a faerie tale life

How to feel like a faerie queen/king

*Fill your life with flowers

*Wear natural colors and dress according to the season

*Use rose water on your skin and in your hair

*Laugh often; laugh loudly and without inhibition

*Use a silk or satin pillow case

*Wear perfumes with lavender or rose or musk or citrus

*Put flowers (real or fake) in your hair

*Decorate your bed with ivy vines and roses

*Take a bath with coconut milk, honey, and olive/coconut oil

*If your hair is long, put it up

*If your hair is short, brush it differently–puckishly

*Eat a nutritious vegetarian meal

*Go for a long walk in nature

*Let the sun shine on your face

*Go barefoot if you can

*Dance without caring what you look like

*Kiss someone you love

*Spend time on skin care every day

*Use natural skin care products

*Make a clay mask with bentonite clay and rose water

*Use a body oil and a face oil

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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by hollyblack

WHO’S IT FOR?: This creepy, edgy story from modern faerie tale master Holly Black is perfect for the fangirl in your life who has memorized entire episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: In Coldtown, quarantined monsters and humans live together, an excitable mix of predator and prey. When Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses after a perfectly normal party, she realizes she must race against time straight to the heart of Coldtown to save her infected ex-boyfriend, a mysterious new acquaintance and herself.

Watch the book trailer and purchase the book here.


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