a dog zine

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs Vacation Days is here!!!!

Vacation Days is a SFW Bungou Stray Dogs centered Zine focused around the characters in the show and manga on their days off and out of the office.
The Detective Agency
The Port Mafia
The Guild.
Any and all artists are welcome to apply for this zine, applications open August 1st at midnight EST and end on August 16th.

Hope to see you there!!

The official front cover of the Annoying Dog Zine! Here are all the artists contributing to the zine! The zine will be out soon!

Artists contributing to the zine:
@insertdisc5, @armonah, @cliffearts, @cubedcake, @dustyart, @fireflysummers, @mmmmmmmat, @meye-li, @pomnoichu, @rustnut, @serenaci, and @venelyx

Do you like dogs? I like dogs. Dogs are great.

@doggozine​ is a multi-fandom charity fanzine featuring a lot of good dogs and I’m so happy to be part of it! There’s a ton of amazing dog art from a wonderful group of artists! Here’s a preview of my piece, featuring Ein from Cowboy Bebop. Preorders will be opening soon, so keep an eye out!

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