a fat rant

I don’t understand,

Why are some people so pissed off because of the body positivity movement?? 

No one is forcing you to get fat or to feel attracted to fat people. 

All you have to do is let other people live, no matter what size they are. 

And don’t even try to justify the bullying with excuses like “Being overweight is a danger to your health, you shouldn’t encourage obesity!” 

You can’t be that dumb. You just can’t…

It should be obvious by now, that body positivity simply means that you can enjoy life & love yourself despite of your flaws. No one is saying that “HEY WE SHOULD ALL GET DIABETES!”

If you try to take that confidence away from someone it only means - excuse my bluntness - that you’re just an abusive asshole. Because lets face it: you don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s health. If you did, you would try to support people instead of tearing them down. 

Hating your body doesn’t change your body.

When I say I want more fat acceptance I don’t mean I want to see more hourglass shaped, cellulite free white girls rocking 50s pinup style.

Give me fat people with different fat distribution. Give me fat people in bathing suits. Give me fat people with no sense of style. Give me fat people of color. Give me fat trans people and fat gender non-conforming people. Stop making one narrow body type of fat people the only ‘acceptable’ fat body. You’re all body acceptance or you’re not really body acceptance.


I’m going to keep bringing this up because the fact that so many people understand what it’s like to be ridiculed for being over weight from a young age disgusts me. I know many people will re-tweet or reblog this out of humor and I don’t find it funny at all cause all the things that they tweet about is a moment that actually happens and is devastating. If you don’t think that a mother has told her daughter she’s worthless and no guy will ever look at her because she’s over weight you r wrong and if you also don’t think a girl or guy has cried in a store trying on clothing cause they think they aren’t worth it you would be wrong again. And also if you notice it’s not just girls who have this problem boys do to and I personally believe we should stop fat shaming especially towards young children who will grow up thinking they are worthless. Rant over.


Doctor who + chips

HUNK IS NOT FAT (Long rant)

Ok  guys. Let’s do this.

SO. Here, look at our precious friend and boy.

As you can, see, he is a big boi. HOWEVER. Some people don’t like him, because he is considered FAT. Other people have an issue with the fact that he is canonically very passionate about FOOD, because it seems that it is directly tied to his weight. 

But his figure is NOT that of an overweight individual.

THIS is an overweight person.

 Compare this man to Hunk. Notice how this man’s stomach sags over his waistband and he has rolls, and how his arms are round and plump. Now look at Hunk again.

His arms are very muscular. His stomach does not appear to stretch out past his waistband. He his about the same thickness in stomach, waist, and hips, and the thickness continues into his thighs, unlike the overweight man, who is obviously thicker and fatter around his stomach than in his waist and hips. Furthermore, Hunk does not have rolls, or “man-boobs” as they are called, like the man above him does.  In the show, his thick body does not move like fat, and over all appears much more solid than fatty and jiggly. HUNK IS NOT FAT.

You know what type of body Hunk has?

THIS MAN is a competitor in a STRONG MAN COMPETITION. He is thick and muscular, however his muscles are not as ‘out there’ and obvious as those of a body-builder, because a body-builder’s muscles are meant for show and not function. This man’s muscle is built to WORK.

HERE is another competitor.

SAME HERE. This man is not fat, he is made up of functional muscle built for extreme function. Notice that the last two men, both Strong Man competition competitors, have bodies that look SIGNIFICANTLY MORE LIKE HUNK’S body than an obese person’s does.

PLUS, there is that fact that Hunk’s Lion, the Yellow Lion, is big, bulky, and has abilities that almost always represent or involve STRENGTH, such as body slamming enemies instead of shooting at them, which the Yellow Lion does on several occasions.

It’s a slight stretch, but you could even say his lion is designed to look MORE MUSCULAR than the designs of the other lions. Big and bulky.

SO, the main point of all this: HUNK IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, FAT, OVERWEIGHT, OR OBESE. He has a strong body type with muscles built for FUNCTION.  His passion for food is PASSION FOR FOOD, FLAVOR, AND THE ART OF COOKING, and is NOT an obsession related to overweight individuals. HUNK IS HEALTHY.

Fat women with small breasts, fat women who are covered in cellulite, fat women who carry it all in their back rolls and love handles, fat women with bulging pubic mounds, fat women with saggy breasts, fat women with body hair and facial hair, fat women who are covered in angry red stretch marks, fat women who use canes and walkers and wheelchairs, fat women with fat faces, fat women with no asses and narrow hips, fat trans women, fat women with fat waists and fat arms and fat knees and every other thing, they all deserve your body positivity. All of them deserve respect.

If your body positivity only includes bodies you personally find attractive and palatable you are not body positive at all.

Healthy "detox"advice:

Detoxing doesn’t exist.

The concept was fabricated by corporations hoping to profit from the whole “natural” angle of self-care. Human bodies are extremely efficient, and extremely specific.

Your entire body is designed to dispose of anything it cannot use. It stores what it can, and it takes great care disposing of the rest.

Your body has literally no use for “"toxins”“ and it sheds them accordingly. If your body is actually building them up in such a way you need some sort of “"cleanse”“ to deal with them? it means your kidneys or liver have already failed. It means you’re about to die.

If you’re paying money for some elaborate health cleanse and detox,you’re wasting your money, and most likely causing your body harm.

Reblog if you think Kyla is perfect just the way she is

this happens way too often in kpop, body and fat shaming young boys and girls when there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with their bodies. but honestly this whole kyla situation has made my blood boil. kyla is such an amazing young lady and i can’t imagine what she must feel when she reads all these disgusting comments about her STILL DEVELOPING BODY. it’s even more ridiculous that fans are staying silent during her parts in live performances but cheer for the other members. i really hope pledis and the pristin members will make sure she knows there’s no need for her to go on a diet and that she knows she is loved by the real pristin fans and that she’s perfect the way she is.

I’ve seen a lot of people say things like “fat girls are so sexy. I love their curves and their big ass.”
And honestly if that’s all you see in a fat girl you can eat dirt.

If you’re a fat girl I want you to know that you are beautiful, not just for your hips and butt but for each and every bit of you. Your stomach, your cheeks, your arms, your legs, your neck. All of it makes you beautiful.

I hate that every time I bring up LOST someone has to make that shitty joke that goes “The real mystery is how Hurley didn’t lose weight after all that time stranded in an island”.

First of all this joke has been made 98763736483 times already, please stop.

Second of all it was always clear that they had more than enough food. In season 1 they had loads of fruit and boar-meat (may not be a very diverse diet but they were definitely not hungry) and after opening the hatch they had a huge amount of Dharma-food, even chocolate and snacks. In one episode a ton of food literally fells from the sky. There’s no logical reason for any of the survivors to lose weight.

But imagine for a moment these fan’s complains are valid and the survivors didn’t have all this food, then why is the focus only on Hurley? If the camp were short on food then everybody would lose weigh. But the audience didn’t want Jack or the rest of the hot people to lose weight for “realism”, no, the only “continuity error” for them was Hurley. Because it has never been about realism (C'mon from all the illogical things in LOST the problem you see is an overweight guy?) the issue is these people couldn’t bear that there was a TV show with a fat latino as a main character.

I’m so happy Jorge Garcia never cared about this criticism. One of the heroes in LOST is fat and that doesn’t make him any less great. Deal with it.

You know what really tumbles my stones? When people act like they give a damn about your health to push their own shit agenda. Like, I take birth control consecutively without taking the sugar pills, and on the rare occasion that this comes up in conversation, people who usually don’t give a damn will be all “but it’s so unhealthy! That’s not safe!” You know what? My dysphoria and excruciating period pain also aren’t healthy! I know the risks of what I’m doing which I’ve already stated! So why don’t you mind your own business, buddy, and let me fuck up my body however I want!

Like I don’t mind when people I know for a fact love and care about me have these concerns- it’s the type that hate “”“unnatural”“” things and want everyone with a vagina to experience “”“womanhood”“” The same type that don’t give a damn how fat people feel and want everyone to be a skinny little prick like them because it’s “”“unhealthy”“” and say as much as soon as fat people try to feel good about themselves, love their bodies, boost fat positivity. Those type of people don’t give a damn about the people they lecture about health, they just want everything to be a certain way.


#do you see him beaming when she says she’s happy for him and how giddy her seeming proud of him makes him #I think we sometimes forget just how much Finn wants to be perfect for her too and needs reassurance from her as well #just look at his eyes and his smile when she tells him she loves him #he looks like he might burst from the joy #goodbye cause I can’t handle

Fatphobia and body policing have literally NOTHING to do with ‘health’ concerns.

You can parade your fat phobia under whatever banner you want but what it comes down to is you just hate people you don’t personally find physically attractive.

If it was really a concern about health you would encourage fat people exercising. But you don’t. You shame and humiliate and mock us.
You’re only allowed to work out if you are already thin.

If it was really a concern about health you would not exclusively target fat people for eating junk food. If it was really about health and not just hatred of fat you would care when thin people eat like shit. But you don’t.

If it was really about health you would ask me when I last had my eyes checked, or when my last genital exam was, or when I last had a good night sleep, or how I’m coping with the bullshit fatphobic assholes like you are throwing at me. But you don’t, because it isn’t about my fucking health. Because it has nothing to do with my health.

That’s just what you are using as an excuse to condemn every body you don’t personally find visually appealing.

I need to vent…

So tonight while shopping in Target these two girls were behind me laughing and making comments about my weight while I bent down to look at socks. I was trying to talk to my boyfriend and they were being so loud giggling about me. I turned around and said “is there a fucking problem?”. {Yeah I cursed, big deal. I’m from NY it’s what we do.} They were just being so loud and mean. They didn’t say anything and continued to giggle. After I was done picking out my socks, I said “you guys should really be kinder. It goes a long way in life.” The. Look. On. Their. Faces. They were shocked that someone stood up to them. Damn was I proud of myself for sticking up for myself. I’ve never had the balls to do it before. I’m telling you if you ever find yourself in a similar situation stand up for yourself. You’ll feel a lot better.

And if you’re a person who has bullied someone about their weight you need to think about the things you say before you let it spill out of your mouth.

Off and on in my life I have struggled with eating. At 15 I was hospitalized for not eating very much. As of today I still struggle with it. You don’t know a stranger’s story. Be kind.

I really hate how this whole “plus size” girl, “love all body types” movement is SO limited.

All these “chubby” and “thick” girls STILL fall into the categories of typical beauty standards.

And these girls have proportionately large breasts, and small waists. Not to mention completely smooth skin and unrealistic fat distribution altogether.

How about some girls with actual BELLIES, girls with CELLULITE, and large girls with SMALL breasts.

Also, many larger girls have flat asses, I wanna see y'all glorifying that.

Friendly Reminder

You don’t owe weight loss to anyone, even if ur fat. If ur boyfriend or ur girlfriend thinks you should go on a diet, well, you don’t have to do it if it’s not what you truly want,what you need. No matter what others thinks, you decide, it’s your body. You don’t owe thinness to anyone. Dieting is hard, it can be dangerous ( listen to your doctor!! Fad diets don’t work and can lead to eating disorders and many other health issues ), it requires a lot of motivation, hard work and discipline, and if you are not doing it for you, 100% for you, you will give up. Don’t lose weight for anyone but you, your health & your future.

You know what normal healthy people do when they are eating a meal and start to feel full up?


Let’s repeat that; when you start to get full, you PUT THE FORK DOWN.

THAT is the only guaranteed way to lose weight, reduce your calorie intake.

Gluttony is not a disability, and as a physically disabled person myself I resent the implication that having a medical issue is an excuse to give up trying to improve yourself. No matter what problems you may have, you can always do something to lose weight. The first and most important step is REDUCE your Calorie intake; you can still eat what you like, just eat less of it. Moderation is the key.

Oh, but that would mean taking responsibility for yourself and making an effort….it’s so much easier to pretend that it is “genetics” or “conditions” that keep you obese, right fat people?

Or that the only reason people are repulsed by you is they are being brainwashed by “the media”, not the fact that a vast majority of the human beings on this planet find wobbly, cellulite-ridden, stretch-marked flesh hanging out for all to see absolutely revolting. (That’s without mentioning what it says about your character and personality too). If you do not have the will-power to stop gorging yourself YOU are the only person to blame when you are viewed in a negative way.

I have no respect for anyone that has no respect for themselves and THAT is why I will continue to fight fat acceptance.

So, hate me, accuse me of “oppressing the obese”, of being a bigot, of being “ableist” whatever, I could not give a flying fuck. I will not stand idly by while impressionable youngsters are manipulated into committing slow suicide via the use of blatant lies and misinformation, all under the pretense of being encouraged to “love themselves”. I am a parent myself and I will not be silenced. If that hurts some people’s feelings, so be it.

Besides, I would love someone to explain to me how if you really, truly love yourself and your body, why on Earth would you push it to beyond its capabilities by making it cope with extra weight that it is not designed to carry? That doesn’t sound like love, it sounds like abuse…