a door of hope

❧ The boy next door (2)

♡  Pairing : Namjoon x Y/N

♡  Genre : Fluff 

♡  A/N : Hope you enjoy this part

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Since I was an adult from now on, I needed to buy stuff myself. Like groceries. I got my coat and my bag went out of the apartment locked it and went to the nearest market. I grabbed a shopping bag and went to find the stuff I needed.

While doing that I bumped into someone.

‘‘Oh I’m sorry!’‘ I say, while being shocked I was so clumsy

‘‘No, it’s alright’‘ He says

‘‘Are you Namjoon?’‘

‘‘Yeah, I am’‘ I could see he was surprised someone actually knew who he was

‘‘So, hows life after graduating’‘ I smiled at him

‘‘It’s fine I guess we take our own paths in life’‘

‘‘Yeah, I think I changed my way in life after graduating’‘

‘‘How so’‘ he asked

‘‘Honestly, I think I changed the way I think about life I used to think if you run away from a certain thing you will be alright’‘ 

‘‘Once you’re a adult you can’t run away from your problems or they’ll chase you back’‘ he said

‘‘Being a child, was fun but once you went to school you were introduced to stress’‘ 

‘‘The first classes were easy though’‘

‘‘Yeah, they we’re but once you went up a class higher you were introduced to stress more and more’‘

‘‘I can agree with that’‘

‘‘So do you actually want to be a music producer?’‘ He looked quite angry

‘‘Yeah, do you have a problem with that?’‘

‘‘No, It’s your life after all you decide what you want in it right?’‘ I said while politely smiling at him

‘‘ Sorry It’s just that a lot of people think my dream of being a music producer is never going to happen’‘

‘‘It will if you actually try to make it possible’‘

‘‘Yeah, I think so too.’‘

‘‘Honestly I think you’re gonna succeed in what you want to do’‘

‘‘Thank you’‘ he said

‘‘Sorry for taking your time we just talked so much’‘

 I went home after buying all the stuff I needed.



Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Klance thing (a truth serum)

So theres this thing stuck in my head like.

•The gang splits up on a supply mission and Keith ends up walking into a carnival like area where he gets pulled into a healing tent.

•The alien lady tells him she sensed great longing and hopelessness from the red paladin (coughLancecough) and wishes to help and sprays him a “truth serum” so he can freely convey his feelings to others.

•When Lance finds him staring out into space in front of the tent he immediately goes on and on about how long they’ve been looking for him when Keith suddenly says “Im sorry, I didn’t mean to, please dont be mad at me”

•It catches Lance off guard and he sputters and says “whatever” then pulls Keith by the wrist back to the ship.

•When he looks back at Keith, the look in his face makes him stop because Keith is smiling at their joined hands.

•Since then the gang starts to get freaked out by Keith, espacially Lance. He smiles more often and tells anyone he encounters how much he cares and that he’s sorry for being a jerk sometimes ESPECIALLY to Lance. And. Lance. Cant. Even!?

•When he finally gets asked by the gang if he’s okay, he tells them this lady made him feel better and begins telling everyone how he felt about being part galra, feeling alone, wanting the team, his new family to be safe, falling in love with Lance.

•The team backtracks and makes Keith repeat that last one and Keith just smiles, happily and freely and tells them he’s in love with Lance.

•Lance exe. has stopped working.

•Coran figures out that Keith has traces of extracts from the alitheia plant that causes people to be free with their emotions and act out on their feelings and is usualy used for therapeutic purposes. It only lasts for a few days, maybe one spicolian movement (a week)

•Lance doesnt know what to do and tries avoiding Keith but that didnt work when he found out Keith got really really sad and had thought that Lance really did hate him when Keith left a note under his door.

•So he just.. let Keith be with him and hoped by the time the serum wore off they wont get awkward but that was wishful thinking.

•Keith praises him, smiles, tells him he looks handsome, tells him how amazing Lance is with people, often saves a bowl of goo for him at the table, makes him little trinkets, tried to sing a love song for him, worries about him, found a planet that has something similar to a beach.

•Keith tells him he’s happy he gets to be with Lance even if Lance doesn’t feel the same way. He’s already accepted that they will always just be friends.

•But Lance evetually falls in love with him too and finally admits it to himself until the serum finally wore off and Keith cant remember what happened that whole week but tells everyone he feels lighter.

(do you want me to change the ending?)