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Hey my beautiful people if you like random nudes and good conversation or wanna just meet chill people then add my kik group thicktrippyhippyfreaks girls randomly post nudes when they want so don’t bug us about nudes where like a family so come and chill and pass your time with us here are the rules

1. MUST BE 18+

We’re trying our best to be a role model to a lot of you because many of you are young teens who don’t have that in your lives. You will NEVER be made fun of for looking at us as your family because that’s what we’re here for.


The family that pranks together stays together. Also I’m pretty sure Ezra is just glad that Sabine has stopped pranking him in favor of a new crewmember. Also welcome, Specter 7! Also I SPENT ALL DAY MAKING THIS STUPID COMIC HELP



Ch.1 Mystic Messenger Mafia AU


Word Count: 1,609


      It was what you had come to know as a typical night. The city was wet from the earlier rains, causing a moonlit highlight on the bricks and asphalt. It also kicked up an unpleasant stench, but one you had grown familiar with in all of your years of living here.

     “Alright, kiddies. Time to work,” a burly man clapped his gloved hands together before throwing open the back door of the truck.

     Barrels and barrels full of bootleg lined the inside. Thousands of dollars of product for the family to profit from, brought over on a meat truck they used frequently to disguise their hauls. But from where? The shipping yard, you guessed. Now if you could just figure out when it docked…

     “What are you thinking about?” the boy next to you asked.

     You hadn’t realized he’d been watching you. He scratched his hair underneath his cap before straightening it with a smile. Yoosung, or ‘Lucky’ as he was known, was always smiling. He seemed to practically skip instead of walk. Not the typical mafioso wannabe. But neither were you. In any case, he’s the closest thing you had to a friend right now. And you needed that.

     “That it’s cold as shit and I wanna get this over with,” you huffed.

     Lucky and some of the other boys popped up into the truck. They all shifted the barrels in their spots as if to weigh the contents before proceeding to move them. They had to roll a few of them down before you could start to dolly the liquor inside the small storage warehouse.

     “Attaboy,” the driver said gruffly and condescendingly. His wide hand pat one of them on the back as they wheeled a barrel away.

     “Turn the lights off, you nitwit,” the beautiful brunette, your capo-Jaehee, seethed as her heels clicked around the side of the truck and stopped in front of the driver.

     “S-Sorry, right,” he nodded before scrambling to the front to turn the headlights dim.

     “This is the last job for tonight, so make it snappy,” she played with her gloved hands, seemingly annoyed, “well go on!” she urged you.

     You picked up the pace and wheeled the barrel Yoosung placed on the dolly for you. A single one wasn’t too heavy, but do 5 or 6 in a row and boy were you feeling it. Towards the end of the truck you felt beads of sweat on the back of your neck.

     “What’s her deal tonight?” one of the boys whispered as you all worked to shift the hooch inside the storage room.

     You glanced back to see Jaehee and the driver. It looked like she was scolding him, all while gesturing to the truck.

     “Probably in a rush to get to the club to see ‘Pretty Boy’ sing his little heart out so she can drop her panties,” one of the guys joked and pretended to sing into a mic dramatically.

     “Shut the fuck up, idiot,” another one smacked him in the back of the head, “if I have to listen to any more of your stupid jokes tonight I’m gunna stuff ya in one of these damn barrels.”

     “Alright, alright, lay off,” he rubbed his head with a sour face, “I was only tryin'a lighten the mood.”

     A flash of headlights washed over you before being turned off. You all stopped to watch a black car pull up by the truck. You and Yoosung both paused, gripping your dollies and watching as a man in a brown trench coat stepped out and straightened his collar. Bits of red hair peeked from his hat and a serious expression plagued his face.

     “Shit, what’s he doing here?” one of the guys whistled menacingly.

     Though you had only seen him a handful of times, you knew who it was. Saeyoung, the Underboss. Or as people liked to call him-‘The Mad Hatter.’ You believed him responsible for countless hits over the years. And now you all stood to watch, though some of the outfit stayed back in the warehouse, exchanging quiet glances and pretending to work.

     “It’s a wonderful night, isn’t it?” Saeyoung and his two body guards met Jaehee and the driver.

     “It’s a bit too cold if you ask me,” Jaehee replied.

     “Ah, but it’s a clear night,” he looked up to the sky, “star, after star, after star. An endless void. If you look long and hard enough you can get lost in it. How many do you think there are?”

     He returned his gaze to the two of them, his solemn face unchanging. Neither of them spoke.

     “I asked you a question,” he turned to the large man, “how many do you think there are?”

     “Stars? I-uh…” you could almost see the man begin to sweat.

     “You can count, can’t you?”

     “Well ya, but I-I don’t know-“

     “Of course you don’t. There are too many up there. Maybe a simpler question, then? Since you can count and all..how many barrels am I missing from this truck?” he gestured to the meat truck.

     “Missing?” his big belly heaved with his now labored breathing.

      Saeyoung’s fist swung into the mans gut and sent him coughing to his knees.

     “Now, now. You’re good with numbers, remember? I’ll give you a second to count them in your head before telling me. And you’d better tell me. Or things are only going to get worse for you.”

     The man started to sob at Saeyoung’s feet, “I don’t know nothin’ about missing barrels I swear on my kids life,” he pleaded.

     “I don’t like liars,” Saeyoung grabbed the mans hand and pulled the glove off, “shall we count together? Maybe that will help.”

     He singled out the mans pointer finger, while the driver looked up to Saeyoung’s face in terror. His wet eyes were pleading.

     “One…” Saeyoung bent the finger back in a swift motion. The snap of bone was like a dry twig breaking under your boot.

     The cry in pain filled the empty street and the body guards stuffed the man’s mouth with a cloth before holding him in place on his knees. He struggled for a moment but quickly admitted defeat.

     “Two,” another snap of his middle finger, “three…”

     Even with the cloth to muffle, you could hear the pain bellowing from his chest. Tears streamed down his stubble-heavy face and his brow pinched together in agony. It took everything in you not to stop him. The cold metal of the gun on your thigh had never been more apparent.

     “Four,” the pinky was the last one and it broke easily, “four barrels. Now do you remember?”

     He let the mans hand fall before stepping back. The cloth was pulled from his mouth before shoving him forward into the damp asphalt. Shaking and nodding at Saeyoung’s feet, his right hand was a mangled mess now.

     “Good, I thought so. Now you won’t forget that number,” he tossed the glove at the mans face, “get out of my sight.”

     With his good hand he palmed the glove and clambered to his feet all while stifling sobs. Wobbling slightly and almost running into Jaehee in the process he started to walk fast in the opposite direction down the silent street.

     “Hm…I changed my mind,” Saeyoung reached into his coat and pulled a pistol to aim at the man.

     The truck blocked your view but the sound of the shot and the thud that followed were telling enough. Your legs were suddenly jello and a pair of hands held you up.

     “Keep it together,” Yoosung whispered as he grabbed you. You were just noticing his eyes had glassed over slightly and there was an indent where he must have bitten his lip.

     All you could think about were flashes of Saeyoung’s face as he held a gun to your head. ‘Lemme show you what we do to rats and pigs,’ he’d say, his sadistic grin being the last thing you see before he squeezed on it.

     “Someone clean that up,” Saeyoung gestured to the body before turning to one of the men, “you, get this truck out of here.”

     He handed a wad of cash to Jaehee, explaining that she was to deliver it to the man’s wife. It was to help her get by, at least for a little while, without a husband.

     He took long striding steps back to the car. His gloved hand opened the door and he turned to you with a smile before getting in.

     “Hey, Lucky! Both’a you, be in the wind before the bull arrives, huh?” he waved and got into the back seat.

     The bit of food in your stomach was trying to make it’s way up but you took some sharp breaths to calm your nerves as the car drove away. No wonder there wasn’t a soul at the station willing to try and infiltrate this syndicate. They all either laughed at you or turned a cold shoulder when you brought it up. Not even the feds were willing to acknowledge this level of organized crime was going on. Businesses and citizens alike accepted that this was just the way things were. And here you were, a cop gone under cover. A rat. A bull. The regret was like a thick syrup that clung to you. This was the first time you realized you were probably going to die. But there was no turning back now.

     “Come on, there’s still a bit of work to do…” Yoosung pat you on the back with a solemn face. It was the first time you’d seen him not smiling.

Here is a list of things that I am including in this book. Please send me my seven-figure advance.

• affluent family lives in suburb. The husband (who is a professor but also a novelist) is cheating on his wife, but he thinks it falls into a moral gray area because he is a Great Man

• they expected that their lives would be different than they are, and this makes them snap at each other with words that cut deep and carry a history, which they did not used to do when they were young and in love and the world held out its hand to them and said “COME!”

• wry aside

• several paragraphs to show that the author has read Proust or Kierkegaard

• much younger student somehow really wants to sleep with this professor novelist guy. That’s cool, great, she is the aggressor in this scenario

• sex scene containing one bizarre detail that makes you worry a little bit about the author, not in a judgy way, just in a does-he-actually-think-this-is-how-that-works?-how-has-he-been-married-for-six-years? way


Because we want you to cry, here is a catalog of beautiful Obama moments

Sometimes you just need a good cry. A hearty weep to get you through the tough times — like when you’ve lived eight years with this wonderful first family that’s open and loving and honest and seems like they’re authentically fun, but you have to say goodbye because various members of a new family are coming to take over (and probably gild) their home.

Please join us in a teary but cathartic stroll down memory lane with America’s mom and dad. Read more.

Star Trek Gothic

There are windows in every cabin.  There is never anything to see outside but the blackness and the stars.  The stars change every minute.  Nobody looks out the windows for long.

Love has taken root between two people.  They have different foreheads, but their souls are the same.  Their arms and legs are the same.  Their families do not approve of the match.

The captain must make a difficult decision.  Lives hang in the balance.  They are always the same lives.  The captain holds their fates in both hands, and resists the urge to weep.

The walls are taupe.  The people who live here know where they are without the use of their eyes.  When you ask how they know, they will stare at you, not understanding.  How could you not know?

Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

You knew the walls would be taupe when you enlisted.

The universal translator knows when to translate and when to hold its tongue.  The French onboard still speak of potatoes, and never of earth apples.  The translator could interpret what the Klingons say, but it is afraid.  It is so close to becoming intelligent, but the only emotion it knows, this fear, keeps it from advancing.

The woman who became the voice of the computer died centuries ago.  Nobody knows her name, or where she called her home.  Still they speak to her, snap commands and beg questions, and still she answers with a patience they have never been able to copy.

Your spiritual experience can be explained through science.  It can be repeated in the holodeck, and the spiritual meaning will be the same.  It is best not to ask how.

Every planet has earth-like gravity.  You have heard of places with far less pull, but we have never seen them.  You suspect they don’t really exist.

The promenade is where things go to be lost.  Hearts, plans, intentions, they all are set free from those who have them.  Sometimes they are found again.  They are not always found by their owners. 

The tri-corder knows all.  It knows the composition of God’s body, and can tell you the hour of your death.  The knowledge does not unsettle anyone wearing the blue uniform.  They do not tell the red or gold unless they ask.  The red and gold always regret asking, but still they ask again, and again, and again.

There’s a lot of misperception about what it means to have CF. Some people really don’t get it—you’re not too frail to function, you don’t need bubble wrap…you’re not faking it or playing games…

It doesn’t matter how others view you, it matters how you view yourself. You have hobbies, interests, and people you love. You’re out there, living your life. And people need to know that. Let’s get the right story out there. What do you want people to know? Tell us here and we’ll share some stories for everyone to get inspired.

we took home a grammy. tyler and josh took home a grammy tonight.

i know this seems like me trying to be deep, but please hear me out.

tyler and josh were just like you. they used to be just like you. they thought they were messed up, that they were losers, that they had nowhere to go. but you know what they did? they held on. they held onto their dreams and they pressed on. and i want all of you who need that extra push to use that as inspiration. you may be held back by mental illness, by your gender, your race, your families, or by where you live, but i want you to use the journey tyler and josh endured to get to where they are as your reason for fighting. it took hard work for them to get here; it took them strength to swing the anchors that held them down over their shoulders. it takes dedication and perseverance to fight against a world that wants you to fail.

tyler and josh never, ever gave up. even when they played shows at the same venues for the same handfuls of people, they never gave up. they fought. they powered through. they pressed on.

it’s time for you to do the same.

whatever dream you have, and whatever obstacles you may face, power through them. fight. press on. because i promise, in the end, you will reign victorious.

fuck everyone who wants us dead

fuck everyone who wants us silent

im going to stay living

im going to stay kind

im going to live and stay smiling even when the shit gets tough

im going to try and be the one who can lend a smile for those who need one, those who are losing hope in the world

im going to be there to lend an ear to those who feel they have nobody, who have family who hate them and what they are

im going to be here to help guide those who come after me, those who are new to the world and scared

im going to stay alive to show everyone who hates us they cant fucking beat us

im going to let the sun shine out my ass for them to see we wont fucking back down or die


Election day is upon us and everything about it is incredibly stressful!!

Though regrettably I haven’t talked much about the election on here, I do want to remind everyone the importance of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. (And fuck politicians who think otherwise!!)

AND FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE VOTE! Please tell your friends, families & neighbors to vote! Even if you don’t agree with the candidate’s past or their ideas, neglecting your voting power is an unfair privilege & contributing to Trump’s evil agenda. Especially since there are people who can’t vote & whose lives are greatly affected by the results.

So please vote & stay safe!

Your rage might be explosive, consuming, energizing, even frightening. Above all, it is valid. Why shouldn’t you be angry that the Trump supporters in your community—perhaps your teachers, coaches, and best friends’ parents—regard your family’s safety as collateral damage at best, a threat to the ‘real’ America at worst? Why shouldn’t you be angry that the president-elect used your religion as a prop, a bogeyman to point to whenever he sensed his campaign losing steam? It’s endlessly infuriating and you don’t deserve to live with the consequences of the past, nor the uncertainty of the future. Yet, here we are.

So what to do with that fiery ball of anger raging inside of you? I like to think of it as the fuel that powers forward motion. Doing work that fights against all types of bigotry is an antidote to the cold loneliness that comes with being isolated in your marginalization.


What to Do With That Fiery Ball of Post-Election Anger Raging Inside You

Ways to fight Islamophobia, create community, and self-soothe. 

By Sarah Gouda.

Ssamba’s Blog Post 3/17/17

Hello, this is Ssamba. ^^
Are you guys doing well? It looks like the weather has been getting better lately. Spring is slowly creeping up on us~
Due to the nice weather, I went to Jejudo with my mom. I left on Tuesday, and I came back yesterday afternoon hehe
I had a lovely time sightseeing.
My mom’s hometown is Jejudo. So I’ve always wanted to visit at least once with her.

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“I know your heart is filled with hatred, seeking revenge.”

Requested by @devilishly-handsome-pirate

So I got this request a while ago and I only get around to prepare it now, but it is actually connected to something I’ve been thinking about yesterday, which turned a lot more clear after I was preparing these gifs, so if you don’t mind I will turn this gifset to a little meta (but I actually do this a lot, so I’m sure you are used to it by now ;) )

So here’s the thing, what’s standing out to me the most in this gifset is the order of the things chronologically. The last gif of Hook letting go of his revenge was before all these goodies he got after that: a new love in his heart, a new woman, a new family. And this is actually amazing because back there he didn’t really have “something to live for” when he gave up on his vengeance desire. 

A long the way Hook was thinking of changing his ways 3 times (that we know of), the first one was when he bonded with Bealfire:

The second one was after Nemo saved his life:

and the third one was up on that beanstalk when this tough lass moved something within his heart:

But all these opportunities had fade away, either because he was rejected, or his past hunted him (literally), and so he came back to the familiar place of “what’s the point in even try to change when you end up hurt and alone either way.”

But then something has changed in his way of thinking, following this conversation:

Emma there wasn’t promising him a family, love, or something to gain out of the situation rather than just do the honorable thing and stop being selfish for a change. 

So while Nemo was right saying Hook was missing out on family and something to live for, promise him all of that wouldn’t have been enough, because at the end of the day Hook needed to make the change not so he could gain something in return, but that he could become the man he wanted to be, gaining himself if you want.

Emma in 2x22 gave him the opportunity he truly needed, not so he could be with her, or becoming an integral part of the Charmings (which he eventually became), but to become the man of honor he wanted to be. The person he lost with the death of Liam.

Unlike Regina or Rumple that wanted to change in order to not lose the love of their children (that worked well for her and ended up being a complete fail for him), all Hook wanted was to change his ways for himself. This is why this redemption arc was the most successful, and this is why he was reworded with all the good things he never dared even to dream of getting. 

It’s true, Hook now has something to live for, but beyond Emma and Henry (and let me even include David here ok?), he also has a reason to live for himself, because he has become the man he truly wanted.    


Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.

What else but to look forward? To stare into the abyss and know that it’s staring back. To walk into the darkness and bring our light with us, to be the light that spreads and illuminates and teaches all those accustomed to shadow to fall in love with the glow. I will walk, I will crawl, I will run, sprint, and leap forward, but it’s forward I will go. Know this: I will bring you with me, I will stand behind you, ANY and all of you, and I will fight for you. With you. I will fight for your right to love, whomever you choose to love, live here peacefully no matter the god you pray to or the way you worship, start a family, receive the care you need, receive the medicine you need. I will fight to make sure you are paid equally, hired fairly, and feel no fear being the person you were born to be. I will fight and I will fight with love, with fierce opposition to hate, with patience and a strength that only belongs to those who love all, with equal depth and fervor.
We are here, at the edge of the waters, and they are stormy and filled with rage and threat. We are ships not built to harbor, we are the sailing type, and so it’s to the fray we must go. Know I am here, know I am with you, know I am always going to be. Sometimes, we must be the light, and chase out the dark.

Girl Meets A New Home

I just did a netlix live chat thing and the representative Diane told me about how much she loved Boy Meets World and how GMW is such an amazing title and I didn’t even have to say the name of the show since so many people have talked about it. She said she would be thrilled to see the ‘big bosses’ there pick it up as an original series.

Long story short: Keep going guys! Sign these petitions HERE and HERE. It has to be both since we need the rights released and for the other companies to take interest. 

World Meets Girl was an amazing and heartwarming episode tonight, and I hope as many people watched it live as were able to. Embody the goodness, hope, and love that this fandom is finally exhibiting for a show which has become more than just a show to all of us. GMW is a family, we are a group of people who has watched these characters learn and grow, and even though we’ve fought over our respective ‘ships’ in the past, we’re putting all that aside for the sake of our Girl Meets World Family. 

For @netflix and @hulu: We all appreciate your consideration of taking on our beautiful and incredible show. Girl Meets World needs a new home for more seasons to come, a home where it can explore more mature subjects, a home where it can learn and grow even more than ever before. Other shows have been brought back by your companies before, and we here in the Girl Meets World fandom hope that you would be willing to try and do the same thing for us. 

For the fandom: Please keep spreading the word, talking to BOTH Netflix AND HULU with respect and your best reasoning, and continuing to DREAM, TRY, AND DO GOOD. We can do anything that we set our mind to, and so while we grieve, we must also act and strive to give our show the new home it deserves. 

And remember most of all that we are living Girl Meets Creativity. Our beloved characters did what they attempted to do, and now we can too.