a england ballerina

Modern careers for the Black Butler cast:

Sebastian Michaelis: crisis manager and chief lobbyist for the Funtom Corporation. Formerly employed by Alighieri & Associates.

Ciel Phantomhive: chairman and chief executive of the Funtom Corporation—a multinational conglomerate and Fortune 500 company based in London, England.

Elizabeth Midford: prima ballerina of the Paris Opera Ballet, NCAA World Fencing champion, and Tom Ford muse.

Undertaker: major shareholder in almost every international pharmaceutical company (including the Osiris Company); his true passion lies in biomedical experimentation—specifically, embryonic stem cell research.  

Grell Sutcliff: former haute couture fashion model turned flamboyant event planner and fashion designer. She walked the runways of Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Nina Hopkins.  

William T. Spears: majority shareholder at one of the largest law firms in England—Grimsby, Spears & Ripner. Direct rival to Alighieri & Associates.

Ronald Knox: one of the top criminal defense attorneys at Grimsby, Spears & Ripner. The firm has also covered up Ronald’s many drunken misdemeanors and DUIs. May or may not also own shares of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Madam Red: famed society columnist and creator of La Reine Margot cosmetics. Little known fact: she graduated top of her class from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


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