a fandom crash

The Montgomery Brothers fandom is so damn weird because they wanna praise the brothers for being more accepting than other youtubers and yet shut down marginalized fans who want them to be more receptive to criticism.

Like their biggest defense is that the Mayo Boys make people happy therefore any criticism is null and void. Which is really no different than rabid Markiplier fans harassing people for speaking negatively of them

please read Jorge Joestar

today I had an accidental nap and I had this super vivid dream that there was a GMMore where Rhett was ranting about public displays of affection and how unnecessary they are and how there’s something weird about couples wanting everyone to watch them make out, and mid-sentence, Link leaned over and planted a big, wet smooch on the corner of Rhett’s mouth. and Rhett tried to keep on going with his rant as if nothing had happened, but Link was sitting there staring at him all smug and smirking, and Rhett just couldn’t control those traitorous, happy little cheekies, and he started to turn bright red, and then he started stuttering, and finally he just cast a sidelong look at Link with a little secret smile and just muttered “Okay, we gotta cut here.” and the episode just ended, and then we as a fandom collectively crashed tumblr’s servers the end

Speaking of Francesco… I wonder if in Cars 3, he finds out about McQueen’s crash offscreen. Man, his reaction would shatter my heart as much as that of Sally or Mater


were never meant to be gods.

after the dust settles
you meet the ones who made you,
and you find that the ruins of your suffering
and your deaths (and deaths and deaths and deaths)
are no longer yours–

they have spread
like the cracks in the goddamned sky
into legend and myth,
into story and scripture
into Time and Space, into Mind and Heart into
Blood and Life

in shrines unending, in churches pouring skaiaward:
those moments in glass,
those gravestones for your innocence.
here, the blood of your lover; here
the head of your brother;
here, her sightless eyes, his
useless legs. here the death of everyone
you ever loved.

everything you swore would be forgiven
forced onto you like horrorterrors.
like this divinity you did not want
and never asked for

you linger, yes, you
drift, you mourn, you
to silence, to darkness, to places
that green sun never touched.
to places they cannot see the way this broke you.
like cracks in the goddamned sky.

were never meant
to go home.

—  HEIRS OF GRIEF (or, What Happened After) [9/30] // @whereitglows

anonymous asked:

So first off, I love your work!! I've gone through all of your fics like forest fire, anxiously waiting the next installment for Bad Boys (and I Need A Hero, if you feel like writing more of it) 🤓 can you recommend me your favorite fics?? 💜

Hi! Thanks :D

I’m the worst person to ask for fic recs because even though I read a bunch I’m awful at bookmarking, I tend to subscribe to fics if they’re in progress and then forget which ones are which buuuuuut lemme pull out a few favourites! Sorry for not linking the fics - I’m super ill today and it involves a lot more concentration than I’m able to cobble together.

Shining Like the Stars by @scriveyner - ABO Shklance and a thing of honest beauty. There’s been an awful lot of Shklance where Lance is a third wheel which drives me bonkers, but Catie nails a realistic relationship and growth. I love her Keith so very much, I think he’s my favourite fandom version of Keith.

Boom Crash the Sound of my Ship by @maychorian - I love how this fic plays out - there were times when my heart was in my mouth for Lance!

Bad Habits by creepofish - this fic is ten different fix-its in one and it’s delightful - I was literally cheering the more it went on. The author is such a lovely person, too!

The Dead End Nation by @ghostering - I don’t think there are words enough to describe how fucking incredible this fic is - it’s so beautifully written, intriguing, clever and the use of language blows me away every time. A thing of beauty, like all of Søn’s works.

Something Blue by @whumpbby - the original Zarkance fic and a true piece of brilliance, this is definitely the fic that launched a thousand h/c. I am very, very biased towards whump’s fics as I love her writing style so much (and she’s an awesome person!).

Kindling by rummytummy - one day this will update and on that day you’ll be able to hear so many people screaming at once

Their Sinful Vices by @keirdark - the thing I love about this fic is that throughout, the mutual affection and admiration Shiro and Lance have is apparent. It’s ridiculously kinky (Lance gets fucked senseless by multiple aliens in an alien glory-hole situation) but it’s so heartwarming, they very clearly love each other and that shines through. Masterful.

Watercast by @fishwrites look who doesn’t love fishies merlance lbh, utterly adorable. The fic that launched more fanart than I’ve ever seen in my entire life

edit - I know I’d forget something important! I’m a sucker for The Coxcomb by @zanimez too, shklance before shklance was even a thing!

I like fandoms that don’t crash and burn but kinda just fade out of public memory

Like welcome to night vale or OFF neither got bad just they had their day in the sun and left