a dream world

“there is NO ONE jim would rather have at his side than his confident best friend, toby. he offers jim unwavering loyalty and boundless optimism, as well as the occasional well-timed joke when things get rough. through all the ups and downs jim endures on his journeys, toby acts as his CONSTANT, inspiring jim when he is dejected and keeping jim in check when he’s gone off the deep end.”

personals do not reblog.

  • kokoro: anyone around here leading a bizarre double life?
  • misaki: (raises hand)
  • kokoro: put your hand down, misaki. we know you're not really michelle.

i don’t need anyone

               i’m so lonely
                    without your

i don’t need anyone

               your arms
                    are not around

i don’t need anyone

               no voices
                    to pull me

i don’t need anyone

               the stars
                    will keep me

You can take 5 hours, 5 days, or 5 years; it doesn’t matter. As long as you try your best when reaching your ultimate destination, time will be on your side, regardless of how much of it there is.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram

ronan lynch is a very intimidating type of guy until you find out he wanted a lil brother so badly he accidentally dreamed the sweetest one he could to keep him company and i’m sorry but if u don’t think that is the most heartwarming & cutest thing in the world u are really wrong, sorry i don’t make the rules

This is not the end

!Attention all human beings!

Ever since I heard about Jonghyun’s suicide yesterday, I had been in pure shock. It was like I was dreaming and the world was beginning to shift around me. He was one of my favorites in kpop. It was too real, too groundbreaking to swallow.

I was numb.

I led the day mourning his death, unable to focus on literally anything and everything because of how strange and horrifying this all was.

It felt surreal

But, today, I am angry.

Jonghyun’s death had been trending #1 around the world yesterday and his suicide sparked so much conversation. People are beginning to talk about the stress that kpop idols have. People are beginning to talk about just how ruthless entertainment industries are. People are beginning to understand that there is a horrifying lack of understanding and care for mental health issues in both South Korea and all over the world.

I am happy that these issues are being talked about.

But I am also angry that Jonghyun had to die for people to open their eyes to them.

When will we begin to listen and care for one another without needing a tragedy, a martyr, a broken soul to show us the way?

This is a failure.

A failure in society.

A failure of a country.

A failure of the system.

They have all failed Jonghyun. They have failed the one million people who take their lives every year. They have failed our children, our siblings, our parents, our grandparents. They have failed our friends, our families, our countrymen, fellow citizens of the world.

A week after his death everything will go back to being the same. His death will be tragic, but society will cover and forget about everything. Mental health will become another underrated issue and we will need another martyr for people to care again.

But I won’t allow it.

I won’t allow for another precious life to vanish because we forgot to care again. I won’t allow for Jonghyun’s death, and everyone else who had thought that life was not worth living, to be forgotten.

No more tragedies. No more martyrs. No more broken souls.

No more failure.

I am asking for everyone to fight against this global epidemic. I am asking for everyone to do their very best in helping our world with this issue. Just saying ‘hi, how are you?’ or 'have a good day’ can make such a difference to people suffering. We need to show that we care and are there for people in need, that they are not alone. Please donate to charities and engage in your community. Join the conversation. Please get some help if you or anyone around you is suffering.

Do not let Jonghyun’s or anyone else’s death be in vain.

This is not the end.

This is the beginning.


You know what I really want? Joseph and Mary getting a divorce, but staying friends afterwards. I want Mary coming back to the house for family movie night and actually enjoying it. I want Joseph hiring a babysitter so he can go barhopping with Robert and Mary sometime. I want them to go on a family vacation, but sleep in seperate beds and split the bill at the end. I want them to take the kids out on the yacht, and when they aren’t wrangling the little boogers, talk about how their seperate lives are going.

They obviously enjoyed each other’s company at some point, considering that they got married in the first place, so why couldn’t they be that way again when they aren’t pressured by their relationship?