fill it because he thinks that sometimes that makes him weak. 

Least favorite sexual position: Honestly anything that makes him incredibly uncomfortable or completely removes any kind of control from him at all. He likes handcuffs, but also he can get out of those real easy.

Least favorite daily chore: Vacuuming. 

Least favorite style of clothing: Anything too sparkly. 

Least favorite activity: Being a babysitter when he doesn’t have to be. Playing any role that’s degrading to who he is as a person.

Least favorite superpower: Mind control. Always. Stay outta his head. 

Least favorite thing about humanity in general: There is no peace. 

Least Favorite thing about being in love: How vulnerable it makes him and the fear attached with loving someone who could very easily be taken away and used to make him hurt or hurt to make him compliant in any way.

Least favorite thing about death: How final it is.

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Happy Birthday Robert Plant 💛

Your eyes were my favorite color and the sound of your voice was the best tune. Slowly, little by little, everything about you became my favorite. Starting with those shining eyes.
—  L.C
| L I T T L E B Y L I T T L E|

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Final Fantasy XV

Prompto: Annd, what are we supposed to do? 


Prompto: B-but… but… I’m….. okay…..  (´; ;`)


Best Picture Evolution” :  ↳The progression of Academy Award-winning Best Picture poster art, from early 20th century to present.

rainy day aesthetic asks

the outdoors

overcast: do you think you’re an overachiever? what do you your friends think?
clouds: is there anything someone has ever said to instantly make you sad?
gray skies: what calms you down?
thunderstorm: how do you prefer to resolve tension in your life?
wind chill: what makes you feel cold inside?
droplets: to you, is physical closeness more or less important than frequent communication?
puddle: what is your emotional outlet? why?
morning fog: do you prefer waking up early or sleeping in? 
drizzle: what is something you would like to know more about / explore?

the indoors

fairy lights: what makes your eyes light up?
coffee shop: where is your favorite place to be?
windowpane: what music do you listen to the most?
teabag: do you prefer tea or coffee? how do you take it?
candlelight: what is your favorite scent? why?
throw pillows: what is your favorite type of relationship? do you have one like that?
cozy: have you ever been in love? describe the feeling.
bustle: do you enjoy being busy? why or why not?
succulents: do you like taking care or things, people, and animals? which one do you enjoy the most/least? why?
chatter: what are your favorite things to talk about? with whom? why?

your body

baggy sweater: what keeps you warm? 
daze: do you meditate? why or why not?
damp: do you cry often? what makes you cry?
umbrella: what makes you feel safe?
gleam: what makes you feel the best about yourself?
yawn: who takes care of you when you’re sick? who do you take care of when they’re sick? 
hum: besides music, what is your favorite sound?
brush: do you enjoy having your hair played with? what about massages?
fuzzy socks: do you prefer warm or cold weather? why?
gloves: do you like working with your hands? why/how?