a drug problem that never existed

How The AD Reveal Should Have Gone (Alex's Backstory)

When Alex left her adopted home, she begged/borrowed/stealed/etc enough money to get to the states in order to find her real parents. During this time, she met Wren, and he became infatuated with her. This was 2 years before Ali disappeared. 

Alex, at first, thought Jessica was Mary. She visited the DiLaurentis household and explained who she was and the horrible life she had endured. Jessica played the part of Mary, internally freaking out about the amount of chaos Alex’s reveal would undoubtedly cause.  She put Alex up in a hotel room while she asked her to be patient as she got up the nerve to explain to her family about Alex’s existence.  

At this point, Alex was not aware that she was a twin, let alone that her twin lived next door to her “Mom”.

Jessica immediately went to Peter, and the two of them devised a plan. Jessica would use her authority on the board at Radley to commit Alex as someone with multiple personality.  Peter, being genetically related, signed Alex in as “Bethany Young”.  They used Alex’s true back story (one which Alex originally had no problem agreeing to) as proof that she had a mental break, complete with accent.  

Once Alex/Bethany was in Radley, Jessica kept tabs on her, and after the mind numbing drugs kicked in, would occasionally take Alex/Bethany on outtings. This is when she would insist Alex call her “Aunt Jessica”.  This was also why Jessica had told Ali you can “never turn your back on a Hastings”, because she was well aware that she could never share her knowledge of Alex’s existence, and if Ali had ever seen Alex, she would think she was Spencer.

There were a few times that Alex/Bethany was able to escape.  

(photo credit to PLL Theories)

The first time was Ian’s Halloween party.  While there, she overheard Noel talk about his and Ali’s plan to scare the girls.  At this point, she hadn’t yet seen Spencer.  Alex had fuly intended to severely hurt/kill Ali in that abandoned house, though Ali was stronger that she thought.  Once the girls were freed from the locked room, Alex finally saw Spencer and she seethed with rage. She realized the true reason behind Jessica betraying her, and instead of leaving town, as she had originally planned, she opted to go back to Radley and devise a new plan.

Before she did, she befriended Ian, who was a member of the NAT club.  At that point, she both flirted with Ian, as well as paid him with money provided by Wren, and convinced him to film Alison and her friends. He didn’t understand why “Spencer” wanted to be filmed, though Alex incorporated it as part of her flirting, telling Ian she wanted to see how Ian saw her in his eyes.  

Alex’s first priority, however, was still hurting Ali.  Alex/Bethany would never forgive Jessica for having her wrongly commited.  She starts writing to Ali, although when Ali visits Radley to see her, Alex has her roommate(Kimberly Brown) pretend to be “Bethany”.  Ali, being the mean girl she was at the time, enjoys playing with her new toy.  

When Ali begins to get “A” messages (from Mona), she begins to wonder if it isn’t Bethany sending them.  She antagonizes Alex/Bethany through letters and “visits”, making things even worse than the already are.  At the same time, Ali isn’t completely certain that “Bethany” is behind the threats, so after receiving the lipstick note on the mirror, she devies a plan to either expose Bethany or have her take her place.  

Ali drops of an exact duplicate of her outfit at Radley, with a note for Bethany to escape and come meet her so they can finally work things out.  Ali figures she and Bethany can either hash things out for good, or that if someone is trying to kill her, having Bethany run around dressed as she is hedges her bets a little bit in case it is someone else threatening her.  

At this point, Alison believes that the other Liars are innocent, and not the ones leaving messages.  That said, she can not have them in her way for all that is about to go down that night.  So, she drugs them.

Meanwhile, Jessica receives a phone call that Alex/Bethany has escaped.  She freaks out, and forbids Alison from leaving the house at all.  

Spencer and Ali argue.  Ali walks back towards her house and Spencer walks towards the woods/house.  Melissa hears heard the argument between Ali and Spencer, as do the girls (Aria, Hanna, and Emily), in a drug induced haze. The girls arrive in the bushes in time to see someone dressed like Ali, hit Alison. Mrs. D also sees Alex hit Ali from the window.  Mrs. D rushes from the house as Alex runs away.  The girls, again drugged, begin to chase Ali’s assailant.   

Mrs. D, believing Ali dead, buries her.  Mrs. Grunwald pulls Ali from the grave. The girls, chasing Alex through the woods, finally lap back around to the gazebo area and attack Alex.  As they begin to attack her, they start to hallucinate that it is Alison, and finally stop.  They leave Alex’s lifelss body in the gazebo area, and Melissa stumbles across it.  Seeing only the clothes and hair, Melissa thinks Spencer killed Ali, and buries her to hide the evidence.

At this point, Alex’s roommate, Kimberly Brown, who had escaped from Radley with Alex, leaves their meeting spot and comes looking for Alex to figure out what is taking so long.  She sees Melissa burying Alex, and as soon as Melissa leaves, she digs out the grave and saves Alex.

As it turns out, this was the worst mistake Kimberly could have made.  Alex, now set on burning down everything to do with Spencer, and the other liars, kills Kimberly Brown on the spot, switches clothes with her, and buries Kimberly in the grave.  That way, when her body is found, no one will expect she is alive and able to exact revenge.   At this point, Alex still believes she has killed Alison.

Mona sees Ali walking along the road, sends her out of town.  Ali knows for sure that someone is out to kill her, and that her Mom buried her without hesitation.  There is no reason to stay.

Alex then spends the next year devising a plan to get revenge on the liars for trying to kill her.  She enlists Wren to start dating Melissa, to get his way into the Hastings trust, and to learn more about Spencer.  As it turns out, Wren starts falling for Spencer, which only makes Alex hate Spencer more.

She starts communicating (electronically) with Mona, Lucas, and Jenna, who she learned from the NAT tapes had hated Ali as much as she did, as was also picked on by the liars.   When Aria returns to Rosewood, Alex gently nudges Mona to start sending A messages to the girls again.  She tells Mona that she will be an outcast agin, now that the Liars will be together again. In essence, she sets Mona free on the girls to torture them, knowing at some point she will escalate the game to her own level. 

When she notices the DiLaurentis house is sold, and that workers start to dig around the gazebo area, she knows she will need to get ahold of that body to switch around medical records.  “Bethany Young” has to remain dead, or Jessica and/or Peter might start searching for her.   She pays off some cops and people in the morgue and is able to alter paperwork, and steal the body.  

She noticed Jessica and Charlotte together, and eventually figures out how Charlotte fits in to the story.   When she first approahces Charlotte, Charlotte does not believe her.  She thinks it is Spencer trying to figure out where Ali is, if Ali is alive, and that she still wants to find her and hurt her.  Once Alex gains Charlotte’s trust, and Charlotte realizes how awful Ali was to Alex, Charlotte becomes a double agent, though doesn’t immediately tell Alex that Ali is still alive.  (Alex is still wondering what happened to Ali’s body)

Alex tries to burn the girls to death in the lodge fire, and that is the night she realizes Ali is still alive.  However Ali goes immediately back into hiding.  Alex then spends Season 4 trying to find Ali, and using the Liars to do so.   It is Alex that kills Mrs. D, and Mary takes the fall for her (as she did for Spencer with Eliot)  Once Alex heard thought Mona (via Shana) that the girls found Ali, Alex knew that Mrs. D that had to die, because Alex couldn’t have Mrs. D spilling the secret that Spencer had a twin.  

Alex has also realized that Charlotte had been lying to her about Ali, and that is why Charlotte agrees to “take the fall” as Big A- to protect Alex.  Season 5 up to Charlotte’s reveal is about laying the groundwork to have Charlotte take the fall with everything wrong done towards the girls.  At this point, Alex is mostly done with revenge, and just wants to live her life out with Wren, Mary, and eventually Charlotte (once she is released).

Then Charlotte is killed, and Alex is denied her family.  She thinks one of the Liars did it, though doesn’t know which one.  She enlists the help of Mary, Eliot (Charlotte’s true love), and Wren to help figure out who killed Charlotte.  

Then… Alex starts to fall for Toby.  While Alex had never really been jeaous of Spencer’s life before (I mean, who would with Peter as a father?), she did start to covet Toby.  There were two problems here- Yvonne and Wren.  Alex believed she could deal with Wren, though Yvonne would have to go.  Therefore, she set up the car accident, and while Toby was knocked out (and before help arrived) further injured Yvonne so that her injuries were mortal.

Next, she had to convince Wren that she would kill Spencer, and take over her life, allowing her to be with Toby.  This met with more resistance than she expected, and she eventually killed Wren, worried that he would tip Spencer off.   Alex knows she is playing the long game with this, and uses Aria and Ezra’s wedding (with Toby’s return) as her in to fully take over as Spencer and work toward getting Toby back. 

As for Mary, it could go either way as to whether she knew Alex’s ultimate plan to take over as Spencer until the very end.  I am going to say that until Spencer was kidnapped, Mary did not know, and by then, it was too late.

So long as capitalism exists, there will never be a government policy against discrimination, rape, drug addiction, or abuse that actually addresses the root problems behind these issues. The reason is that the root problem of all of these IS capitalism.

as a trans man coming onto the dawn of my 20’s i become more and more frustrated with a childhood i should have had but did not get to have -

things that were completely commonplace and normal for every child weren’t there for me. i felt isolated from other girls, othered and unable to connect with them on many subjects, while boys saw me as something strange, something foreign, an exciting oddity, i was never quite one of them and never invited to any guy parties except as a prop or someone to sit on the sidelines and not really take part in anything, i was someone for them to dump their problems with women on with the expectation i would give them advice or help THEM because i was ‘really a woman’ and had 'special insight’.

i was dealing with drug addiction at the age of 15, i was dealing with hospitalizations and depression and i was never allowed to just BE and when i tried, really tried, i was never allowed to just enjoy things without people having something to say about it, to make it political, to make my existence something for them to benefit from and not me, to inject their 'opinions’ i never asked for, about my body, about my mind, about my life, about my choices, about my sins.

it was expected of me to speak up constantly about gender and nothing else in class discussions and not to have any interests that defined me as a person BUT gender, i was supposed to be everyone’s teacher as a CHILD, but i was never encouraged to live life like a normal kid or to be accepted like one or to be able to not have to do anything for anyone else.

and on top of that, being gay, i never fit in anywhere. i am so afraid and always have been that i can never live my life as a man the way i want to and i can never just exist. to this day my life is something people are always seeking education from at my expense and my freetime - i try to exist as a gay man, every person on grindr expects me to teach them everything when all i want to do is make friends and go on dates, it never ends, no matter where i go, i am isolated and expected to only socialize with people 'just like me’.

teach your damn selves, i never had a childhood and you’re not taking my damn adulthood too. it’s not my job to dedicate my life to helping you all understand why i exist. it’s not my job to make you feel better, to feel like you achieved something by having the energy to LISTEN to me like you should’ve already been doing when i was a kid lost and alone and miserable.

because you are all the reason i was never able to have a normal life, why i was always ashamed and horrified at myself, why i wanted to die, why i isolated myself, why it took my years and years to find resources describing why i felt this way, and i’m not your personal FUCKING google. i’m done doing that for people and i’m done playing nice and gentle and patient educator with all of you. i am a person and you aren’t taking that away from me anymore! thanks!

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 1/??)

Author’s Note: Since you all were curious about the ending to Just Sorry smut, I decided to continue! Hope you like it. Just think of this chapter as a calm before the storm.

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Background: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Word Count: 3,111

The heat of the early morning sun rise danced across the back of your exposed thighs. Humming in pure bliss from a very good night’s rest, your hands reached out to stretch as it welcomed the sun’s bright rays warming your skin. That was one thing you always liked about Jaebum’s bedroom, he had the best room in the house for the sun rise to hit perfectly in the center of his bed. It was ‘an essential’ he had told the interior decorator when the mansion was being built.

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Deus Misereatur (God Have Mercy)

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Negan x Catalina (Colombian, Ex-Drug Dealer & OFC)

Words: 2.4k

Beta: @waywardlullabies

Warnings: Language. Dark. Zombies.

Summary: Hope was something hard to scavenge in this broken new world. Catalina is a ex-drug dealer whom love for power and control didn’t cease when the dead took over. Catalina’s followers helped her built El Paraiso to keep the zombies away and rules inside. There was only one rule to follow in Paradise, Cata’s unbreakable rules. What would happen when one of the evilest men in this broken world would show up knocking into Paradise’s gates?

A/N: You guys might know by now that I’m currently in a JDM crisis. He’s so hot, I can’t deal! This is my first time writing Negan and loved it. Hope you guys like it much as I did. Please don’t forget to leave some feedback? XOXOXO. There is going to be some Spanish words which would be translated at the end. Thank you #palettetwin @waywardlullabies 4 always helping me!

Most gifs by @mypapawinchester.& @negangifs


Before the zombie apocalypse arrived, things were hard. That’s from someone who grew up In a land where everyone was held captive by the corrupt government or drug dealers. The words of my mother always roamed inside my head, ‘Hay gente mala y hay gente buena, mija. Cual de las dos eres tu?’ Back then Clara’s words were confusing and strange. It wasn’t until mid-school where the journey to discover myself began. Never thought it would be one of the hardest and satisfying paths of my existence. The biggest problem I faced as a teenager was growing up in a country where a woman could only be two things; a prostitute or a poor housewife. By the age of fifteen, I’d witnessed my friends being taken away by drug dealers and came back with fatherless children. Saw mother being an unhappy housewife… Neither of the two options given by destiny were something of my desire. I wanted more.

The rebel inside me didn’t understand at first. But when time came along, I began to lean towards the hardest path of them all. The most unreachable and reckless one. It wasn’t a secret: the enjoyment I felt with power and control. My mother and friends knew it very well. If someone could decide which game everyone was playing, it would be me. If anyone was going to be the leader of group projects, it was me. People respected and were afraid. Just a few had the balls enough to not do as I told so. There was no respect from those who crossed that line; either you were with me or against me, there was no in between. It was unusual for a woman to have power in Colombia, let alone be one of the greatest drug dealers of the twenty-first century. I’d got things done and got paid big money for it. Or at least that’s how it was before everything went to shit.

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Things I Wish I Knew Going Into High School

You’re officially in limbo between something ending and something beginningAnd in the student world, that means you are an upcoming freshmen–whether that be in high school or college.

Being a freshmen is an exciting, frightening, nerve-wracking thing. Why? Well, you’re starting something unfamiliar in a place that’s brand new to you. You will be meeting a lot of new people (depending on the size of your school) and the course load will be a hell of a lot different. And let’s not forget the fact that you’re growing up, which means that you will be getting new freedoms and a lot more responsibilities. For some of you, that means getting a new job, getting your license, a car, and a heck of a lot other things. High school can be an exciting thing, but it’s also a time where you’re learning to be an adult and you’re figuring out who you are.

As a freshmen in high school, here are a couple things I wish I had known before coming into high school. 

1.) Walk on the right side of the hallway
     I cannot tell you how many times I was so flustered as a freshmen because I was being trampled by upperclassmen. My high school consisted of almost 2000 students–it was pretty large. And that meant that the hallways were constantly being blocked and jammed. The rule might be different for your school but my school’s typical rule was you walk on the RIGHT side of the hallway–just like we drive on roads. Not in the middle, kind of to the right, or the left. The right. And upperclassmen can pick out freshmen easily because you can’t walk on the right side of the hallway. And it’s actually okay for you to ask for help from upperclassmen–even sophomores. Use common sense.

2.) Upperclassmen don’t care about underclassmen
      For some people, this comes as a shock, but it’s true. Unless you mess with an upperclassmen, you are mostly going to be unseen by seniors and juniors. However, upperclassmen want you to respect them. They don’t care about you unless you make something a big enough deal for them to see. However, seniors and juniors can pick a freshmen out pretty easily. Freshmen look lost and confused. Don’t be that freshmen. And don’t be that freshmen who tries to date seniors–it rarely works out.

3.) People are THIRSTY
      I think it’s safe for me to say that both in college and in high school, people are really thirsty. It’s called puberty people! However, that doesn’t mean you should go and oogle at some hot chick/dude and think that it’s normal. And just know that as soon as you get into high school, it’s common for other freshmen to start immediately checking out people of the opposite sex. It’s human nature.

4.) The workload gets harder as you go on
I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to school and I took honors classes and AP classes all four years of high school. I only had one off hour my last semester of school despite the fact that it’s common to have one all four years of school. And I managed to survived high school. The rigor of classes and workload changes on what you take and how much time you have. I was involved in choir, band, and marching band in high school and higher demanding classes with regards to workload. However, it’s not like I went into high school with a butt ton of homework. Actually, it got harder and harder each year–but it was still manageable. And some people do a really good job with only doing a little bit and still doing really well in high school. But that doesn’t mean you can. Everyone works differently–take what you think you’ll be able to handle. 

5.) Being able to drive does NOT make you cooler
     I was one of those late bloomers and didn’t get my license until my senior year (like the last half of my senior year). Which in a lot of ways was a blessing. Why? Well, I think some of people fail to realize that driving is a huge responsibility. You have to pay for gas. You have to change the oil. You have to take care of it. Just like you would any other possession. And as I watched others get cars, I also learned that some people had to pay for their own car. And let’s not forget about insurance. Also, you waste gas on driving your friends around and trust me–your friends will ask you for rides all the time. And that sucks. A butt ton.

6.) Get Involved
Your high school experience is what you make of it. Not your friends. Not your parents. In other words, you need to get involved. You will make so many friends this way and it’s so much easier to make friends in these types of environments. Join a sport or a club–something that you’re interested in (or even something you’re not). That way, you’re meeting people who are interested in the same thing. And not only that, but you might find something you like. But the more you’re involved, the more you’ll enjoy your high school career. It helps keep you active in your school and it allows you to make friends and not get as bored.

7.) Those childhood friends from elementary school that you swore you’d be BFFS? You won’t keep them.
I don’t care if you knew them from childhood. I don’t care if you knew them since you were in diapers. There’s a decent chance that you two will part ways in high school–or even after high school. I had several friends that I kept all throughout elementary and middle school but we parted ways my freshmen year. We had different interests and we met new people. You now get to pick from a larger pool of people to be friends with and that’s a huge deal. It’s sad, but it’s just something I wish I knew too. Plus, you go off to college in four years. You’ll leave those friends too.

8.) Nobody wants to look at you and your lover sucking face
I don’t care if you look like the child of Megan Fox, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Gosling all rolled into one. I don’t care if your lover looks like that either. NOBODY wants to see you sucking face in the middle of the hallway. And neither do your teachers. It’s awkward and it’s gross. Plus, odds are, you’ll be one of those people who are causing those damn traffic jams in the hallway. It can waitJust because you didn’t see your boyfriend/girlfriend for one hour doesn’t mean you need to show them that you missed them. 

9.) Peer pressure is only a thing if you make it a thing.
     I know a lot of people rant about peer pressure and drugs and alcohol. But unless you put yourself in that situation, peer pressure really isn’t a problem. Or… you know, if you don’t have confidence in who you are. I think peer pressure comes from the fact that high school students are very insecure. And the only reason peer pressure becomes a real issue for most students is because they are trying to fit in and be accepted. Be confident in your beliefs and your own moral and peer pressure will never exist. I knew several people who were heavy in the drug and alcohol scene and I never touched the stuff. I never put myself in a situation where I felt uncomfortable.

10.) Cliques
       Cliques happen in high school and if you’re someone who says they don’t happen–odds are you are the person who is at the top of the pyramid. However, cliques do not define who you areJust because someone hangs out with other jocks or intelligent brainiacs does not mean that they are bound to that stereotype. High school kids are mean and teenagers are going to judge you. But what they say doesn’t matter and your self-worth does NOT come from idiots who need to judge others.

11.) Movies are an inaccurate version of high school
      Don’t be one of those naive people who believe movies depict accurate versions of anything. I never heard of intense parties where people got so drunk that they forgot they lost their virginity. People are not as mean as they are in movies. And high school is NOT the best four years of life–if it is, then you’re gonna hate the next 60+ years of your life. And they aren’t the worst either. Which brings me to my next point…

12.) High School does NOT define you–it is not the end of the world
      I hated high school. And some of it is my own fault and some if it just came from the fact that I just had some bad experiences. But I knew that it was ONLY four years of my life. If you become ‘known’ as the geeky, low-life person in high school, it is not going to define you for the rest of your life. And odds are, you’ll succeed and go to much better and bigger places than your peers. College and life after college doesn’t care what you did or who you were in college. And that can be a great thing or a really bad thing. Don’t let your high school experience define who you are. Life goes on and high school is only a small percentage of your life. 

13.) Go to class. YOUR GRADES MATTER
      I never ditched classes. But I know people who did too. And they either dropped out or they are not attending college. Or they failed to graduate. Or they just got their GED (which is still pretty valid, but you get my point) If your someone who wants to go to college–then you need to think about that now. Your freshmen year, in regards to grades, DOES matter. Don’t be someone who thinks of things in the short-run. Colleges look at all four years of high school–however, they focus on your junior year and they DO look at your freshmen and sophomore year. And don’t listen to the people who say they don’t look at your senior year. Because they do. Your grades matter–they are what determine where you’re going to college. They determine SCHOLARSHIPS. College costs a lot of money–and if you’re someone who doesn’t have the money to pay for it, then you might want to think about your grades. There’s no reason to be going to high school and paying for classes and books and stuff if you don’t want to be there. Same goes for college, by the way.

14.) Create good habits NOW instead of later
      Freshmen year is by far your easiest year of high school and it’s good to start making good habits when it’s the easiest. And good habits–I mean good eating habits, good study habits, and good social habits. You’re gonna be busier when you get older and you will need to have good studying habits when you don’t have the time to study. Do your homework when you get home. DON’T PROCASTINATE–that will always be everyone’s advice–but it is SO true. Classes, homework, and projects get harder and harder as you get further into high school and if you get into the habit of procrastinating then you will be screwed your junior year. And make good habits in friends. Be around people who you want to be like–and that doesn’t mean popular.If you want to be studious, be around those who are studious. If you want to be an athlete, be around athletes. Be around people who you admire–not those who are admired by thousands. Your friends will help you when times get hard in high school and you are going to want genuine, real friends to be there for you. Put yourself around the right people and the rest is easy. 

15.) Everyone is just as nervous as you are
       There are hundreds of thousands of people joining you on your first day of high school. There are so many different advice columns for high school freshmen. And not only that, but everyone is just as nervous as you are and if they say they aren’t, then they are lying.

And finally…

16.) You are as cool as you think you are. BE CONFIDENT.
     I constantly have to remind myself this little, simple fact. And I always to have say this quote to myself: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” You don’t need to have the coolest shoes or hair or makeup to be cool. Be sure in who you are and you will enjoy high school. You don’t need to be considered 'cool’ or 'popular’ by the rest of the school to actually be an amazing person. Do what you think is cool. There will be times when you don’t agree with what everyone else is doing. And those are times that really define who you are. You do you.

I hope that this helped you think about what to expect for your first of high school.

Keep on rockin’…

My Experiences with the Signs/ How I know Them Personally

So I’ve seen these done a lot and they look really fun so! Aquarius p.o.v

Aries: strong-willed/bossy/protective
You tell me what to do a lot and it really gets on my nerves. You’re a bit of a hypocrite and you don’t pay much attention to what others want/like. At the same time you called me your child and you attempt to rid me of stress. You take care of me.

Taurus: laid back/kind/troubled
Your family gives you grief and school is overwhelming. Yoy’re in over your head but you manage to make all of your friends smile with your stories. Overall you have a kind heart and you push on when everyhing is bearing down on you.

Gemini: carefree/gentle/humorous
You have this confidence about you. You tease and make fun but it’s never mean. I feel so close to you like we’re similar souls.

Cancer: overemotional/liers/clingy
You’re so fun to talk to but why do you need all the extra? All these things you tell me I can’t decifer from right and wrong. It makes it difficult to trust you but I want to, so badly. You wallow in self pity and then beg others to do the same. I’m tired of helping you and getting nothing in return. I’m trying to let go but you’re holding on. You’re choking me.

Leo: competitive/hyperactive/conceited
You were my world for a short time. It’s your fault I’m gone. You cheated with 3 others and embarassed yourself by begging for me back. I was too blinded by your beauty to realize how much you broke me inside. You hurt me intentionally more than once and I can’t forgive that.

Virgo: irrational/perfectionist/hypocritical
You tore me up inside and out. You manipulated my young brain and emotions to use as revenge. You involved me in problems I didn’t know existed and you kept me away from everything I loved. Your mind was sick and your heart was sicker. You used me for so many years but I’m free now. I’ve left and I’m never going to say hello again.

Libra: loving/carefree/attatched
She loves everyone and everything. Her tough exterior is a show because she’s broken. She’s been through so much and the people she chooses to love are always the wrong ones. The alcohol and drug use will kill her heart slowly but for now she is pure. And that beautiful smile shows everytime I look into her eyes and I feel like something.

Scorpio: serious/rebellious/irritable
Your broken soul fell in love with me and I’m sorry I can’t feel the same. Your mind is jumbled with your problems. No sleep, no food, no focus. You’re broken from top to bottom yet you’re beauty illuminates the room. You try your best to keep it all in but it spills. I’m honored to be your pillow for when fall.

Sagittarius: judgemental/determined/impatient
He wants what he wants and he’ll get it regardless to what others feel and say. He’ll do something and then yell at someone else for the same thing. His jokes are filled with underlining hatred and there is no mercy for his loved ones. His children (me) must live the way he tells us to and the way he would. High standards and expectations are held.

Capricorn: neat/stoic/rebellious
Everything must be spick and span by the end of the day. You lose sleep when things are chaotic. I only see your emotions every now and then and when they come out nothing can stop them. You have troubles with your anger and I know it’s from your past. I’m here for you.

Aquarius: quiet/distant/different
You have this weird vibe that makes me want to be closer to you. You only speak to me every now and then and in those times it’s only a few words. Being the same scares me because I know who you are. I know how difficult it is to feel and the urges that you get. But I, being equally afraid of my emotions, have fallen for you. You consume my thoughts all day and all night. Wanting to hear your voice and touch your skin. I heard you singing quietly to yourself once and from then on I have classified you as my misunderstood angel.

Pisces: caring/reckless/free
I’m so comfortable with you. You drag my feelings out and you latch onto each one as if they were your own. Our long drives and our late nights. Staying awake for hours into the night talking and getting into trouble. You’ve taught me so much and I wish I could tell you this but you’re too pure, too beautiful for me.

Confession: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect. he wore wigs, he had cosmetic surgery, he even had a drug problem, but he NEVER harmed anyone or put others in harm’s way, he NEVER disrespected people of authority even when they tore his home apart to search for evidence that never fucking existed! Even in his darkest hour he NEVER hurt his family or fans! And most of all he NEVER blamed anyone else for his own problems. So don’t you fucking dare compare justin bieber to Michael Jackson EVER!

Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect.

he wore wigs, he had cosmetic surgery, he even had a drug problem, but he NEVER harmed anyone or put others in harm’s way, he NEVER disrespected people of authority even when they tore his home apart to search for evidence that never fucking existed! Even in his darkest hour he NEVER hurt his family or fans! And most of all he NEVER blamed anyone else for his own problems. So don’t you fucking dare compare justin bieber to Michael Jackson EVER! 

Listen, we all have our peeves. Mine is people who think that prior illegal activity = lifetime of shame for Black men while we watch white weed sommelier blogs turn into big business. While we watch white men and women open dispensaries and get rich off the same shit they used to jail half the dudes in my graduating class. I never moved weight, but I grew with the kids who were slinging to keep the lights on at home. A lot of them are different people now, happy productive people. They got there the hard way, and yes addiction is a terrible thing for the people who suffer from it. But even addicts will tell you the problem is their addiction, not the existence of a supplier. Alcohol and nicotine kill more than any other drug. Both are legal. 

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Wait so about that last ask on the main blog from saizofan112 or whatever, do y'all support equal treatment? I understand that the asker was a bit extreme in getting their point across but I'm curious

Wrought probably has different views on this than I do. So sorry, Wrought.

Racism does exist in the United States. I grew up in a multi-cultural area where half the town is white, half Hispanic. We just recently had racial tensions climb because of the whole Trump fiasco. I’ve seen racism as an observer, although never experienced it because for whatever reason I was liked by the Hispanic community at my school. I know this is anecdotal evidence but that story isn’t uncommon. Just replace “Hispanic” with the largest minority community.

We have problems with our drug laws that disproportionately affect the black community. We have problems with city planning that disproportionately affect the black community. There was Eric Garner, who got choked out awhile ago over selling single cigarettes. Even if he resisted arrest, why? It’s a tax crime. Come to his house the next day and serve him a court order. Someone died because the government couldn’t tax what he was selling. That’s either a severe issue with our police force being violent, a problem with taxes, a problem with racism, or all three (hint: it’s all three).

Racism exists here. To ignore it is willful ignorance. And because of reactions to it, government will get more powerful and take power away from private citizens.