a england ballerina


* I created a girlfriend for 2D and I love it! *
So, this is Clara. She’s in love with blue boy over there. I’ve been reading a lot of Gorillaz imagines and this girl is the only that comes in my mind as a S/O. I’ll tell you a little about her:
- She came to England to be a ballerina
- She hates dancing classical music all the time because it gets really annoying so she loves creating choreographys with her favorite songs (that aren’t classical of course).
- Clara has to do some part time jobs for pay the shared apartment and personal things. She works singing acoustic covers on the weekends in nice bars and works in a boutique during the week. People like her.
- She’s from South America
- Her high is 5'4
- Probably the sweetest thing you’ll ever met, but she dresses a lot of black and kind of look like a bad girl sometimes so you won’t believe at first sight (I’m not saying she’s a saint, though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Clara means “clear” in my language, but she has some dark sides that just close people know about.
- Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys and Legião Urbana (Urban Legion) are her favorite bands.
- She has an infinite stock of black lipsticks That’s it for now.
Btw, Clara is the model of all my drawings in this blog so I think she works for me too.