a failure to science

STEM fields don’t need to be ultra competitive monocultures that work people to the bone and systematically drive out anyone who is seen as not being able to hack it.

Just because the system is set up in a way that fosters a super high stress lifestyle doesn’t mean that it needs to be that way. There’s nothing inherently competitive about science (except evolution).

Grad school, and STEM in general, should be intellectually difficult but not nearly as emotionally difficult as it is, and yet way too many people just accept it because that’s they way it’s always been.

I’m not saying it should be easy, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice out mental and emotional well beings, anything resembling a personal life, or just a somewhat normal work/life balance at the altar of Science. 

The pressure cooker environment of grad school and science in general is both unnecessary and bad for science. It self selects for a certain type of scientist and drives out anyone who varies from the norm. 

But the people in charge aren’t incentivized to change it because they’re products of the system. They are the very type of people who the system was built to serve. When people fail they shrug and say it was unfortunate but not everyone was cut out for this life. 

That is bullshit. You do not have to be broken down and built back up to be a good scientist. Science is not war. We are not soldiers. We are curious, creative people who want to understand the universe. 

We need to stop trying to patch the leaky pipeline and rather build a new pipeline. One that isn’t coated with acid and pressurized beyond the point of failure.

You know, there’s a lot of emphasis in the scientific community on the importance of passing on genetic material to the next generation. Some scientific communicators even go so far as to say that it is the ultimate purpose of all life. This can be a very distressing thing to hear for someone who cannot reproduce naturally, and some people who don’t want kids might feel pressured to reproduce just to pass on their genes. So, here’s a thought. Genetic material is just data, information. For some life genetics are the ONLY way to pass on information to the next generation, but some animals, like mammals, can actually pass on important information via nurturing and socialization. Humans are especially good at this, since we are able to keep records for extended periods of time that multiple generations can learn from. The legacy of every human being is no longer confined to whether or not your genetics are passed on, but also by what others can learn from you. So, if you write something, draw something, post something online, adopt a child, teach in a classroom, or even just interact with others in any way at all, you are informming the nature of the future of humanity and you play a huge part in the success or failure of Homo sapiens sapiens.


What happens when you jump on the post-Star Wars “science fiction is a license to print money” bandwagon while simultaneously stealing a rival TV network’s hit series formula? NBC found out what in 1979 when “Supertrain” left the depot for America’s living rooms.

Supertrain was a nuclear powered high-speed rail vehicle so big that passengers could swim in a pool or browse in a shopping center as they were shuttled across America. In short, Supertrain was a sort of near-future locomotive Love Boat. Unlike the popular ABC series, Supertrain relied on pricey and elaborate sets and a large and costly model of their eponymous vehicle. The show’s huge production cost was only part of the problem. The other part? Both viewers and critics hated it.

Supertrain went off the rails after just nine episodes, making it one of the biggest and most expensive failures in TV history.

Why space dust emits radio waves upon crashing into a spacecraft

When spacecraft and satellites travel through space they encounter tiny, fast moving particles of space dust and debris. If the particle travels fast enough, its impact appears to create electromagnetic radiation (in the form of radio waves) that can damage or even disable the craft’s electronic systems.

A new study published this week in the journal Physics of Plasmas, from AIP Publishing, uses computer simulations to show that the cloud of plasma generated from the particle’s impact is responsible for creating the damaging electromagnetic pulse. They show that as the plasma expands into the surrounding vacuum, the ions and electrons travel at different speeds and separate in a way that creates radio frequency emissions.

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anonymous asked:

Can you post more sources on climate change and arguments -against- the idea that we're entering a mini ice age, or do you have a masterpost somewhere? Not being belligerent or flippant, I genuinely want more sources. I'm having an ongoing argument with the human version of a brickwall (a conserative) and more sources would be lovely.

Hope this helps. :)

NASA: Climate change: How do we know?

NASA: Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming

Union of Concerned Scientists: Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

No, We’re Not Headed for a Mini–Ice Age

Are we heading into a new Ice Age? (no)

A grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human-caused global warming

The ‘mini ice age’ hoopla is a giant failure of science communication

Almost every positive step forward or success is preceded by a prolonged series of attempts and failures. Whether we call it practice, science, or innovation, failure is the most necessary and useful part of the equation. We must be on familiar terms with failure to set the stage for accomplishment.


Change pronouns as needed

  • I was never gonna let you dance alone. 
  • She had a way of seeing the good in people.
  • If there’s one thing I learned from having you as a father, it’s that you don’t trust OPS.
  • Nobody hands out attaboys for not dying from a virus.
  • I know your mom loved you very much, and the people who love us? They stay with us.
  • You here to give me a lecture?
  • And I know you feel like someone blew a hole up in your heart, but you can fill it with memories. Remember to be happy.
  • You want to know what the scariest moment of my life was? The day you were born.
  • Be brave and take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • You’re one of the good ones. Don’t let this place convince you otherwise.
  • I’m telling you because more than anything in the world I hope you live.
  • I’m not telling you the truth because I think you’re going to die
  • Yeah, but you’re still here. For a guy who likes to run, that’s kind of a big deal.
  • I won’t run. I’ll never run.
  • You know what happens to heroes? They die.
  • When this is all over, if we don’t see each other much, I want you to know I’m glad I met you.
  • Why…why wouldn’t we see each other? Don’t you want to see each other?
  • Yeah, but I won’t be okay without you.
  • I may need to dust off my B and E skills…
  • I didn’t hear that.
  • How are we ever gonna clean this up?
  • Trying not to die is no way to live.
  • Great. You guys are two Sudafed short of a meth lab.
  • Do you think if I had worn this on our first and only date we would’ve gone out again?
  • It’s an improvement on the trucker hat.
  • This is crazy but I…I love her.
  • Yeah. Yeah. It’ll only get worse. A lot worse.
  • I am tired of meeting people who are willing to fight harder than I am.
  • It’s a little metaphor called hope, you idiot.
  • What knucklehead breaks into a quarantine?
  • You gonna ask me to deliver the baby too?
  • We’re all messed up, ___. Anyone who judges you for it is just hiding their own stuff.
  • That’s science, I’m afraid. More failures than victories.
  • This city’s going to hell.
  • You’re determined to get me killed in here, aren’t you?
  • In my experience where there’s a mouthpiece, there’s a secret.

Why I gave my kidney to a stranger — and why you should consider doing it too

Vox’s own Dylan Matthews recently underwent surgery to donate his kidney as part of a four-person organ donation chain. Dylan’s decision was made purely out of goodwill; as he put it, “Giving a kidney was the most rewarding experience of my life.”

Read his full story here

Mad Science [Sentence Starters]

“It’s alive!”
”I’m your new assistant.”
”You can’t just play god! It’s not right!”
”Hit the switch!”
”Look at my creation. It’s so beautiful.”
“Do you think this will really work?”
“Just another failure.”
“Let me show you my laboratory.”
“You’re saying I’m just a science experiment?”
“Never tell anyone what you’ve seen here today.”
“I hope you have a strong stomach.”
“What does this switch do?”
“You’re my new assistant, I take it?”
“Be very careful. One wrong move and this place is up in flames.”
“The world isn’t ready for your experiments.”
“The world isn’t ready for my experiments.”
“We’re going to change the world.”
“What if we get caught?”
“You’re brilliant. Twisted, but brilliant.”
“You created me. Why?”

angelface273  asked:

Can I ask why the guidance counselor's assistant wanted to fight you to the point of stalking? This wasn't Recruiter Scott or whatever his name was, was it? Why did you have multiple adult stalkers that's really fucked up btw

You are thinking of a different blog with the stalker recruiter story sorry, I’m like 98% sure it was @ gallusrostromegalus. 

But anyway- the Assistant. It was a brand new job for her and she wanted to do Really Well. There were a couple of guidance counselors at the school, and I’m not sure if she was working for all of them or just my specific guy, but. I was apparently the only transfer student or something that year (10th grade) so she literally latched on to me. It was so weird. Like at first it was just sorta, oh, okay, she just wants to make sure I’m adjusting to the new school well, okay. But then she just…wouldn’t leave me alone? Like she kept showing up outside of my classes to talk to me, and she kept pulling me out of lunch to make me eat with her so we could discuss how stuff was going. But then she’d be like…Molly, you aren’t making any friends! What’s the problem? And I’d be like, you literally keep pulling me out of lunch where I have an entire table full of friends who are wondering where I am! But she never believed me??? Because I was sitting at an all senior table (two of the girls I knew thru theater) and she like. Didn’t believe seniors would be my friends or something?

And she just kept doing stuff like this like…I got into an academic problem at one point because my history teacher forgot to grade an important essay, but before my meeting with him she was on a tangent about how my grades are constantly in peril of failing (they weren’t) and even after the teacher showed up and literally said, “Sorry, this was my mistake, I remember Molly’s essay on Roanoke very well, I can’t believe I forgot to enter the grade” she was like…still acting like it was my fault? Like I acted irresponsibly somehow that made him forget to enter the grade for a paper I turned in and he read? And she did this with all my classes. Like she just kept really over exaggerating how bad I was doing in them (Like, I was only really having any issues in math and science, and none of those issues were Failure Worthy, like, I was still a pretty average student?) She kept trying to call Academic Emergency Meetings™ with like me, my mom and the teachers and every time they’d be like “She’s fine why are we here” it was so weird. 

I think the problem was she probably had a hold of my transcripts- when I switched school’s they made me come in to take an aptitude test or an iq test or something, and I got a REALLY HIGH score on that and the school was all excited and kept telling me about their honors programs, but then they got the transcripts of my grades and were like “oh. Well. Why don’t we start you off in a nice normal class”. And I think she must’ve probably saw that and determined I wasn’t applying myself or something, but the actual problem was just I Was That Unfortunate Kid Who Did Bad On Standardized Tests No Matter What. Like, give me a paper or a report and I’m fine, but tests just never worked out for some reason, it was so annoying. But of course that’s a Ridiculous Excuse, Molly, and I think she must’ve come up with the idea that like if she can make me try harder I’d be an amazing student and she could take all the credit for it? 

So it gets to the point where this woman is following me from class to class, badgering me the whole way about how I must be the laziest student she’s ever seen, and then she keeps pulling me out of lunch to complain even more about how I’m not applying myself or putting myself out there enough and that’s why I can’t find a place to fit in at the school, because obviously the fact some woman was stealing literally ALL of my free time had absolutely nothing to do with that, that’d be ridiculous. This went on the ENTIRE first semester. 

And as I mentioned in the post I referenced this lady in- I had a partially torn Achilles tendon that wasn’t healing properly, so I was really slacking in gym class. Like, I just really need to paint the picture of why I was putting off gym class: I was told to stay off my feet as much as possible. But this was a BIG SCHOOL (the distract blew like all their money on it making it the huge and ridiculous with way too many features and then they were like ‘wow oops suddenly we’re poor’). I had classes all over the school. So even if I didn’t have gym one day, it’d still be enough walking that my ankle would be swollen by the time I got home. And the gym classes were like “run laps for six minutes and then do ridiculous amounts of stretches until the teacher gets bored and then get shoved into a game of soccer or whatever with the most competitive kids in the school”, and then the big ‘final’ grade for the semester was to run the mile in however many minutes. And if I can’t get through gym class without tapping out or heading to the nurse’s office, there’s no way I could have run a mile. So, I kept putting it off. The gym teacher’s still weren’t accepting my story without a doctor’s note, so I just, uh, started getting the stomach bug on days they rescheduled it to. And here’s the thing- like 97% of gym class is just showing up. By all means, I was passing gym class. If I just didn’t run the mile, it wouldn’t have even brought me to a failing grade, it just wouldn’t have been a grade up to the standard’s of this ridiculously fitness obsessed high school (I remember when I told them my 9th grade school didn’t have gym class, they all looked like they were gonna have a stroke from the sheer shock of it). 

So this lady, who is 100% stalking me by this point, to the point where teachers and other students are asking me wtf is going on, I’d walk out and see her and literally feel sick I was getting so annoyed- but she’s loosing her shit about this gym thing. She kept trying to convince me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life by ditching the mile (and like first off, she had no proof I hadn’t been sick, so I was insulted by that), that not running the mile was going to leave a permanent stain on my record, this was totally going to effect my entire academic career, they were going to SUSPEND me if I didn’t run it, and like…I am a shy ass person!!! I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone for help with this situation because the concept of talking to people was scary!!! Like, my mom new it was a Problem but she figured it was just because I was a new student. I definitely knew what was going on was an issue, but I was like 15 and couldn’t figure out how to stand up for myself and get her to leave me alone. I take ‘being polite’ to the point of a character flaw, sometimes. 

So, one day, after pulling me out of class like five times to tell me I absolutely have to go to this mile run, because it’s the last after-school scheduled one before they like, I don’t know, kill me and sacrifice my body fat to the gods or something, I’m trying to sneak onto the bus because dude. My ankle was visibly throbbing. You could literally SEE it moving it hurt so bad. This woman intercepted me and like practically dragged me to the track- which was, of course: To the front office, out a secret side door, across two parking lots, up five different flights of steps, and down a winding path before we FINALLY get to the track- and I’m trying to like, not be forced into this, like hey teachers, would you just literally look at my leg for a moment- And this woman fucking snaps. Starts going off like, I’m a bitch and an awful student and incapable of making friends, I’m too lazy and I’m never gonna succeed in life, she spent like!!! 10 minutes telling me that I’m the worst person to exist!!! It was so fucking ridiculous. I tried to speak up for myself at that point, which just enraged her more and like, you could tell she was getting ready to physically fight me. Like this woman was literally going to pounce on me, one of the teacher’s made her leave at that point and she just stormed off. So I’m like, Totally Not Crying and can barely walk and just almost got punched by a guidance counselor, but, oh, well, you missed your bus, and in the time it’ll take for your mother to come get you, you might as well just run the mile!!!! 

I was LIMPING by the end of it (and I finished like, 20 minutes after the other students that had to make it up, so I got a bad grade on it ANYWAY). I was then left to my own devices to get back to the front of the school where my mother was to pick me up, and I wasn’t very well acquainted with the outside of the building yet, so after getting turned around more times than I’m proud of I finally get there, literally crawling and Totally Not Crying. 

My mom called my guidance counselor the next day and like- honestly, this poor man. He was this tiny old, Mister Roger’s knock-off who barely spoke above a whisper. My mom literally M U R D E R E D him oh my God the other people in the front office could hear her yelling through his phone. 

I don’t know if the lady got fired or if the school just did a Very Good Job at keeping her away from me, but I never saw her again after that. She was not missed. 

A Unique Essay Does Not Require A Unique Experience

When I work with students to brainstorm a college essay nearly every one of them laments that they haven’t done anything unique or interesting enough.

Or if they have done something kind of interesting they’ll feel the need to write about it even though it’s not where their passion (and therefore best story) lies.

Writing a unique specific essay is important.

However, let’s dispel the myth that you need to have done something really extraordinary to write an interesting essay.

Most people, especially high school students, haven’t done anything particularly different. It’s because you have only had 17 years, largely dictated by your parents and your student schedule, to have experiences. So nobody expects you to have saved a bus full of school children from a forest fire or to have backpacked through Europe with only your camera and your wits. It’s okay to have only had normal-teenage experiences.

However, that doesn’t mean you get to write a generic essay. Because you’re better than that.

Get specific in your typical experiences. What is something that you do that none of your friends do? Is it a song you wake up to every morning? Is it the motto written on the inside of every notebook you own (The more you give, The more you have to give)? Why do you do that interesting spin on a generic thing? Why is this generic thing (that is not your biggest club/sport commitment) so important to you?

Tell me a good story with lots of cool interesting juicy details. Make me care about your reading challenges, or your obsession with Thomas Edison, or your Lego models. Tell me about the complete failure that was your science fair project in ninth grade and why you’re now interested in this one tiny subset of chemical engineering because you still don’t know exactly what went wrong.

There is a specific “you” stamp on your generic teenage life that will make a good story. So write about that.



I started a new wolfstar fic, Palo Alto. Non-magical modern AU set in Northern California. Premise and situations based on my experiences in the weird hippie/corporate cyclone that is the Silicon Valley tech industry.

Headcanon Casting

Dev Patel as Sirius Black. Able to sweet-talk free drinks from any bartender. Aced his computer engineering classes without breaking a sweat. Could’ve been captain of the Stanford rugby team if he’d given a shit. Left his controlling family when he was sixteen and hasn’t thought about them since, not even once. Doesn’t date, because the bay area is full of self-absorbed losers who aren’t worth his time. No, he will not be telling Remus that he might possibly want to date him, because he’s not a fucking fifteen year old whining about his feelings, and their relationship is comfortable the way it is. Anyway, it’s just not the right time, okay? No, he’s not insecure at all, why do you ask?

Jordan Fisher as Remus Lupin. The (relatively) nice one. The (relatively) quiet one. The one who gets them out of trouble with a wide-eyed declaration of innocence. Grew up in a sketchy part of Oakland, before it was gentrified. Parents died in a car crash right after they’d learned he’d been accepted to Stanford on full scholarship. Comfortably pansexual for as long as he can remember, but reluctant to enter a long-term relationship. Trying to crack the code for managing his spondyloarthritis symptoms, with marginal success. Music snob, vegan, and yoga enthusiast, but he’s really not one of those NorCal people, he swears. Wants to apply for his PhD in Political Science, but is equally petrified of failure and success.

Suraj Sharma as James Potter. The total package. Star athlete. Certified tech genius. Ripped bod. Hilarious prankster. Ruthless heartbreaker. Snappy dresser. This is all true, ask anyone. Well, don’t ask Sirius. (“He’s an overdramatic mother hen who can’t keep a straight face during a prank to save his life.”) Don’t ask Remus, either. (“He tries to act like a douchebag pulled from a VH1 reality show, but he’s a sappy romantic at heart.”) Just take James’ word for it. He’s a catch, and one day, the ladies will realize this, specifically Lily Evans, his future wife, whom he is currently in the process of sweeping off her feet. In fact, she only mocked him four times yesterday. He’s nailing it.

Michelle Hendley as Lily Evans. Trans activist. UC Berkeley drop-out. Wants to go back eventually, but the sweet health benefits and salary at her job are allowing her to stay on hormones and afford the fancy, organic types of frozen meals. Thwarter of the Marauders’ pranks as often as possible. No, they are not funny, they are hella immature. Especially James, ugh. If you catch her laughing at their antics, she is laughing at them, not with them. And no, she was absolutely not staring at any of them when that prank with the itching powder went awry and they had to strip off their shirts in the kitchen. Especially not at James, ugh.

Jeremy Allen White as Peter Pettigrew. Student of life, not school, okay? His old man inherited some shitty houses in Mountain View that are worth millions now, so he helps out with the maintenance for a portion of the rental income. You know, when he has the time. Does a bit of dealing as well. He delivered some of his best shit to the Marauders’ house five years ago, stayed for the party, started sleeping in their couch, and (much to Sirius’ chagrin) he’s been a member of the gang ever since. He borrows their underwear and eats their food, but he also fixes the plumbing and cleans the pool, so it’s a symbiotic relationship, man, very balanced energies.


I’m aiming for updates every Sunday. It’ll be a long, slow burn, but it’ll be a fluffy ride for the most part, except for the angst that Sirius brings upon himself, the poor guy.

Shout out to @real-live-lycanthrope, @mirgaxus and @whenifeedthetree, who all have mad writing skills and mad beta skills, and are the reason this is being published at all.

Check out Chapter 1 here on AO3 and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading!

I supported Bernie more passionately than anything i’ve ever supported in this country. I voted for him, wore his merchandise, his bumper sticker still sits proudly on my car, but I will not be writing him in next week.

Immediately after his loss I looked for hope in the green party, joined jill steins meme dank stash, did research on her policies and though I was skeptic about a few things I had hope. But as time went on just like the rest of the candidates she too proved to be just not enough. Her failure to run an effective campaign and her anti-science pandering was too much for me and I found myself staring dreadfully at our only two real choices.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

God knows I do not want to vote for either of these two vile, corrupted, insane individuals. One is a clown and the other a robot, both interested in their own agendas and not the well being of the people they wish to lead. I’m tired of the news, i’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of cringe worthy arguments on facebook. So I went back to the last thing I believed in, and listened to Bernie. He believed in us, and so I am choosing to believe in him. He had an idea for the future and an idea for what it meant to be free and be great, and i know he hasn’t given up on those ideas, so I will listen to him and vote for Hillary because a protest vote won’t help anyone, or anything, a protest vote won’t help him or the ideologies that I stand for. And voting for Trump would be voting for everything he fought for, so I will vote for Hillary. Not because I’m a shill, or a hillbot, because God I despise that human being. But because the alternative is the exact opposite of what I stand for, so I have to make a sacrifice and vote for the lesser evil because my future and the future of my daughter depends on it.