a family hustle

Someone can love you and still not understand your goals or what you need to do to accomplish them. someone can love you and not support your decisions. someone can love you and think they have your best interest in heart. someone can love you. yes. but this is about you and your goals and you need to love those things first. 


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Crystal Clear Records ‎– CCS 5002 – Released in 1976.
Gino Dentie And The Family ‎– Direct Disco.
Bass, Vocals – Bill Wild.
Congas, Percussion, Vocals – Bob “Catherine’s Son” Conti.
Drums – “Bumpin” Bruce Maron.
Guitar, Vocals – Lou “Big Daddy” Pampino.
Vocals – Gino Dentie.
Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Vocals – Henry “Mando Mambo” Dandini, Jr.
Saxophone – Andy MacKintosh.
Saxophone, Flute – Steve Mann.
Trumpet – “Blaze”.
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Lee “Bee Lips” Coffey.

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Emmry “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

There’s a bench just outside the hospital.

Emma discovers she loves living in the hospital, away from her family, but the hustle and bustle and the demands are just too much sometimes. She needs to escape.

So she sits on the bench and lets her mind drift, ignoring her surroundings and enjoying the semblance of peace it gives her.

Her peace is interrupted one day, however.

She is about to be annoyed, but her eyes focus on the man sitting next to her and there is no way she can be mad at Henry Hopkins.

The man is too good to be true, so sweet, so frustratingly honorable, so faithful, so lovely… Emma swallows as she thinks of his lips pressed upon hers, his hands intertwined in her hair, his nose touching hers as they kiss in the dark and show… maybe not love, not yet, but passion.

She lets out a sharp breath as she thinks of their kiss.

“What is it?” Henry asks softly.

Emma looks straight ahead, shaking her head as she searches for the words. He doesn’t press her.

Finally her voice manages to string a sentence together. “I think… I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

He is flustered, unable to respond. “You’re, you’re in…”

“What did you think the kissing was about?”

“I don’t know, rebellion maybe? Lust, but… but… love?”

Emma finally brings herself to look him in the eyes. “I’m so scared, my family will probably kill me and all those I’ve known since childhood will hate me. But… that all seems so small compared to losing you.”

Henry doesn’t have words, but he does have lips, and he kisses her with them.

Those are all the words Emma needs.

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Vieja narizona,.butter face

It’s funny because now when you go to inbox it says “fan mail” and I always seem to get it from u one way or another..
You’re so mad @ me and I get it, I would be mad too if I didn’t get the attention from someone I wanted you know someone so confident in what she has to offer that it bothers you so much, but I wanna know why you always end up back here? Keep watching my page & keep being mad when god continues to bless me because I get out there and make things happen for myself, my education, my hustle, my family, and the people of my community. I would be hella mad @ me tooo brooooo
Stop being bitter, stop being mad on the internet & go drink some water because if you weren’t so angry at yourself you wouldn’t feel the urge to go on anon to tell me this when you know damn well you can tell me directly 😘


New Americana (all hail the outlaws) - A The 100 AU fic mix
aka Clarke Griffin builds herself a girl gang, turns it into a family, and takes back what’s hers.
by @bornbackwardish for @growlitheatemyhomework
for the @thehundredladies holiday celebration

Track Listing:
New Americana - Halsey
Come Together - Echosmith
L.O.V.E. - Ashlee simpson
Pumpin Blood (acoustic) - NONONO
Me & MY GIRLS - selena gomez
Renegades - X Ambassadors
warriors - ke$ha
Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
Castle - Halsey

{listen on spotify}

Clarke Griffin grew up Modern American Royalty, a high society princess who’s world came crashing down when she discovered he father had been killed for threatening to go public with the very illegal and his family and their close friends had built their wealth upon. She flees for her life, running to the streets.

Empty bellies, clear eyes, and strong wills. The family that hustles together stays together, and O will tell you… it’s all about the hustle. Clarke adopts a ragtag group of teenage girls (and a stubborn mother hen of a big brother, aka the token dude) and accidentally starts a girl gang.

They grow up even smarter and stronger and eventually take down and over Jaha and the others Clarke ran from.

The king is dead, long live the Queens.

So… this is the mix for the fic I did not have time to write because of the deadline. But I think the cover and the mix itself tells the story pretty well.

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@lynngvnn: A summary of my life in one sentence: accidentally falling asleep and missing the airing of our first ever television performance.

@lynngvnn: That’s pretty equivalent to a little kid falling asleep on New Years and missing the ball drop.

@lynngvnn: But all that aside… Thank you guys for tuning in & watching and thank you @JimmyKimmelLive for having us  and being so good to us

@lynngvnn: And the biggest thanks to our kick ass crew/team/road family for hustling so hard for us all the time and doing this shit with us! ❤️

holiday pt 2

Judy Just hung up with her mom as she walked out of ZPD and waver goodbye to Clawhauser as they walked down the steps. Judy turned to Nick with a grin
“ She said it was ok for you to come! i cant wait for you to meet everyone!” she chirped “ what time do you want me to pick you up?” Nick asked trying to act like i wasn’t glad that she invited him “ um… 8: 00 should be fine. Hey while were visiting promise me you wont scam my family” She said sternly

Nick pretended to be offended. “ That hurts, im turning my life around and you think i would take a vantage of you sweet family that really hurts.” Judy still has a stern look on her face. “ Ok fine i wont hustle your family.”  Judy smiled “ Good ! then i will see you in a hour” Nick couldn’t help but smile as she left noticing she had a hop in her step she was cute he thought … no wait what was he thinking?

a hour later Nick drove by Judy’s apartment to pick her up he text her letting her know he was out front. 4 minutes later she came out with a bag she got in on the passenger side and looked over at Nick “ ready?” “ as i will ever be” he said. 45 minutes later they arrived Judy jumped out of the car and hugged her parents

Judys Dad: “Hi sweet heart ! How was your trip?”
Judy: “ Fine.”
Judys Mom:
kissed her on the head “ Were is your friend?” she asked
Judy: “ Hes in the car still”
Nick watched how loving Judys family was towards each other and he smiled. He grabbed both of there bags and got out of the car.
Nick: “ Hi, you must be Judys parents its nice to meet you.” he said politely with a charming smile.
Judys Dads eyes went wide when he saw Nick “ FOX!”  as he pulls out his fox taser and launched it at nick Judy acted quickly and tackled Nick before he got zapped.

Judy looked over to Nick giving him a weak smile “Are you ok?” she asked
“ Your dad knows how to give a warm welcome.” he says
Judy’s Dad: “Jude? what are you doing? He could be dangerous!” Judy stud up shielding Nick “ No hes not Dad hes my friend isn’t that right “dumb fox” Judy said playfully using his nickname Judys Mother walked over to Nick and helped him up “ I’m so sorry about that My husband Phil can be a little Jumpy. If Judy likes him then that’s good enough for me.” Nick dusted him self off “ Its ok mam i’m use to it.”  Nick said annoyed  Judys Mom took her by the arm “ next time you bring a fox home warn me so your father dose not try to shoot the poor thing.” she says in a whisper so Nick wouldnt hear  “ OH and Jackson is already here! he cant wait to see you!” her mother says happily
“Jackson?” Nick asked raising a eyebrow Judys mom Turned to look back at him. “ Judy’s boyfriend!” “ Ex-boyfriend!” Judy interrupted “ I cant wait to meet him.” Nick says with a grin Judy gives him a look like your not helping.