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i really think gendry is younger than what people say, because robert was crowned in king's landing in late 283 so he could have had his affair with gendry's mom in 284 i guess (just to give him some time after his wedding) which could lead to gendry being born in 284/285, so this makes him 13 maybe 14 when ned meets him in GoT, two years younger than robb and jon who were 14/15 the last time ned and arya saw them so it's pretty accurate (or maybe i'm just over-thinking everything)

Well considering how confusing the ages are in ASoIaF, I don’t think it’s possible to over think them (remember when Arya was supposedly 8 at the end of AGoT in her thoughts in ASoS but also 9 during AGoT? Remember when Bran fondly recalled his “younger sister Arya”?)

Robert began his reign  in 283, so the earliest Gendry could have been born would be 284 (if Robert sleeps with Gendry’s mother immediately.)

At the start of the series, the year is 298 AL. That would make Gendry at his oldest 14 at the start. Meanwhile, Arya is 9.

It’s incredibly possible that Gendry wasn’t conceived immediately, so he’s 14 at most, likely 13. 

Jon and Robb are 14 at the start of the series, so that would put him around the same age.

However, it should be noted that Gendry is huge for his age. He’s notably bigger and stronger than his peers despite his age.

The master called over a tall lad about Robb’s age, his arms and chest corded with muscle… 

“This is Gendry. Strong for his age, and he works hard.” Tobho Mott to Ned, AGoT 

This could have made Arya and Ned think him older than he was. Mott even notes that he’s “strong for his age”. 

So he could easily be 13 or even 12 in AGoT. How would we know, his age is never specified and all we get is that he looks around Robb’s age of 14.

Of course, Robb was supposedly born in 283 AL, so Gendry is definitely younger than he is- even if it’s only by months. 

In all likelihood, Gendry was 14 when he met Arya- when she’s 10 (or about to turn it) in ACoK. It’s very possible he was 13, but I think probably 14.

The point being that Gendry is at mostfive years older. Arya thinks he is, but he never tells her and that’s based on his appearance.

Gendry was five years older and a foot taller than she was, and long of leg as well.Arya, ACoK

So four or five years older than Arya.

In the end, that is the one of the lowest age differences for popular ships. Sansa and Sandor met when she was 11 and he was 27. That’s a 16 year difference when Sansa was only a year older than Arya was meeting Gendry. Dany was 13 and Drogo was over 30, so a 17+ year age difference and Dany was 2 years older than Arya is now. Dany and Jorah are 13 and 43 when they meet. Ummm who else… oh Jon and Ygritte are 15 and 19- around the same age difference. Bran and Meera are 9 and 17 respectively at the moment, 7/8 and 15/16 when they meet. Sansa and Willas and Sansa and Tyrion, also have a bigger age difference.

You know people make such a big deal about such a comparably negligible age difference. Gendry’s still considered a child, too. They’re 4, maybe 5, years apart, and there’s nothing overtly sexual in their relationship. I’d be more iffy if one of them was an adult while the other was a child.

This is not a ship with a questionable age difference at all. Also, it’s pretty clear that Gendry is as sexually inexperienced as Arya is, there’s nothing predator or creepy about him or them. Like why do people make it out like Gendry is so much older or more experienced than Arya?

GRRM makes it clear that he thinks that he thinks puberty = an acceptable, albeit somewhat uncommon, marriage age in Westeros.

GRRM: For girls, the first flowering is also very significant… and in older traditions, a girl who has flowered is a woman, fit for both wedding and bedding…In the “general Westerosi view,” well, girls may well be wed before their first flowerings, for political reasons, but it would considered perverse to bed them…Maidens may be wedded and bedded. [source]

So yeah, by “flowering”, you become a maiden and then are “fit for both wedding and bedding”. You can even be married off before you hit puberty.

GRRM also makes it clear Arya will hit puberty soon, almost certainly next book.

People place to many modern notions on the series- in every aspect, not just ships and romantic areas.

And if Gendry/Arya becomes canon, it will be a post-series thing. Even though Arya’s sexualized a fair amount and has since AGoT, even with GRRM’s notions on acceptable ages for marriage for girls, probably nothing’s going to happen while Arya is 12/13, like she will most certainly be at the end.