a fashionable condition


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You and the team climb into the jet, getting in without a word. The ride back to…wherever you’re going, takes hours, but no-one says a word. You all sit in silence, none of you knowing what to say.

When the jet finally lands, you all emerge from within, and have to squint against the sun, and are overwhelmed by humidity. Somewhere tropical…

“Welcome to Wakanda.” You open your eyes, raising a hand to shield them from the sun. It’s T’Challa. The jet landed at a huge compound, and you can see statues of panthers dotted around. T’Challa’s headquarters, obviously.

That night is a quiet affair. You all shower and have dinner in your own rooms, and a worker tells you that there’ll be a meeting at noon the next day, to give everyone a chance to rest and have a good night’s sleep. You plan to take advantage of that fact…

You’re done. You’re done with it all. The Avengers, saving the world, your damned powers… You can’t do it anymore. The Sokovia Accords had showed you that the world doesn’t want the Avengers anymore. 

You set your alarm for 5am, and pack a bag. When the morning comes, you leap out of bed, change your clothes, and grab your bag. You successfully get to a back entrance for the compound - using your invisibility powers to avoid being seen - but have to stop when you’re about to leave.

Steve is standing in front of the back exit, hands in his pockets, facing towards you.

“I know you’re there, Y/N,” he says gently. “Come on. Let me see you.”

You sigh and show yourself. Steve nods sadly, but you speak anyway. “I have to go, Steve. I’m sorry.”


You shrug, even as tears fill your eyes. “I’m done. I’m done with it all.”


“They put us in prison, Steve! Our friends put us in prison! No trial, no lawyers… Straight from the airport, in unmarked black vans, to some secret government dumping ground in the middle of the ocean. Vision held Wanda as they were putting the shock collar on her. Natasha forced me to the ground, for them to handcuff me.” 

Steve can’t bear to see you cry, and tries to pull you into a hug, but you push his arms away. “Y/N, it’ll be okay. I promise you. Everything will be okay.” But you shake your head. He sighs, then reaches into a pocket and pulls out a slip of paper. “If you need me, for anything, call. Straight away, don’t wait.”

You look at the paper, the number written in Steve’s familiar, comforting, and old-fashioned cursive. “On one condition. That you don’t ever, for any reason, give that number to one of them.”

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Hello Deborah - What are your thoughts on fast fashion and consumer culture's effects on the climate and human condition?

Fast fashion and fast consumption  is killing the planet, in every single way, and also is killing fashion as a form of art. People don’t know all the creative process behind and all the human and material resources that existes before a collection.

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Plot idea: Tobias gets rekd

Answering this right this moment Bc this is a good one lads
I too want that so bad. I WISH Stash would slap Tobias across his face on his OWN volition but he’s still struck with that good ol’ fashioned conditioned dependence.

Like-reblog to join the Stash Protection Squad 2k17.

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i have a serious mental and medical condition, but trendy kids on the internet turn it into a joke and make it politically fashionable so thats what a transtrender is

Sounds to me like you’re pathologizing yourself.

According to your message, this is what I’m getting…

You have a mental condition.

You have a medical condition. 

There’s trendy kids.

Trendy kids can be found on the internet. 

Trendy kids on the internet make jokes. 

Trendy kids on the internet turn your conditions into a joke. 

Your conditions are a joke yet politically fashionable at the same time. 

Trendy kids on the internet have made you a politically fashionable joke with two conditions. 

Having your two conditions turned into a joke and made politically fashionable is the definition of transtrender.

… and based on that interpretation, it seems to me like you’ve got a lot going on. Also seems to me like you’re really grouping a lot of things together and buying into a lot of disillusioned ideologies. 

Instead of focusing on kids on the internet, focus on yourself. Focus on reality. Nowhere in the world is anything relating to trans-ness seen as a politically fashionable statement… to believe such just goes to show how under-exposed and out of touch with reality you truly are. 

My advice would be to check yourself before you wreck yourself… don’t let yourself buy into internet induced toxicity and propaganda. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the hate. Instead of dwelling on all these perceived slights, deal with yourself. 

Happiness is key and sitting around getting all distraught over some internet drama isn’t the holy grail! 

How did it come to this (kurumi-styles)

“How did you do this, Erika?” Itsuki sighs. “All right.. I have time off from the dojo for a few days. I can join your fashion show. Just one condition: No pink. Ok?”