a dome


Do you have the sudden urge to fight under a large glass dome? Although this is a very specific (and peculiar) urge, Friday’s stage update can help.

The popular Kelp Dome stage from the original Splatoon game is making a comeback. Our researchers have discovered some fresh twists from the first game, such as extra grates to slip through and a bit of added turf on each side. Be careful on the catwalks – there’s no place to hide up there! The Kelp Dome stage will be available to play Friday evening.

BTS holding 2 days concert at KYOCERA DOME in JAPAN with capacity: 36,477 only 4 years after debuting they finally made it!

The same boys who used to ask people to come see them for free in the streets had today (171014) their FIRST EVER DOME CONCERT in Japan. Just some years ago. no, just some months ago this seemed so far of a dream. And this dream just like many this year became a glorious reality. All the travails and arduous work are paying off. Little by little BTS made huge, steady steps every time. When so many tried to drag them down, ARMY was there to push them up and when life tried to pull us down with their voices and smiles they pulled us up. True love. True artists. True LEGENDS! 


A minute of that wasn’t enough…here’s the link to the full thing :)


🍵Fantastic Matcha🍵