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엑소 수호, 세훈씨가 엔나나에 놀러왔어요😻

친한 형들과 이야기 할 수 있어서 오늘은 좀 색달랐다는 쟌디재디 🤗
‘세수'분들 다음에 또 놀러오세요오🎈 
여러분 '세수'하고 '재쟈'요😻🎶 #잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝#잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝

anonymous asked:

Hi, how are you?! sorry for the inconvenience but i need HQ pics of aaliyah's face for a project, could you link me some? thank you

Not an inconvenience honey. Go to aaliyah.pl and if you don’t have an account sign up and go to the gallery. I’m not sure what type of aesthetic you’re going for so I don’t wanna give you pictures you may not want or whatever. But yes go to Aaliyah.pl, biggest Aaliyah gallery there is. It’s sorted by the years, era, appearances, photo shoots etc.