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Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim

“The world’s full of lies. There’s no way of knowing what’s right. All we can do is believe in ourselves. From here on out, I use my eyes. Think. And act. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I’m the one who decided what to do, there’s nothing to regret.”

Touhou 16: 東方精神国 ~ Journey in Fantastic Paradise

(This post was a joke, originally posted on April Fools’ Day, don’t get excited!)

Touhou Seishinkuni ~ Journey in Fantastic Paradise, the sixteenth installment in the Touhou Project, has officially been announced on ZUN’s blog! The demo release date is set for May 8 at Reitaisai 13. More importantly,


So there’s yet another stage 5 boss joining the club! You can also kind of see one of the bosses/midbosses, apparently called Mina! She looks kind of like a fairy? Stage 1 or 2 maybe?


Jenna’s (Artist) Pick: Wangechi Mutu
Jenna headed to the Brooklyn Museum to check out Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu’s exhibit. here’s closer look at what’s on display, but get there yourself before it closes on March 9…

Wangechi Mutu’s artwork from the mid-’90s to the present day has been brought together for this exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Among the highlights are her large-scale collages, never-before-seen sketchbook drawings and her first animation, The End of eating Everything (2013), a collaboration with the hip-hop artist Santigold, who appears in the film.

It should be noted that Wangechi Mutu is especially close to our hearts right now because she has teamed up with the CFDA and Vogue to design two prints in support of a new campaign called BORNFREE, which is geared toward eliminating the transmission of HIV from mother to baby by 2015. Twenty-three designers (and mothers), including Jenna, are designing a limited-edition collection of women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, which will be available in May. All proceeds will go directly to sub-Saharan countries that need the funds first. Watch this space for more details leading up to the launch.

Wangechi Mutu’s A Fantastic Journey exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum runs through March 9.

Fantastic Journeys

Upon entering the magical, fantastic, dreamy world of Fantastic Journeys, one may think it’s like a candy-coated carnival of dreams. Such an assumption is not far from the truth. From the majestic soundtrack, to the bubbly worlds in the sky, this upcoming title brings quadruple-jumping, crystal-rocket(this is only personal interpretation) shooting, and pig cannon-dodging to a whole new level. Currently on Kickstarter, Fantastic Journeys is building a dream campaign like nothing else, all wrapped in a bright, glowing, shiny package that runs on Unreal Engine 4. The bright colors and glowing objects will dazzle you as you hop across vast, epic, gigantic spreads of floating isles, collecting gold, shooting pig cannons(not sure if they’re pigs or cannons), and explore a huge, open world. It’s no exaggeration to how large the levels are, it’s almost terrifying. The music is a perfect accompaniment to this endeavor, and motivates you to go for your dreams! At first I was confused, but then everything made sense. Shoot everything you can to get through the level goals. There are plenty of places to see, secrets to uncover, and one may even feel compelled to contemplate life. Don’t be afraid, as there are even helpful hints right from the start! The kickstarter is nearing its end in just over a week, but the goal is attainable, and there is a demo available! For more updates, there’s also a tumblr!


Fantastic Journeys - a Beautiful Jumping Flash! Inspired 3D Platformer that uses the power of Unreal Engine 4 to transport you to vast, vibrant and colorful landscapes full of awe and child-like wonder

To Coincide with the Kickstarter launch, The dev has released a new build that introduces XP, Shops, Shortcuts, Power-ups, and tons of secrets to discover.  This vibrant world is a joy to explore, and is certain to brighten up your day! 

Check Out the Kickstarter & Play The Free Prototype!


Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University has organized Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu’s first survey in the United States. The exhibition Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey runs from March 21st to July 21st 2013. Just one of the new highlights include Mutu’s first-ever animated video, created in collaboration with Santigold, commissioned by the Nasher Museum.

Mutu’s work is internationally renowned for exploring sensitive issues like race, colourism, the eroticization of the black female body, colonialism, gender, war, consumerism and globalization. She creates ” mysterious figures pieced together with human, animal, machine and monster parts.

Other features Ciné Kenya has done about Wangechi Mutu’s work include an intimate interview at her home here, her collaboration with other prolific artists here, and her incredible work as the artistic director for a Pegasus Warning music video here.


Fantastic Journeys is a wonderful Unreal Engine 4 Powered 3D action platformer inspired by Jumping Flash! that sees you jumping your way towards a goal at to top of some of the most colourful and vibrant open world levels ever seen.

The amount of freedom afforded by the game’s level design is fantastic, with the huge open world levels offering up multiple routes and secrets - there always seems to be something new to discover in this glorious technicolour candyland.  There are no checkpoints, so if you fall it can be a long way down, but thankfully the platforming is remarkably accurate, thanks to the ability to dash in the air, jump, double jump, triple jump and even quadruple jump your way from platform to platform.

The Prototype gives you access to a large open level full of interesting areas to explore and beautiful vistas, and a smaller bonus level packed with enemies, bizarre landmarks and some destructible terrain.

It really is a joy to explore the worlds of Fantastic Journeys - it’s like Jumping Flash!, updated in Unreal Engine 4 and turned up to 11.  

Download the Prototype, Free

COLLIDER: What did you most enjoy about exploring the really deep dynamic and relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham, and working with Hugh Dancy?

MIKKELSEN: In many ways, even though Hannibal somehow has a very big social network, there’s a loneliness to the character. There’s something he’s missing out on. I’m not talking about a wife or a lover, but a soulmate, or someone he can actually reveal himself to. Will Graham was that for him. It was just a matter of time, how long it would take before he could reveal himself. In order to reveal himself, he also had to reveal Will Graham’s character because he is containing things that he doesn’t even know about. That whole back and forth has been absolutely fantastic. Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.

— Mads Mikkelsen answering Christina Radish in Mads Mikkelsen on ‘Hannibal’, Season 4 Rumors, ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Rogue One’, and More (collider.com, 8 December, 2015)

You ever lie awake and think: Bilbo Baggins actually dropped everything and ran off into the blue with a legend? Thorin is quite literally legendary exiled royalty, the Company his last few true companions, and they’re off on some fantastical journey to defeat a dragon. It’d be like if King Arthur showed up on your doorstep with all his knights and asked you to help in their quest for the Grail. 

I’d forget my pocket handkerchiefs as well.