a dream world

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Idk if anyone has said this

But imagine the musical with Alex instead of Mon-el. Everything is the same but just with Alex. Alex stubbornly carrying Kara to Earth 1 because “Dammit J'onn she’s my sister, and I know how to help”. Kara still complaining to Barry about Mon-el, and Barry replying “You go girl” (because he totally would). Alex trying desperately to save her baby sister, including a tough interrogation of Music Mister. Alex just being a badass all around. Alex and Iris in the “dream world” (or whatever) being in a star crossed relationship because of their fathers’ hatred and maybe dream!Alex’s father is homophobic. Kara still reacts the same way to the kiss because “Alex should only be kissing Maggie” (Iris and Barry is a whole other rant). Kara talking to dream!Alex’s dad explaining “a father will do anything for his daughter” and realizing Alex’s perspective on the whole Jeremiah thing. Alex crying over her dying sister, pleading for her to stay with her. Saying she can’t live without her Supergirl, her sister. Alex hugging and kissing Kara, true love’s kiss working its magic. Because familial love is just as important as romantic love. Kara waking up, apologizing about Jeremiah. Alex just shaking her head and holding Kara tight. They promise to make sister night a more regular thing, and they go home to eat pot-stickers and pizza. Also, just imagine Alex saying “J'onn is more than just a pretty face”.

TL;DR: Kara’s and Alex’s relationship is the most important relationship on Supergirl, and it keeps being overlooked.

Neptune’s realm is always a hall of mirrors. The communist, driven by a utopian dream of a perfect world, is locked in mutual hatred with the fascist who is driven by an equally utopian dream of an equally perfect world. Their methods are often identical, ad all that distinguishes them from each other is the definition of the serpent.
—  Liz Greene

Hillary Clinton proved to us yet again, why she was meant to be president. She’s not deflecting or going on Twitter rants, she’s standing up for Americans. It was Hillary embracing that badass Rodham girl who gave a commencement speech at Wellesley College in 1969.

“April Ryan, an immensely respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon, and she was patronized and cut off as she tried to ask a question. One of your own California congresswomen, Maxine Waters, was taunted with a racist joke about her hair. Too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. Any woman who thinks this couldn’t be directed at her is living in a dream world.”

Pisces Sun - Aquarius Moon - Cancer Rising - INFJ

You are a compassionate and kind person with a wide range of interests and your own set of values and ideals. You enjoy taking your mind on journeys to the mysterious and inexplicable and therefore always strive to take your knowledge to the next level. You can not help but being attracted by experiment, which is why you are likely to go through several pursuits or concepts before you find the profession you want to deal with for the rest of your life. Once decided, you bring an incredible amount of energy and will to the table, both fueled by your curiosity and passion. Although it is very easy for you to understand other’s patterns of feeling, you are not very good at dealing with your own emotions which shows through your mood swings. One moment you can be charming and optimistic and in the next you seem aloof and silent. You love to help others and dream about changing the world since the well-being of people is a matter of personal importance for you. You can not stand injustice and it hurts you seeing others treated unfair or cruel. The more you are involved in the lives of others, the more difficult it gets for you to trust others or to show them how you really feel, which is why only few people will ever really know you. You come across as gentle and quiet with your very own aura of comfort that draws others in. You do not enter a situation with a loud explosion but rather walk into the lives of others without them really noticing it. You are quite shy but even when you do not speak much, people see how sensitive and caring you are, not only towards others but also when it comes to protecting yourself. 


Growing Darker

dash lights
chasing a cone yellow white
too much of nothing
not enough of something
the eyes find no answers
and the music isn’t working
it’s not working
it paints no visions
tells no tales
it is opening the wrong doors,

Drawing the demons to me,

Calling the ghosts to come home,

Thinking too much I know this I know I’m doing it but thinking about thinking too much means nothing nothing even less

Things that should be
sit with failed futures in their laps
these dreams hopes directions
the world was sure to go
turned out to be more like
the black and white movie watched
on a staticky UHF channel
on a late 70’s summer night
you missed the beginning
but became invested in the story
because it was the only one you had
it didn’t matter how it began
you wanted to see it’s end
but a distant thunderstorm
absolutely invisible to you
wrecked the reception
snow blurred the screen
static crackle stole the words
and you were left
no completion and no clue even
to what you’d been watching
but you wanted to believe
it ended well it went well
you made up an ending
imagined how it MUST be
knowing you might never really know
what really happened

Only in the dark
I see all the endings
of so many stories
and none of them are anything
anything at all
like I thought they’d be
and the mind that won’t stop
analyzes questions without answers
sees all the problems past solving
despite knowing full well
it’s pointless and a waste

But there’s too much nothing
Not enough of something
into someone else’s dream
that was never meant for me


Before Overwatch, before Titan…there was an amnesiac Soldier, left behind in a mission gone awry, who returned to a country a world away from the one he last remembered. That man was Soldier 76!

Here’s the history of how Jack Morrison/S76 had a whole non-Overwatch past you may not know about - the world Chris Metzen wrote that he’d inhabit, and perhaps, a glimpse of what might have happened if Overwatch hadn’t - a Soldier 76 comic series and comic character! Who knows, it may still…

What do you think of “origins” Soldier 76, and the world he was to inhabit? It’s pretty impressive I think, that the world Metzen dreamed up in 2004, is still pretty relevant (sadly) today in many ways!


Based on a fanfiction called Saving Wilde by EasyOdds2 on Ao3. It is still ongoing and totally worth a read. Read it here

 Nicholas Wilde is his own worst enemy. A successful international spy, his own discontent has doomed him. He is brought back from the brink by a simple farm bunny with big dreams. But the world is dangerous place and Nick is a dangerous fox, and our simple bunny will find herself embroiled in a world she never bargained for


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Current mood: Still shook from hearing Carlos and Jeremy sing in the musical crossover episode idc if it's been a week I'm still shook. And also lightly salted bc Pablo didn't get his big moment on the stage like he said he was gonna get. Also Kara's cute little gasp right after Carlos starts singing is adorable I know it's because the dancers appear out of nowhere right then but I prefer to think it's her gasping that Cisco can sing so beautifully bc she didn't know he could

sorry i forgot to answer this but this is so me, ok, like carlos and jeremy saved me, i’ve listened to ‘put a little love in your heart’ way too many times, yes,

altho real talk same and same, and i’m choosing to think that by musical rules millie and tommy take over the families and with their lead singers gone pablo and grady end up being the talent in this dream world because u know what??? i’m love them. and choosing to take this moment to hope for a karaoke episode at some point

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