a fannibal christmas

“For the dogs.” Hannibal held up some santa hats with reindeer antlers.

“Good lord,” Will laughed, grabbing it from him and looking at the tacky things. “Where did you get this?”

“I saw it walking home. In the window of a ghastly little Christmas shop.” Hannibal shrugged. “I thought you would like it.”

“Oh, I do.” Will placed a quick kiss on Hannibal’s cheek. “I’m just surprised you bought it is all. It’s…kind of goddamn adorable.”

Will called the dogs over. Winston and Buster and the rest, placing the silly hats on all of them. Some of them taking the humiliation better than others.

“Help me take a picture.” Will fussed with the dogs, trying to get them all to keep the hats on. “I’ve never bought my dogs clothes before, but these are pretty fun.”

Hannibal rolled his eyes behind Will’s back but helped him take the picture.

"They look like santa’s reindeer. A very distinguished, festive bunch.” Hannibal said, pulling Will close to him and kissing him, rubbing his arms affectionately. “You are a ridiculous dog loving man. And I love you.”

"You bought the hats, dear. You’re just as ridiculous as me.”

(I’m really struggling to post these on time, but I pulled it off. Please enjoy this ridiculous little thing).

Happy Holidays to everyone in my big cannibalistic family! I love you and our show with all my heart, mind, and spleen <333

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone! If I did, I apologize and I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday break and a great year ahead! <3