a dream for a dream

Donghyuck: hey babe, are you an avocado because you’re the right kind of fat and probably very disgusting on the inside

Mark: it’s 2am, let me sleep


Jeezus Odin! I had to wake him up from a deep sleep to put him back in his enclosure and he gave me a frighten! I don’t know what you are doing with that eyeball there buddy but stop! Ya look possessed!

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

me: I see myself living in Monterey California in a this periwinkle blue, one-bedroom beach house. I’m living in jean shorts. I have 80’s-curly hair because I never style it after swimming. I work at a coffee shop. I go running on the boardwalk every morning and I’m learning to surf. I have a Border Collie and a pair of old binoculars to help me spot whales

me: no, actually

me: I’m in a tiny apartment in Edinburgh, and I work at a bookstore. I read all the time. I wear Wellies and turtlenecks. In the evenings, I take literature classes just for fun. I head out to Skye for hiking twice a month. I have a Brittany Spaniel –

me: no

me: I see myself in Northern Italy. I work as a server in a hotel restaurant. The village is busy year-round. I meet all kinds of people and learn Italian fluently. I visit my extended family in the surrounding towns every weekend. I browse Christmas markets in the winter and hike in the Dolomites all summer. I travel to Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. And Greece. And Spain. I learn to cook authentic Italian meals. I sit on hilltops and read. I drink espresso and wine and I plant a fig tree in my yard. I write a book. And

me: wait

me: so I’m the owner of a bed-and-breakfast in Quebec. 

Okay, so today as most of the kpop world knows, Twice and Bts both released mv’s. They were both great and all but there’s something that I’m kinda concerned by and confused about.

I’ve noticed that a lot of Army’s and Once’s have been talking about how they haven’t slept just so they could continue streaming. Some even apologized for being tired and said that they would just take a “quick” nap and go right back to streaming to keep the views going…

It’s cool how dedicated some of y'all are but, views aren’t everything. I know you just want to help your favs but, you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend the whole day watching one video. Views aren’t the end all and be all of a group. There’s a lot of competition in kpop, I know that well, but it’s gotten to the point where all the comments are about increasing the views instead of talking about the music.

If you are exhausted and tired, then go to sleep. Your dedication is amazing, but you don’t have to stream all day, everyday. You shouldn’t feel like a bad or fake fan for not being able to stream continuously. If you have homework, then do that. You got an exam tomorrow, study for it. The views on a kpop video shouldn’t be your top priority.


170219 [NCT LIFE MINI] New EP. 5

catch the deluge in a paper cup, Cat/Kara, Rating: G

This went up yesterday as a birthday gift for the lovely @kuromikoneko. Happry birthday again, lovely!


It’s not Mon-El in the pod. It’s a nasty chemical explosion that leaves Kara in a coma. She doesn’t know that…

J’onn brings her back in his arms, her meager weight nothing to his Martian strength. Alex hasn’t made it to the DEO yet, the one small mercy. It’s Vasquez who has to plead with him, pull at his rigid green arms and remind him that only the medbay can save Kara now, not his tears.

He sets her down on the bed with the care that only a father faced with the loss of another daughter could muster. Alex comes then, shaking and too terrified to scream. The other medical staff do their best, so used to deferring to Agent Danvers. They’re all quietly horrified when Kara’s skin, for the first time, can be punctured by an experimental needle.

“So her powers are gone,” Eliza announces, slipping on the government-issue labcoat and stopping only to reassure Alex with a brief hug. When Alex is released she goes not to her boss, who’s still stroking Kara’s hair gently from her forehead, but to her mother’s side.

“Put me to work,” Alex begs. “We have to save her.”

“Whatever was in that pod-”

“We have to save her,” Alex repeats. No one thinks to mention that they have no idea how.

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