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So, i was in a long distance relationship and so i was really missing kinky shit, so i cheated on my exbf with my brother's bestfriend who is 22 and im 17 :O so that made it pretty exiting, cuz its seccret shit... My brother wud kill him... Then my exbf broke up with me for distance reasons and now i'm dating my bro's bestfriend in secret LOL BEST sex ever hahah we fucked in the car once and dis time i told my family once i was staying over at a friend's house but i stayed at his and we fucked

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Meet shipping anon

He(?) is pretty weird and is always in their basement. If they aren’t in their basement they are in their yard always digging something up. They can be crazy at times but we can’t bring ourselves to hate him. They will usually participate in our family dinners once or twice a week and has an obsession of shipping Kai with mini meiko 

New Zealand Lesser Short-Tailed Bat (Mystacina tuberculata)

Just a quick pencil sketch tonight- my queue ran out again.

Also known by Pekapeka-tou-poto in Maori, this bat is unique in that it spends roughly 30% of its time scuttling over the forest floor on all fours, snapping up insects in the undergrowth. Another 40% of their time is spent feeding on the nectar and pollen of plants, and the remaining 30% is spent catching insects in flight.

Sadly, the introduction to non-native predators to New Zealand have caused this unusual species to become endangered. It is the only living member of its family, Mystacinidae- there was once a New Zealand greater short-tailed bat, but it is believed to be extinct.