a fairly odd parents

bith i cant believe hobis coming back to la its been two years since trb i cant imagine seeing him again after even further honing his skills and obv all their releases since including his very own solo stages that night i really stared at him the entire time he shines SO bright his skin is so golden brown and glowing and his smile the literal embodiment of the “my shiny teeth and me" scene from fairly odd parents and his hair was unstyled and so shiny and bouncy and he really puts his all into every single accent or elongation of every dance and his voice is so SO strong and powerful from quick and rough to slow and smooth or raspy he was truly absolutely made for the stage and music and performing he sounded and looked like just was such a beautiful radiant incfredible gorgeous angel and hes allowed me to live w so much more drive joy and warmth in my heart than i ever imagined i love my guy im just so fucking grateful ☹️💗


((Sorry not sorry for drawing yuuri in bob’s burgers style and him as a pony :’D))

Part 2 of The Art Style Challenge!

If you guys wanna request an art style that you want me to try and what character should I draw with that style you can >u<

Part one could be found here





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  • Brown haired boy has infinite creative potential in his fingertips
  • Boy creates something outlandish, usually out of selfish desires, laziness, misguided good intentions or because he thought it’d be cool
  • Boy’s creation goes terribly wrong
  • Boy can’t reverse his creation because of some contrived reason, usually a weird rule that prevents him from doing that, or not having access to his source of creative potential.
  • Boy has to overcome some challenge on his own to reverse what he’d done
  • Everything is back to normal

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