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Tout va bien. || Combeferre and Grantaire.

Combeferre walked wearily through the streets of Paris. This winter had appeared to be harsher than any that Paris had experienced before, and as he walked the icy breeze nipped at his skin, causing him to pull his coat tighter around himself. It was late and the streets were virtually empty, even the whores that lingered around the area were nowhere to be seen as the student walked through the silence, the only sound being the clips of his shoes against the frozen ground as he walked. He had been at the University for the most part of the day, the remainder; spent at work within his internship, of course, he could have left much earlier than he had- though whilst there was work to be done, he was content to stay.Though now, as he walked through the lonely streets, he wished he had left earlier. After finally reaching his small apartment, Combeferre began to settle for the evening.
He had no intention of sleeping, but instead planned to study, perhaps sleep for an hour or two later in the night. He had just sat down at his desk when he heard a rapid knock on the door, rising to peer through the window; He could just make out the figure of Grantaire, So he quickly moved to the door opening it. “Grantaire?” He asked, unsure what had brought him to his apartment at such an hour. “Is everything alright?.. Come- Come inside..”

I was tagged by the lovely @sunlitroom​ to list my five top ships, so here we go :D

1) ExR aka Enjolras/Grantaire from Les Miserables. Citysmith’s Paris Burning fic was what got me first started, and it’s probably my favourite ship of all time. I’ve seen the film, read the book and seen it live on stage, ExR’s my OTP whatever the adaptation. They’re complete opposites: Enjolras the stern, austere but passionate idealist who’s capable of being terrible, and Grantaire, the drunken cynic who, for all that he fools around and laughs at the revolution, still stays with his friends at the barricade and cares for them deeply. Victor Hugo very deliberately makes them each other’s opposites, but what makes me love this ship is that it’s more than just a case of opposites attract. Their relationship’s so much complicated and turbulent than that.

Grantaire’s a cynic, but for all his boisterous and good humour, you can tell he’s something of a sad clown. Personally, my headcanon is that Grantaire was an idealist once himself and this line from the book, ‘No one loves the light more than a blind man’ just sums up Grantaire’s feelings for Enjolras as something more than love and reverence, but a longing to be proven wrong. When he sees Enjolras and what he stands for, even if he doesn’t believe in the cause he believes in Enjolras.

Their relationship’s never an easy one - there are fights and recriminations aplenty - Enjolras often angry and disappointed with Grantaire, his words harsh and scornful, and Grantaire drunk and mocking and in the book, messes up his duty. And yet they always seem to end up back together.

In the end, Grantaire - who never believed in the revolution - declared himself one of them when Enjolras was about to be shot, went to his side and they held hands as they died.

Grantaire - who never believed in the revolution - declared himself one of them when Enjolras was about to be shot, went to his side and they held hands as they died. What can I say, I just have so many feelings for this ship.

2) Gobblepot from Gotham. My most recent favourite ship, but boy, I’ve become obsessed, thanks largely to Robin Lord Taylor’s stellar performance as the Penguin. In Season 1 the way he was around Jim was so sweet, like… it’s so obvious. So obvious, Oswald. It’s the crush that can be seen from outer space.

Although I doubt the writers will ever actually do anything with it, Robin’s performance certainly makes it seem that way. Oswald’s a vicious mobster, but he’s capable of feeling too, and for all that Jim tries to keep him at a distance, again, they always seem to end up back together again.

3) JMB aka Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet from Les Miserables. In the actual book all that gets mentioned of their relationship is that Joly and Bossuet have the same mistress - Musichetta - and she doesn’t even appear, but it’s more that I love where fandom has taken these three, especially in the fanfic written by @theladyragnell and @samyazaz. I love how the way they’ve interpreted and expanded upon their relationship, how sweet they are together, and god this sounds corny, but how they’re like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. It wouldn’t be the same without one of them missing.

4) Stevonnie from Steven Universe. Such a cute toyship, they’re another ship that’s really sweet together. These two are best friends and are both such kind, good-hearted kids always ready to defend and be there for each other. I also like the subversion of gender roles, how it’s Connie who’s the swordsman, Steven’s ‘knight’, while he’s the healer and fights in a more defensive role with a shield.

5) Lestat/Louis from the Vampire Chronicles. I know I’m using a picture from the Interview with the Vampire movie, but that’s just more for illustration purposes since I read the books first and prefer them (although I do like the film). This is probably the oldest ship here actually, and although I have new obsessions now, this pairing still has a place in my heart. Theirs is also another complicated, volatile relationship, Lestat always encouraging Louis to embrace his vampire nature and Louis trying to cling to his humanity. A lot of misunderstandings happened thanks to Lestat keeping secrets, they’ve hurt each other a lot and betrayals have happened (serious betryals, man, I mean, when it was bad it was bad, Louis did let Claudia try and kill Lestat and then dumped his body in the swamp), but in the end they were drawn back together.

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Suivez-moi || Combeferre and Grantaire.

It was well into the early hours of the morning by the time Combeferre realized that it was only Enjolras, Grantaire and himself left in the cafe. Enjolras was of course, the next to leave; taking his papers and books and setting off back to his home. Combeferre then, was left with only Grantaire. The drunkard seemed to be asleep, slumped on the table with a bottle in hand. The student knew that if he left, Grantaire would inevitably be there all night. He could not leave him there, and that was what motivated the student to gently try rousing Grantaire from whatever state he had gotten into. “Mon ami?”

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