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I love how much the Crash fandom has accepted Coco taking silly selfies in the remakes. I was worried there would be huge backlash to it “tainting the original games” or whatever, but everyone seems to have the attitude of “yeah, the young techie girl who’s smart but isn’t so serious that she can’t be a bit of a goofball would have absolutely taken selfies if smartphones had existed back when the original games were made”.

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please read Jorge Joestar

The Montgomery Brothers fandom is so damn weird because they wanna praise the brothers for being more accepting than other youtubers and yet shut down marginalized fans who want them to be more receptive to criticism.

Like their biggest defense is that the Mayo Boys make people happy therefore any criticism is null and void. Which is really no different than rabid Markiplier fans harassing people for speaking negatively of them

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The fact that Lightning managed to win race after race without a crew chief amazes me. It shows how much he really learned from Doc and how his talent and hard work combined made him one of the greatest racers. Maybe that's part of what Doc saw in him that he didn't even see in himself! E.g, in the opening race (and all his past races I believe), he knew when to pit without having someone to tell him to unlike his rookie year, but he wasn't able to see it until he stepped in as Cruz's crew chief

Saaaame, anon!! Even though I court death every time they show us that empty crew chief podium. And like, not only did he know when to pit, he also took on everything else about crew chief-ing himself, too. So he knew, like, how to tune himself for each particular track, and I guess must have found things to pay attention to to compensate for the fact that he can’t see the field in the way that a crew chief up on said podium can. I’M SO PROUD OF HIM. :’) <3 If they tell stories about Lightning for years to come, it’ll probably be about that. Especially since he spent so much of his rookie year also without a crew chief, just for very different reasons. XP

…Or, wait, maybe not such different reasons? I mean, Lightning is honoring Doc’s memory by not hiring a new crew chief, certainly. But as I’m writing this now, part of me wonders if he did actually try to hire a new one, but then couldn’t help endlessly comparing them to Doc, to the point of being insufferable all over again. Not intentionally, of course. But some things can’t be helped.

I mean, you gotta admit he was KINDA NEUROTICALLY OBSESSIVE ABOUT DOC IN CARS 3. As are we all, I mean, but Lightning, some of that was not well-adjusted behavior, my bruh! Aaaand now I’ve made myself sad.

Please allow me to continue digging my own grave with some Sally POV fic under the cut.

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more crabshrb doobles

dumb headcanon that his tribal tattoos have a fuckin purpose, ties him to aku aku and ‘life’ magic, which he can use provided there’s enough mojo in the area, and he can concentrate enough. healing magic comes in handy

and then an inbetween of silliness before we get evie being upset b/c she gets blind angry a lot and accidentally lashes out at the bandicoots before running off to be upset

but ofc good sweet boy crash gotta check in, can’t have friend be sad, no no no

I want the Fandom to crash Tumblr on Friday. Because ‘Yuri!!! On ICE’ is going to become one year old.
And as a present, we will get a short Teaser for the movie. What will be the reason why we crashed Tumblr.