a far shore

frankenstein poem

-playlist on shuffle

-make a free-verse poem using the first line of the first song, the second line of the second song, etc. etc. until you reach song five or six, that seems about long enough.

-alternately just take the first line of each song, whatever’s easier for you my dude

ex: “take me for a ride, I’m the one you pushed aside
it’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
she loves the sea and her people
at the same time, at the same time
the sun is down and we’re bound to get exhausted and so far from the shore”


-actually these could be interesting writing/art prompts


Noragami is an anime/manga I’ve gotten in to after much recommendation from others. Such a fun show involving Japanese deities! And of course, I ship Yatori (Yato/Hiyori).

Totally add this show to your “to-watch-list” if you haven’t already. <3

The Calling of the Sea - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon!)

Hiccup’s father was chief of their little island, but he was a fisherman by trade. And so it was only natural that Hiccup be brought out and trained, on their little buoy at first, not far from the shore, and later, in their fishing vessel. On one cloudy day, early in Hiccup’s life, he discovered something–or someone–rather incredible. A little mermaid, about his age.

Though he claimed to have seen her on a few trips, his father never believed him–nor the rest of his village. As he grew up, like most grown-ups are unfortunately wont to do, he chopped up the experience to an overactive childhood imagination.  

That is, until one day, an old friend decided to pay him a visit…

AKA I got a hankering for merstrid and!!! baby hiccstrid??

Anyway, might flesh out this au some more… cause it fun :]

lord of shadows snippet

They were far out from shore now—it was a shining line in the distance, the highway a ribbon of moving lights, the houses and restaurants along the coastline glimmering. “Well, as it turns out, my parents didn’t die in the ocean.” Emma took a shuddering breath. “They didn’t drown.”

“Knowing that doesn’t wipe out years of bad dreams.” Julian glanced toward her. The wind blew soft tendrils of his hair against his cheekbones. She remembered what it felt like to have her hands in that hair, how holding him had anchored her not just to the world, but to herself.

“I hate feeling like this,” she said, and for a moment even she wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “I hate being afraid. It makes me feel weak.”

“Emma, everyone’s afraid of something.” Julian moved slightly closer. “We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you don’t feel anything.”

“Jules—” She started to turn toward him in surprise at the intensity in his voice, but paused when she heard Cristina’s footsteps quicken, and then her voice, raised in recognition, calling:


The sorcerer that was something then became nothing.

In that nothingness he found something, fathomless and relentless. 

He strayed too far from the hallowed shores. Drawn in by the whispers on the water’s surface.



He drowned in the deep darkness of the world.

The man was never seen again.

But…what did crawl out of the water one night.

Under a plagued moon light,  

something foul.


an unspeakable longing, a wild rage strangled the air and lashed the holy ground. 

one touch on land, golden sand turned to black,

ink and tar that too, seeped from its hearth, where the beast’s mark had been. 

poison followed in the wake of a king made empty and alone.


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aside from the dunmer's ancestor worship and the nord's sovngarde, what is each people's respective after belief's? I haven't found much lore that answer's this currently

Redguards get the Far Shores, a place outside of the constant death and rebirth of the universe. In some texts (pre-eso), it’s portrayed as some place that’s hard and rare to reach. In ESO texts, it’s more of an assured thing if you’re a follower of Tu’whaca and a good Redguard. You travel there as part of an ESO quest line

Khajiit have two potential afterlives, the Sand Behind the Stars (Khenarthi’s “heaven” for good Khajiit) and the Dark Dark Behind the World (Namiira’s “hell” where they “serve the Heart of Lorkhaj until their tails are straight.”)

Malacathi Orsimer have the Ashen Forge, a part of Malacath’s realm where their grudges are reforged for the next generation and they get to fight and party for all eternity. Trinimacian Orsimer believe that they are reunited with their ancestors in Aetherius, but also get to do lots of fighting and partying. 

Altmer and Imperials (and probably Bretons, too) believe that their souls will go to Aetherius, but I don’t think the exact nature of their afterlives has been clarified. 

I’ve not been able to find anything substantial on a positive Bosmeri afterlife. There’s a brief mention of souls returning to “endless rest” in the quest Fulfilling Ones Fate. Please let me know if you’ve got better sources. Bosmer who fail to follow the Green Pact are returned to the formlessness of the Ooze

The Argonians come from the Hist, and are returned to them after death. Tree-Minder Deyapa has a good explanation of it all.

An Athenian Statesman’s Warning

Solon, fr. 9 (=Diodorus Siculus 9.21)

Out of the cloud there comes
The might of snow and hail;
After a blinding flash
Of lightning comes the thunder.
But it is through great men
That a city-state is ruined;
The people, in their ignorance,
Become enslaved to a monarch.
When you’ve sailed out too far,
Returning to shore’s not easy
In time to come; no, now
Is the time to make all fine plans.

 ἐκ νεφέλης πέλεται χιόνος μένος ἠδὲ χαλάζης,
    βροντὴ δ’ ἐκ λαμπρῆς γίγνεται ἀστεροπῆς·
ἀνδρῶν δ’ ἐκ μεγάλων πόλις ὄλλυται, ἐς δὲ μονάρχου
    δῆμος ἀϊδρίηι δουλοσύνην ἔπεσεν.
λίην δ’ ἐξάραντ’ <οὐ> ῥάιδιόν ἐστι κατασχεῖν
    ὕστερον, ἀλλ’ ἤδη χρὴ <καλὰ> πάντα νοεῖν.

Storm at Sea, Pieter Mulier II (Cavalier Pietro Tempesta), 2nd half of 17th century

Aka Island - Japan

With a population of only 330 people, Aka Island is one of the most beautiful and secluded places in Japan. The beaches feature healthy coral reefs, with plenty of diverse sea life. Between January and April, Humpback Whales can be spotted not far from shore, as they come to breed, and in summer, turtles come to lay their eggs on the sand. Kerama Deer are a unique species of deer that also live on the island. 

Guest houses rent bicycles to tourists, providing a great way to explore the forest further inland on the island. 

At some point in the future I need Yato and Yukine to interact with Ami-chan and Yama-chan

Just imagine Hiyori’s two best friends from the near shore interacting with her two best friends from the far shore (let’s forget for a minute that Ami and Yama would forget them after they leave). We’d get:

- Ami-chan and Yama-chan impressed at how good-looking Hiyori’s secret boyfriend is because obviously this mysterious dark-haired boy with the eyes to die for is Hiyori’s secret boyfriend who she’s been sneaking off with lately

- Then, they notice the tracksuit and the fact that pretty eyes or no, the guy’s got a serious god complex (But he seems like a pretty good guy and it’s obvious he thinks the world of their best friend, same as the blond shota he’s with)

- They coo over at how cute Yukine is, and Yukine does his best to be polite because these are Hiyori’s precious friends (even if the way they’re pinching his cheeks start to hurt)

- Ami-chan and Yama-chan getting confused if Yukine’s Yato’s younger brother since they look nothing alike (I mean there’s no way he can be Yato’s kid right? He’s way too young.)

- Ami-chan and Yama-chan not believing Hiyori’s ‘just friends’ spiel, not one bit

- Yato and Yama-chan getting along fabulously due to their similar personalities, with Yato trying to convince her to pray for him for popularity (Considering Yama,she might actually just try it)

- Ami, glasses gleaming, subtly threatening Yato if he ever hurts Hiyori

- Ami-chan and Yama-chan teasing Hiyori about telling her Mama-san about how her precious daughter has become a teen mom after seeing her interacting with Yukine,embarrassing the both of them

- Just the five of them sharing stories,hanging out and having fun, with Hiyori content to be surrounded by her important persons

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Everybody in the UK dunks biscuits in tea! It is the tie that binds us as a nation! A cultural touchstone that transcends age, class and location! From the tip of Cornwall to the far north shores of the Highlands, we dunk our biscuits in tea! (Rich Tea biscuits, fyi, have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be the best for tea dunking. Seriously. British scientists have done experiments.)

See, this is part of the nonsense that drove people to leave. ;)

No, that’s so weird because: cookies and milk. Bacon and eggs. (American) biscuits and gravy. These are just the things that go together. As many years and I’ve been drinking tea (read: my whole life), it has never occurred to dip a cookie if any sort in tea. Or even coffee. It doesn’t make sense. You can cook with tea, yes, but…

I need a gif for this I can’t use due to being on mobile, suffice to say, I think the U.K. is officially a made up place. Listen to this madness. Cookies! In tea!

I thought your imaginary country had more respect for tea.

commission for @muffindounat​, which was…adorable!!! thank you so much for asking for this!!

title: problem caused ( ao3 / ff.net )
length: 3.5k words
Even in college, Hiyori has not given up her ties to the Far Shore. Still, her schedule as a full-time medical student prevents her from spending much time with anyone outside of her lectures and lab rooms. That is, until someone shows up. (Unexpectedly. In the middle of the university. On top of the lab assistant.)

Hiyori splashes water from the sink onto her face, squeaking as the icy drops roll down her neck. During times like these, she misses Kofuku’s kotatsu and the endless supply of hot oden. It’s more than her tiny, freezing apartment, that she shares with her two equally freezing roommates, could ever boast.

Ami pokes her head in the bathroom door.

“It’s snowing out there,” she warns.

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Set Your Heart On This Far Shore

(I realized that I’m quite behind on posting these updates here!)

Rating: M
Pairing: Bagginshield
Summary: King Thorin II of Erebor has never taken a spouse, and rumors abound that his heart was once broken by someone he has never been able to get over. Thorin insists that he is perfectly happy focusing on his kingdom and family.

Professor Bilbo Baggins of Hobbiton College has made quite a name for himself as a scholar of Hobbit history and the relations between his own race and the others of Middle Earth. He is quite content to live out his days quietly with his books and his research, not catching anyone’s attention and certainly not having any more adventures, of the heart or otherwise.

A ten-day academic conference at Erebor University might change all that.

Chapter 4.0
Chapter 5.0
Chapter 6.0


Start at the beginning.

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hey yeah yes hello something has been confusing me and it is this: why is dazai and chuuya’s ship called soukoku? thanks friend

It’s called soukoku because it means “Double Black” in Japanese, which, Double Black is what they were called when they were partners. The Japanese fandom started to use the name soukoku to refer to the ship and the name caught on in the English-speaking fandom (and other fandoms) too!

Bound - Chapter 1 - norgbelulah - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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This is the Viking!Hannibal fic. This is the summary:

Will looked about himself. They were on a small boat. The warrior had been rowing, but now they drifted. They were not far from the shore, heading north. The sack of treasures from the monastery was been tossed haphazardly at Will’s feet, which were bound. Will looked up, squinting from his aching head, and asked him. “Why?”

The northman smiled. “You were not afraid, little monk. I thought it was interesting. So, you will come with me.”