a fashionable dip

gay candy asks 🍬
  • <p> <b>skittles:</b> ideal date?<p/><b>maltesers:</b> gayest ice cream flavor?<p/><b>cinnamon hearts:</b> favorite spot in nature?<p/><b>twizzlers:</b> best lazy day meal?<p/><b>caramels:</b> fact about your crush / s/o?<p/><b>lifesavers:</b> favorite gay movie?<p/><b>swedish berries:</b> gay jam song?<p/><b>candy bracelets:</b> one word to describe your fashion style<p/><b>fun dip:</b> favorite thing to do with friends?<p/><b>suckers:</b> meme you reference too often?<p/><b>truffles:</b> best compliment you've even gotten?<p/><b>nerds:</b> show you've rewatched 100 times?<p/><b>sour cherries:</b> most recent "wow I'm Gay" moment?<p/><b>marshmallows:</b> best view to watch with your crush / s/o?<p/><b>saltwater taffy:</b> ideal roadtrip destination?<p/><b>mentos:</b> item of clothing that belongs to your crush / s/o that you'd rlly like to be wearing right now?<p/></p>