a drink with enough alcohol to ruin your life and self esteem so you have to let people know all the time who you are

Flower Petal Wishes

Summary: He loves me not. He loves me not. He loves me not.

Dan has convinced himself that he is worthless, a complete failure, unlovable. He doesn’t understand why this dark haired man is even interested in him. Why he would ever waste his time on him.

Genre: Angst, fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 3K

TW: Alcohol, low self-esteem, implied homophobia, bad parenting.

A/N: I can’t help but feel like this entire thing is just me translating expressions from Dutch into English. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

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Forgiveness - Part Two

Summary: Your live has changed drastically since you’ve moved back to Colorado. Things have changed you life, that you didn’t even expect. And then there was Dean, coming back into your life, just when you were able to forget about him as much as you could. This is the sequel to my Punch - Series. You should read it before you read this one.

Words: 1568

Pairing: eventual Dean x Reader

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Warnings: Angst I guess

A/N: Feedback is appreciated!


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