a family hustle

Someone can love you and still not understand your goals or what you need to do to accomplish them. someone can love you and not support your decisions. someone can love you and think they have your best interest in heart. someone can love you. yes. but this is about you and your goals and you need to love those things first. 


Workout Flow with Bae

I been hitting the gym with Johnathan lately. We just finished our kickboxing class which was so good. I really needed it since I am a little nervous about talking to my dad. I can do it though. I think next time we are going to try the climbing wall.

I hope everyone is having a blessed day :)


Family Fun Day

Hubby J and I decided to take the kids to the park. Best day ever. I love spending equality time with my hubby and kids. It was such a beautiful day outside. We then went to eat Korean BBQ and had Ice cream. The kids are so tired now lol. J and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie 💕💕💕.