a fan girl

I’m so tired of younger fans and fans in general calling older groups and idols old because they aren’t a fetus anymore.

I swear when you hit your late 20s as an idol in a Kpop group. Apparently you’re ‘old’. How? That’s still young af. These idols go into Kpop to follow there dreams as to be artists. I mean as time goes by. Yeah some idols don’t want to do it anymore but that’s for any idol tbh. Young, middle aged, old whatever. These idols achieve their goals to become famous and show off their talent. Like I see fans calling BIGBANG old. They’re only 26-29???? They’re in their 20s, mid and late? That’s not near old at all. Why are fans like this?

Sylvia Weis - In Time Fan Art

Amanda is my favorite actress and the concept of the In Time story is absolutly amazing! I love such worlds!!! ♥ Sylvia is one of my favorite characters! I love the arm cuffs she (or every rich girl in the movie?) is wearing to hide their clock!! 

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom herself!! Took a few liberties, of course!!! Probably about to be kidnapped aaaany second now…. ^^

Completely off topic, but since I looked at it so much the past couple days, I came to the realization…. the girl in the original painting totally reminds me of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. Yeah?! Yeah.

Based on Vermeer’s ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’ (1665)