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There was a post once with the hc of Jack having a tooth gap before the promotion and have I mentioned that I love it?

But then I started thinking about how Gabe would react when he suddenly lost it. So have this drabble. 

Gabriel exhaled as he stepped off the ship, taking in the view of the new HQ. He hardly recognized it, if he was honest. The size of it had doubled. The trees and flowers outside made it feel more like a resort and less military. In fact he’d almost swore a few of these people were touring the place rather than working there.

The most glaring difference, however, had to be the statue.

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Please Drink Responsibly - Chapter 8

- Commission from @clionadraws

Keith leaned against the railing that circled the dance floor and surveyed the crowd a few feet below. He had to admit he was glad he’d come. This bar had a completely different vibe to the ones they normally frequented. He wasn’t used to seeing men be so open with one another. It was oddly freeing.

Lance came up behind Keith and rested his chin on his shoulder, looking into the crowd with him. Keith started at the close proximity.

“You gonna come dance with me?” Lance tempted him, putting one hand on the railing next to Keith’s.

“Maybe…” Keith said with a hint of flirtation. Lance leaned against him more and continued scanning the crowd. Keith sighed to himself, feeling the warmth of Lance’s body behind him.

“Check him out,” Lance gestured at a man that resembled the one that had sparked their flirtatious conversation at Shay’s birthday.

“Nah,” Keith said disinterested. He slid his finger along the railing until it touched Lance’s hand and held his breath, wondering if Lance had noticed. Lance pointed at a few more men, but Keith stayed lukewarm to his suggestions.

“Jeez, are there any you like?” Lance stepped to his side to look at him, perplexed.

“There might be,” Keith said, looking directly at Lance, and watched the colorful club lights dance off his face. “I’m not sure he’ll go for it though,” he added with a lump in his throat.

- The Wormhole, Please Drink Responsibly