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it’s prom season again and marinette’s ultimate plan is to get chat to come as her date and make adrien jealous…much to her disappointment, adrien isn’t present at the prom (gee i wonder why), but she ends up having a blast with chat anyway.


thanks for being patient with me guys! this is a birthday gift for a friend. speaking of birthdays, i turned 18 today!! it feels so weird. i’m now legal……….ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙

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dragon age inquisition companions reacting to the inquisitor being ill? (thank you so much!!! i love your guys reactions!!)

Cassandra: She orders them back into bed and has them lie down. She doesn’t want anyone else to get sick and wants them to rest and get better. She asks if they’d like any books to keep them occupied and hopes they get well soon. If Romanced: She hangs around his quarters, reading from a book (perhaps poetry) as her beloved coughs and sits in bed, complaining and miserable. “You will be alright,” she reassures, “just relax. I am here.”

Blackwall: He visits them in their quarters to check on them and asks how they’re feeling. He abashedly scratches the back of his neck when they reply. “Right, foolish question. Just rest up, we need you back with us.” If Romanced: He spends the whole damned time she’s sick with her, not worried in the least if he gets sick as well. She voices her concerns over it, and he just smiles wryly. “It’d hardly be the worst thing in the world, my lady. I’ve survived far worse.”

Iron Bull: If they’re out and about, he’ll haul them back to bed and tell them to rest. He has the kitchen make them something hot to clear out their lungs. At some point, he visits them and offers some of his hot cocoa. “A hot drink will clear out your lungs,” he says cheerfully, “my tamassran would always make us drink and eat hot food and it worked. Feel better soon, Boss!” If Romanced: He hangs out with them most of the day. Every ten minutes or so, he makes them drink some tea. They groan and complain, but they do it, and they feel a lot better in a surprisingly short time. When they pass out, he gently tucks them in and leaves them be.

Sera: She drops by now and then to check on them, and she winces when they cough. “Ugh, that’s bad. Sounds and looks like it. Feel better soon, we need you.” She knows they’re bored, so she’ll talk with them for awhile until they start nodding off again. If Romanced: She spends much more of her day up in her girlfriend’s room, wanting to ensure they don’t get any more ill than they already are. “I need you to be good again. Soon. Please? It’s no fun pranking without you.” She makes her eat even if she doesn’t want to and makes sure that she rests.

Varric: He drops by now and then with updates about what’s going on around the keep– wry remarks and snark– and it makes them smile. He’ll also regale them with stories about when Hawke was sick and the sort of shit they tried to pull, and it makes them laugh, and feel a little better. He also sends them some books to keep them busy.

Cole: He was the first to sound the alarm on them being sick. “Weary, lungs shaking, hot fire burning in my throat, nose stuck and still, a sticky feeling all over. You have a cold.” They wouldn’t rest after he came to them and told them he felt their pain, so he told the healer. The healer did a quick examination, agreed, and send the Herald up to rest. He visits them from time to time with whatever they need, if they run low on anything. “You should be better soon,” he says, “everyone is worried…”

Dorian: He visits them periodically and attempts to use his magic to help their symptoms. In the meanwhile, he shares gossip about other people in the Inquisition to keep them entertained. If they so much as smile, he’s happy. “Ah, and a beautiful smile comes out,” he says cheekily, “you’ll be back to normal in no time!” If Romanced: He fusses over him more than he would like to admit. He nags him a lot more to take his medicine and listens to his complaints sympathetically. He’s relieved when he can get him to sleep and rest– he wants his amatus better again as soon as possible.

Solas: He has remarkably little experience with the common cold, but he tries to help with their symptoms with a few spells. He urges them to rest and sleep as much as possible– it will let their body recover while they roam in the Fade. He does ask Josephine if she would like any assistance in the meanwhile. If Romanced: He frets over his vhenan endlessly, checking on her in waking hours repeatedly and asking her how she’s feeling. She assures him that she’ll be fine, but it does little to soothe him. He takes to visiting her in the Fade, sleeping as much as she does, and is happy to see her cold symptoms, for the most part, do not plague her there. He will dream with her as long as it takes for her to get better.

Vivienne: She drops by periodically with elfroot potions to ease their symptoms. It tastes foul, like very bitter cough syrup, but they ingest it at her behest. She orders the kitchen to make them tea and soup regularly, like Bull– it will make them feel better. “Feel better soon, Darling,” she says very gently as they begin to slip back into sleep when she’s about to leave, “we need you back with us.”

Leliana: She actually places someone by their quarters to make sure they don’t try to escape their room– she doesn’t want them to get more ill than they already are, and doesn’t want them to spread their disease. She has the healer bring her updates on their condition, and she doesn’t worry as long as they don’t get worse. She does drop by at least once, though, to tell them she hopes they get better soon.

Cullen: He tries his best to help Josephine with some of the work left over when he’s not too busy. He considers posting an extra guard by their door, but Leliana assures him that she has it covered. He manages to visit them at least once, and he tells them he hopes they feel better soon. If Romanced: He’s stressed, to say the least. As soon as he’s done with work, he’s off to be by her side. He drops by the kitchen and has them make a specific recipe for chicken noodle soup, the same recipe his mother made him and his siblings when they were sick. He’s willing to make it himself, or he would be, if the chefs didn’t shoo him out. When he has to get to work, he leaves only very reluctantly, pressing a kiss to her forehead before he goes.

Josephine: She can handle work while the Inquisitor is ill– she doesn’t want them out and about. A sick Inquisitor does not look good to visitors. She strictly forbids them from being disturbed about work, and takes on an increased workload just to make sure of that. When the Herald finds out, they thank her profusely, and she just smiles. “Just take care of yourself, Inquisitor. We all want you at your best.” If Romanced: She takes on the workload, and continuously asks for information about her beloved. She’s stressed and worries about them constantly, and whenever she can spare a moment, she’s off to check on them. The Inquisitor wryly tells her to relax, lest she get sick, too, and she sighs. “I don’t know that I can, my love. Not while you are ill.”


I am not privileged because I am white. I am privileged because I was born to loving middle class parents. I am not privileged because I am white. I am privileged because even after my parents divorce, it meant I got twice the gifts on holidays. I am not privileged because I’m white. I’m privileged because even when my father started drinking more, he still never made me go without. I am not privileged because I am white. I am privileged because when my brother died we could afford a beautiful funeral to bring my family peace. I am not privileged because I am white. I am privileged because the good job I have was obtained by knowing the right person. I am not privileged because I am white. I am privileged because when I said I was no longer a Christian, my mother did not turn her back. I am not privileged because I’m white. I am privileged because when I came out as gay I was still given safe haven in my home.
I am not privileged because I am white, I am privileged because even through every hardship I have faced, I have had the means to survive. I am privileged because my parents taught me to be ambitious, because instead of telling me living off the government is okay, I was told that my own ambition is the cure to any oppression I could ever feel.
I was taught to believe that oppression is a mind set that I have the capability to over come.
I know white people who live on the street, who live in constant fear of death by police, and who stay up late at night to make sure their kids aren’t taken away.
White Privilege does not exist. The privileged are privileged by circumstance, not by skin color. We have chosen to take the cards we were given as blessings instead of groaning about our hand. Millennials, wake up. Wake up and see that WE are the solution. That no matter who is our commander and chief, he is out numbered several billion to one. WE THE PEOPLE, have the power to overcome concepts of privilege and oppression and move forward in unity towards a better America. Our upbringings are the problem, and our growth and enlightenment is the solution.


I asked one of my coworkers (he’s a server/bartender) to give me the hardest drink he has, and he grabbed a cup, filled it with some weird liquid from a squirt bottle and handed it to me. I drank it cause it smelled like apple juice, but then I tasted it and it was sour and disgusting. I swallowed it and was like “WHAT WAS THAT?!” And he had my other coworkers smell it and iT WAS FUCKING OLIVE JUCIE HE MADE ME DRINK OLIVE JUCIE

Ryan's wild night - Part 1 - The Patch @ E3 - June 16th (5hr 29m)
  • Meg: [in response to telltale] It was really really neat so I gave them my second award.
  • Ryan: I remember very little 'cos you got me hammered right before.
  • Meg: I did! I got Ryan to drink bourbon-
  • Ashley: Wait! Ryan had a drink?
  • Meg: Yeah!
  • Ashley: Wait! Is this seperate from the Youtube party?
  • Meg: Yeah! He had a drink beofre the Youtube party-
  • Ryan: She made me pre-drink.
  • Gus: "She made Ryan" [sarcastic tone, Meg asks him to describe what happened] Let me tell you what happened, Meg ordered a drink for Ryan, and handed it to him and said "Here you go!" And Ryan said "What is this?" And she said; "Just drink it it'll be fine." And he said "Okay."
  • Meg: That was it! [at Ryan] Oh it's so hard to be you-
  • Ryan: [over Meg] I'm sorry I trust you Meg Turney!
  • Gus: You took a sip and said "I take it this is not the virgin version." And Meg said "It is not." And then you continued to drink it-
  • Meg: I didn't lie to you! And then the best thing I figured out is Ryan's philosophy on drinking is "eww this is yucky...I'll drink it fast so I don't have to drink it anymore." So then at the Youtube party I was like "yeah drink this yucky punch." [the others react] And it would just be gone immediately!
  • Ryan: I drank the yucky punch first, then you came back-
  • Ashley: It was some pink drink, she ordered two of them, we looked over like 30 seconds later and Meg had taken two sips [measures about 2 inches] Ryan's was gone!
  • Meg: [To Ryan] Yours was gone!
  • Ryan: I-I- that's how I drink - I plow through liquid. Normally it doesn't have alcohol in it-
  • Ashley: We're just very proud of you Ryan!
  • Ryan: Then you got something- that was like a diet coke and something- and that was-
  • Meg: I tried to get you a vodka and diet coke [Ryan interjects how awful it was and he couldn't drink it] because I thought maybe you could take it back home -[they debate what she means by taking it back home] I meant to what you are normally drinking.
[TRANS/MAGAZINE] EXO x ViVi Magazine 「EXO-SHOT」 Vol.7 Sehun for November Issue 2016 - Chen Cut

Q. Tell us your thoughts on Chen’s photoshoot (t/n: in ViVi, his themes were “HAPPY” and “SORROW”).
A. The “HAPPY” photos are so very Chen! Among the people I know, he has the most positive mind, and his happy aura is overwhelming. That’s why I’ve never seen his expression to be sad like in the “SORROW” pictures. Chen’s smile is EXO’s treasure!

Q. Tell us a recent episode with Chen.
A: The other day after our concert finished, we went out for drinks. He cheered me on and made me laugh. He’s really an older brother you can count on. When you talk with Chen, you get energy even if you feel down - you feel how your heart gets lighter. When we can’t meet often because different individual schedules go on for a long time, Chen is happier than anyone else to see me. I’m always happy and more than anything thankful for that. He’s a source of my happiness.

To view Chen’s scans + interview for ViVi Magazine Vol. 6, click here!

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translator: nora
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so um…

i have an au where sans was working on some experiments that his skeleton body couldn’t handle, so he went to dr alphys for help and together they made a robot body for sans, which sans then used his blue magic to transfer his soul to it (which was very risky but it paid off) and the new robo form kinda stuck :o

now he makes robot and science puns as well as skeleton ones.



So last night I was at a bar and I ordered a Bud light, the bartender looked at me strangely, said nothing then walked off and started making a cocktail… I thought that was pretty rude. 
He then came back with a very fancy looking cocktail, gave it to me and said “an above satisfactory vodka Marconi for you Tucker”
I started a slow clap and congratulated him on the best Danger 5 fan interaction I’ve had.
He was just getting warmed up, because for the rest of the night he made me all the drinks mentioned in the show and gave me a word perfect quote with cocktail.
Needless to say I was as impressed as I was drunk. 10/10

If you don’t know (Calum)

“Shhhh,” Calum hushed me as I giggled uncontrollably under his touch. “We’re gonna get caught.” We were had gone just right outside the service entrance of the hotel. Calum and I had been in dire need to be by each other all night. I had probably grabbed 8 drinks from his tray just to be near him. He made me feel a little less lonely in that boring ballroom. We took the first opportunity we could to sneak off alone together. Cal was more worried about getting caught than I was. He would probably get fired for fraternizing with a guest of the party. I wasn’t too worried about anyone I knew trying to find me. No one I knew was going to come around and see us. Most of the people I knew, wouldn’t be caught anywhere near “The Help”. Calum pressed his lips harshly against mine in an attempt to silence my giggles. It worked. I grabbed hold of his black tie and loosened it around his neck. I glided my thumb across his now exposed collar bone as his hands traveled up my sides. He pressed his large palms to the sides of my face and pulled him deeper into him. I didn’t understand how Calum could be so warm all over. He was warm from his lips to his feet. The heat from his hands made my face feel sunburned, but in a good way. I pulled back to catch my breath. Calum gently placed his thumb on my bottom lip and began to kiss my neck. “I just don’t understand it. How are you so beautiful?” He asked in between the light kisses he was placing along my jugular.

“What I don’t understand is how you can look so good in your waiter uniform,” I said. He really did. His white button up shirt was the perfect fit and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbow. His black slacks hugged in all the right places. nd there was just something about a guy and a skinny black tie. He looked a me with a smug grin on his face. He put his hands in his apron pockets.

“You like that?” he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “You like a man with extra pockets?” There was a noise from the other side of the alley. Calum and I both jumped in fer that we had been exposed. Nothing appeared. We shrugged it off. “You should get back to your party.” I let out a loud groan. That party was the last place I wanted to be. I buried my head in Calum’s chest. Maybe if I stayed still long enough, he would let me stay. He rubbed his hands along my arms. “C’mon, I’ve got to work and you’ve got to mingle with fancy rich people.” I had to think of something that would make him change his mind. I started to lightly kiss along his jawline. Each kiss was as light as a butterflies wing. My lips were barely even touching his skin. I moved at a painfully slow pace down to his collar bone. Each kiss got more aggressive as I moved toward his collar bone. “Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.” I grabbed hold of his wrists and traced lazy circles with my thumbs on top of his veins. “Y/N, I have to work and you have a pretend boyfriend you need to appear to be happy with.” 

It sounded weird but I really did have a pretend boyfriend. Our parents had set us up. It was going to make the company look good and give our family some good press. My dad and his dad were these big wig professionals in this giant paper corporation. So to them, appearance was everything. Joshua and I didn’t have anything in common but we continued to date for our parents sake. Unfortunately, I was the only miserable one in the relationship. Joshua seemed to semi enjoy the fake front we put on every time we’re together in public.

“Caaaaaluuuuuum,” I whined. “Do you think you could slap one of those black ties on me and I could just wait tables with you all night?” Calum tried to straighten himself up and tighten his tie. I assisted by tightening his tie and refolding his sleeves.

“No,” Calum answered. “You’re too cute to be a waitress.” Calum placed a kiss to my forehead. “I’ll see you after the party. Maybe we can sneak away from the press and we’ll have our own little after party?”

“I can’t. Joshua and I have to get dinner with my parents.” Calum’s eyes fell to the floor. “It’s okay, I get to pick the restaurant. you just need to pick up n extra shift today and I’ll make sure to take lots of ‘bathroom brakes’.” Calum grabbed my palms and brought them to his chest.

“Are we ever gonna tell your parents about us?”

“It’ll happen, Cal. I promise. They’ll come around.”

“I hope so.” Calum kissed my fingers and returned into the kitchen. I fell in love with the kitchen boy, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Let me know if any of you think this would be good for like a short series or something)

When I was very, very young I saw the largest moth I had ever seen in the living room window. My father killed it 30 seconds later and I threw myself to the ground, sobbing, and screamed “HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND.”

Later, he made me chocolate milk and I made him drink it first because I believed he had poisoned it because anyone who killed my best friend surely wanted me dead too.

I’ve always thought of myself as being much more important than I really am.