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True Test Pt. 2 - Jimin (BTS) Scenario

Catch Up: Part 1

Everyone figures out how to adjust to Jimin’s new job…

“I just don’t understand why Jimin didn’t tell me he was paired with her?!” You exclaim, your eyes wide and staring at the television screen. 

You whip your head to the side to see Taehyungs face twisted and red. You realize that you were gripping his hand in yours, unknowingly squeezing it tight enough for him to grunt in pain. You quickly release it and glance around to the other members who were gathered around your living room. 

They had come over to watch the first episode of the show with you. The baby was fast asleep, on Jins lap but you knew she would wake up soon, hungry. 

“Did you all know it was going to be G/N?! And I swear if you lie to me so help me I will bring on a world of pain for all of you” You threaten through gritted teeth. 

The whole week Jimin had been dodging your questions when you asked him who he was paired off with. He would respond with “Ahh she’s alright” or he would change the subject entirely. You suspected that he was just nervous you would be jealous - but you knew he would have to be paired with a pretty girl. That part didn’t bother you. What bothered you is when you flipped the station on and saw Jimin standing there on screen with his ex girlfriend.

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Making Out with Sami Zayn Would Include;

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  • Butt grabs
  • Lip biting
  • His hands teasingly going under your shirt and his nails scraping gently against your skin
  • Loving the feeling of his beard against your jaw
  • Sweet pecks that turn into urgent and passionate kisses
  • When he gets drunk, his kisses are teeth clashing and frantic
  • Grinding on him gently when your straddling him on a couch
  • His hands on your jaw or the back of your head, holding you securely to him
  • Yours always on his waist or his chest, loving to feel his heartbeat
  • Deep breaths in the midst of making out because you can’t breathe
  • He loves to pick you up and wrap your legs around your waist
  • Lazy Sunday morning kisses in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee to brew in one of his shirts
  • Kisses outside in the snow after he accidentally throws a snowball and it hits you square in the face
  • Bathtub kisses
  • Kisses at one in the morning when he can’t sleep
  • His hands going under the bottom of your shorts to feel you
  • You’re both not big fans of using tongue
  • Gently brushing your lips against one another after a fight to be cautious

Polaroid, pt 10
a short Johnson and Coulson story by Skyson

“Would you care to account for where you’ve been the past week?” May demanded, her arms folded across her chest.

Coulson sat calmly across from her, his hands folded together atop the table. He even had a small smile on his face, though he tried his best to keep that hidden.

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Coming Home Series (Teen Wolf's Liam Dunbar x Reader) #Wattys2016 - Chapter 17 - Wattpad
It's been 18 years since Y/N ran away from home and moved to Paris. Since then, she's been through a lot, including dealing with the death of her loved ones. N...

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“Are you okay?” He placed his hand gently on my forehead.

“I’m perfectly fine.” I pushed his hand away with a smile on my face, hoping he wouldn’t catch my lie.

“Are you sure? Because all we have done so far is play games and shop in the stores.” Isaac pointed out, eyeing me closely with a raised eyebrow.

“Anddd?” I asked nonchalantly.

“And you’re always the first one rushing towards the rides,” Isaac stopped me from walking by tugging on my hand. “So tell me what’s wrong?”

I looked away from him and then down to my watch, I realized it was almost time to execute my plan.

“Let’s go ride the Mad Tea Party!” I quickly grabbed Isaac’s hand and pulled him towards the direction of the ride before he could protest.


anonymous asked:

Ghostbusters are getting some bad reviews, I'm not sure I should waste the money. WrecklessEating and Roeper gave it really bad reviews after seeing early releases. They claim graphics are as bad as ScoobyDoo the Movie, and the plot/dialogue is worse.

heres my take on what happened with this movie, in terms of how to watch it as an audience.

this is not “ghostbusters” the original movie. there is a great amount of fan service for fans of the original (i was clapping my hands to my face over and over at many parts). it didnt TRY to be a ghostbusters remake in the traditional sense (as in, making the same movie again but with advanced filming techniques ect ect). it is ghostbusters for a contemporary crowd. i rewatched the old movie today and it is still very charming and has a unique sort of sardonic “feel” to it and it follows the “slobs vs snobs” formula that was wildly popular in the 80s.

so they took the same basic premise (people bust ghosts) and pulled it into today. you know how ghostbusters, the original, felt like a group of real people talking? like real people interacting with each other? thats what this movie does, but with women, today. they just feel real without feeling dated or trying too hard to be modern (theres like 1 emoji joke).

the cgi is honestly not bad. its appropriately silly/engaging and consistent (something the original movie was lacking; why was that cab driver a crypt keeper?). your ghosts in your silly ghostbusters movie do not have to look hyper-realistic to be good. they were fine imo.

the plot/dialog is great and i would say about 85% of the jokes land beautifully. holy shit chris hemsworth played his part beautifully but he would have been nothing without the jokes they gave him. every characters gets equal time to shine, everyone has a clearly defined role in the team and no one feels extraneous.

i loved it. its a great summer film. its fun, its light, im in love with holtzman. go into it expecting to have fun and not for it to be the GREATEST EVER or the WORST EVER. dont compare it to the original because they are totally tonally different movies. two great tastes for different moods.

Next time on…The Walking Dales…

Robert and Aaron, the lone survivors of the small Yorkshire village face one final trial. Aaron must overcome his grief and kill the reanimated corpse of Paddy Kirk, the man he called his surrogate father. Robert, on the other hand, relishes in the idea of taking out former Woolpack chef, Marlon Dingle. 

or…Robron survive the Zombie Apocalypse


EXO reaction to their girlfriend being in pain (tired) after working too hard

~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


Yeol: “Arcade date? What a great idea! And while we are walking there, I can play Pokemon Go while enjoying your beautiful company.”

You: “I didn’t-”

Yeol: “Shhhhh….Arcade date.”


*You come home and face plant the couch with a groan. Your hands rubbing your lower back*

Fan: *Walks in from the shower and is glad to see that your home but upset at the fact that you’ve been working too much overtime and knows that you must be in pain and extremely tired* “Hey baby. Let me get those knots out for you okay?”

*Personal Male masseuse who is also sexy?! You’re definitely down for that right?*


*You walk in to see Sehun cleaning up the kitchen*

You: “Uh…babe? What ya up to?”

Hun: “Just cleaning to help you out around the house. Just clean up and go to sleep. You need it.”

*You back hug him and he turns around and places kiss to your forehead before you left to take a shower and get a goodnight’s rest…finally*


*Worried since you’ve been spending more time at work recently and decided to pamper you when you got home*

Tao: “Come here babe and let’s watch a movie. Just one okay?” *You slowly walks over and snuggles all up in his side and you immediately fall asleep like he knew you would. He leaned down and placed a kiss to your cheek while continuing to watch the movie.*


Nini: “My children needs to go on a walk. Wanna go with me? We can stop by Han River and just talk. Sounds good?”

You: “I love you so much Nini.”


*You come in after a LONG day of work and Minseok was quick to pick you up and take you to the couch and put on your favorite show from Netflix and a box of pizza and soda on the coffee table* 

Minnie: “Movie night okay? Forget about all of your troubles because your with me and your favorite show.”

You: “I really needed this.” *Grabs a slice of pizza and starts eating your worries away*


Baek: “You look like you could use a break.”

You: “I NEED a break.”

Baek: “That’s why I got manager to let you go with us on tour. How about that?”

You: “OH MY GOD! I love you. I need to thank Manager when I see him!”


*Luhan was immediately coming to you when he seen the tired expression on your face. He was proud that you were working hard but upset that you’ve been working too hard*

Han: “Let me get your things while you go take a shower and go to sleep okay?”

You: “I love you.”


Dae: “Guess what? I got you two weeks off.”

You: “WHAT?!?! Do you have any idea how much work I have to do? And what are we going to do during those two weeks?”

Dae: “I planned a trip to Paris. Start packing up because we leave tomorrow morning!”

*Spontaneous trip anyone??*


Soo: “We are going to go to a dinner date and have an amazing night and I will take you with me to watch our practice and the go to Barbecue with all of us and have a good time.”

You: “Sounds like a plan.”


*Comes and visits you at work to make sure you’re eating well (brings you food) and makes sure you’re not overworking yourself like last time your job got busy. He doesn’t want you to make the same mistake again*

Xing: *Walks into your small office* “I brought your favorite babe!”


*Okay, let’s be real here. Junmyeon is watching 8 kids and you’re working your ass off to complete your work. You’re both working hard and is tired by the end of the day. So, the boys books a surprise trip for just the two of you. Sweet guys aren’t they?*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

How to repectfully play Pokémon GO

Because of some negative comments I’ve heard from people on reckless Pokémon GO players I’d like to give some points of advice on playing Pokémon GO to stay safe and how to not be someone who gives their fellow Pokémon fans a bad name.

  • You don’t have to hold your phone in front of your face all the time

When you’re cycling/walking you can activate the battery save mode in Settings and hold it in your pocket/hand while keeping your eyes on the road. In battery save mode the screen will turn black when you turn your phone upside down without locking your phone. You’ll surely feel your phone fibrate when a Pokémon is within reach.

  • Be careful with hitting the brakes

When you finally feel your phone fibrating because a Pokémon is nearby; don’t randomly stop without looking around first. When you’re by foot; step aside to a place where you can’t get in the way of other people.

If you’re by bike; park your bike next to the cycle lane/road or on a sidewalk.

  • A good advice on Pokéstops

If you still want to hold your phone in front of you while playing to locate the Pokéstops; you really don’t have to! There are enough alternatives. One of them is a method I use a lot: When you are done with catching a Pokémon, look at your map at the nearby Pokéstops, try to remember which monuments/building they are by looking at the pictures and set out a route that includes  3 or 4 Pokéstops. This way you don’t have to look at your phone and just take it out of your pocket when you arrive at a stop to collect you rewards.

  • Respect your surroundings

The most problems with Pokémon GO people have, have to do with the lack of respect some players have. Don’t go into buildings like hospitals, graveyards and musea. Don’t go into people’s yards or backyards or commit other forms of trespassing other people’s property. And most of all; don’t let other people push you to do things like that.

Some shops do appreciate the increase in visitors but in some shops the trainers are a plague. If  a shops doesn’t want you to play the app inside then please don’t.

I hope this will help you guys to stay more safe while playing this amazing game :)

Just remember you have a whole amazing fandom to represent. 

It’s up to you how you play. 

Monsta X reaction to you kissing them in front of the members

You are at their practice room, and during break time, you go to your boyfriend to kiss his lips…


He lets you kiss him, because he becomes a statue to your sudden act. When you finally part from him, his smile creeps onto his face shyly.

“You know, the kids are here” He whispers to your ear, embarrassed when he had an eye contact with the members that’s looking at you both, in daze. 

“Is it getting hotter or what…” He mumbles to himself, fanning himself with his hand as he tries to calm himself down.


He wraps his arm around waist naturally, bringing you closer to him. He smiles, tasting your sweet lips against his. 

He’s about to get further, his fingers are already attacking your bare skin, when he finally realizes the members are looking at you both.

“Well?” He says, making the members changed their expression from disgusted to confused. 

“Get out of the room” He demands, pushing them all out of the room.


He giddily kiss you back, before parting the lips. “Hello, baby” He greets, about to kiss you again but sees the rest of the members staring at him and you.

“Oh,” He halts. 

“They saw us kissing” He moves his head near your ear to whisper, but his eyes look at the members.

“Oh well, they have to get used to it anyway,” He says playfully, pretty much loudly, making the other members groan.


“Woah, woah…” He says after you had kissed him.His expression is calm, but serious as he knew the members are looking at you and him.

“You guys aren’t supposed to see that” He turns to look at them and scolds, eyeing them angrily. 

“But you both were right infront of–”

“Lee Jooheon, what did I told you about answering me back??” 


“O-Oh,” He stutters, his embarrassed expression plasters on his face. He licks his lips, aware that the members are there.

“Um..” He faces them, feeling a little awkward.

“That is a kiss…” He mutters, trying to explain the situation. 

“Hyung, you don’t have to explain –” 

“This is what couples do… so…” He continues on, his hands moving around aimlessly.


His eyes widen when he feels your lips, as he panics when he sees the older members looking at him, probably judging him.

“Hyung!” He calls out, after you kissed him. The older members raise their eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.

“This wasn’t my plan, I swear, I’m not trying to make you guys jealous because I have a girlfriend, and kissing me in front of you guys was definitely a bad manner of me, but, um, did I mention that I have a girlfriend that likes to give kisses–” 



He blushes, but becomes redder on the cheeks when he sees the members in front of him. But the taste of your lips are still on him, and he wanted more.

He stays silent, looking at the older ones first like as if they were asking for an explanation, and then looks back at you.

“I’ll be right back, hyung!” He grabs your hand, dragging you out of the room.

Rereading Cress and sure enough…

Kai slumped. Another dead-end.

“But why would Cinder go there? Why would she care about finding Princess…” He hesitated. “Unless she’s trying to help me.”

“I cannot follow your reasoning, Your Majesty.”

He faced Nainsi again. “Maybe she’s trying to help me. Cinder knows that if she finds the princess, it could be the end of Levana’s rule. I wouldn’t have to marry her. She would probably be executed for treason. Cinder risked her life going to that farm, and she did it…she may have done it for me.”

He could hear Nainsi’s fan whirring, before she said, “I might suggest the alternate explanation that Linh Cinder’s motives stem from Queen Levana’s desire to have her found and executed, Your Majesty.”

Face flushing, he dropped his gaze to the hand-woven rug beneath his feet. “Right. Or that.”

…got me like…

Every. single. time. Oh Kai, you precious, precious dumdum. 


Character/Pairing: Cas x Reader
Location: the bunker
Random word: warm

requested by: anon

Time: 7 minutes

“What. in the burning hells. Is happening??” you padded into the kitchen, fanning yourself with the nearest paper you could find, which just so happened to be the case file you’d been working on.

Dean was nowhere to be seen but Sam was standing over the sink with a huge glass of ice water he keep chugging and refilling. Cas stood nearby looking perfectly comfortable.

“It’s gotta be 100 degrees in here!” you said, rubbing at you neck and dabbing the back of your hand at the sweat near your hairline. 

“It’s a little warm,” Sam said, though you could see that he was sweating too and his face was definitely red.

You stood there in your bare feet, a thin tank top, and the shortest pair of shorts you owned, simply because you thought that if you had any more fabric trapping your body heat near you that you would pass out. “A little warm?” You stared at Sam flabbergasted. “Are you insane?!” Your hair was swept up and out of your face as best as you could get it, but you could still feel the droplets of sweat running down your neck and collarbone.

You rushed over to the freezer and opened it, sticking your head inside, letting out a relieved sigh and moan of satisfaction. “Ohhhhh yeah…” 

Sam laughed at you and wiped his own brow. “Air conditioner is on the fritz. Dean is working on it but it’s some kind of weird thing that the Men of Letters had set-up so… basically he has to figure out how the thing ever works before he can start to fix it.”

Sam noticed Cas staring at you hanging half-in the freezer and thought he caught a glimpse of him gulping as he looked at your sweaty and slightly disheveled appearance. Sam smirked to himself.

“Are you kidding me?” you said, shutting the freezer begrudgingly. You groaned at the thought of having to endure the Kansas summer heat wave without air conditioning. You glanced over at Cas who looked like his normal self, though maybe a bit more fidgety than usual. 

“And then there’s you, Cas,” you said. “Still in a full suit and tie, and wearing that trench coat.” You smiled at him. “Nice to be an angel in this situation, huh?” you said, touching him gently on the arm as you rushed out. “I’m gonna go stand in a cold shower forever! Let me know when Dean fixes the A/C!” you tossed over your shoulder.

Cas watched you until you disappeared from view and realized then that Sam was giving him a knowing look. 

Cas only cleared his throat and straightened up. “…What?”

Sam shook his head in an amused way and laughed at the angel.

Roman deals with so much shit and the only people who bat an eye are Roman fans. It’s disgusting that only his fans actually give a fuck about people threatening to CUT UP his DAUGHTER. People throwing shit at him, people physically put their hands on him.

If it was Dean, Seth, Cesaro, Natalya or anyone else then everyone would be up in arms. But Roman faces this kind of shit and only his fans care.

Fuck y'all.


Because- it’s pretty weird how things work out, right? Keith’s still in disbelief, struggling to get a handle on what exactly is conspiring right now; while Lance can’t stop guffawing like an asshole, seal-clapping his hands.

Keith opens his mouth, but appears to lose his train of thought, not realising he’s left it open till Lance, half in tears, markedly points at his own chin.

Keith finally gets it, though. He cracks a smile, uncertain at first, but growing and growing till it covers his whole face, crinkling his lovely eyes. Lance loves it, he loves the way that looks. He loves that he’ll get to see it a hundred thousand times more now.

Fan art for the fic ‘you have received entirely, entirely’ by @berrycoups/loveghost! God the fic killed my soul ;3; I hope I did this moment justice!

Edit: You can now read the fic (maybe again) here!

Comic Con
Requested by anon.
Sebastian Stan X Reader
Fluff. I kinda changed it up from what was originally requested. I hope you like it! Please send in some more prompts!

It was officially here; San Diego Comic Con 2016. You’ve never been before and you’re super excited for several reasons. One, you get to meet lots of fans, two, it’s extra time to spend with your marvel friends, and three, you get to experience it with your amazing boyfriend Sebastian.

You sit in the SUV with Lizzie, Scarlett, Evans, Mackie, and of course Sebastian. You are somewhat nervous, as this is your first major film, and the first time you will be able to get face to face feedback from the fans about your character, Mockingbird. You hold Sebastian’s hand, and rest it on your bouncing knee. You hadn’t even noticed that you were doing so until Sebastian leans over and whispers in your ear. “Hey love, are you okay?” You stop moving and turn to look at him, smiling a soft smile while trying to hide your nervousness, but failing. Sebastian knows you better than you know yourself. “Mhm I’m alright.” You lie, but he sees right through you. “Babe it’s going to be fine. The fans love you.” As Sebastian is speaking to you, neither of you realized that all other conversations in the car had ceased. “Yo man, ain’t no body in this car wanna see y'all being all mushy. Get a room!” Mackie yells with the same amount of sass in his tone as usual. He knew that you were nervous and that Sebastian was just comforting you, so he was trying to make you laugh. Sebastian stops whispering to you, and looks up at Mackie. “Listen here Chocolachino, I understand that with Mrs. Mackie’s absence you’ve been a little "deprived” lately,“ Your boyfriend smirks at his friend, "but just because you don’t get any doesn’t mean I don’t.” You hear the others snicker at Sebastian’s comment. “Haha very funny” Mackie says sarcastically while sticking his tongue out.

A few minutes later you pull up to the venue at a back entrance. The valet opens the door, and everyone climbs out of the vehicle. As soon as your feet touch the ground Sebastian grabs your hand, pulling you inside.
The 6 of you are led into a break room and you are immediately given your schedules. Sebastian is ushered to an interview with Chris, but not before giving you a kiss and a reassuring smile. After he leaves, you start looking over your schedule again. “You ‘aight over there girl?” You know exactly who it is once you hear that New Orleans twang; it’s none other than Anthony Mackie. Spinning around you practically run into him. “Woah there yat! Give a girl her space.” Mackie chuckles. “Who you callin a yat? I could call you a coonass, but 'ay I ain’t goin’ there! He says matter of factly. "Yes this is very true, but you are in fact a New Orleans native which therefore makes you a yat.” You cross your arms and smirk at the man. Mackie was like a brother to you from the moment you met him. Both of you being Louisiana natives helped you bond instantly. You both loved to cook Cajun dishes, talk about football, go fishing, and have a good time. Where ever the two of you are, the party follows. “But seriously, are you alright? I know you’re nervous.” Mackie asks you. You look down at your shoes, taking a deep breath in, then looking back up at the man nodding. “I’ll be ok. Y'know, just a little bit of anxiety.” Anthony nods his head in understanding, putting his hand on your forearm. “You’ll be okay. All of us will be up there with you, and besides, lover boy will be sitting right next to you making sure you’re okay.” You giggle as he rolls his eyes playfully.

2 hours later and you’re standing behind a black curtain with the rest of the cast and the Russo’s getting ready for your panel. They start calling out your names, Anthony and Joe Russo being first, then Scarlett, Lizzie, Chris, Sebastian, you, and Mackie. You all take your seats, getting comfortable before looking at the interviewer. You take a moment to look out at the crowd of adoring fans. You wave and smile, your nerves finally starting to settle. The panel gets going, each of you answering a few questions, and having a good time. You look down when you feel Sebastian’s hand on your thigh. You don’t think twice about it, as it was something that he usually does. But, unfortunately for you Mackie notices and doesn’t hesitate to comment. He clears his throat loudly into the microphone before he begins his teasing. “Excuse me for a moment, I think Mr Stan is having some trouble keeping his hands to himself up here.” Mackie raises an eyebrow, and purses his lips. You hear catcalls and wolf whistles at the two of you, causing you both to blush. “Come on Mack attack,” Sebastian starts as he moves his hand from your thigh to around your shoulders, “don’t be so jealous. I can’t help it if I’m getting some action, when you aren’t.” You hear a few laughs. “Woah man, let’s not go there. I don’t want to know what you do in your spare time. I’m just saying, it’s getting a little intense with the touchy-touchy” As soon as he finishes his statement, you cover your face with your hands and lean forward, embarrassment taking over you. Everyone laughs at you, and Sebastian rubs your back laughing as well. The panel continues, and with each minute you begin to grow more comfortable. You start joining in on the jokes, especially between Mackie and Seb, making sure to be extra flirty. A few times you even make some daring comments, causing Sebastian to blush as you throw a wink or two, at the crowd of screaming fans. After an hour and 45 minutes the panel is over.

At the end of the day, you all climb back into the car. You’re exhausted as you lean your head on Sebastian’s shoulder, closing your eyes. Right as you’re about to fall asleep, you hear that same teasing voice from earlier. “Aww look how cute! Aren’t they just the cutest? C'mon man! Somebody get a camera!” Mackie begins making fun of you again. “Well,” Sebastian says, leaning down to whisper in your ear, “he’s not wrong about that.” You furrow your brows and tilt your head up to look at your handsome boyfriend. “Hm? What’s he right about, Seb?” A gentle smile takes over Sebastian’s face. “We are definitely the cutest.” You sigh and snuggle closer into him. “Yeah, I guess we are.”

So if you don’t know what a yat is, it’s a “nickname” for someone from New Orleans. Instead of saying “where are you at?” NOLA natives tend to say “where y'at?” And as for a coonass, it refers to a person of Cajun ethnicity. My dad is one so I don’t use it as an insult because I have family who are coonass’, but some Louisianians will take this as an insult so…. But It basically means a country person from out in the woods or the middle of no where. It’s used a lot in South Louisiana.

Seventeen Reaction

“How would the Performance Unit react to finding a fan with wearing Seventeen/Performance unit merch and a jacket with the members name on it”

Hoshi: He’d become very giddy and smiley when he saw you had his merch on, whenever you looked at him he’d wink and smile at you. 

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Jun: Jun would be very proud and he’d rub it in the other face a bit, “Can you read what she has on her shirt?.. Oh! it says Jun” 

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Minghao: He’d be shocked that out of all the members you picked him, “You’re my fan? thank you so much” he’d say holding your hand 

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Dino: Dino would get mega blushy and happy seeing you wearing his merch. he’d try to get your attention before pointing to your shirt and giving it a big thumbs up

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