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Have a very drarry Christmas!

(i know it’s past i’m sorry) but this one’s for ya’ll! Thank you so much for everything, these past months have been so much fun ヾ(♡ ³♡)ノ Especially @avoidakedavra for being the sweetest and most supportive person ever


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

Picture this...

Hamilton. Completely normal.

Except everyone wearing big ass sunglasses


So something I started thinking about last night whilst watching Cinderella, my mother having just pointed out that the Prince’s jacket conveniently has a dash of blue in it to match Ella’s, is the idea of complimenting wardrobes for two characters who are supposed to be in love.

Specifically, in b99

Like, I’m sure there are hundreds of other examples that I can’t remember right now, but the more I think about it the more I realize that if Jake and Amy aren’t outright matching, they’re definitely complimenting each other, for a large, large percentage of their time onscreen together.

Even very early on, you have outfit matches like this:

or this:

aaah, this:

or even this:

and when they’re not matching completely, there’s always a splash of colour in either Jake’s or Amy’s shirt/pants that pops because it’s the same as the base of the other’s outfit, as seen here, in Jake’s tie:

here, in the checkered pattern of Jake’s shirt:

or here, in the beige of Amy’s shirt:

speaking of Johnny and Dora, they pretty much match through the whole episode, through two days and three different clothing changes:

like, no matter what, 90% of the scenes these two have together, their clothing literally makes them look good together:

and my personal favorite:

it’s also interesting to note that Jake’s staple colours are reds and blues, as are Amy’s – they just take turns switching them up:

it’s a great visual device in ways of linking them inexplicably together, especially in moments of the plot where their story peaks and the synchronicity of their clothing matches their together-ness (ie, Johnny and Dora or the New Captain) (and, even more interestingly, how when Jake is with Sophia their clothing matches/compliments, but when Amy is with Teddy, the same does not occur). inadvertently, through their #aesthetic appeal, it makes the audience like them together, which is hilarious bc as if u’d need anything more to make u like these good noodles’ love for each other.

anyways, someone come in clutch and add that photo where they’re literally wearing the exact same grey pantsuit and blue button down and i’ll die a happy woman,

  • enoch: thanks, mom... why is everyone staring at me?
  • millard: you just called miss peregrine mom; you said "thanks, mom"
  • enoch: what? no i didn't
  • miss peregrine: do you see me as a mother figure enoch?
  • enoch: if anything i see you as a BOTHER figure because you're always BOTHERING me

I think one of the worst things about Steven Universe from my perspective is the false positivity that the characters employ after they realize they did something wrong, or when they lie to make someone else happy. It happens twice and it’s so phony and uncomfortable to see. Steven pretends that he didn’t feel patronized and upset by the gems during the three tests they did for him. Pearl, Garnet, and Steven exaggerate their support for Amethyst after she reforms into her second outfit. Pearl and Garnet turn on a dime and pretend to care about Smokey Quartz’s yo-yo only after they realize their mistake. 

Never apologizing. Never admitting to their faces that they had the wrong idea about each other first before trying something else. It’s really slimy and has always made me upset and distrustful of the characters, honestly.