a doujinshi you can found in japanese


“You, Like a Sunflower” ch 4 pg 11-19 of 19. Comic by An Sikui, translated by me with permission.

A wild Itachi appears…! Next chapter will be Sasuke-centric.

I left “get!” and “3Q” as they were in the original. “Get!” is a reference to the Japlish frequently found in games like Final Fantasy when obtaining an item. “3Q” is “thank you”… “3″ is pronounced like “san” in both Japanese and Chinese… “sankyuu” = “thank you”, cute right? (*≧ω≦)

A note about tags… this is a NaruSaku doujin but there is a love triangle with NaruHina. Hinata is treated sympathetically and there is no bashing (of her or any other character). I (the translator) am a NH shipper myself, and if you are a NH shipper who can tolerate (or even better enjoys) angst, I think there’s a lot to enjoy in this comic. I’m tagging for that reason and also for people’s blacklists. There’s no one way to make everyone happy. YMMV but please don’t be rude to the artist!

All currently translated pages available here. Update schedule is one chapter every other Wednesday.

While searching for any Yuri on ice Doujinshi event in Tokyo i found out that there’s an Otayuri centric Yuri on Ice doujin event on August. The venue is not that big compared to the general Yuri on Ice doujinshi event but i’m still happy that there’s a doujin event just for them. Guess the Otayuri fandom is strong in Japan╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (And I should also start saving soon because I’ll definitely buy a lot of Otayuri Goods.)

If anyone is interested in the event and image source, You can check the doujin event web page (the website is in Japanese only) by clicking the link in the Source below (since i cannot link any external links in the text because i just recently learned that Tumblr’s currently blocking/hiding any post with external links and i don’t know how to bypass it T^T)

The illustrator of the image is Saaya/Lionni. You can buy her Otayuri doujin in Toranoana if you’re in Japan and if you’re overseas, you can use international forwarding services like Tenso though i haven’t tried using it since i’m currently living in Tokyo

5/3 超☆俺のターン2017 西ホールg90a「キャップの裏側」 B5本文42P 『聴こえる形 見える音』¥600 表紙は特殊紙に2色刷です。 海アテ・セトアテ要素が含まれますが冥界にいる

I’m still so touched by saku_4i’s Doujinshi… this one instantly secured a place in my heart… 😭 💕 
It’s beautifully drawn, and the best thing? It’s completely without text. No language barrier. It’s cute, funny and fluffy. If you’re looking for a cute Kaiba/Atem Doujinshi and can’t speak Japanese, this may be the best thing you can ever get ;__; 💕
[Spoiler] my heart is crying over the scene with Atem blocking the kiss… and Kaiba’s shellshocked face when he has to leave again….

InuKag Doujinshi List

I know lots of people have questions about what doujinshi are good and where to find doujinshi and what different books are about, so I’m gonna share my personal collection in the hopes that I can help some people out, and I’ll let you know where I got my books so hopefully you can get them as well!

*Note: I buy them from Japan (using Japanese proxy buying services) and they’re A LOT cheaper than buying them from someplace like ebay or a third party retailer, but you do have to factor in shipping costs. A single book SAL small packet (the cheapest way I’ve found, about two-three weeks shipping) is gonna run about 7 bucks. For some of these books, that might be the same price you paid for the doujinshi. The best way I’ve found is to use a proxy service like Tenso, Buyee, or FromJapan and do Package Consolidation. You can bundle a bunch of packages together and ship them all at once, and the average shipping price for each item can go as low as just a few bucks.

Anyways, enough about that. There are TONS of tutorials on tumblr about using proxy services, so I won’t go into that here.

I was originally going to post all of my books in one long post, but the size of the images and my lengthy descriptions just made that idea ridiculous. SO! I’m going to do a separate post for each book, and eventually link them all back here. They’ll all be tagged with ‘doujinshi list’ so they should be easy to track down on my blog later.

Wish me luck! This is gonna take a while :/

So I got my Gorillaz doujinshi today! Took me awhile to read because I had to use Google translator to read it and even tho the translation was crap, I sort of got a Murdoc x Noodle feel when reading it, which I found kind of cute. If anyone can help me translate it that would be awesome :)
You can buy it for $3.00 + $15 for shipping on eBay if you want your own copy

[Doujinshi] Kick the chair! (AraTou) pt.1

I think we can say that this would be our first “official” release as a team? :D
For no reason at all, I (Rhea) found this doujinshi and thought it was pretty cute and wanted to actually challenge my Japanese so I started translating it (my translation virginity ;A; ) . It is nowhere perfect - I am so sorry, but I really hope it gives you (the right) sense of what’s really happening. If you think I’ve translated anything wrong or think I should edit something, feel free to contact me! 
Since my translating takes superlong, I’ll upload the first part now and the rest whenever that time comes and will make a masterpost for it as well when the whole thing is done!

I also wanna say…. I still ship TouMaki more than AraTou… though Arakita is precious.

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QUICK where are the rf4 doujins

This reply was most certainly NOT quick. Sorry. |D


There really aren’t all THAT many, though. The fandom’s not all that large. You can usually find some scattered over on the pixiv tag, but they can be fairly hard to come by (and they most likely won’t be in English). Some artists on tumblr regularly make shorter comics (like selphiaseeds) and some users repost fanmade pixiv comics pretty regularly (like kaze-no-travelers and jhiendacnl) but actual, full-length doujinshis are a rarity as far as I know.

You might also be interested in the Rune Factory 4 official manga. It’s not THAT fantastic imo (it’s a lot more fanservice-y than the game was) but it gives you a bit more of each character and presents them in that familiar manga style. I have never actually found the full manga in English, but you can read it in Japanese here and in French here (with some english translations at the bottom).

If anyone can throw more input out here, that would be appreciated. If not, I hope this suffices for the time being ^^;;