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(So my friend and I joined the bandwagon of “fallout 4 companions reacting to _”)

The Sole Survivor finds a bunch of consoles and games (despite them having not been invented; it’s an AU). What are each of the companions’ favorite games?

Curie - Surgeon Simulator. She almost cried when the SS played it because they broke open someone’s chest with their bare hands. She doesn’t realize it’s not meant to be played seriously but somehow masters the controls. Everyone freaks when she does the brain surgery in the moving ambulance with minimal issues.

Deacon - Assassin’s Creed. He loves the improbability of it all, especially the leap of faith. Not that he’d ever try that, but if it were possible…if IT WERE POSSIBLE. (He broke an arm and twisted his ankle jumping from a guard post into a haystack, and Sole considered that lucky.)

Valentine - LA Noire. No one knows how he gets through each case with a near impeccable record as far as collateral damage goes. His record is brutally shattered when he lets the SS do one car chase sequence, and they almost didn’t even catch the guy.

Strong - Mortal Kombat. He can’t hold the controller so Sole plays it while he watches and cheers them on. They’re restricted to playing only Mileena.

Hancock - Saint’s Row: the Third. He doesn’t even finish the campaign, just goes around wreaking havoc with a naked and horribly ugly character (he was REALLY high during the character creation) wielding a giant purple dildo.

Danse - Call of Duty: Black Ops, particularly the zombie mode. Sometimes Maccready and Hancock hover over his shoulder, the former pointing at every other zombie and going “Is that Hancock?” Hancock is even less amused when Danse shoots each Hancock-zombie square in the dick.

Cait - League of Legends. Despite it being team-based, she ignores her team and just wrecks her lane opponent all game. Will dodge the match if she doesn’t get to play Vi or if she’s backed into a support role because she’s not about to piss around while her lane partner gets to rack up all those kills.

Preston - The Sims. He loves building homes for his sims, it reminds him so much of what the Minutemen and their General have accomplished with Sanctuary and the other settlements. He quits when someone loads his sims into a pool and removes the ladder.

Maccready - Skyrim. The story doesn’t really interest him as much as the hilarity of shooting a bandit in the head with an arrow, hiding, and hearing him go “must’ve been my imagination.” Every time Sole asks him for help he responds with that fucking sweet roll comment.

X6-88 - He isn’t too interested in video games, because why settle for killing pixels when there are real people out there in the world who need it? Rarely, he and Danse play against each other in CS:GO and then Sole has to stop them before it becomes a huge argument about whether the terrorist/counter-terrorist system in the game is a parallel for the Institute and the BoS.

Piper - Heavy Rain. She gets really invested in the characters and story, cheering and booing and crying when there’s a tough choice to make. Reloads a save whenever she does something wrong as Madison. Calls out the plot twist really early on.

Codsworth - doesn’t really care for video games. He likes watching the SS play nonviolent games as opposed to the carnage fest of the other companions. Occasionally he’ll play some solitaire when there’s nothing to do.

Dogmeat - can’t play video games but hates Nintendogs. He’s the only dog you need, Sole.

Bonus: family game night. The SS and co. gather round to watch them play Until Dawn. Each time the character changes the controller is passed along, so everyone is making arbitrary choices while the spectators argue about morality, etc. Hancock is controlling when Ashley investigates the noise–they don’t let him make the choices anymore.

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I think either Rebecca or the baby has to go, if its Robert's baby then Rebecca has to go, if their no baby or it not Robert's then maybe Rebecca can stay, but I can't see how work if both stay and can't see them 3 playing happy families or co parenting and don't want to see that either... esp since Rebecca hated since she arrived and because of her tie to Robert/Robron if she stays in their orbits I fear her/baby will continue to cause drama/come between them in some way.

I fear that too.


She just has to right!? They have to see how much her being around them is THE WORST!!!

Imagine this.....

Tayvin watching 1989 movie tour with Calvin’s family in Scotland.

Imagine Calvin leaned back against the couch, one leg extended and the other leg, knee bent foot on the floor. Taylor comes and lays down between his legs, her head on the chest. He puts his right hand on her belly as Taylor places hers above his, interlocking their fingers as with his other hand he plays with her hair. As Taylor has her phone on her hand and from time to time scrolls down her dashboard also showing Calvin some cute photos/gifs her fans have posted. Imagine Taylor raising her head and looking up at Calvin as he kissed the tip of her nose and she giggles and buries her face on this chest and then he kisses her head smiling big too. Imagine them taking cute and silly selfies as Calvin rests in chin on her head and Taylor’s bubbly giggle filling her room. Imagine Calvin’s proud smile when his entire family would congratulate Taylor on her work and imagine Calvin saying “Well that’s my girl” and kissing her forehead as he wraps the other hand around her keeping her close.

And finally imagine them falling asleep on the couch all cuddled up, without letting go of that hand hold, and his mother covers them with a blanket and caresses their heads thinking how in love her son is and how perfect they are for one another.

Merry Christmas, eeames!

Ah, hope you like it! I know it’s a bit short - and no Alpha star rivals, I’m sorry! - but all the same, I hope you enjoy it and have an awesome Sterek Christmas!


Birds of a Different Feather

“Dad, you’ll get to see me in two and a half months." 

His protest was somewhat smothered by the choke hold John had around his neck, but it loosened after a moment and Stiles took a dramatic gulp of air, stepping away. That got a scowl to cross his dad’s face. “I know that,” the sheriff said gruffly. “But with our luck, your plane will crash on a deserted island and I won’t hear from you for years.”

Stiles laughed, letting the easy sound stand in for the words he couldn’t quite say. “I think you mean with your luck I’ll crash. It’d be like an extended holiday.”

John Stilinski snorted. “Well it better not crash, considering how much I had to pay for that ticket. You’d think they were building the plane, not just flying it.”

His smile fading with the comment, Stiles felt his gaze being drawn down to his fingers, fidgeting by his sides as though they had a mind of their own. “Hey Dad, I told you. Seriously, if we’re short on cash, I could go work at the Taz ‘N Devil during the breaks. It wouldn’t be that bad.”

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