a fan gave it to him in indonesia!

[INFO]SHINee official board update - SWC3 Indonesia 140620



Before making an announcement regarding the concert, we would like to first thank 
all the fans who gave so much support and interest to SHINee’s third concert.

Unfortunately, ONEW from SHINee will not be able to participate at the ‘SHINee 
CONCERT “SHINee WORLD III” in JAKARTA’ on June 22nd at MEIS Jakarta, 

Recently, ONEW underwent, and is currently recovering from, a vocal fold polyp 
removal and mucous membrane reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately, as ONEW’s 
condition at the moment makes it impossible for him to participate at the 
upcoming concert; he won’t be able to visit Jakarta this time.

As the decision has been made so that ONEW can meet all the fans at a healthier 
state as soon as possible, we hope for your generous understanding.

Thank you once again for the love and support for SHINee.

Thank you.

Credit: SHINee